Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Unplug Yourself

That's what I started doing 40 years ago I'll admit out of necessity. I didn't qualify for credit as a young man and never had a mind to concentrate on establishing it. That never seemed a productive use of my time and efforts. So instead of hopping on the "finance a new car every four or five years program" I trained myself to fix my old cars. Since the establishment had already categorized me as a non credit worthy slave I had no choice but to save and pay cash rather than satisfy my urges instantly using easy credit. Believe me I've save thousand through the years just in the interest payments I never made.

The thing is, once I started down this road I kept asking myself questions like, "Why can't I put in the new shower?" I'm finishing up on the third one I attempted now so my 92 year-old mom doesn't have to climb over a tub. My wife does most of the electric work in the house. She doesn't trust me I'll have to admit. The same goes for tiling. Sure she'll be happy to let me do the demolition, construction of the shower frame with the moisture resistant backer board and do all of the plumbing but tiling is where she draws the line.

I didn't like the crap available to eat. So I began gardening for food and now I'm addicted. The reason is flavor but you get the healthy benefits right along with it. I'm getting to be a better and better farmer. Photos to come later in the year, naturally.

I don't have a cell phone and if you ask me all of you should turn yours off today until these conditions are made. The phones must stop being the government's slave tracking device in an age where everything is illegal. Phones must be private with government ceasing and desisting from listening in whenever they get the urge or downloading all your pictures and text messages to check on their slaves. Perhaps a family might keep one phone to share for emergencies but shut the rest of the slave tracking devices down.

Why am I harping on cell phones? It's just one example of how most acquiesce to slavery without even thinking. My point is there are a thousand things that you slaves can do to free yourselves but you have to do them together. Sure I feel smug and high and mighty for taking my stances against my globalist bankster enemies and their minions of traitors working for them in government. But that's not getting any of us slaves out of the cotton fields of the 21st Century. We have to move as one to accomplish that.

Justly pick a victim. Perhaps it's the cable company, the electric company, the phone company, the daily newspaper, etc. SCRAPE THEM OFF! If all you slaves just picked one for elimination we could destroy their business over night. For example we could "Myspace" Facebook any day all the slave decided to just go ahead and do it. Shut them off!

Sadly, our owners have the Cypress Plan in our futures as well. Americans should make a run for their money in the banks but they should also stop acting as slaves in a million other ways but choose not to. The official crooks are going to steal everybody's deposits and other investments little by little. The hope is to at some point spark a revolt that must be put down violently perhaps using some of those 2 billions bullets the Southern Law Poverty Center says the government did not buy. Should Americans instead calmly take their money out of the banks until the government declares a bank holiday, we'd call their bluff. Any money still held by the pin stripped bank robbers would be retrieved by depositors simply writing checks on their seized accounts to pay bills to the globalists. Let the globalist recipient of the check written on a seized account take the matter up with the bank not the victim/depositor.

The great bank robbery IS going to happen just like in Cypress which will go hand in hand with the great extermination. The variable is how you slaves react to it. That's the wild card.