Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Media Fear The Mob

All the big media mouthpieces should be made to feel uneasy everytime they show their face in public and I don't mean just while they are working. The Solidad Obrien's, Ed Shultz's and Anderson Cooper's should be booed and condemned when ever they show their faces in public.

They must be made to feel like the traitors that they are. They should never be allowed to broadcast in public without being shouted down. I began doing this back in the middle 1980's and it worked great. They tried to broadcast at Maryland University once but every time they turned on the camera I shouted, "Turn that lying machine off!"

They were unable to get footage and had to broadcast from the studio. I felt great!

MSNBC A-Hole Mr. Ed

Below you can read the letter I emailed to Ed Schultz after he slammed Ron Paul for saying we should obey the Constitution and cut out nonsense like the Agriculture Department. The idiot suggested that if not for this lame agency it would be impossible to grow food. He is a fear monger playing on the ignorance of the majority of Americans. My letter may seem a bit more harsh than my normal cheerful self but I love my country and I have complete confidence in the last American leader to still be in office - Ron Paul. You do anything to disparage either or to harm my countrymen, for money like this dick head has done and you get both barrels. He is a shill, a deceiver, a manipulator. He, his General Electric network and the others are propaganda purveyors. Everything they air is meant to direct you to your final destination - total slavery.

I might add that I will never again buy anything made by G.E. and I will plead with anyone reading this to join my boycott of this war mongering corporation and crush them economically. Please do not let them manipulate you amigos.

Here's my letter:

Hello Mr. Ed.

You talk about as sensable as the original Mr. Ed. Where's Wilber? You are a foolish collectivist while Ron Paul is a real American. If I were in charge I'd cut way more than Dr. Paul. Your collectivist network will soon be on its last legs fortunately and you unemployed! You are manipulators and deceivers. I bet you think jet fuel can melt steel in buildings but not in jet engines. You are either a dupe or a shill. You decide.

You Mr. Ed are disgusting unAmerican scum and a traitor to your nation and your countrymen. I only tuned you in briefly because I heard Ron Paul would be on. Normally I never watch you or any of the big bankster networks because you are all truth challenged. Did you know the bigger the Agriculture Department has gotten the fewer the number of farmers? But I'm sure you have stock in ADM so you're not worried. You are one of many who are responsible for the demise of our once great country. You should have no greater responsibility than fast food preparation.

May you get the swine flu that your masters have recently released and lets hope for the good of the nation that it is fatal. I'll say a prayer tonight asking God to send it your way. If you get it you'll know who put in the order to the higher power. But in the mean time I'll be drawing your picture and I assure you that you will be saying something appropriately stupid to equal your slack jawed thinking. Look here to see who's company you will be in:

I will draw you particularly ugly to reflex your ignorance. Maybe we'll put you on a t-shirt to hand out at the next tea party.

For liberty

Tomas Estrada-Palma

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Most Profound Remark

Gosh, I wish I was paying attention to what the name of the guest who was on CNBC today from Las Vegas. The other guest, this bald headed black shill from the Obamaoist administration looked stupid as a rock debating him. However, the Las Vegas Libertarian summed it up stunning the Obamaoist into dumbfounded silence.

The gentleman said, "Only Washington, DC is currently not in recession. Do you know why? It's because the drunks in Vegas gamble with their own money while the drunks in Washington use the taxpayer's money."

This is the reason collectivist liars, thieves and scoundrels just hate debating Libertarians. We keep letting those fact thingies get in the way of their pipe dreams.

Demise Of The Newspaper Business

I have to tell you, amigos. Reading a newspaper for me use to be as vital to begin my day as enjoying it with my coffee and cigarettes. Oh yeah baby! I slip back in time even now and remember how wonderful it was to go through these rituals every morning.

Naturally, the older I got it became necessary to quit cigarettes for health purposes. So let me advise the youth reading this that worrying over your health about smoking probably is more dangerous to your health than actually smoking - provided you quit smoking at around age 30 and don't have other medical issues that would be complicated by smoking.

As for coffee I've become a hardcore addict. I went from drinking that mud instant coffee to java heroin...espresso. However I keep it to 2 or 3 daily demitasses.

