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More on Mitt Manipulation

Here is more detail on Mitt Romney's theft of the Florida straw poll. Maybe you people still believe that Ron Paul has low poll numbers according to what the lying MSM is foisting upon us. Some polls like Associated Press don't even include Ron Paul's name then they complain that he has low poll numbers. These maggot lie, cheat and steal elections. Voter victims of electronic, no record systems will not decide who their leaders are. It will be a programmer somewhere eating Ding Dongs.

Romney Supports Caught Cheating

Don't these maggots sort of look like some people we've seen before in post 1959 Cuba??

Friday, November 30, 2007

Cuban University Students Arrested!!!

As reported on Babalu some Cuban university students were arrested for handing in a petition to the government of the tyrant Raul. Now you see why it appears all Cubans are happy with the government - being unhappy evidently is a criminal offense in Cuba... LinkLook here:

WWII History

John McCain accused Ron Paul during the recent debates of being an isolationist and blamed WWII and Hitler's rise on isolationism. But if you take the time to read history you will learn the truth. Actually our current president's relatives make a tidy profit helping Hitler rise to power. Read the actually history here and ask yourself if America, especially the bankers, were isolationists:

McCain Peddles False History, Takes Cheap Shot at Ron Paul

Kurt Nimmo
Thursday, November 29, 2007
McCain, Paul spar on Iraq McCain isolationism created Nazis?

As if to desperately claw his way back into the limelight, almost forgotten presidential candidate John McCain attacked Ron Paul during the CNN/YouTube debate. It looked more like “an episode of Jerry Springer than a presidential debate,” notes Crooks & Liars. “Senator John McCain was asked a question about taxes and decided to go way off topic and attack Rep. Ron Paul for his stance on Iraq and wanting to bring the troops home.” Instead, it looked like a classic drive-by, a crass attempt to discredit Ron Paul, a break-away candidate with a good chance of taking the Republican nomination.

In his attack, John McCain comes off as a blithering idiot, not that many probably noticed. McCain, citing the long ago discredited official history, declared Ron Paul to be an isolationist and World War II the fault of American isolationism, a claim so out of touch with reality as to be speculative fiction.

“Mussolini enjoyed a great deal of admiration in corporate America from the moment he came to power in a coup that was hailed stateside as ‘a fine young revolution,’” writes the historian Jacques R. Pauwels. “In the 1920s many big American corporations enjoyed sizeable investments in Germany…. By the early 1930s, an élite of about twenty of the largest American corporations had a German connection including Du Pont, Union Carbide, Westinghouse, General Electric, Gilette, Goodrich, Singer, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, IBM, and ITT.”

Finally, many American law firms, investment companies, and banks were deeply involved in America’s investment offensive in Germany, among them the renowned Wall Street law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, and the banks J. P. Morgan and Dillon, Read and Company, as well as the Union Bank of New York, owned by Brown Brothers & Harriman. The Union Bank was intimately linked with the financial and industrial empire of German steel magnate Thyssen, whose financial support enabled Hitler to come to power. This bank was managed by Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was allegedly also an eager supporter of Hitler, funnelled money to him via Thyssen, and in return made considerable profits by doing business with Nazi Germany; with the profits he launched his son, the later president, in the oil business.

In other words, the United States was not isolationist, as McCain claims, but was in bed with fascism. Prescott Bush’s relationship with the Hitler regime is more than an allegation, it is a fact entombed in the U.S. National Archives, although “little of Bush’s dealings with Germany has received public scrutiny, partly because of the secret status of the documentation involving him,” according to Ben Aris and Duncan Campbell, writing for the Guardian. The documents “reveal that the firm [Prescott Bush] worked for, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade. The Guardian has seen evidence that shows Bush was the director of the New York-based Union Banking Corporation (UBC) that represented Thyssen’s US interests and he continued to work for the bank after America entered the war.”

As Robert Lederman notes, the Bush family was far more involved in the banking business of the Nazi regime than even the Guardian would have us believe. “As senior managers of Brown Brothers Harriman, [the Bush family] had to have known that their American clients, such as the Rockefellers, were investing heavily in German corporations, including Thyssen’s giant Vereinigte Stahlwerke. As noted historian Christopher Simpson repeatedly documents, it is a matter of public record that Brown Brother’s investments in Nazi Germany took place under the Bush family stewardship…. The enormous sums of money deposited into the Union Bank prior to 1942 is the best evidence that Prescott Bush knowingly served as a money launderer” for both the Nazis and the Rockefellers. “If Union Bank was not the conduit for laundering the Rockefeller’s Nazi investments back to America, then how could the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank end up owning 31% of the Thyssen group after the war?”

