Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's The New Land Lords

Meet the new landlords America. They call the shots at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury. Of course as a proud American I say we run these foreign son of a bitches right the hell out of our country as well as the domestic traitors. But I suppose I'm a bit more patriotic than most.

Apparently the majority of the rest of you who claim to be Americans appear to willing to shut up and just pay rent for your country. I can't figure it out?

BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
Banc of America Securities LLC
Barclays Capital Inc.
Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
Mizuho Securities USA Inc.
Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
Nomura Securities International, Inc.
RBC Capital Markets Corporation
RBS Securities Inc.
UBS Securities LLC.

More Proof The Networks Are Worthless

So are national newspapers like the Washington Post. They have all crossed over from merely being the worst, most incompetent news organizations in the history of the world to the reality - they are all traitorous co-conspirators in the 9/11 treason. Not the rank and file cogs at the station or newspapers. I'm talking about the top brass.

We're coming after you as well so you may want to take Senator Gravel's advice and come clean now or face to wrath of an angry American people. Once they learn the truth they will never accept this treason.

Latest Terror Alert!!!


Our brave protectors in government have just discovered another terrorist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda! They operate out of the lawless regions of Antarctica and are known as the Al-frezing-r-assoffs. They are believed to be training penguins to deliver IEDs to destroy our coalition forces and it's feared these terrorists may even develop WMDs such as freaking sharks with freaking laser beams!

Stop being suckers to such contrived nonsense. The CIA runs these operation like whiskey for a snakebite. If they can't find a terrorist to scare you with then they will create one to carry around with them to frighten you.

It is amazing more decent, honest people can't see what is really happening so I will break it down for them in it's most basic form so that they will feel the shame for which they aptly deserve.

The same ruling banking oligarchy has had it clutches into the bowels of the U.S. monetary system since the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve by the bankers, for the bankers. Using fear, ignorance and electronic media they got Hitler and millions of Germans as well as regular people around the world to be believe that the very same money scheme ruining our economy today as well as during the 1930 was really the fault of the "dirty Jew." After sufficient demonetization Germans and others found it easy to torture, rape, rob and murder Jewish people. But the majority of the world was horrified and crushed Germany and their allies for this genocide.

That was the banking oligarchy's plan all along. After all, just as during WWI, these banker snakes were loaning their money to both sides and profiting from the war efforts of each side. Fast forward to today. Today the same banking scumbags, Reichstag Fire attack us and blame it on "Arab Extremists." Now many actual Americans believe it is perfectly fine to torture people, steal from them, rape them and their family members and exterminate them provided they have been labeled by government terrorism experts as "Arab extremists." These banking psychopaths have tricked Americans into giving Arabs the Nazi Germany dirty Jew treatment.

Of course, even though Americans will never learn of this truth on our network TV until it is too late, the rest of the world is very shocked by our Nazi like behavior. Sure the Germans were just as desperate as we are today because the banking oligarchy ruined each of our economies but that's no excuse to treat anyone worse than dogs with rabies.

If you have supported this outrage you should be ashamed of yourself for your ignorance of history as well as your cowardice and fear of the banker's boogie men.

The Election False Flags

There are snipers shooting at the Pentagon and other marine corp facilities. Then there's the plot to blow up the DC Metro. Finally we have some supposedly explosive packages from Al- Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula. They are bombing voters 24 hours a day with these stories.

I however, must first assume that all of these have been planned by our secret police agencies or at least aided as was the case with the underwear bomber. He was escorted onto the plane even though he did not have a passport by a member of the secret police. I'd imagine the Pentagon sniper may actually be a nut with a grudge against the marines. These Yemeni packages could actually be from some individual or group that hates us. We send drones over Yemen as well as Pakistan to execute the guilty as well as the innocent all without trial or even a charge. Then Americans are shocked that the parents or friends or other relatives of the murder victims want to kill us.

Finally, has there been any plot uncovered by the FBI in which they were not part of the planning in the entrapment of the suspect? To me so far all the FBI has proven is they have no problem finding semi retarded dupes angry at the U.S. government who will plot against us if the FBI gives them fake bombs and instructions about who and where to put the fake explosives. In the case of the first World Trade Center bombing the feds actually gave the terrorists real bombs but the criminals didn't follow instructions from their FBI handlers and put the bombs in the wrong location.

