Friday, February 10, 2012

Pity The Traitors

Boy oh boy do the U.S. usurpers have a tough job. They have been riding high in the saddle for so long herding the people like ignorant cattle. Thanks to the Internet it is easy to learn of the crimes that have been committed by virtually every top American official for half a century or more. Most of the herd remains ignorant but they are becoming uneasy. A growing minority of us however know pretty much all about the crimes committed by people we trusted and we are raising hell. The criminals have to shut us up but in such a manner as to not alert the herd that something bad really is happening and thereby cause a stampede. Only a few years ago silencing people was easy because so few knew the truth.

Now I am pleased to announce that we have reached a critical mass of aware, enlightened individuals who in addition can instantly communicate with one another over the Internet, phone, FAX and now we are even overwhelming the enemy in the traditional media arenas of TV, radio and print. Anytime the enemy tries to maneuver we catch them as with the MIAC report claiming law abiding Americans are now the terrorists and never once mentioning Al Qaeda. That brainstorm of a document was a fantastic recruiting tool. So the traitors are paralyzed looking over their shoulder and more insiders are coming out with the truth. In fact they have come to realize the way an insider stays alive is to spill their guts about everything they know as fast as they can over trusted alternative media outlets like,, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, etc. Sadly, a few dupes still essential commit suicide by trying to go public with the corrupt old guard media who are controlled by the traitors.

The traitors are desperate to pull off something really big really soon but they still must use compartmentalized dupes to do it. The tough part for the traitorous vipers is they can't be sure who they can trust to do their dirty work anymore. That's what happened over PA when on 9/11 the fourth plane was shot down by a faction of the military not involved with the treason. Then these top military people were silenced by the traitors and the ignorance of that age that is now a bygone era. Today the traitors giving orders to attack the American people, AGAIN, may instead receive a visit from the military themselves. Even better, perhaps a general or admiral might suddenly appear on with incriminating evidence about what the traitors are demanding from the military.

Even if the traitors are successful pulling off the next filthy treasonous act against their own country and countrymen we have been sounding the alarm that they would do exactly that. So the next staged event may be the shot that sets off the herd into an angry mob seeking vengeance.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Trojan Horse Revolt

I've come to realize we have a Trojan Horse government appointed by the crime families to facilitate the take down of America. The Trojan Horse government has been gift wrapped by the Trojan Horse network media - also owned and operated by the attacking crime families. These crime bosses are mostly running currency operations through the central banks of the world, oil theft as well as being heavily into the sex slave market and other black market activities.

I suppose the difference between the original Trojan War and the current take down of America is today's attackers have bigger plans than the Greeks. The Greeks had one thing in mind with Troy - total annihilation. They did such a good job of it that for most of history Troy was only rumored to exist. The crime families don't wish to totally destroy us. They want to enslave us in a modern form of free range slavery except in cases where a particular slave disobeys or angers crime family members or their Trojan Horse government officials. In these cases the slave gets the old fashion plantation prison industry slavery. This is an unprofitable form of slavery compared to free range slavery but it is necessary nonetheless. Prison slavery is used to frighten the free range slaves into compliance as well as to constantly drive down their wages while competing in the marketplace against the prison slave industry. Wages have dropped so low in America and other western nation under the Trojan Horse attack that now the cops and other enforcers can only get by through corruption and shaking down the public.

The main reason I advocate a revolt against the crime families and their Trojan Horse government and media is we have been horse's asses. The Trojans were given their poison present as a deadly gift. Today's Trojan Horses we all get to pay for through our taxes and through the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve was the main Trojan Horse the crime families slipped past the city walls. Once they secretly controlled the supply of money and credit they could manipulate the economy in their favor undermining an unsuspecting American public. They have been secretly rotting America from the inside while the people have been preoccupied with mindless distractions aided by a collage of toxic elixirs added to our food, drink and medicine.

One hope is that as people can no longer afford their mind fogging poisons like aspartame soda pops, we'll have a window of opportunity as people's thinking clears before the big attack by the crime families. It only takes a couple minutes to wise up if you think about it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Total Social Collapse

It's happened before and it appears likely to occur again. The more complex the society the more likely a social implosion will be our fate. The unnatural reason for collapse is centralization of power. A huge asteroid could wipe us all out as it is. What I'm speaking of is societies that develop the situation where the rulers use too many resources to remain in power and neglect what is best for the society at large.

