Saturday, June 07, 2014

Take Your Share Of The Earth

Keep Your Damn Hands Off Labor

The fundamental flaw in every economy in the world is they all are funded based on human labor output which is taxed. Instead outlaw any and all human labor based taxation that the wealthiest find so easy to evade by moving their money around. 

Replace all slave taxes with a simple land value tax based on location value and resource value. It's so easy to run this system, frees labor to work, removes taxes for fixing up your home or business and best of all the wealthy land barons, royalty, real estate speculators with the inside track via government connections, slum lords, etc. will finally pay their fair share. Then nonsense about how much a minimum wage job should pay will be a moot point. There will be no such thing when we build a huge, growing. wealthy middle class with a tiny number of poor and mega wealthy left in the wake of our economic revolution that requires a simple but profound change in thinking.

Basically, free labor to work while sharing the earth. Unless you are one of the royalty, Rothschild banker family member, Rockefeller or one of the other 6000 individuals who currently own the vast majority of the earth - can I get an amen?

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