It should be noted that this money laundering was accomplished under the aegis of Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, the Dutch monarch, who proudly served in the German Reiter SS Corps. Prince Bernhard also worked for IG Farben, the chemical company married to Standard Oil, that is to say the Rockefellers.

Lederman concludes:

The bottom line is harsh: It is bad enough that the Bush family helped raise the money for Thyssen to give Hitler his start in the 1920’s, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason. The Bush’s bank helped the Thyssens make the Nazi steel that killed allied soldiers. As bad as financing the Nazi war machine may seem, aiding and abetting the Holocaust was worse. Thyssen’s coal mines used Jewish slaves as if they were disposable chemicals. There are six million skeletons in the Thyssen family closet, and a myriad of criminal and historical questions to be answered about the Bush family’s complicity.

In short, McCain should be accusing the head of his party, George W. Bush, or his family, of causing World War II, not the sort of “isolationism” Ron Paul supposedly advocates. But then, of course, John McCain is a neocon, albeit one who will soon drop from sight in the presidential campaign, as increasing numbers of people realize Ron Paul is the only viable candidate, one who is not so much “isolationist” as dedicated to constitutional principles.

It was George Washington who wisely stated that the country must avoid “foreign entanglements” and “foreign alliances, attachments, and intrigues,” as “overgrown military establishments” are, “under any form of government… inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”

John McCain, however, does not represent “republican liberty,” but instead its obverse: neocon military totalitarianism, both abroad and at home.

If elected in 2008, Ron Paul will put an end to all of this destructive nonsense.

Hugo Chavez and Adolph Hitler

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Attention Rudy Supporting Cubans!!!

Your boy Rudy Giuliani is working for Hugo Chavez. But I bet some of you are so in love with him you might still vote for him. Read the follow sent to me by UMAP news:

NOTA DE UMAP NEWS : A continuacion un reporte periodistico de la campaña republicana donde acusaron a Rudy Giuliani de trabajar para CITGO USA.-

CITGO USA y PETRO EXPRESS son propiedad absoluta de PDVSA y Hugo Chavez y Castro hacen politica "anti-imperialista" con los petro-dolares de CITGO USA!

Los cubanos y venezolanos exiliados politicos debian trabajar todos juntos por un BOICOT CONTRA CITGO USA Y PETRO EXPRESS !


Emilio Izquierdo Jr.
UMAP NEWS Miami Florida
umap1965@yahoo. com

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 11:11:52 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Sacan trapos sucios a Giuliani durante debate republicano
From: "Noticuba Internacional"

EE.UU - Política

"..Rudy Giuliani ha reconocido que su bufete ha representado en diversas operaciones a la firma CITGO, que definió como ''una empresa estadounidense honorable''. ."

Agencias/Noticuba Internacional

Tampa.FL, 29 de noviembre del 2007

En busca de hacerse con la nominación del Partido Republicano, los precandidatos de ese bloque a la presidencia recurrieron a los ataques personales durante uno de los debates televisados a toda la nación.

La candidata y senadora demócrata Hillary Rodham Clinton, objetivo favorito de los republicanos en el debate de hace un mes, pasó en esta ocasión a un segundo plano.

"Se trata ahora de algo muy personal, parece que ni uno de esos candidatos tenga estima alguna por los otros", afirmó el gerente de la campaña del senador republicano Bob Dole en 1966, Scott Reed.

Los intercambios más vitriólicos durante el debate del miércoles por la noche ocurrieron entre los más aventajados de cara a los primeros consejos vecinales y elecciones primarias dentro de cinco semanas, en Iowa; las críticas de Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney y Fred Thompson en particular pusieron de manifiesto la extraordinaria volatilidad de esta liza.

Giuliani, el alcalde de Nueva York, encabeza los sondeos nacionales, pero se encuentra detrás de Romney en Iowa y Nueva Hampshire. Romney, ex gobernador de Massachusetts, va codo a codo con Huckabee en Iowa, y con Giuliani y el senador federal John McCain en Nueva Hampshire. El ex senador Thompson intenta destacarse en Iowa.