And then there is the newspaper. Naturally it can never compete cost-wise with the Internet. Printing on paper is expensive. Plus the amount of information available over the Internet is a billion times greater than in the thickest of national newspapers. No, certainly printed newspapers as we have come to know them are as dead as the dinosaurs I'm afraid. The biggest trouble they face is the newspapers are attempting to sell information the people don't care to read about or information that is outright lies for the purpose of manipulating public perceptions. Newspapers have stopped providing the whole truth while they search for reasons for declining subscription rates. They have failed to notice that the readers can get anything they want for free over the Internet including the truth.

However, don't underestimate the joy of reading a properly constructed newspaper. Sometime in the near future the technology will advance to permit very cheap electronic papers to be created. Here's why. Using a laptop to access information is a pain in the ass in many locations during your day. Sitting in your bathroom for instance - a natural location for reading newspapers - will burn your legs with a laptop sitting on them and you risk dropping your expensive toy on the floor during the process. On the plane, bus, train and metro it is also inconvient. Soon, a one page tablet will be made for around $10 bucks that you can hang in the bathroom. To get a subscription to the paper you would need to buy the tablet and that's it. You could take it with you on the subway. It would be lightweight and collapsable to a convient size for stowing away. It would be thin and could be rolled up like the old parchments after the town crier yelled his hear ye hear ye's. If you lost it replacing it would be cheap. It would be very cool except for one thing.

It's that truth thing. It's that thing about journalistic credibility. I figure if a regular person like Tomas can sort out what really happened on 9/11 and not even one newspaper has done so yet - then what's in it for Tomas to read your stories? It worries me. Everything the government has asserted thus far is easily disprovable and in many cases with undeniable scientific fact and the laws of physics. Do newspaper editors really believe kerosene can melt steel - in buildings but not jet engines? It's easy to establish the facts...sadly over the Internet and not from newspaper investigative journalism. It makes every newspaper writer in the nation appear either ignorant or worse complicit.

However, one of the national newspapers is going to start doing their jobs soon to save themselves. Too many have already gone down. This newspaper will be in a great position for the new technology and have the credibility to back it up too. For those who wait they will be doomed to the dust bin of history.

Why Torture Innocent Arabs?

First of all let me remind every one of you so called Americans including the unAmerican fascist scum who committed these atrocities, that every one of the Arabs tortured by our rulers is still innocent of all crimes. You see the way the American system of justice works is all accused individuals for any alleged crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Next I've heard some of our political royalty in the Congress and the U.S. Senate assert that smothering innocent Arabs by water boarding is not even torture. Well then you sniveling cowards - prove it! Any of you politico princes should immediately present yourself to be water boarded 83 times. Until you do so you cannot say this is not torture and retain any credibility.

This sort of thing occurred half a century ago but to the Jews. Just being a Jew was a crime. Today if you are Muslim you are immediately suspected of crimes. You are rounded up just like the Jews were, sent to secret camps where you were tortured then killed. No trial was ever part of the process. That's because if you try someone for crimes you must provide evidence in a court of law. However, the royalty responsible for ruining our economy cannot risk a trial because it would easily prove these Arabs innocent while proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that our royalty are the real killers of 9/11.

You heard me assert on numerous occasions that Bush, Chaney and the cabal of their foreign backed banker gang of killers are the real murderers of 9/11. You've heard me say that the bastard Larry Silverstein who owns the World Trade Center complex is also a murderer. Them's fighting words I know. I think they should defend themselves in Court for me saying such things if they were not true and sue me for damages. However, like their torture of innocent Arabs, these snakes in the grass have no interest in going to Court because it would prove me absolutely correct. So I will continue to refer to them as murdering, unAmerican scum of the earth worthy of the hangman's noose for their crimes. However, even these pitiful excuses for Americans should be given a fair trial.

Finally, why bring this up now? It is because of that son of a bitch Dick Chaney appearing on TV opening his lying pie hole! In fact every time you open your lying, disgusting face it reminds me of your crimes and I feel I must respond to you dispicable behavior. So, if you don't like what I write about Dick - slither away and shut up!!! The Dick has the majority of you duped Americans fooled still. But not me Dick! GO TO HELL!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Super Cave Arab

If George Bush and Dick Chaney are correct about those super cave Arabs then we might as well just give up right now. Here is only a few of the amazing feats alleged to have been done by those super Arabs according to Dickie and Georgie:

1. Though no one has explained how these sneaky Arabs managed to cause the entire U.S. military defense to shut down for two hours during the 9/11 attack they did just that and even cause many military jets to scramble away from the attack areas.

