Friday, May 01, 2009

David Souter Phones Home

Hopelessly Duped

I good percentage of the people remain completely dupe by the promoters of the daily left/right political wrestling matches. The bad news is among these people is a friend of mine, Randy, who believes the Obamaoists are destroying America but the Republican party will save it. But the good news is, while many of his generation will go to their grave never realizing how they have been played their entire lives, the young people are focused onto this scam like a laser beam. They understand that both the democrat and republican parties are completely bought and sold out to the international bankers. Senator Dick Durbin just admitted so in a recent media slip up on his part. Randy's generation never bothered to take the time to learn basic economics about simple things like the difference between keyensian pretend monopoly money swindles and austrian real money made up of things like gold and silver. There is a big difference too and it should be obvious. Gold and silver we wear proudly displayed around our necks and elsewhere because it has value. But the paper money is essentially the same stuff you use on your ass daily.

Randy rails against the Obamaoists ruining the country with his communism and all the while he and millions of other Americans are totally collectivist. They don't realize it though because they were never taught virtous behavior in public schools which themselves are a collectivist institution vital in the indoctrination of future collectivists. Instead they were conditioned little by little to think of collectivist scemes like Social Security, federally insured bank savings, Federal Reserve bank notes and too many violations of the U.S. Constitution as "American." He cannot admit that many of the leaders that he supported like Bush, are also collectivists with "no child left behind." Many of Randy's generation believe that "education" is a right and must be provide by the government. But like so many things in our lives, education is a need and we need to get the government seperated from it ASAP.

This duping of the older generation has been accomplished mostly by the main weapon of the enemy to America - the TV. The TV has a majority of the geezer generation hypnotized and in this stupor. Fortunately, the young want nothing to do with the adult cartoons known as network news. They know it's a pile of crap just like Cubans in general know the "information" provided to them by the Castro boys is equally dung-like. But kids are still curious and search for the truth. They have found it on the Internet, the ruling elite doesn't like it but they are powerless to stop it. The control of these blood thirsty rulers is dripping away everyday.

Soon we will reach the critical mass of enlightenment. That occurs as Randy's generation dies off and more new young people wise up. I see the rediculous policies the elites in the olegarchy attempt to pull off every day to regain control of their scemes but they are the doomed ones. They are backed into a corner and surely remain dangerous as this recent bio-attack launched by them is proof of. Fortunately, one of the Obamaoist pretorian gaurds and his family have come down with the swine flu. The scum shall reap what they sow.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freedom Watch

Swine Flu Attack Logistics

God knows the many ways in which a flu virus could be spread in a 20 million strong population like Mexico City. The trick is, how do you get the American public involved in the fun and bio-games. The obvious places are the choke points in the airports, planes and other transportation facilities used by Americans returning from Mexico. If the devices released airborne viruses the devices might even still be there. Or perhaps they could be rigged with trash dispensers to do their dirty work then be thrown out. Curious folk might want to look in the land fill.

But the most important thing to do is record the movements of the victims of the attack to see if these victims all went through the same transportation choke points. That is the red flag to prove whether or not this is a bio attack. Remember, the national government is not going to do this - for YOU. Of course they are doing this for their own purposes but they'll never release the information to the general public.

But the upshot of this post is to warn you just in case. Any inside location or anywhere for a big mouth like Tomas who brings up unpleasant subjects, is a place where you could be infected if somebody wanted to do so. Stay alert on your flanks and consider yourself crazy if you or your loved ones are in the choke points like Metros, Malls and Movies without wearing properly secured masks. Wash your hands often but use the paper towel on the bathroom doorknob - not your unprotected hand.

No need to freak out about this. It's war and would it hurt just to follow the above advice even if I'm wrong? However, if I'm right and all of America gets the message we can defeat this bio war tactic. Then we go after the scoundrels who like to play with germs...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alberto Gonzalez

Swine Flu Is Genocide

The evidence is growing daily that the scum of the earth have unleashed their genetically modified and combined Spanish flu, swine flu, avian flu and common flu onto the duped public. If you watch the doctor on the video below you will see what I mean. This video will not be shown on big media network TV. Protect yourselves, amigos. Your protectors are the murderers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu In A Pig's Eye

Where's The Sick Pig???

Okay...if this is not a bio-attack to use as a scapegoat to explain the economy then where is the sick pig with swine flu? I heard one media report that they found the original infected Mexican boy who worked on a pig farm. He is all better now but they threw away his samples so they can't be sure.

But if this is a natural infection where are all the sick pigs and why aren't official slaughtering them as I type to stop the spread? Sorry Typhoid Mary's. Show me the pigs...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 pm Tonight!