Saturday, August 14, 2010

Building 7's Falling Down

Building 7's falling down,
falling down,
falling down.
Building 7's falling down,
In 7 seconds barely.

They built it up with stone and steel,
stone and steel,
stone and steel.
They built it up with stone and steel,
Oh so squarely.

The stone and steel were blown away,
blown away,
blown away.
The stone and steel were blown away,

Three towers fell down that day,
fell down that day,
fell down that day.
Three towers fell down that day,
But before or since...rarely.

Abolish Public Schools

It's a no-brainer! Public schools cost a fortune. They are the biggest part of the local budget. They have been designed by the foreign attackers destroying our economy to dumb down American children. The end result is compliant slaves just bright enough to toil away for our masters.

The fact is, which I can now safely discuss since my kids are all grown, my kids were all home schooled. With personal computers and the Internet it has never been easier. My oldest is a manager at Build-A-Bear. My two older boys work for Safeway including one who is a manager there. My youngest is getting ready to turn seventeen and asked too many questions to be answered by his tired old father. That's the interesting thing about not permitting the state to indoctrinate your children. I've raised very curious, inquisitive children who like to ask lots of questions. They are just the type of Americans that the ruling elite here just can't stand. They prefer the soviet dumb downed citizens just stupid enough to follow orders. Mine follow instructions pretty well too but they going to have to know why they are doing something first. They ARE Americans after all and not the run-of-the-mill "yoots" poisoned by years to toxic schooling.

The fact is public schools are a form of child abuse. You send your perfectly normal kids there full of questions. In no time at all you can't tell them anything. Many stop communicating with their parents all together once beginning school. More and more of these public school abused children run afoul of the law or just become bad adults. Then their parents ask why? Blaming themselves often they ask where did they go wrong raising their kids? The answer is you sent them to the stupid factory built by the bankers to be their compliant serfs or prison laborers if they get out of line.

What's needed is a mass boycott of public schools. The fact is the local governments are going broke and will not be able to afford these dinosaurs much longer anyway. Make it easy for them. Keep your kids home and train them yourselves. Many localities are already cutting back the school year due to their budget deficits. With the savings from axing public schools the local governments would have plenty of resources to fund the other legitimate government functions. But the best part is kids would no longer be indoctrinated with such socialist nonsense any longer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mark Potok

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Julian Assange

Charlie Gasparino

He could just be a dupe or he could be a shill. Once Americans retake control of the government and begin prosecutions in the Potomac swamp we'll have a look see at his financial records to establish who has been paying him money and why that was. So keep talking Charlie.

Police Economics

It's interesting watching the police getting themselves fired everyday. This phenomenon is especially noteworthy since most police haven't even made the connection yet. It's probably why an understanding of economics is not required to be a cop and perhaps it is even frowned upon by the traitors signing the police paychecks. The police would do well to remember where their money has always come from - the people.

In the days when my grandfather was a cop they were known as peace officers and they were respected. Sure the same criminal gang of bankers finagled prohibition on America but the majority of cops never went for it. Doing so naturally would in effect be disturbing the peace unless the individual was in the streets being drunk and disorderly. Then my grandfather surely would have run him in to the drunk tank. Otherwise, prohibition be damned, my grandfather looked the other way like most other cops.

But today's cops haven't given much thought to the morality of their dubious behavior going about doing their "jobs." Clearly, they mostly cannot be considered peace officers any longer. Be that as it may, many and still more to come will lose their jobs. Here's why. Every victimless criminal you arrest for the scum at the top of the bankster heap your actions cost well over one year's salary for a cop. Just the jail cell alone costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. Add to this the court cost and worse yet - taking the taxpaying defendant out of the productive economy to waste away in jail and as Donald Trump says, "You're fired!"

So police officers, go ahead and grab another vegetable violator - get yourselves fired. Look I'm not happy about this situation either. Here's why. Local and state police are being laid off all over the country. At the same time the federal government police are on a hiring binge. Why do you suppose this is happening? How do you civilian, former cops think you will be treated by the impending occupation of the federal police forces? Which one of you current cops will lose your job this year or next because you continue to diminish local and state resources enforcing this nonsense? Remember, now that the states and localities are broke they are just letting lots of the inmates go anyway including the bad guys.

The way to stop the bleeding of police jobs is quit doing the dirty work of the filthy traitors at the top. Simply stop arresting all non violent, non fraudulent perpetrators. Look the other way just like my grandfather Ray Carroll did back in the 1920's in Washington, DC. For God's sake people save your jobs and while you're at it perhaps the nation as well.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gary Franchi

This Year's Garden

Above is the dark side of the house and the last garden area that I recently worked on. That long drain pipe comes off my roof gutter. Soon I will dig a pond where the gray weed barrier cloth is now between the short hazelnut tree in the foreground and the lemon grass in the brick circle in the background. Then I will have an overflow pipe where the wooden pallet is behind the lemon grass so the excess rain gutter water will flow down to the front yard garden. What did all this beautiful brickwork cost me? Absolutely nothing but sweat equity! These were bricks that were not wanted and it costs by the pound to take them to the landfill and it's a lot of work. So the old owners were happy for me to take them for free off their hands. For example about half of the bricks on the path use to be a wall in NE Washington, DC. That wooden shed use to be the gate hanging on that old brick wall. This was a lot of work of course but cost almost nothing to complete. I had to buy some cement and some materials but the cost was negligible. The arch by the way is the one my daughter was married under.