The fact is the only people doing the real protecting are the American people. They are the ones who have risen up and defended themselves against the likes of the Richard Reids of the world who are allowed to board the plane by our secret police with explosives. The same holds truth for the underwear bomber. This is why the pat downs and naked scans at the airports will make you zero safer flying. Remember, the secret police will allow bombers onto the planes bypassing overly friendly, familiar security screenings reserved for the grandmas and nuns.

If it is not these disinformation stories it is the political ads carpet bombing my living room with nonsense. Fortunately I have my remote control counter disinformation weapon that can protect me against the damage that is inflicted upon so many duped Americans who actually believe these scare stories. I know millions of Americans actually listen to these traitors in government and network media.

Go ahead and believe the hype if you want to and be scared like little children at a horror flick. However, Tomas Estrada-Palma does not believe a word that comes out of the pie hole of disgusting, filthy, traitorous, unamerican scum! They lie for fun and profit as well as murder to enforce their policies. You are not being informed by the networks parroting the pablum of secret police. You are being manipulated so the traitors can get want they want.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fall Guys

Things are going to deteriorate so rapidly in the near future that steps will need to be taken to maintain control. But it might not be what everybody expects. Rather than futilely attempting to control this mob of angry Americans looking for retribution by cracking down on us, the international bankers may instead serve up a platter of sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered to appease us.

The most obvious scapegoats would be the neocon 9/11 conspirators. Committing treason against one's own people has it's weaknesses. Namely, like a mafia association, you can be blackmailed and ratted out. So far the neocons have only been blackmailed for their traitorous behavior.

The international bankers may want to play that other card to take the light off of their money schemes. Nothing would focus the American public's rage more than condemning evidence of absolute proof of the neocon's treason. Admit would forget all about the economy and be watching the 9/11 trials of the prosecution of the gang of traitors. It would be tremendous theater! It would make the O.J. trial look like traffic court.

Americans would forget all about being poor for the time being and be content if they could just watch the trial on TV. There are enough conspirators to keep the trials going on for years. Perhaps they would last until the economy actually did recover a decade from now.

There are signs that at least part of the international oligarchy may be contemplating such a move. I wonder if George Bush is contemplating moving to Paraguay to the plantation he bought in secret?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Emperor Wears Clothes On TV

It has been the most effective tool in the globalist's control shed. I call it "reality through omission." I must admit it has been a brilliantly effective strategy that could actually succeed in gaining victory for the enemy.

The global banking cabal secretly acquired control of all our television networks a while ago. Once this was achieved the enemy could make Americans believe whatever they desired. For example, John F. Kennedy was obviously assassinated in broad daylight on television by Secret Service/CIA turncoats. Americans know something fishy is going on but the networks continue with this almost half a century cover up. The international bankers working with filthy traitors who call themselves Americans have uniformly blacked-out all evidence of the secret police hit on the president. At the same time of course they continue to air all of the trumped up evidence against the dupe Lee Harvey Oswald.

The same omission tactic so far has worked for the 9/11 coup. Three towers, two of them filled with duped, doomed Americans were demolished from the inside with pre-placed time explosives on live TV. The buildings were rigged by experts, then brought down after those two planes were crashed into the towers. Explosive residue has been found anywhere you look in the ground zero area and beyond. Now NIST has been forced to release video suppressed by them to aid in the cabals' cover-up. The videos show firemen at the scene commenting about secondary explosions and also being warned to evacuate CIA Building Number Seven because it was going to be demolished with explosives.

However, NOT ONE TELEVISED WORD OF THESE ABSOLUTE FACTS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATING A CONSPIRACY BY MEMBERS OF OUR OWN SECRET POLICE ORGANIZATIONS. The networks have remained in lockstep with the blackout. Their treason implementing this grand omission must cause the top ring leaders at the networks to receive the most severe punishment available under the law. For you top network chairmen and the like I suggest you look into the penalty for committing treason. Likewise, you underlings who also know what is going on here will face severe retribution. Those who come clean now will face much better prospects.

