Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're Under Attack

You silly people who feel mankind has reached a level of sophistication and eloquence whereby every human can sit safely in their homes free from all dangers. In reality we have always been under attack. Most only understand the old ways of attacking a nation. Everybody understands the concept of being militarily overrun or being carpet bombed. When people immediately begin dieing from drinking the water we know our reservoirs have been poisoned by the enemy.

Forget about those attack strategies. America has them covered militarily speaking. We are being attacked nonetheless and on multiple fronts. We are under an economic assault by foreign bankers working in league with traitors to the republic. That attack was launched in 1913 with the creation of the private foreign owned Federal Reserve Board as well as legalizing income taxation to force Americans to pay rent for their money to these bankers. Since that time these invaders have launched many waves of attacks using expansion and contraction of the money supply to force booms and busts known as recessions and depressions after prosperous expansions.

In addition our water supply has been poisoned. However, the attackers were wise enough to not us toxins that kill us right away or people would wise up and refuse to drink it. Instead the attackers use fluoride to soft kill and damage our mental faculties to fog our thinking.

The food has been tampered with as well using chemical treatments right down to the modification of the genes of the plant and animal foods that we consume. These adulterations of our food supply cause life shortening diseases as well as sterility and mental impairment.

Vaccines too are an important weapon in the arsenal of our attackers. Vaccination per se is a good concept that has saved countless millions from scourges like small pox. However the attackers control the production and distribution of the nation's supply of vaccines. So they add toxins designed to kill us after several decades of useful work for the bankers. In addition some have a sterilizing capacity.

Medicines in general are used by the attackers to disrupt our normal way of life. Like the above modes of attack, medicines can be used to soft kill us after 20 or 30 years as well as impair our cognitive skills rendering us easy victims for our attackers.

Making all of these avenues of attack possible is of course the networks which are totally owned and controlled by the invaders. By totally controlling information the media has made possible this thus far successful attack on our republic. The invaders are poised to use our own police and military against us in a final assault now and the mainstream media will be cheer leading the round up.

On the positive side the agenda of the attackers is well publicized by them if you know where and how to read or look and listen. They wish to rule the world but not one filled with morons and riff raff. So if you are like me possessing enough intellect and luck to become educated and enlightened despite the mal-education also controlled by the foreign attackers then you can mitigate the various assaults by these wannabe earth emperors. These cats like Rockefeller and Rothschild are really big into eugenics. They figure all they have to do is bump off 4/5 of the population that they deem too stupid to live then run the world using systems which they've designed and control. They are also genetically castrating the ability of many to reproduce as well. Once their plan has been implemented totally it's felt that peace and harmony will prevail.

This of course is nonsense. Even if successful it will not be long before infighting amongst the leadership of our attackers sinks the world back into war and darkness. Plus there are too many variable for my tastes to carry out a successful attack such as this one currently underway. For example, if the majority of Americans somehow suddenly understood these 21st Century attack methods being deployed against us then our attackers would be instantly routed from the battlefield. The traitors who laid with the attackers would be arrested then receive the justice long overdue to them. So I still don't believe the attack will work. But that doesn't mean the attackers can't kill and maim a bunch of you before failing.