2. Even though this occurred the Super Arabs caused not even one military official to be fired or even reprimanded. In fact many were honored and/or promoted.

3. While we have just witnessed a report on a crash about a commercial airliner flown by a pilot with several thousand flight hours of training, those super cave Arabs are so smart that they can take flight lesson for only two weeks in piper cubs yet thereafter can fly jumbo airliners pushing the limits of the planes aeronautics, according to their recorded flight patterns, in such a manner that it could only be done by a seasoned flying ace or by the on-board flight computer being piloted remotely from the ground somewhere.

4. Those dastardly cave Arabs somehow either raised the burning temperature of jet fuel by 1000 degrees or they cleverly lowered the melting point of harden steel beams in the Twin Towers by a thousand degrees causing them to collapse from the fire. And this would not be the only law of physics those Arabs changed on 9/11

5. They also caused those buildings to fall at close to the speed of a gravity free fall even though the buildings were crashing through themselves meeting resistance all the way down to the ground.

6. Though no steel framed building has ever been brought down by fire before or since this attack, those super cave Arabs caused both Twin Towers and C.I.A. Building Number Seven to fall to the ground landing on their own footprint on 9/11. All previous steel frame building collapses not brought down by earthquake were demolished by carefully placed explosives put there by experts.

7. Flight 93 was driven to the ground by desperate super cave Arabs supposedly being attacked by revolting passengers yet they caused a ten mile debris field over Pennsylvania as if they were actually shot down.

8. Even the I.D.s of the super cave Arabs was super. One of the alleged terrorist's cards was found in pristine condition at ground zero amongst the carnage.

9. Even though there was no television coverage of the planes hitting the towers while Bush was reading to the children that morning, the super cave Arabs made Bush, according to George himself, see one of the plane hitting the tower on TV at the school.

10. The super cave Arabs somehow caused all of the big mainstream media outlets to totally black out all of these alleged facts.

These are just some of the amazing things those super cave Arabs accomplished from Afghanistan that morning.

Yes they are truly unbelievable.

You Have Been Conquered

Most of you formerly free Americans have no clue that you have been conquered. This was not done by foreign armies invading our land. That would have been impossible and deadly for those who might try.

Instead, the foreign bankers who backed Hitler, the Kaiser before him as well as the allies, Castro, Mao, Stalin and many others used their money to buy the media. Once these evil conquering vipers accomplished this feat the rest has been relatively simple.

Why? That's because the reality of our "modern" political system is the big corporate media nominates our leaders for us. It was this way with radio followed by TV. Americans don't have a clue whom to vote for because 21st Century citizens have no guiding morals. How could they have morals or principles when the same snakes that have vanquished us also took over education? So instead the poor duped souls depend on their personal favorite left/right media outlets because they mistakenly believe that these liars are independent. They are not. They are the fourth branch of government.

Therefore, today we have a Kenyan born president who must do everything the foreign bankers demand or that little secret will leak out. We also have a Congress, as Dick Durban admitted in a rare moment of candor recently, that is completely owned by the bankers.

The final nail driven into the American coffin was once the foreign bankers gained control of our federal security apparatus followed by control of a good deal of our top military leadership. How much of the top military command has been compromised I cannot say. It can't be total control of the top military leadership however because if that were true I would already be spending my last days in the death work camps and Flight 93 would not have been shot down over Pennsylvania. Controlling the media, military and federal security personnel made it very easy for the bankers to attack us on 9/11 then blame it on super cave Arabs in Afghanistan.

So we are in a race against time - both the formerly free American public and the vipers who want to finish the job on us. The task for these foreign bankers is to eliminate people like me, the top military who are not part of their conquest and also the state governments that are still relatively free of foreign banker corruption. As for the growing minority of Americans like me who will never shut up about this thus far successful conquest of America, we will keep sounding the warning whether you listen or not. All of our futures depend on it.

