Friday, July 25, 2014

Paul Ryan's Plans For Us

In the future, everyone will laugh at Paul Ryan's central plans for us. If government really wanted to help people they'd get out of our way except rectifying crimes against people or their property. They would ban taxing anyone's income or property such as house taxes and fund the limited needs of government through a tax on land value. People are such suckers though. They love money and are fools for it. The few thousand elites who own most of the planet absolutely tax free love this fiat money based system because they can move their dough around or put it into tax free investment or just plain old hide it while we wee little peasants are stuck footing the income and house property taxes because we can't afford to move.

Quit being stupid people! Stop fighting over other people's money because the vast majority of you will never get rich that way. If we formed up into a gang of enlightened peasants revolting about our labor being stolen by those few thousand landlords, like the Queen of England who owns 1/6 of the land mass of earth, we could all become comfortably wealthy. Wealth after all is nothing more than human labor + the land. The land barons own the land part of production tax free and the people are milked of their labor portion. Earth has become a giant company store arrangement where we must transact in their bogus counterfeit script that they tax right off the top when we earn it then in a myriad of other ways with what's left such as property taxes to own a house.

This racket has been going on for thousands of years now. WHAT? Are you all stupid?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cuban Problem

Here's the deal amigos. I've come to realize Castro and his oligarchy are exactly what the big corporate/banking western oligarchy wants in a government - central control. These elites damn sure don't want nations running around with wealthy free people. They prefer controlled, poor desperate serfs dominated by a small, controllable ruling elite. Castro or the Chinese communist fit this role precisely.

These ruling little oligarchies should realize that they are merely place holders and will be replaced as with Mubarak in Egypt or Gaddafi in Libya. Once you've served your purpose you'll be deposed.

The people in Cuba will not like how Castro will be remove certainly in the end. The fact is the big western oligarchs plan on killing all of you. They don't even consider you as a member of the same species and killing all of you will be no problem for them. You're safe for now while they are busy with the Middle East and getting Russia and the U.S. into a nuclear war. While the radiation certainly won't be good for the health of Cubans, Cuba should be left standing after the exchange leaves many parts of the U.S. and Russia smoldering.

However, once the snakes emerge from their bomb shelters having dealt with their Russian and American problem, they will begin mop up operations in parts of the world like Cuba where they haven't had total control yet. Cubans will long for the Castro days it will be so bad. What can be done?

The demons running the world depend on ignorant populations who don't believe such evil as they could exist. Then they pit different groups within society against one another sowing chaos. They fund some groups and persecute others. These roles can be switched around at any time. For example in the 1960s you were considered crazy or criminal for being homosexual. In the 21st Century you are favored if homosexual and heterosexuals are being persecuted now. It's not that one group or the other is good or bad. Neither realizes they are being played against one another. This is why communism is favored by the western oligarchy elites. Once an entire people realizes these truths they are inoculated against this form of attacking a nation.

The only shield against the attack of the western oligarchy is an enlightened society of free people who own their own time, body and labor output. This type of society is onto the grand game of the elite kings and simply won't go along with it. This type of people does not covet their neighbors things because they are too busy freely building their own life. When no one in the entire population is involved in extorting things from others via government power nor forcing others to do things against their will, excluding stopping the initiation of violence or fraud, they will have no time for jealous pursuits.

Cubans could do this if they all understood these realities. Spread the word over radio bemba and do it now. I know an economic system that if implemented in Cuba would allow all Cubans to live comfortable within 5 years. Simply put, your labor would be tax free while a land value tax would fund the nation. Eleven million Cubans set free to earn as much as they like on an island where no individual or group could legally monopolize the land and resources, under the law, is guaranteed to produce vast amounts of wealth evenly distributed broadly across the entire society.

The Estrada-Palma could sure use a Cuba like the one I've described in the words above. The fact is the global elites are done with America now and are in the process of kicking us to the curb like their filthy whore that they've used up. So Cubans will see the implosion of America and some may feel smug. Remember though once America is dealt with Cuba will be next on the chopping block. The only defense against this method of destroying a people and their nation is a nation populated by free, wise people who all own their own time, body and money, and I will add that they all would be heavily armed to the teeth if the globalists decide to use the old fashion military method of attacking Cuba.