Luego le tocó el turno a Giuliani, que tuvo que responder una pregunta sobre un artículo de prensa según el cual cuando era alcalde camufló el costo de sus guardaespaldas para ocultar los viajes que realizaba a Long Island para ver a su novia Judith Nathan _ hoy su esposa _ mientras estaba casado con Donna Hanover.

"Para empezar, no es verdad", dijo Giuliani en el debate, horas después de aparecer el artículo en la publicación de la internet The Politico.

"Mis guardaespaldas me protegían las 24 horas diarias durante los ocho años que fui alcalde. Me acompañaron a cualquier lugar que iba," indicó y mencionó varias amenazas recibidas contra su integridad.

El tema de la inmigración ilegal abrió el debate y estableció el tono de los intercambios.

Giuliani acusó a Romney de regentar una "mansión santuario" que empleó inmigrantes indocumentados como jardineros. Romney respondió que Giuliani que "no sería de estilo estadounidense" comprobar la situación legal de los empleados al servicio de una empresa de jardinería independiente simplemente porque "tenían un acento raro."

En varios momentos, las palabras de uno impedían expresarse al otro, lo que fue abucheado y vitoreado por la audiencia.

Luego Thompson criticó a ambos.

El ex senador sostuvo que Romney respaldó el impopular proyecto de reforma de inmigración capitaneado por el presidente George W. Bush y agregó con sarcasmo que "ahora adoptó otra posición, ¡qué sorpresa!" Y irigiéndose a Giuliani, mencionó los problemas legales de su ex comisionado de policía Bernard Kerik, encausado en los tribunales federales acusado de aceptar dinero ilegalmente.

Huckabee insistió que "cuando te patean el trasero, quiere decir que siguen al frente" y McCain explicó que el país debe asegurar antes que nada sus fronteras y atender luego otros temas derivados de la fracasada política de inmigración.

Segun los reportes, Rudy Giuliani es el que encabeza en el Estado de La Florida la lista de los candidatos a ocupar la Casa Blanca, en cuanto a recaudaciones económicas se refiere, inclusive quedando por encima de la Demócrata Hillary Clinton a quien supera por más de 300 mil dólares, que es la candidata a derrotar si todo sigue como va la campaña presidencial.

Giuliani, que antes de ser alcalde de la Babel de Hierro había sido Fiscal Federal en New York tiene en su haber algo que no lo hace muy popular entre los Republicanos cubano-americanos del sur de La Florida ya que fue él quien llevó la acusación contra el cubano Eduardo Arocena, jefe del grupo anticastrista Omega 7 sancionado a cadena
perpetua, más 35 años de prisión, a lo que luego se agregó otra sentencia de 20 años.

A lo anterior se le une las criticas por sus vinculos con el gobierno venezolano de Hugo Chávez. Rudy Giuliani ha reconocido que su bufete ha representado en diversas operaciones a la firma CITGO, que definió como ''una empresa estadounidense honorable''. CITGO es una empresa nacional subsidiaria de Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), que tiene el monopolio de la distribución del crudo venezolano. Es dueña de seis refinerías y 14,000 estaciones de gasolina en todo el país.

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Noticuba Internacional un medio informativo al servicio de quienes entregan lo mejor de si por un futuro democrático y libre de totalitarismo para todo el continente Latinoamericano.

Opiniones y comentarios: noticubanews@

Sit-in In Cuba

Republican YouTube Debates

I've voted in every election since the 1970s but have never actually voted for a winning candidate. I always vote for the candidate I want to win rather than handicap who the likely winner might be then vote for that candidate. This is why I am so excited about the Ron Paul campaign.

Watching last night's debate I saw about half the crowd be in favor of continuing the war in Iraq and about half against it. But here is the trouble with the war supporters hopes. They have a choice of 8 candidates with which to dilute their votes while the voters against the war (over half the voting public) have only one - Ron Paul. Unfortunately most Cubans are lining up behind the main stream media candidates like Rudy or Fred because they believe the lie about what will happen if we leave Iraq. The fact is this is a rehashing of the domino theory that these same creeps used during the Vietnam war to scare Americans - Americans who would be fighting to the death right now if some foreign power were occupying our land and telling us what to do. Yet you see nothing out of the ordinary that we have troops in over 130 countries doing exactly that. So this would make all supporters of this interventionist policy hypocrites. The interventionist hypocrites believe that the middle eastern countries will unite and overthrow America. But they have never been united in this region about anything and that is a silly assumption.