Or the snakes will get away with this mass murder which they blamed on super cave Arabs. So far by omitting all evidence of the treason, the networks have aided and abetted the filthy scum who actually still roam freely and rule over us. They are some scared cowards too. That's because they never saw the Internet coming. Even though the traitors have total TV network control over the information they want aired and omitted, for the first time since the dawn of the information age they are losing control. The banksters, who are nowhere near as smart as they thought they were have made some key blunders.

The main one was not getting that fourth plane into the Capital allowing the Congress to survive the coup. If they had been successful then all of their ensuing blunders would not have mattered. Namely, collapsing the economy which created the Tea Party movement. Here is another network omission. At every Tea Party function the crowd is filled with people who know the truth about 9/11 and we are spreading the word. One by one Americans are finding out. Now we can't wait to vote out the incumbents next month. Here is another omission. Some of those new Congressmen are raring to really investigate the 9/11 coup. But you will hear nary a word about it right up until their first subpoenas start to fly after the election. Then the networks will attempt to smear these new Congressman for demanding answers. But it will be too late by then. The cat will be out of the bag and the ring leaders will be headed for the border.

So for Americans looking for a way out of our quandary here is the way I see it. All of these treaties, agreements and whatnot entered into by the filthy traitors that have indebted us and made us paupers are null and void. Three quarters of the current Congress and the majority of the current Senate should be clapped into irons and investigated for treason as well as misprision of treason. All debts owed to the enemy bankers is null and void. Any American creditor damaged after all private debt is canceled as well should be compensated by every penny of the conspirator's personal assets. We should start out the compensation with the Bush family fortune, followed by the Cheney's and each and every conspirator involved. These billions, perhaps trillions should be placed into an escrow account to compensate damaged Americans. This would be a real rebellion. Americans would be taking back their nation. Families would immediately gain ownership of their homes.

You heard it here first, amigos. But you'll never hear it on TV.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I Write This Stuff

Here is why. First of all it is the truth. Unlike most Americans, I have seen my main enemy. We all have enemies like criminals and foreign armies, the both of which are organized for stealing through violence. We all understand this but they are not our most dangerous enemy. Our most dangerous enemy has already covertly slipped inside our city walls and is secretly attacking us everyday to consolidate their control while maximizing their theft.

Most Americans simply cannot believe this has happened even though this very same thing has occurred numerous times throughout history. So I see the enemy attacks and point them out to their targets - the nice, trusting American people. The American people at first thought me crazy for asserting the truth that they had not yet seen for themselves. So they could not at first believe it to be true. Because there are so many Americans wising up to our main enemy's attacks, other still duped Americans are beginning to ask question now as well about the things we enlightened American are pointing out.

However, the main reason I write is to rattle the enemy. We know each other very well don't we? We know that you come to my blog everyday to read what I post. We know you work for a CIA front organization known as "Performance Systems International." Below is what you have not blocked my site counter from noting:

IP Address38.103.105.9 [Label IP Address]
CountryUnited States
ISPAccess One

And finally, we both know you are a band of disgusting filthy traitors who should never again be permitted to walk around freely in a great country like America. You are vile, unAmerican trash! But please continue to read my blog every single day as you have been doing ever since I realized it was you traitors who actually attacked us on 9/11. As soon as I began pointing out the overwhelming evidence of your treason you have since had one of your lackeys monitor my blog daily.

So lets be clear about it. This is war. You know it and I know if even if the still duped majority of nice Americans can't believe such heinous behavior could occur in polite company. All of you traitors must be punished - even you lowly lackey's who comes to my blog to report it to your superiors. Don't think you will get off by saying you were just following orders. The Nazi's tried that defense in Nuremberg and ended up swinging from a rope.

The day of reckoning draws near for you. Reduce your penalty by coming clean now about your bosses and their filthy treason. You should swing over to our side with the American people or risk swinging with the traitors.

You still have a choice but not for much longer.