You see the bad news is we have been conquered by the international bankers - mostly from England and Europe. The good news is we can defeat this attack and regain our sovereignty as soon as the rest of you wise up.

Until then you lefty/righty faux fighters can argue whether torture was effective or even if it ever happened at all. But the real question should be, why were we attacked by our own government on 9/11?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

$1,000 Reward Unclaimed

Why haven't even one of you smart asses who believes everything the federal government asserts claimed your $1,000 prize? I'll make the offer again in case you did not hear me the first time.

I will give anyone $1,000 if they can melt any kind of steel using jet fuel, which of course is simply kerosene with chemicals that keep it from freezing in the cold upper atmosphere. Around the corner at my local gas station kerosene sells for two and a half bucks a gallon. Steel you can find laying around everywhere. Light that kerosene over the steel, blow on it or do anything you like but I say no way in hell it will melt or even soften that steel. Why is this vitally important?

The reason this is a vital question is the foreign occupiers of Washington, DC want you to occupy your limited thinking time pondering whether or not torture was meted out to Muslim radicals. But as bad as that is it is jaywalking compared to the murder of 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11. I say the unAmerican scum who claim jet fuel can melt steel in the twin towers and CIA building number seven are murderers. Those conspirators go right to the top of the heap of occupiers.

So I say that son of a bitch George Bush and that miserable dog Dick Chaney are murders. They must be tried for murder and treason. I am 100% confident when this is done finally, these snakes and many others will be found guilty. A guilty verdict should bring but one penalty - to be hung by the neck until the life of these traitors has been snuffed out. Following this, every penny these scum bags have amassed must be taken from them and their families to be given to the families of the victims these filthy bastards murdered.

Prove me wrong. Please! I wish I were wrong. Couldn't you use $1,000 in this economy? I've put my money where my mouth is. Why don't you skeptics do likewise.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bush, Clinton, Bush - Traitors!

The secret Pakistani accounts of these scum for presidents is leaking out. It demonstrates that these unAmerican dogs knew all about 9/11 before it happened and that they actually profited from the death of 3000 innocent Americans.

Read this if you can stomach it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Single Payer Health Care

Single payer health care - are you crazy? Imagine your vital medical care service provided by the same management that has a legal monopoly over your first class mail - the post office. These same scoundrels are already stealing over half of the fruits of our labor diminishing our ability to pay for our own health care. On top of that they offer universal care as it is now for the poor, old and veteran medical patients but they only pay for a drastically pitiful percentage of the bill. Therefore, doctors are forced to charge the rest of us more to make up the difference.

Therein lies the trouble amigos. Just because an individual fails to understand the dynamics of economics does not give them immunity to the outcome of economic law. That law as certain as the law of gravity or the melting point of steel dictates that once the government "controls" health care the costs will soar, the quality will decline drastically resulting in the service being rationed.

But that's all economic theory causing most of you to begin getting a glaze covering your eyes right about now. So let's look at some real examples of what violating economic law results in. My wife's step grandfather under the UK's National Health was told his detached retina was not detached enough and to return when it was a bit more torn. Deni's former boss had her mother given pain killers, put on the waiting list then sent home with a bad gall bladder. In fact, the health care that is only free to non workers, is a two tier system. The workers are given priority, cured and sent back out to earn more tax revenue. The old and other non workers are put on the list waiting for operations and medical maintenance where most will die before getting near a doctor.

Finally, the above reality is not the most frightening aspect of National Health or Single Payer or whatever cutesy name you want you hang on it. This scheme is what will be used to brand your grand kids so they may be controlled easily in the herd in the future. They will need the RFD bio-chip implanted in their backside to quality for health care - to keep costs down of course. Thereafter they will be walking around emitting a signal from their chip telling their life story. Orwell could never have the imagination necessary to foresee such a fate for your children, their children and beyond.

Those who call for this even out of selfish ignorance should be ashamed of themselves but probably will not be so. You are demanding the last tools our owners require to enslave your offspring and mine. You deserve the coming medical mistreatment for your sins driven by that ignorance.

However, our offspring don't deserve this betrayal. If there was any justice then anyone advocating this vital cog in our ruler's free range slave operation should get a tumor. Is there anyone out there in this universe listening who might rid me of these ignorant rabble who would without thinking send my grand children and theirs into slavery?