The ruling class of America still has some tricks up their sleeves now that their usual MSM promoted candidates are proving unacceptable to half the country. They have already begun moving up the deadlines for when you can change you affiliation to Republican. But they are too late because they never saw this revolution coming. Also, the ruling elite still counts the votes so there will be fraud to block Ron Paul from the presidency. This has been made much easier with these new paperless electronic voting schemes to steal the election. If they are successful in keeping Ron Paul from the nomination then you will not be happy with the outcome. Ron Paul is the only Republican who will mop up the floor with any of the anointed Democrats who are also in favor of the war. Go ahead and pick Fred or Rudy then get ready for President Hilliary. Besides anti war votes, Ron Paul with get the votes of the gold standard supporters who see how the current leaders here are bankrupting the nation with our fiat money system. He will get the anti abortion votes. He will get the votes of those people against the drug war. In New Hampshire, Ron Paul will probably win that primary ending this nonsense about him not having support. In fact the media is already hedging their bets and covering Ron Paul now because they fear a backlash of angry voters.

You world police have to ask yourself this question. Would you quit fighting and just accept the occupation of foreign troops or would you do your best to take the fight to the occupiers? You know the answer if you are REAL Americans. Therefore as long as we are the occupiers they WILL try to come here and kill us probable with a nuclear weapon. This is a rational conclusion. The fantasy about the Muslims wanting to come here and kill us just because we are Americans and because they hate the fact that we are free is comical. Number one we are not that damn free any more and the terrorist have said exactly why they want to kill us. Bin Laden made it very clear that the US having troops in their holy land meant war. Even so he must be found and exterminated because you don't kill thousands of innocent Americans just because they have a stupid government.

But I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that Cubans who have been abused by MSM lies about Cuba and Castro for almost 50 years would then so readily lay down and just accept the candidates being promoted by these liars. But for me, I must be honest with myself and vote my principles. Just the fact that the MSM is against Ron Paul should make you want to vote for him. But you do as you like. That's democracy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Don't You Shut Up Hugo!

Castro Calls Out The Dogs

Castro is really calling out the dogs against peaceful protesters. I wish there was time to translate it all but Raul is going on full alert to stop peaceful protesters to continue convincing the world that Cubans support his miserable regime. They do not! However most remain silent because they know what's good for them. Others speak but risk their life. Read this in Spanish:

Por Oswaldo Yañez

Noticuba Internacional

Miércoles, 28 de noviembre del 2007

El miedo a que el llamado del Dr. Darsi Ferrer para que todos los cubanos se unan el próximo 10 de Diciembre, en que se conmemora el Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, a que desfilen pacíficamente y en silencio contra el Apartheid implantado en Cuba por la tiranía comunista, ha desatado el pánico entre la contrainteligencia cubana que ha dispuesto un operativo en toda la isla para impedir la asistencia en masa a la convocatoria ya que rubricaría el fin del castrismo, si tuviera éxito.

El llamado del Doctor es muy simple:

"Exhortamos a todas los organismos disidentes, opositores, monitores de derechos humanos y otros que funcionan en el Archipiélago para que unidos hagan acto de presencia ese día a las 11 de la mañana en el Parque de Calzada entre D y E, para demostrar que el pueblo de Cuba, está dispuesto a salir a la calle para reclamar sus derechos".

La sección 21 de la Dirección General de Contrainteligencia, conocida por "Enfrentamiento" , ha impartido las órdenes oportunas para que se extreme la vigilancia en todos los grupos opositores al régimen castrista, a saber:

1. Organización de un evento que requiera ser cubierto por toda la prensa internacional para impedir que esta acceda al parque, en previsión de que las medidas adoptadas no tengan el efecto deseado.

2. Impartir órdenes a los CDR para que se extremen las vigilancias sobre los disidentes pacíficos para que ningún movimiento o visita quede sin ser reportado a los oficiales de control.

3. Movilizar a los brigadistas necesarios para impedir que los opositores salgan de sus domicilios el día citado, organizando los actos de repudio con la violencia que sea necesaria para impedir el movimiento de los presuntos desafectos.