The Pentagon Sniper

It appears the ruling cabal is copy catting John Mohammad's sniper tactic, except for the time being the bullets are all hitting unoccupied targets. These types of sneak attacks are ideal for members of the secret police to pull off since they can cruise around with guns and nobody asks them any questions about what they are doing in the area where a crime has just been committed.

So it is up to local law enforcement to apprehend these federal terrorists since it surely will be one of these traitors committing these acts of official domestic terror. Either this will be the case or like the guy the local cops caught in New Jersey with guns and Arab garb - the shooter will be a patsy hired by the federal traitors to do their dirty work. Fortunately, the local cops did their job and arrested the guy before he could complete his heinous acts. Unfortunately, the New Jersey authorities haven't realize he is a domestic terrorist hired by the traitors to sow panic. So he has not been prosecuted as such nor his federal co-conspirators either.

Why would the secret police do these horrendous acts? It sows fear into the minds of the public and makes most more than willing to give up freedom for the slavery of the federal protection racket. If you don't think you need that kind of insurance then the secret police will make you think otherwise.

I hope the local police understand the tactics used by the traitors because for some cops it's a matter of life and death. The secret police need to keep dividing Americans into groups of opposing sides. One of the main conflicts necessary to complete their treasonous plans is to divide police and military members from the public at large. When the secret police commit acts of terror against the local police and military installations it causes them to be in conflict with the public. It forces the local authorities to suspect members of the public while ignoring the real culprits being paid by federal tax dollars.

So local police and military should be wary because you will be the targets of these assassins. The traitors will cap a cop or two as well as get a patsy to shoot up a military facility. Soon, the police will be more than willing to aide in the round up of Americans who will be the enemy in their eyes.

The American people are not the enemy of law enforcement. The enemy is behind you bearing official federal credentials. I am fearful the enemy will actually murder a local cop soon with this cowardly sniper tactic. If this should happen then local authorities should grab all federal cops in the area at the time so they can be properly interrogated to see if they are the shooters.

These are the same traitors who pulled back John F. Kennedy's secret service agents from shielding him then put his car with the top down out in the front of the motorcade for easy assassination. They also shut down our multi trillion dollars defense system during the entire 9/11 attack. The fact is these traitors are so obvious that I can't believe I didn't wise up to them a long time ago. Sadly, most Americans including local law enforcement don't have a clue yet that we have already been conquered.

I hope God will help apprehending the next federal traitor before they kill somebody. If we could catch just one treasonous dog in the act then the entire conspiracy would fall apart. Then you would see a few hundred sniveling disgusting dogs heading for the border to evade prosecution. Most federal officials are just cogs doing a job and would never participate in this disgusting nonsense. But the foreign invaders have an amply supply of traitors at their disposal to sow panic. So local cops should be very careful because it's likely you have been targeted.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parker Spitzer

I watched their show this morning for about two minutes then I could stand no more and switched to a more reliable network - the weather channel. At least the Weather Channel gets it right about half the time or better.

This morning they had some liberal shills babbling about how violent those Tea Partiers are. They bring guns to rallies as if they were free adult grown-ups or something. The propagandizing traitors were doing what all of the other goodly cogs working for the enemy networks these days before the election do. First they define folks in the Tea Party as racist, violent and holding extremist ideas. Then they try to trick Americans, using slanted reporting and omissions, to cajole them into not wanting to associate with these bad people.

The trouble for these traitors and their bosses at the Federal Reserve Information Ministry (the television networks) is they have included so many Americans for the big smear that the majority now find themselves the target of these character assassinations.

The truth is we have been lied to and swindled by this cabal of traitors. Now we owe them nothing. They should receive zero respect. They should possess zero authority. We should pay them NOTHING! Most of the debt owed by Americans and by our local, state and federal government is at the end of the money line going to the foreign bankers at the Federal Reserve.

These snakes still must use the cover of acting within the law to grab our homes and property. But they have gotten so greedy and smeared so many Americans that all these millions of victims of the Great Lame Robbery must do is demand their day in court. Then the system will collapse under the weight of that greed and avarice.

