Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Riot Police

First you fill a police department with officers who are not very bright. Next you cultivate an "us versus them" mentality. Finally you turn these ignorant goons loose on an unsuspecting public. Americans are finding out the hard way that the police are no longer peace officers whenever they even try to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest and speak out against bad government or outright corruption.

The cops have become the riot police. What these snakes are trying to do is instigate a riot. It is obvious. The low IQ cops are being manipulated by their federal handlers into committing outrage after outrage with one goal in mind. The federal scum will not be happy until they cause a really big riot that gets everything burned down. That's the plan.

When the goal is achieved leaving the area destroyed, burning with looters everywhere, the federal government will then step in and tell the local police to step aside. The federal goons will take over to restore order and all their errand boy local cops will be fired. The entire region in insurrection will be swept of guns in door to door raids by the federal attackers. This will be repeated all across the land until every non compliant American is eliminated along with privately held guns.

This is a win win situation for the foreign bankers desperate to keep the people divided and infighting. They believe either the mercenary traitors they have hired will be successful and finish off free Americans or civil war will ensue leaving America a burned our carcass to be picked over by other foreign powers. Yep! These banking snakes have it all figured out.

There is one little scenario that maybe they haven't given enough attention to in their globalist planning. The cops might wise up. I know this is a stretch to think that the police so filled with lazy, unprincipled, donut munching dupes would figure this thing out. Should cops realize they are being used as tools to destroy America they might revolt and arrest the police chiefs giving illegal orders. Another possibility would be for Americans to remain calm, identify the criminal cops and officials that the criminal government refuses to prosecute and mete out punishment themselves like the original Americans against British collaborators. That would make more sense than random violence and general rioting which plays right into the hands of the attacking bankers.

Here is something for the cops to ponder. In Cuba every local neighborhood has a snitch working for the CDR, a supposed civilian defense organization to protect the revolution. Some are okay people just doing a job but others are the local little tyrants for the Castro boys. These little bastards abuse their power. Then when the electric power went out because the Castro regime stopped getting their allowance once the USSR died, guess who's houses were getting burned to the ground every night in the darkness until Fidel got the lights back on with Hugo's oil? That's right - the CDR. The same thing will most surely happen here in America to one degree or another. If you are a good cop then you most likely will be left alone. However, once the globalist scum turn off the electric, which is part of their plan, cops who murder unarmed protesters or turn dogs on infants in baby strollers may have difficulty sleeping for fear they will be the next corrupt cop punished by Americans fed up with their criminal behavior.

There's something for you boys and girls in blue to ponder over the next time you fire at point blank range at an American armed with a speech. We know where you live. The first thing to go will be your take home police cars. Sure they identify where you live but your overseers don't actually worry that your house could be destroyed. To be honest they are hoping for this to occur. However, they can't afford to have their police cruisers getting torched. Cop cars, unlike new police recruits, are valued by the traitors at the top and hard to replace. Thus far it has been easy to find corrupt cops. Cruisers cost too much money while corrupt cops are a dime a dozen, which adjusted for inflation is a dollar a dozen which now has been downsized to eleven.