4. Refuerzo de los controles de acceso a la capital, identificando y deteniendo a cualquier activista que sea sospechoso de acudir al llamado. Estos controles se extenderán por todo el país y serán
irrestrictamente impedido el desplazamiento a todo aquel que no pueda justificarlo.

5. Poner en alerta a una compañía de las tropas antimotines para que esté presta a entrar en acción si fuera requerida para ello.

6. Establecer un perímetro defensivo de la plaza controlando que a ella no pueda acceder ningún disidente pacífico, ni a pie ni en vehículo de ninguna clase.

7. Toma de la plaza por una Brigada de respuesta rápida, apoyada por miembros de la DGCI, para poder detener con prontitud y contundencia cualquier intento de manifestación no autorizada.

8. Control y seguimiento de los extranjeros, tanto periodistas como los pertenecientes a las disímiles legaciones diplomáticas, para impedir su llegada a la plaza; para este fin se apoyaran en la policía de tránsito, para entorpecer su circulación; si el desplazamiento fuera a pie, se establecerán las medidas de distracción necesarias para que los sujetos no lleguen a su destino.

Estas medidas y alguna más que me reservo, tienen como fin impedir que el 10 de diciembre se produzca una manifestación a favor de los inexistentes Derechos Humanos de todos mis compatriotas, más aún, la inteligencia castrista quiere demostrar que es imposible que haya una
manifestación contra el castrismo.

Ante esta coyuntura, Hermano Aldo, es normal que nadie responda a tu conteo regresivo, es solo por prevención, el que conteste afirmativamente jamás saldrá de su casa, si alguien ha decidido ir, como a mi me consta, no lo dirá, simplemente lo intentará y espero que lo consiga.

Es complicado sustraerse al control de la contrainteligencia pero es posible, días antes de la fecha quien quiera asistir a la misma debería pernoctar fuera de su habitual morada para unirse a sus
compañeros en un punto no controlado y comenzar desde allí la marcha hacia la plaza, aún así sería muy complicado que llegaran a la misma antes de ser atacados por los brigadistas que estarán bien tomados, como es su costumbre.

En realidad quien tiene más fácil su asistencia son los extranjeros, aunque estén controlados, pero no creo que los periodistas acreditados renieguen de la llamada de los castristas para cubrir algún evento fabricado, ad hoc, para la ocasión. Los diplomáticos tampoco se atreverán a desafiar al régimen castrista pues, según su lenguaje, solo conseguirían ser expulsados del país.

La única forma en que la convocatoria podría tener éxito es si barriadas enteras se decidieran a marchar sobre la capital, una masa lo suficientemente grande como para no ser amedrentada por unos brigadistas y a la que se fueran sumando espontáneamente partidarios a su paso, al grito de cambio los esbirros castristas pueden dudar y si lo hacen un instante ya será demasiado tarde, si la bola de nieve comienza a rodar nadie será capaz de pararla.

El mayor problema que tiene este llamado es que es casi desconocido por la mayoría de los cubanos por lo que yo animo a que los medios que emiten desde el extranjero se hagan eco del mismo con la mayor amplitud que sea posible, en Radio y TV Martí, en el programa de Maria
Elvira y en el Diario las Americas, es únicamente donde yo creo posible que se atreverían a hacerlo y con ello se garantizaría que, al menos, una parte significativa de la población se enterara del llamado y pudiera pensar si asistir al mismo o no. Si nadie tiene conocimiento, nadie asistirá y esto es algo que desde el exilio pueden solucionar, dejando bien claro, que la protesta será pacífica, aún así les acusarán hasta de haber matado al gallo de Morón, a pesar de que solo esté sin plumas y cacareando.

También mis compatriotas que llaman habitualmente a la familia desde la otra orilla, de uno u otro mar, pueden aportar su granito de arena, aprovechando que utilizan un lenguaje que es ininteligible para los oídos del aparato represor. Si hay algo que se ha perfeccionado es la manera en que nos comunicamos por teléfono para decir lo que queremos sin que se entere nadie más que el interesado, siendo conscientes, como somos, de que la llamada está siendo monitoreada por los de siempre.

