Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC Knave

Oh bless his heart. I can't get mad at a guy like Jonathan here. He doesn't have a clue. He appears to just be personable but naive.

How so?

Well I'm watching this enemy network to analyze what MSNBC is pushing so I can get a better idea of what the oligarchy has in store for us. In the middle of this panel discussion after one of the guests made a point about the dangers of printing so much money it could destroy the dollar, Jonathan pipes up and asks, "How does printing up too much money destroy the dollar?"

Apparently the other panelist at least had a modicum of knowledge about inflation and froze like a deer in the headlights because the question was sooooo stupid even for TV. Then one of the others made another comment, changed the subject fast and they moved on leaving me howling with laughter.

But it doesn't end there for me personally. I was walking into the elevator at the Washington Post heading into work, the very next day and who is standing naively in the elevator as the doors open? You guessed it amigos! Old Jonathan. The little man in me that always rushes to state the truth begins to make my lips comment, "You might want to check out that Zimbabwe model for an answer to that dollar question of your."

But then remembering that I did not want to go before the Washington Post's grand inquisitor again for possible thought crimes or ego bruising and other insensitivity and such I decided to clam up. Hopefully somebody will explained to Jonathan how many societies historically have reduced their money to zero value by hyper inflating the currency. Jonathan, if you are reading this now "HYPER INFLATION" means printing up way too much money. I wrote the words big for you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Assassinate Americans?

Obama has authorized assassination of Americans. Is this a good thing? Many Americans feel this is a just course of action. Just bypass the normal law requirements for capital punishment to be mete out legally and just do it on the president's orders.

In the first place this is unnecessary. By following the law the same outcome could be dealt to the guilty. Basically, if an American commits a capital crime he is indicted and tried for the crime whether or not he shows up for Court. If a jury finds this defendant guilty and the Court condemns the defendant to death then there are a number of ways to complete this sentence. However the most economical is the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter would be paid a fee after killing the guilty and this would be totally legal. So a filthy un-American act like assassination need never be tolerated in the so-called land of the brave. Only in the land of the sniveling cowards would such unlawful behavior be acceptable.

Beside the above fact, if Americans allow any individual the power to murder another American only because that powerful individual says it's just then none of us are safe in the long run. This is the very power that King George and other royalty held over the people for which our forefathers fought a revolution. Then a nut like Hitler also possessed these powers and you see where that got 6 million people for the crime of being Jewish. Mao offed 100 million Chinese with his little agricultural experiment.

Mark my words. If any politician including Obama has ordered such a despicable act as assassination and is not immediately impeached then prosecuted for murder then may God have mercy on all our souls. That's because those with this power will soon say anyone who opposes their authority is a terrorist and it is only a few steps from there to extermination. Obama's government and private mouthpieces have even already labeled Americans who legally oppose their socialist policies as "domestic terrorists."

So if we examine the historical pattern Obama has the same growing opposition from the American people as did Bill Clinton during his presidency with the militia movement - but Obama's opposition is ten times bigger. Clinton silenced his opposition by blowing up a building in Oklahoma with explosives placed inside the building "assassinating" hundreds of innocent American bureaucrats sitting in their offices then blaming it on a cat named McVeigh who was with some militia. Most Americans still don't realize Clinton committed this treason because all the local officials, and there were many who knew this was an inside job, have all either been "assassinated" by the secret police or intimidated into silence.

So if you're still okay with assassination it could be you next time getting blown out of your office by a president "assassinating" you because of his sagging poll numbers. Maybe it will be your wife, parents, children or grand children. Don't cry though because you asked for it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Maverick

False Flag History

Mr. Corbett seen here on this video gives the most concise easily understood history of false flag attacks done by governments through the ages. It is very well done!

Get ready for another attack and it could be a whopper this time as the government is desperate. The reason is Americans are coming together to remove this government from power come next November and the elite cannot afford to just allow that to happen. So the corporate media is on overdrive with the domestic nuke threat; trying to connect the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. to another Oklahoma type domestic terrorist event; played the race card and the dangers to Obama as well as possibly manipulating the earth's environment with this HAARP weapon to trigger seismic events and alterations of the weather.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Tomas Angry And Disgusted Today!

Some behavior, is so vile and abhorrent that regular Americans could not even imagine it. This is especially so when it comes to children. It is difficult understanding how serial killers could abuse and murder children. However, the hour long video found here shocked my sensibilities more than anything that I have warned you about in the past. Naturally, this historical event is totally blacked out by the networks and national newspapers like the Washington Post where I used to work. It is why I don't feel dirty anymore now that I took their buyout and left this cover-up rag.

Here are the facts. Children some younger than eight have been exploited for sex and other violent, sick, depraved criminal acts. The state government covered it up. When the FBI became involved only three people were prosecuted. The FBI took over from the state government organizing the cover-up. How's that? None of the johns were ever prosecuted. Children were flown all over the country including into Washington, DC where sick and powerful men could do despicable things to them such as anally rape eight year olds drugged out of their minds. One of the children was sentenced to decades in prison for perjury just because she told the truth about these crimes. This degree of harshness for perjury should tell anyone with a brain what is going on here. Hundreds of children have been abused by these powerful pedophiles and this rediculous sentence for perjury is a shot over the bow for them to shut up.

Back in the days of Rome this sort of official depravity was commonplace and officially accepted. Today, in polite society nothing brings out the rage of regular folks like pedophiles. That is why I want you to know that the federal government has sealed the evidence in this case so at this time we have no idea who the high officials were who have an appetite for children. This makes the FBI a criminal organization engaged in an official cover-up to protect the powerful. I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here is what I want you to do as a responsible, sane, adult, regular American:

1. Watch the video found on the above link and be prepared to be shocked.

2. Imagine that these sick officials could have gotten one of your children.

3. Control your anger and channel it to spread this message to everyone you know until it goes viral.

Amigos, here is the reality. We are now the media. The old networks and national newspapers have been corrupted and taken over by the enemies to America who would do such vile things to children then do everything in their abuse of power to cover it up. You are the reporters now and if you sit on your ass instead of doing your job then all of our children are not safe from these official monsters. In the meantime stay close to your children. These sick dogs prey on the children who stray from home and family. This federally sanctioned child sex ring must be considered to be operational because none of the johns are behind bars.

Do you know what pedophiles do who get away with these crimes and even have them covered-up by the media and the government? They keep doing it. They need to be behind bars before they snatch your kid and do the unimaginable horror that these vile criminals have already done to other children.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Racism Jury Of Our Fears