Friday, April 24, 2009


There is talk of reigning in in the wake of the recent murder related to the site. It complains of the prostitution too.

However, as usual I must explain what is really happening behind the scenes. Craigslist is actually ripping a huge hole in the local, state, federal and big corporate free range slave operation. They are the middlemen and this wonderful site cuts them right out. It is the future and of course the old rulers are "agin it." is helping millions of Americans right now who are struggling while the big government with their partners in crime the big corporates futilely try to think up new ways to squeeze us for labor while putting their "system" back together again. Good luck!

Take it from me, statist dogs of the government and corporatdom. If you are looking for civil war shutting down craigslist would be a good way to go about kicking it off.


Here's the thing, traitors to America. Most people are still not focused in on you yet. Mess with craigslist and that will be the end of that. They'll be on you like stink on a monkey.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Condoleezza Rice

Fortunately for her she didn't torture dogs.
Then she'd of really gotten into trouble!

Stock Manipulation

The White House plunge protection team is manipulating the stock market. They are buying stocks to artificially boost prices. That's because Americans have such a simplistic understanding of economics that as long as the market is not plunging downward they falsely believe that the economy is improving. This in the face of growing unemployment. It is just another game the oligarchy is playing on you.

What's going to happen? Adam Smith wrote that the invisible hand of the marketplace always corrects the price of everything eventually. What the Treasury Department is futilely attempting to do is to re-inflate the stock market bubble. They will fail dramatically and very soon. The bubble is going to pop and the drop will be much more significant than if the government would have just left things alone.

But collectivists can't do that. They feel they are so much smarter than the rest of us that they must act collectively to intervene in everything in our lives including the stock market. Just look at the contempt Geithner's has on his face whenever he is testifying. He is a smug elitist who feels you little people must be manipulated and controlled for your own good - or squashed like bugs if you get in the way.

Still you believe the liars. After the crash perhaps not. So what the traitors to America need is some horrible devastating incident. Then they will let the market collapse and they will say, "look what that horrible incident did to the stock market. The best part for these pretend American leaders is - you will believe them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Representative Jane Harman

She is supposed to be representing Americans but she
has a part time job spying for Israel on the side

Credit Cards

As usual, I must explain to you what is really going on. In this case the question is whether to restrict credit card companies from charging such high interest. In reality this is the first tangible sign of the price then wage controls that politicos always try after they have hyper-inflated the money supply as they are doing now.

I don't think they will try it again with gasoline like back in the 1970 gas-line era spawned by those controls. However, perhaps food because food is a right, remember? Electric and natural gas could be victims if they don't pony up enough campaign bribes. Naturally, the oligarchy will get their managers in Congressmen clothing to pass wage controls down the road.

So prepare yourselves.


Hey amigos. I worry nowadays whenever the U.S. government is conducting exercises to "protect" us. Remember, in the months before 9/11 the federal authorities were drilling repeatedly for a scenario in which airplanes would be hijacked and rammed into buildings. In fact, even on the morning of 9/11 they were drilling for such an event.

As the attack was occurring the top officials ordered the military to stand down because it was only a drill. Yes, those super Arabs from their caves in Afghanistan managed to get the entire U.S. military to stand down for two hours! If that is so we might as well just give up right now.

But that assertion is patently ridiculous! Therefore, I place the chance of being attacked by our real enemy, the rogues within our own national government pretending to protect us, at "Low" currently. However, this coming July with FEMA practicing against us again, I place the chance of another government attack at "Extremely High." This summertime period will coincide with vast social unrest cause by the central banker's destruction of the economy.

So take appropriate precautions amigos.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still Being Gamed

Hey amigos! Why not let this week begin your life not being gamed by the big media. They are not informing you. They are gaming you. Go ahead and watch your shows. I really like "My Name Is Earl."

But never depend on TV for information and analysis. They will only show you the pieces of the world they want you to see and only discuss the answers to the questions that they wish to ask.

You better get your information over the Internet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Start the week out, amigos, with some real news.

Here the future was seen decades ago as well as the solution to returning America to greatness: