Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Much Ignorance

It is a pity so much exists when the Internet exists. Put a logical mind together with the Internet and you can cut through so much ignorance. Take my wife for example. Yesterday she tried to tell me that thermate is use in welding and that is why it was found all over New York after 9/11. I tried to explain that no - the high explosive thermate is not used in welding, but she insisted it was even though she has never welded. Basically, there are two ways to weld - gas torch and arc welding. Arc welding uses these tips that have an electrical charge run through it making it very hot. But my college educated wife still thinks they use high explosives to weld. It's easy to verify. Just go to any welding supply outlet and try to buy some thermate for welding. It doesn't exist. It is not used in welding - period end of case. But my wife will never know as she won't look like so many others who are content to believe the TV.

Next a friend tells me that jet fuel can melt steel. But steel does not begin to melt until around 2500 degrees. I tried to explain that jet fuel was merely kerosene treated with some minor additives for cold weather burning but to no avail. My friend could have gone here to discover that this is a fact. But that is unlikely as this would prove me correct about too many unpleasant things. My friend could have seen on this page that jet fuel clearly burns at only 549.5 °F - almost 2000 °F cooler than steel requires to even begin to get soft. Common sense dictates that steel jet engines would melt if jet fuel could melt steel. Then my friend suggested that the steel in building columns were made of some flimsy steel that would melt at 549.5 °F. My friend said the steel beams in the World Trade Center buildings were not three feet thick as I had witnessed. So what if they were only one foot thick. That is still much thicker than jet engine steel. Yet jet engines operate for thousands of hours burning jet fuel and never melt. All the steel frame buildings in the world that have ever caught fire are still standing today except for three - the two World Trade Center Towers and the CIA building number 7 that also was imploded on 9/11.

You see amigos, I seek the truth no matter where it leads. The truth is I'll give any of you $1000 if you can come over with some jet fuel and melt ANY type of steel with it. Go ahead and give it a try. I could safely offer any amount of prize money and never be out a dime. Get some kerosene and get it as hot as you like but you'll never melt steel with it and my money will always remain safely tucked away in my wallet. But most of you will never do that and just assume Tomas is crazy. Just like I was crazy about the economy back in 2007 when I warned you that this bad economy was heading our way. But the same guys who say jet fuel melts building steel but not jet engines assured you the economy was fine. least they are not saying the economy is fine any longer.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tim Geithner - Tax Evader


An Obama, Castro initiative will signal desperation on both sides. Any policy change will be cosmetic. Each side in reality is looking for some way to remain in control despite austere times brought on by their incompetent social/economic policy. Each of our rulers push their failed policy but they might as well be pushing on a string. They have run up against the information age where anyone can wise up as soon as they lose total confidence in the big corporate media and the candidates they promote. Cubans in Cuba are way ahead of Americans in this respect because they know Castro media is crap. Humans disillusioned always search for the next most logical answer to explain the big media whoppers that become more apparent everyday. The truth is hidden in plain sight on the Internet and this scares the bejesus out of the tyrants. Everyday people are enlightening themselves and asking more questions like why can't the Treasury Secretary nominee pay his taxes?

For me it was simple to lose all respect for big corporate media and the top people I suspect of high crimes and treason. It was when the Bush administration over this big media asserted that jet fuel melts steel. But this was so stupid as jet engines are made of steel. So jet fuel can melt steel beams three feet thick in buildings but evidently not in thin jet engines. It is a testament to the level of ignorance in the American public that this boldface lie could be digested so easily. Now, however, as the economy slides ever deeper into depression people are beginning to ask unpleasant questions. In times like these gangs form alliances to save their butts. So look for Obama to meet Castro...probably Raul.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

"This Is War"