Friday, February 27, 2009

Toxic Asset?

It's incredible the newspeak that government and big media rolls past the American public with impunity. How can an asset be toxic? Wouldn't anything toxic really be a liability? Honestly folks wake up! The shills and statisticians (but forgive me for being redundant) can lie right in your face and you don't even blink?

I can't wait to hear the next one they'll whip up to run up your flagpole. Perhaps "romantic rapist" or the "honest thief."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Currency Crack

That's what Federal Reserve Notes are - currency crack. The more you get the more you need just to get the same old buzz you use to get...

Obama's Sneaky Budget

Here's the plan. Raise taxes on the rich making over $200k or so which excludes most folks now. Then re-inflate or increase the number of fed notes by the trillions - like they are doing now. More notes means the value of these notes decreases proportionally to the increased in the notes circulation. So prices rise to reflect the decline in the value of the fed notes. Then finally workers demand more wages so they can buy the same amount of consumables they used to be able to buy with less fiat script. However, the wage increases that catch up to price increases put you middle class Americans technically into the rich class.

So we free range slaves are always on the fiat money treadmill straining to keep from going under. The vipers who run this scheme should be ashamed of their behavior and righteously damned by history.

The Dollar

Some politicos are starting to worry about inflation and the value of the dollar. But that is silly nonsense. The dollar was eliminated 96 years ago and replaced with the Federal Reserve note. Americans never bothered about the value of the good old dollar since it was based on gold and silver as called for in the U.S. Constitution. That meant that the only way you could legally make more dollars was to earn more gold. But the Federal Reserve note? No.

So stop thinking of the note as a dollar. In reality, it is a "labor value/consumer value credit." These credits represent the value of our labor and also what can be purchased by these credits. The more credit you earn the more consumer products you can purchase. However, since the private international central bankers can increase or decrease the number of these credits at their discretion, the value of the credits that labor earns also increases and decreases with the surge or drop in the supply of these credits that hopefully you are no longer referring to as "dollars." The dollar has been outlawed since 1913 remember? Also complicating matters are drops in the money supply caused by events the central bankers never knew could happen. The price shock we have just been through the past couple years has destroyed the weakest among us in business along with the little guys. But the government tries in vain to save the weak businesses and all the while pretending that they will help the average guy. Apparently these vipers will use the monetary crisis that their scheme caused as the excuse to nationalize health care. At the end of that road lies your bio-chip implanted in your hide before you can get your "free" health care.

But one trouble for these snakes in the grass is, like the child who saw the emperor was naked, I see things very simply. What your owners try to hide with confusing words cloaked in complicated expressions, I see clear as glass. Unfortunately for the banksters, I have a knack for cutting through their bull with a simple explanation about their free range slave operations that all but the faintest of dimwits can easily understand. This worries our rulers greatly so they send their shills here to try to throw you off their track. But the more the shill protests the more he makes my point. Still these scumbags dare not call attention to me in any way by, for example, bumping me off. That might cause millions of people to check out this blog just out of curiosity. This blog is an information time bomb just waiting to go off if our rulers mess with it. So they send in their shills out of desperation but hope I will just go away.

I won't but I will make a deal. Just relegalize the good old greenback backed by gold and silver. Then I'll be too busy making money to bother with you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bankster Enabler Barney Frank

Ending The Gold Standard

That is what Fed Chairman Helicopter Ben claimed was one of the maneuvers that ended the Great depression. Well if you believe that it was outlawing gold after twelve years of a Great Depression that ended our last bankster caused collapse - then I have an amazing cure for the common cold just for you. Send me $10 and I'll give you my cure that is guaranteed to get you back on your feet in about 2 or 3 weeks.

What ended the Great Depression was 12 years of failed pricing manipulation followed by what has to happen to end the current depression. Everything has to be repriced to take into account the decline in the supply of money. But first enormous numbers of companies have to go bankrupt because they were caught paying high production/manufacturing costs inflated by the huge quantity of Federal Reserve money circulating in the last few years. Then they were stuck with these now over priced goods as the money supply dropped off a cliff last year. If the government would just let things happen naturally with the economy then in a year or so prices would stabilize. But they are desperately trying to re-inflate the money supply anyway they can before enough of you figure out was has really happened. They will fail dramatically.

Forget about ending the gold standard to end this depression. The gold standard was eliminated decades ago and will not suffice as a scapegoat this go around. What will return the economy to fiscal health is a return TO the Gold standard. Also, Congress should adopt a truth standard because every time their lips part lies spew forth.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sarah Palin

Don't Bank On It

All this talk about nationalization of banks is really a massage to sooth the herd and keep it from stampeding for the exits. The reality is that is going to happen anyway and the government doesn't have enough cash to deal with the problem it created either way. We may be days away from the stampede and after that things could get ugly. But that depends on you all. If you choose to get violent then these Capone's in government will give you the St. Valentines Day treatment. So concentrate on survival and replace every one of these politicos at the very next opportunity. They are either ignorant of the problem or complicit. Why would you Americans tolerate such nonsense from your "representatives?"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Destructive Taxation

An economy is a complex organism. One common cancer on the economy has always been taxation. The trouble with taxation is it begins small in all societies out of the need for security. Then it grows to proportions that make the amount of the tax the greatest of security threats.

Now is a good time to take stock in how we do things since the whole old system is about to collapse. Rather than get violent get wise. Tax should be use to slow the bad but never to reduce the good. It kills the goose that lays the golden egg. So human labor should never be taxed nor the marketplace. Investments should not be taxed and forget about taxing human staples. Taxation reduces these things that we need. Isn't it stupid to tax houses at all if there is even one homeless person on the streets?

But tobacco, booze and drug? Prostitution? Gambling and mineral depletion? How about land location value? Sure, taxing land location value rather than houses and labor would eliminate urban land hording and speculator profits. But couldn't we live with that? Certainly all but the most powerful at the top today would do fine under such a system. All urban land would be taxed into productive use creating more jobs than there are workers to fill them.This will cause wages and benefits to rise while driving real economic growth.

The problem? It's the cancer on our nation that I just warned about. The banksters depend heavily on the current labor funded society. The land location value funded society would force banks to earn an honest living but in the long run make them and everybody much better off. Read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George and you will see what I mean.