My one year old peach tree. We got about 2 dozen peaches off of the tree and the one just visible on the left.

As you can see we have a corner lot but it is only 1/8 acre.

If you look closely you can see the watermelons in the patch that I threw together. Actually I found some watermelon seeds from fruit I grew 2 years ago and just threw them on the ground in May by the fence. That whole area between the road and the fence was swampy as every property in the area drains through my back yard and flows along the side by my fence. So I put in a french drain right along the fence leading to the street in the front. I dug a small creek bed that flows along my back fence line that channels the rainwater away from my house and yard to the french drain. The red and white stones you see are actually pieces of broken cement and brick from my brick recycling job. I knocked the old cement off my recycled bricks and left the stone debris right where it fell. Now we can park there and not cause muddy ruts. Even better no mowing. Also this and the crushed granite I have between my raised garden beds allows the runoff to drain into the water table rather than the storm drains. It turns out watermelons just love growing over brick debris. It's a good thing too as the Safeway has softball sized watermelons selling for five bucks. My biggest are bigger than a basketball and free!

That's a cap for a pick-up truck right? Wrong - it use to be. Now it serves several functions. In cooler weather it acts as a cold frame for my plants and extends my growing season. It acts like a small plant and seedling table in the Spring and Fall. In the summer, as you can see, it is my weed burner. Any weeds I pull up I throw on top and it kills and dries the weed which then goes into my mulch pile much lighter without the water. Then it breaks down much faster into soil. Soil is my biggest problem here as we are only a couple blocks from the bay. The soil is very sandy and drains too quickly. So I don't throw away any mulch-able plant material and I grab up all the dead leaves in the road in the fall for composting. Soon I hope to have all my garden beds with better soil that doesn't drain so quickly. Good dirt is not cheap and takes lots of work hauling it where you want it. It's better to create a bit of dirt everyday in the course of your gardening and spread it out here and there as it finishes ripening in the compost pile.

Right at the foot of this picture is one of my strawberry gardens which runs along a stone path by the creek. I have two plants that bear fruit from late June till well into August. I'll propagate those so I can have strawberries for months. My corn got planted this year on time and I ate it everyday. It was delicious! Those are Brussels sprouts in the background triangular garden and those big leafed plants in the middle garden are burdock root - a medicinal plant. I had onions and potatoes on both sides. The onions have mostly been harvested thought you can see a couple big ones still. Some animal ran through the bed or the wind knocked them down so they quit growing. Next year I'll fence my onions so we won't have to harvest them until October. As it is we have dozens of onions strung up here and there but they are mostly medium sized onions.

That's my one year-old almond tree. Behind that are my eggplants, peppers and some grape vines.

To the left of the stone path is the creek I dug along the fence line. You can see why the runoff heads through my yard in this picture. So I didn't fight nature but decided to go with the flow. The left of the white trellis in the background is our largest tree - an apricot. A late frost killed the blossoms but we got one delicious apricot this season.

Here you can see runner beans on the right growing on the fence and some grapes and a tomato plant on the left as well as the apricot tree.

This little free patio and path out back turned out really sweet! All around this area are herbs like the basil taking up half the picture behind the flower pots which hold my lemon trees. Way in the background is my newest raised bed garden filled with another bumper tomato crop this year. You may notice two figs planted behind the basil as well. There are lots of figs this year.

This shot is from my deck showing those tomatoes and some more eggplants on the right. I'm going to use my old windows that I replaced with new insulated models to build a greenhouse in the area between the tomato garden and the house on the left. No need to fill up the landfill with perfectly good windows that will be perfect for plants.

Getting hungry yet? Admittedly this whole project was a lot of work to build. Everything, excluding the pond my wife built, cost me a couple of grand for materials. Now however, actually working in the garden is much easier especially having them raised up to an old man rather than the old man stooping down to the garden. So I've been better attending to weeds and the pests and plant diseases this year. Next year I'll be waiting to whack them before they know what hit them especially my fruit trees which have a bit of rust fungus this year on the leaves.

This free winding garden path came out beautifully, don't you think? On the left is the corner of my new shed/workshop made from free pressure treated lumber that use to be somebody's gate.

This view shows the free front patio I built. The circular garden on the right was bordered totally with slate that was here when we moved in. So I replace that wall with the brick one you see in the picture and used the slate to cap my brick wall on both sides of my winding path. You get a better view of my free shed as well.

