Thursday, August 07, 2014

Economic Balance And Stability

Government can't do much more to help an economy than protect the conditions in which commerce and industry can thrive. However there are an infinite number of ways a government can really screw up an economy. Take now for example.

Government leaders cry about the plight of the homeless while taxing houses as if they were dangerous things like booze and cigarettes. The same goes for jobs. This election you're sure to hear every one of them politicians swearing to be for jobs. Well that's swell but who's going to claim they're against jobs? But that is what almost every politician in the land is today - against jobs. Have you seen how much of the labor of people is taken forcibly by government in taxes? Besides taxes there are regulations which combined together kill jobs before they can ever be created.

So whether they realize it or not politicians are job killers. They are stooges for insiders in the corporate/banking sectors of the economy who are used to intentionally kill jobs to reduce competition for these snakes. Now we sit on the brink of collapse and wonder what comes next.

The vipers deploying this multi pronged attack, spearheaded by the invasion of illegals invited here by Obama and the Democrats to crush the economy, must put Americans in fear so they can offer the solution. That solution is a myriad of new controls on we peasants to permanently keep us as a desperate underclass serving their needs. In a nutshell, those of us left alive after the take down will be share croppers paying rent with our labor to a few thousand elites and the enforcement minions keeping everybody obeying the new order. It doesn't have to be this way.

First of all there are way more of us than them. The elites have us backed into a corner now and think they can go for the jugular. However, at the end of the day all you really need is food, water and shelter and for some medicines that are not actually poisons. If you have these things or can make or acquire them in an 18th century environment then you will be okay. Fail to have these supplies and you will be desperate and forced to play the hand a corrupt government is dealing you.

It doesn't have to be that way. Get ready now. If enough of us are properly supplied then we all can tell the establishment to take a hike! During the emergency all Americans stop paying their Mortgage in a revolt against the Federal Reserve foreign bankers at the root of the calamity. We should refuse as a nation to ever pay the Federal Reserve another dime and only pay local banks and lending institutions what money they are owed. Any money which these banks borrowed from the Federal Reserve they would not have to repay and therefor we would need not pay them back either for this criminal counterfeiting operation.  Once stability and the new American system had been installed all those holding an old Mortgage with Federal Reserve notes would owe only 10% or so after the Fed bankers are jailed. Money would be backed again with gold and silver so future counterfeiting would not be available to bankers with which to steal money from the unsuspecting people.

During this American Renaissance all labor based taxes would be abolished taking slavery as an acceptable idea with it. It will be tax free to work, own a car or house, a business, sell things, buy things and...well you get the idea.

In fact the only taxes in the future will be the site value tax which all land owners would pay based on the value of the location. The value would not include improvements to the land like houses or other buildings. It would solely be based on the location and resource value. Of course the local and state governments could impose taxes on things like booze and cigarettes since they are often left to clean up the messes these type of things cause.

In this new economy there will be too many jobs. So this is bad news for all employers. You will be competing with other employers for a limited pool of available workers so you better pay well and offer plenty of benefits. It won't be like now where jobs are killed in the cradle on purpose to reduce their number forcing too many people to fight over too few jobs.



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