Saturday, July 05, 2008

McCain/Obama Economy

Gravity Of The Situation

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ron Paul Explains Economic Collapse

So many Americans are dumb as rocks. You want to blame your economic woes on oil companies and Arabs and now Iranians. If only your fancy degrees and diplomas gave you more than the second grade education that you wound up with you'd see who the real culprits are - the Federal Reserve. You would realize that money is not actual wealth but is in fact a symbol of wealth. So printing up extra wealth symbols does not actually create new wealth but instead allows the banker class to redistribute the wealth that we already have to benefit their interests - not ours.

Pity you second graders never learned the history of the Federal Reserve and what it was supposed to do. These private bankers are meant to keep prices stable and to eliminate recessions and depressions if you can believe that! They have obviously failed but you Americans who will go to your graves still only possessing that initial primary school "education" won't have a clue about that will you?

Still...there might be several of you who do want to know what the hell is going on in your world. So I'll post this video of Ron Earnest Paul explaining to you who will listen, one more time, why your future looks very bleak. We are not causing the bad news. We are explaining why it is happening to you. The silver lining is, if we can wise up enough of you Americans to break through that second grade barrier, we can fix this mess rather quickly. Here is the good doctor:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No News For Tomas

Oh I still put the TV on. But the only "news" I will pay attention to is the weather report or traffic report. As for the rest, I have completely tune them out of my life. The news anchors disgust me. Take Anderson Cooper for example. After his slanted stunt which he called a "debate" last year, I can't even stand to look at his face. I feel the same way about all of the networks...liars all of them.

These news hounds are actually the fourth branch of government smoozing the way for the other three branches. They pretend to inform and care for the viewers. But these maggots are selfish and only care for themselves. Most do not even care about there own family they are so greedy which is why many of their kids turn out to be such terrible human beings. The job of these manipulators is to take thin slices of the world that the rulers want to emphasize and blow them up to the size of the universe. Important information vital to the people is simply not given any airtime therefore it does not exist. It is most ingenious for manipulating millions. Because the masses have been schooled by the idiot box for their entire lives they have lost all ability to reason and analyze for themselves. So people think this is the way things are.

That was then and this is now. I'm telling you all how it's going to be whether you like it or not. When I was a kid there were only three rivers of information -ABC, NBC and CBS. The flow of reality could easily be steered, diverted and harnessed for the motives of the few at the detriment of the unaware many. Even then most never picked up a newspaper except to look at comics or ads. However, up pops the Internet like Toto pulling on the curtain and the networks look like phony wizards trying to work the levers and jerk the curtain closed again. Good luck suckers!

The above theme is growing across the entire planet and the Internet for most folks has barely been around for 10 years though it seems like forever now. So here's a news flash for you big muckity mucks in the network board rooms. The process of your networks' sinking credibility is not an ebb and flow situation. Everyday, thousands of different people realize that your information is unreliable crap! Whenever an individual arrives at this point of understanding they can never go back to letting YOU do their thinking for them. So our numbers increase everyday until at some point your networks will collapse - perhaps during this terrific economy your shilling for the Federal Reserve has helped to create. I say good riddance to you all. Your time on earth, like everything, is coming to an end.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Are These Guys Brain Dead?

Personal Freedoms and the Internet