Espero que consideren que el esfuerzo de recuperar los derechos, hurtados por el castrismo a todos los cubanos por más de diez lustros, sea acicate suficiente para que ustedes se decidan a actuar, no es por mí, no es por el doctor, es por toda una patria que sufre inenarrablemente los últimos coletazos de una tiranía. Hemos de ser plenamente conscientes que si los cubanos no damos un paso al frente para exigir nuestros derechos, la dictadura verdeolivo se perpetuará con total naturalidad, solo nosotros mismos podemos impedirlo.

En caso de necesidad lo que es ilícito se convierte en lícito.

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Noticuba Internacional un medio informativo al servicio de quienes entregan lo mejor de si por un futuro democrático y libre de totalitarismo para todo el continente Latinoamericano.

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How Bankers Screw You

I am constantly trying to find the words necessary to break through to you to explain how you are being exploited by the banking class using our fiat money system that was implemented in 1913. Basically their scheme involves printing up lots of funny money which they and their co-conspirators in the government and industry use to feather their nests. By doing this it causes prices for things like gasoline and housing to rise drastically. So home buyers scramble to finance huge home prices before they rise higher - which causes them to rise even faster. Then the Federal Reserve puts the brakes on by raising the interest rate and tightening credit requirements which causes a deflation in prices for housing. But you suckers have been locked into a mortgage, some with huge adjustable interest rates coming due, that you must pay for a home that is no way near that value in dollar terms. This is where the funny money goes people. All that extra money that the government, bankers and others get to spend right after it comes off the presses allows them to purchase what they choose. Then you pay the bill through the back door in the loss of value in your over priced mortgages.

This message to you free range slaves has been brought to you by Tomas Estrada-Palma.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Proof of the Cuban Military Flop

New Blog!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The 13 Cent Dollar

Today's dollar is only worth 13 cents in value compared to the dollar in 1913 before Americans let the Federal Reserve Board begin printing up all the inflated funny money. Even better news for the government is the inflated salaries that don't keep pace with the actual inflation rate still put us all in a higher income tax bracket. That's what they call "fairness."

Social Ecology

A nation, like Cuba for example, is a living thing that must maintain an ecological balance so as to accomplish three vital functions: gathering sustenance to feed and provide for the organism, reproduction of the organism to replenish and revitalize the stock and even increase in population and lastly develop an adequate defense to make the first two activities possible. A healthy organism is one where these three things remain in balance, which is to say that the time and effort providing for one of these biological needs does not adversely diminish the time and resources available for the other two.

With the human body it is easy to see how to exist in harmony with the earth environment. You get up everyday and go to work to create the wealth necessary to provide for your human needs like food, medicine and security and let's not forget about reproducing. However, as a young man Tomas spent way too much time chasing the ladies which left little time for producing much wealth or thinking about my security or health. As a result it almost cost me my life when I contracted encephalitis and lapsed into a coma for two weeks. When I awoke I knew something was not right with my life and I found out pretty damn quickly what it was. I realized then that I would need to keep my life in balance with the proper time and energy devoted to work and play. I knew my body would require adequate work along with proper rest. I concentrated on daily nourishment of my body and my mind. Doing these things made Tomas a healthier, more secure person and still there was adequate time for romance.

My point is Cuba is sickly. The simple reason for this is the organism is spending way too much time and resources on security at the detriment of reproduction and wealth production. Besides way too much national wealth being wasted on military armaments designed to defend against the Yankee boogie man that has never attacked, it is the time wasted getting around economic restrictions. Simply put, individual Cubans must have government permission with respect to any wealth creation or transfer which means all the national resources devoted to securing this apparatus actually blocks a great deal of wealth from ever being created. So because there is not enough to go around Cubans defend themselves by stealing what is available and transacting on the black market. The Cuban government is locked in an economic war with the Cuban people leaving the entire economy miserably out of balance.

Go ahead and do your dialog Raul but this is the problem in a nut shell. There is not enough time in a day for even the smartest man in the world to tell everybody what to do. The answer is so simple. Stop wasting time trying to make all the decisions about every aspect of wealth creation, and the people will stop wasting time trying to get around government restrictions which will leave the people plenty of time for making lots of wealth. This will lead to an increase in the Cuban population which will further increase the Cuban economy. Removing all restrictions on property ownership, not implementing an income tax and letting the clever Cuban people do their thing will unleash a miracle. Sorry but doing this will greatly diminish the need for any government services once the people are legally allowed to provide for themselves. But to fund the limited government use the land value tax based on location. Then the Cuban economy and the nation itself will be in balance and prosperous.