Here in the front yard are my two, one year-old cherry trees. The plan is to let them grow up shading my house in the morning so we can turn some of our AC electric bill into free cherries. Behind the cherry trees is my wife's coy pond. A few months ago I saw a crane standing on the edge fishing. We thought it ate all the fish because they vanished. Turns out they were just hiding for a couple of days. Apparently they knew about cranes fondness for fish as well.

My eggplants and peppers up close and personal.

My next growing season I will be able to raise all of the vegetables and much of the fruits we require to survive. I walk by those $5 baby watermelons at the store shaking my head and I leave those beans and peppers alone as well. I bought a food drier and it runs none stop now. Maybe everything is going to be fine real soon but I'm not counting on it. I enjoy eating too much. I'll be happier when I have some other way to get water out of the ground rather than the electric grid but other than that I am feeling more secure. My vegetables are even overflowing into the neighbor's yard so they get to eat too. The experts have been totally wrong about the economy but now say all is fine and on course "moving forward." Believe them if you will at your own peril. I'd be happy to answer your questions if you'd like to get busy protecting your food supply. Just post a question here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mainstream Mediocre

Use it Liberally!

US it li

Quantitative Easing

Michelle Obama's Trip

Of course Obama's wife is angry at him and has gone off on an expensive Spanish vacation. This is her payoff for being a good sport about her husband's gay lifestyle which includes his personal trainer whom Obama refers to as his "body man."

What is likely is Obama deceived Michelle about his lifestyle or at the least minimized it while courting her. After all he would require a wife for his political aspirations. However, if she really fell for guy then she must be pretty disillusioned at this point. So she'll keep quiet alright...but it's going to cost Barrack and the taxpayers a pretty penny.

Isn't this another "compromising position" that leaves the occupant of the White House vulnerable to blackmail? Hasn't it occurred to people that Obama is doing the exact opposite to what he promised the voter two years ago because he has no choice? He looks like a puppet strung up by his personal secret lifestyle and questions of nationality.

If Bush was Emperor Nero fiddling while America burned then Obama would have to be Caligula screwing around with the fellas while America collapses.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Alex Jones

Obama - Half Of Washington Gay

Here is a list of men who allegedly have had sex with Obama:

Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama

Donald Young, TUCC Choir director

Larry Sinclair, gay escort

Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama’s “body man”

Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate

Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader

Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

This is like an open secret in Washington and Chicago. Obama likes the oral received from older white men but he never reciprocates.

Heck check this story out.

Jack Conway - Mud Slinger

The Smear

Here on the video below is a perfect example of how the disgusting main party leadership, in this case the democrats, uses an agent provocateur in the crowd to pose as a Rand Paul supporter. This so called supporter runs around the crowd spewing the most disgusting racist bile with the hopes of tar and feathering the Rand Paul campaign.

But this ancient tactic is getting much more difficult to pull off successfully. This idiot in the video named Tyler Clay Collins is actually a supporter of the Democrat Senate candidate but is pretending to be a crazed Rand Paul supporter. However he is caught later marching with the Democrat showing his support for his paymaster.

Don't you think it is disgusting amigos that this democrat candidate has no ideas so he pays a scumbag like this Collins maggot to engage in this fraudulent behavior? I'd advise everyone in Kentucky to shun an unAmerican like the democrat senate candidate and vote for Rand Paul.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Social Security

The Living Society

I've said it a million times. A society is a living thing. It is a sophisticated bee hive of individuals all working while interacting with one another. In the case of the bees, there is a simple but effective set of bee behaviors that each bee engages in depending on the genetic makeup of the particular bee. Humans however, covet more than just honey for their daily bread. We all require lots of bread in more ways than one. But just for argument's sake let use the bee hive example to experiment with to see the effect.

It's pretty simple in the hive. Make and store as much honey as possible to consume later and grow - separate into new colonies. That's it. This feat is not directed centrally but is done in a decentralized fashion by each bee doing what its DNA calls for. The bee is given certain tools to do jobs and naturally goes about doing that job to advance the interests of the hive. Suppose the Queen Bee, decides she wants to do more than just screwing around all the time. She feels that more resources must go to fight "Al-Bear-Da." So she centrally instructs more of the honey for the use of the bees defending the hive and she holds a lottery. The lottery each day picks the bees who have to go out that particular day and sting somebody or something. Of course bees die after stinging so it's a suicide mission.

At the end of the season the Queen gets the report on the stock of honey. The question is will the stock of honey rise or fall under the Queen's tough defense policy? Since less honey is available than normal for rearing new bees less will survive into adulthood. Also, many bees that would have lived and brought in much more honey than they would have consumed perished in the Al-Bear-da struggle. But alas they gave their lives fighting against Al-Bear-Da and their allies. God Bless the Troops!!! So the population of the hive drops and less honey is produced. To return to full production the Queen only needs to get her fat ass out of the way and just go back to screwing around.

What is true for the bee hive is the same for the human cultures. To return to full production in America the central powers need only get out of the way and let each of us create wealth without restriction, taxation or requirements for documentation from Washington. Congress must get out of the way and just go back to screwing around.