These disgusting excuses for people at the Fed know this so they must cause an emergency so they can bypass the Court system to get what they want - America. Whether it's releasing bio-weapons or nuking one of our cities to be blamed on Kim, Castro or whichever boogieman du jour fills the needs of the traitors, this emergency will permit the executive branch to implement directly what the foreign bankers demand without going through the Courts. That's vital for the bankers because logistically there is not enough Courts to ever sort out the mortgage fraud perpetrated via the Federal Reserve's price bubble inflation scam that takes the property of the victims and returns it to the thieves.

If I had to lay money on the mode of the next false flag attack I'd have to go with the pandemic. With quarantines the executive (that's Obama by the way) can round up millions of Americans and send them to the FEMA camps. Many will never return and even if they did, like the Japanese internment victims, they will no longer own homes or businesses. The foreign bankers will have gotten what they paid for with the thirty pieces of silver slipped to the snakes who supposedly represent us.

They are worried Americans for the first time since it was invented will not listen to their television sets. They fear too many independent representatives outside of their control grid will be elected and start sending out subpoenas. It's a race against time and ignorance.

I can't wait to see how it turns out. My side could even win! By the way that's the side that always supports individual liberty and never group rights. Banksters support these collectivist notions because it has been great for business for several hundred years now.

Wouldn't it be great to arrest them for a change?

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Commerce Clause

I think it is more likely the founders would believe in Santa Claus before they'd believe how our government is swindling us with the words of the commerce clause. These few words basically say Congress can regulate commerce between the states.

As usual, today's usurpers have turn the meaning of the words on their head to reverse their original intent. The founders didn't mean Congress had the right to regulate absolutely any social/economic activity that could in some infinitesimal way involve commerce between two or more states. They meant Congress should make commerce regular or in other words unobstructed by transport taxation placed by one state on another for example!

First of all the founders, known for succinct concise use of the English language to convey what they actually meant, would never pen those words with this bastardized intent then go to all the trouble with the rest of the Constitution to philosophically and politically demand just the opposite. If this were truly their intent then the Constitution would have been a very brief document compared to the beautifully worded version that amazes, awes and inspires an individual like me who reads it today honestly - unlike some folks that collude about thirty-five miles due East of me on the Hill. Today's usurper constitution would only need to say:

"Congress shall be able to do any damn thing that pleases congress whilst the states cannot do a damn thing about it nor the people as well."

So to sum up, many historical "facts" learned by Americans in public schools, aired over the enemy television networks and other cultural indoctrinating centers like movies and made for T.V. boogie man dramas has been paid for by our sponsors - the American people. This usurpation has been directed by a cabal of filthy traitors who's treason is in association with many other foreign producers as well.

Stay tuned for their next act. I think it's an Iranian war flick.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thomas Woods writes:

I am under attack from these people because I wonder if 300 million people ruled from one city is the most humane way to live. Don’t I know I am not supposed to ask such a heretical question?...

In this fine article he explains what nullification is and how states have used it in the past to block the federal government from infringing on individual rights. The main hogwash argument used by the enemy television networks, sold-out politicians and other filthy traitors is nullification caused the south to succeed. Thomas correctly points out that the south succeeded after northern states nullified southern slave laws in their own states that federal laws were trying to uphold. In effect, the south said "Okay, if you federal lackeys can't send our slaves back to us then we're going to form our own country and succeed."

So lets not have a debate over succession. It is not the same thing as states nullifying enforcement of federal laws within their own borders. Therefore you extremists who favor federal power over states and individuals also would be in favor of upholding fugitive slave laws? Of course you would because the highest authority with god-like powers would be the federal government at least in your eyes. The Japanese internment was just and correct because the federal government said so. For that matter, why don't we continue to allow federal authorities to harass, shake down and kill the sick and dying for DARING to defy federal marijuana prohibition?

What we have here is the harry reid extremists with hogwash arguments based on nonsense. I'm calling them out for being stupid. And anyone who follows their nonsense is a knave slave for lapping it up like good little golden retrievers.

Good boy! That's it fella! Fetch that notion! Bring it back to me and repeat it like a good boy! Nullification supporters are the racist ones right good boy? That's a good boy!