Once individuals are banned from doing what is best for themselves living is driven underground. The elites think they can have an orderly take down of western and other nations to consolidate their total control over the planet. Even if they were successful and consolidate their hold on the earth gaining total control it would not be long before in-fighting at the top would lead to war among the elites. The same thing happened to Rome.

Basically, when the ruling elites are spending all their time and our resources grabbing for power they neglect the needs of society for some future date that never arrives. Once the people reach a critical mass of desperation they are left with nothing to lose. We are fast reaching this Montezuma moment where the people no longer see their leaders as good and noble as well as everybody suffering economically. Once the mobs explode there will be no way to stop them. Gangs will form up for protection of what is left after the rioting in the cities. People will begin roaming in search of food, water and shelter. It means millions and millions of additional ways the government will not be able to control things.

The point is once a social collapse begins I can't say where it will lead except no more United States. While we are warring amongst ourselves we can be certain outside forces will take full advantage of the opportunity to extract whatever they choose from a divided America. We all have an excellent chance the rest of the world will be forcing us to pay restitution for our corrupt government's hegemonic behavior. The sky's the limit to how far we will fall.

It's a damn shame.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Loop Current Broken

Look at the data in the video below and it's clear to see that the loop current that use to flow by Florida and Cuba has been broken. Also notice that the eastern half of America has had just lovely weather while much of Europe has been hammered by what looks like our mid-western winters. Ocean currents are the result of several factors including density of the particular area of the ocean. I can't say what billions of gallons of BP oil in the Gulf will do except that it will change the density somewhat.

If the BP disaster was planned this could be an example of unplanned consequences for the globalists. Whether this was a staged event down in the Gulf to damage that part of America I can't say. However, I can say we had the first 3 cords of wood delivered here in December. We bought it so late because we still had a little remaining from last year and it was not cold enough most nights to burn a fire even into December. In my front yard we still have at least 2 1/2 cords of wood. Our electric heating bill is next to nothing. Our normal body heat, appliances, TV's, computers and such combined with a well insulated house with replacement thermal windows creates and keeps the place warm enough for us without added heating.

Meanwhile back at the European ranch across the pond everyone is freezing their asses off. Is this God's fault or the globalists' responsibility? I can't say but the result is in the socialist European nations where the government is often footing part or all of the heating bills the costs have soared as the temperature has plunged. All the while here in the U.S. where most folks pay for their own heat our cost has plummeted thanks to the balmy weather. How balmy? The last days of January my peach tree began bulging with blossoms and February 1 the first lovely pink one opened. Driving across the Bay Bridge I noticed lots of oil tankers lined up. Are the globalists having a hard time selling oil for some reason in America? The astronomically high prices at the pump have forced us to conserve severely dropping demand at the same time demand for heating oil has also dropped. The few global crime families obviously have bet on higher fuel oil prices but that is not happening.

The fact is if the crime families can't start a real or a fake war with Iran to drive the price of oil up and do so fast then the entire oily house of cards will collapse taking down the corrupt financial scheming along with it. Before they can permit this they will at least try to exercise the doomsday option which is nuclear war, pandemic or some other unimagined way to murder 5 or 6 billion of us while these crime families wait it out in their lovely bunkers.

All I ask of the Chinese is that they hold their fire until the global crime families finish shooting themselves in the foot. I ask the Russian to remain calm as well. Even though the crime families are promising you enormous profits for oil and gas if you go along with them just remember that they are inbred lying cutthroats. In fact, everyone on this planet with our competing interests should all agree about one thing. The global banking/corporate crime families are our mutual enemies. We all must put our competing interests aside and focus on the threat to us all. We all must join together to remove the scourge of these crime families from the earth forever.

I feel that we have all been played for suckers for too long. I believe our competing interests will even disappear altogether once we have removed this parasite class from our planet. Please join with me to eliminate the ones who have placed themselves above the rest of us.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Real Bin Laden History

Bin Laden was actually a CIA operative before and after 9/11. He was framed and died in 2001. It's not important that many Americans will think this absurd. They watch too much TV. This message is for all of the people who work for the CIA. You can be thrown under the bus at anytime by the agency. They have no honor or loyalty. Here's what Gordon Duff has to say about it.