How about it Raul? You have seen the problem and it is you. You and the rest of your gang are in the way of the Cuban people's prosperity. Get out of the way or be run over.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cuban Military Exercises A Dismal Failure

I have absolute confirmation that Raul's little army games were a BIG LOSER. According to sources inside the Cuban military 70% of the machinery of war did not function for the majority of the week. They had to cannibalize tires from other vehicles to get many others mobile. There was a big problem with dry rotted rubber components. The computer guidance components had to be removed and benched for electronic work to get them to function at all. There was a shortage of ammo. In slots where four missiles could be loaded only one was available. All the batteries were dead. They had to throw out the fluids inside the batteries and put new acid in them before recharging. So most military troops waited till the end of the week to be mobilized so were only active about a day. Everything needed to be greased before they could get it to work. If only yesterday the US had actually tried to invade Cuba they would have found troops there ready to surrender since Raul only gave these men 1 K-Ration meal pack from the old Soviet Union supplies. The military guys were in full uniform but were not doing any simulated fighting. Rather, they spend the time working on the gear trying to get it to work right. All told this demoralizing spectacle meant to build moral and test for readiness against the Yankee invaders should put the icing on the cake of doom for the Raul administration. Call in tonight with your questions.

Castro: 0 and 48

If the Castro's were big league managers they could never sink to that level of ineptitude. No one would ever be given that many opportunities to fail as miserably as the Castro boys have done in Cuba. Every year the nation produces less output. I've always found Cubans to be very clever people and many are pretty good ball players too! Sadly, Tomas Estrada-Palma was not among the major leaguers. Fortunately I am fair to midland in the cleverness area. So I wondered if the Cubans on the island were lacking in brain power to tolerate such feeble minded government. Then I saw both the clever ways Cubans get by doing without and the brutally repressive methods employed by the Castro government. What would I have done given these circumstances?

The clever survivors would be doing just as the Cuban people have done for 48 years. They go with the flow and escape whenever possible - either from reality or in reality over the Straits of Florida. Eleven million have survived using this method in the face of the Castro's brutality and waited for their opportunity. With the Internet that opportunity has arrived. In the past the Castro boys could get away with their evil deeds in the dark of the pre-information age. There was only one spigot of information out of Cuba and that was the official Castro government version - an always rosy scenario. That changed due to the Internet. Now every time Raul misbehaves and tortures a prisoner or sends in 30 goons to break into a home and terrorize even small children the story gets out usually with pictures or videos. This has caused Raul to hesitate where in the past he would have silently gone about executing thousands of complainers to maintain control. Now the Cuban people are becoming emboldened in the knowledge that even if Raul kills them the world will find out and the culprits brought to justice.

I know these words are reaching Cubans right now. Now is your time amigos. You are at the finish line. Spread the words...the plan...the ideas that the Internet now allows. Raul is too afraid to admit the condition of Fidel because he knows you expect change with his passing. Cambio! Therefore, when Fidel is dead go to the streets and refuse to leave until Raul's government resigns. You have time yet to spread these words and organize. You should know where to go when the time comes and what to do. One thing for certain - you will all be safer together in the open. Remain peaceful but firm. If you'll take my advice you'll head right for the tourists areas. That is where you will find lots of vacationers with cameras, cell phones and laptops ready to document any last ditch horrors committed by Raul and gang to cling to power. These are also the areas that need to be reclaimed by the Cuban people. Go have a giant fiesta at the hotels and beaches and other tourist attractions with the tourists. Make it a giant "teach in" where you finally get to educate these foreigners about the real Cuba while you all have free drinks on the house. What is Raul going to do? The tourists' presents will give you protection from the normal outrages perpetrated by the regime.

Thanks to the Internet we and the rest of the world will be watching the end of the regime in real time. That means thousands of exiles will be filling boats with everything imaginable in preparation for the trip to Cuba for the big family reunion. As this is occurring it will be up to you Cubans to begin governing yourselves. The men should form teams to maintain order. Have some fun but be respectful of one another. Once it is clear the regime is dead we will come with tons of food and drink to keep the party going. There will be plenty of time to work for the future of Cuba and the prosperity of your family. Have some fun for a few weeks. You deserve it. After all - you're on vacation right?