Saturday, April 02, 2011

Empire Fishing

The important things happening in the world today rely on widespread ignorance. Take the Libyan war for example. Russia and China abstained permitting the U.N. intervention, meaning the western oligarchy that owns us, could begin the fighting. Now Russia and China are sure to aid Muammar even though that possibility never crossed the average American mind.

It's a tactic. Suck your enemy into quagmires. Give aid to their opponents. This is the main trouble with being ruled by an oligarchy. The truth be told every one of us on earth is rule by one oligarchy or another. The above big three just mentioned are no exception. Sadly though, it just happens that the western ruling oligarchy of former royalty and banking scum just happens to be inbred criminally insane blood thirsty killers. They realize the past few hundred years of their expansion and domination must come to an end as a result of the Internet. So before that can happen they will go for broke. What does this mean?

The answer is total war. As Russia and China see to it that this next phase of the Libyan War goes badly, the western oligarchy will cry foul with the networks. This could lead to eventual direct conflict between these three oligarchies resulting in mass death and destruction. Well, not so much for the oligarchy leaders and their chosen survivors. But for us especially living in the west - we're all sitting ducks. The western oligarchy upper crusts have great bomb shelters with years of supplies and they are not afraid to use them. Their alternative is to continue to allow more people around the world to find out about the crimes against humanity that these elites have committed. Just the fiat money scam, once understood by the public at large, is likely to at least cause these former stealth kings to lose everything they had and at worst their freedom and their life.

If everyone realized these facts who in their right mind would permit this nonsense to continue? We the people of the planet would quit submitting ourselves as pawns to these oligarchies always fighting against one another with our blood. The future is even worse this time. This time the western oligarchy wishes to cause a huge die off including most of their slaves in North America, Europe and of course Japan. Japan is especially troublesome for the western oligarchy that has controlled the island apparently now to the point where the top half will be radioactive for the foreseeable future. Japan, America fighting a losing Libyan war and other unknowns may derail the plans of the western oligarchy and their murderous schemes. Those unknowns may now be our only hope.

Friday, April 01, 2011

My Message From The Chesapeake

How stupid are we? Let me give you an example.

To the south 30 miles away from my location, which is just 20 miles due east of Washington, DC, is located the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear power plant. To the north there's another near Baltimore. We are risking our necks here with these radioactive devices that can destroy our homes forever if somethings goes wrong.

At the same time we here on the Chesapeake Bay, besides living with the most beautiful natural estuary, are sitting atop one of the biggest natural gas reserves on the planet. It would seem to me that this natural gas should be tapped and used to generate electricity and auto fuel so that the nuclear plants could be shut down at the earliest possible date.

First everyone must be realistic. Humans exists, have fuel and power needs and if they are not available or brutally high in cost then people revolt. So as for global warming it doesn't get much hotter than during world wars. That isn't good for anyone. Wouldn't switching to a plentiful cleaner burning fuel available now be a better idea? This would create thousands of jobs tapping the Bay's reserves which could be done in an environmentally sound manner. Even the same power companies now providing nuclear power generated electricity could rapidly convert to natural gas generated electric power. That's even more jobs created. Natural gas refueling stations could replace much of the region's imported oil currently necessary to power are cars. These natural gas refueling stations might be coupled with battery swap refueling stations for purely electric cars should a domestic universal standard be developed.

But my fellow Maryland citizens and those of Virginia, here is why it ain't going to happen. Our federal government is totally controlled by foreign oil and their bankster buddies who make a gillion everyday running this Machiavellian scheme on the world. We must import all of our oil or risk our lives with nuclear power while sitting on a huge domestically available viable alternative. It is nonsense foisted upon idiots of the television world. There is so much natural gas you can see it bubbling up from the bottom of the Bay constantly. Why not capture some of it, power the regional needs of the people, for the people, by the people and end reliance on foreign power?

There are even more examples how Americans could stop acting like entranced domestic idiots of the television universe and work with the other people of the world to make it a better place. Take the situation in Japan. They now have tremendous unmet power needs and this means all of the things they use to produce for us for crisp American Federal Reserve notes aren't being created. That's nuts! We need to start loading up huge container ships of coal for Japan to use for electricity generation right now. This is another win win situation for both the Japanese and American people. By eliminating the bankster gangs and trading directly we get sweet Japanese electronics and autos while they get cheap coal power generation that will not make half of Japan unlivable and the other half questionable.

Sadly, we all live in a bankster owned world, forced to rent their phony money to buy foreign oil they also own. This fake television world is guarded by the mental concentration camp guards of the left and right such as Glenn Beck and Ed Shultz. Their paymasters are the same globalist families that funded Hitler, Lenin and backed both sides of the world wars. They are behind this next world war and are not fearful since they have great bomb shelters and years of supplies. It will be worth it to these elites to make this sacrifice of living underground for a couple years while the majority of the rest of us are extinguished. They see us all as profane disgusting subhuman creatures which the world should be rid of.

This is exactly what is about to happen unless you shut the damn TV off! Mental concentration camp guards lose all their control when this occurs. When enough of us escape we will arrest these evil families in control for so long and force THEM to pay for THEIR crimes. I know the Japanese people are with us in this revolt against the banksters. Same for the Icelandic people. In the whole, thus far the rest of the people are chumps of the bankster's mental concentration camps just waiting in line for their poison gas showers.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Government Of Assassins

How do you tolerate this America?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs Congress

What a waste of time, money and valuable Real Estate the Congress is today. They serve absolutely NO purpose and I'm tired of their monkey show on the Hill.

Obama can arrest you without a warrant and imprison you, FOREVER. Obama can torture you with cruel and unusual punishments. Obama can have his agents grope your genitals, secretly examine any aspect of your life and even watch and listen to you having relations with your spouse. Obama can deploy thousands of military troops, invade another countries and drop tons of bombs murdering innocent people, provided Obama refrains from referring to this as a war. Obama decided that only in Obama designated free speech zones will free speech be tolerated by Obama. Really, Obama can do just about any damn thing that pleases Obama as long as Obama feels Obama is doing these things for the good of the country even if the opposite appears to be the case.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that a Congress that is doing their Constitutional duty would be a valuable asset despite the expense. Sadly, our current limp leaders waste billions putting on their faux democracy show then jetting around here and there on the taxpayer's dime. But Americans appear in the majority to be stupid enough to believe the fuhrer, royalty model of government is what's best for them. So why waste limited tax revenue with a fake Congress just to give Obama political cover?

Sadly, Congress won't resign as they need the work and most are unqualified for any meaningful productive employment. Also Obama will not use his power to abolish Congress because they deflect criticism away from Obama's policies and give the allusion of a Constitution republic. Finally, most American would be oblivious either way.

Of course, in every case historically right up to the Adolph days of the 1930's, maximum rulers are jealous, petty and fearful of the people. Therefore millions of the people must be murdered to prevent the worse of all outcomes, at least in the eyes of these rulers. That's a world without these "dear leaders" running our lives for us for their fun and profit.