Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Hogwash Report - Gas & Food Price Increases

Friday, January 14, 2011

Alex Jones

Media Credibility Deficit Syndrome

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Hook In The Nose

I've always hated to be predictable in any way. Being predictable allows one to be fooled by those with evil intent.

That is why I'm not one to get into silly national squabbles about boogie men on the left and the right. Even the notion of left and right is ridiculous. It is based on being forced into one emotional group or the other if one is political at all. The force is exerted through television screens presenting images in such a way as to create these political poles of opposition. For example my brother watches FOX and my sister MSNBC. When they get together the jargon they deploy against the others political ideology is right out of the tube giving answers to the wrong questions. When I give my two cents coming from the television blacked out libertarian perspective the two of them often gaze at me as if I'm from outer space. Why is this so?

The fact is my relatives get all their news from the television set. The fact is all the picture and sound shown and not shown on television is controlled by six corporations who are closely affiliated. My siblings apparently have never use the enormous wealth of information available on the Internet for anything more than shopping convenience or silly Facebook games. In effect they have been very predictable then manipulated right into the two camps of political ignorance occupied by most people today. Humans have not yet learned how they have been mass manipulated for the past half century by television. So they continue to battle each others two chosen straw men rather than looking into what is really happening in the world today. With television the producers pick a tiny slice of the world and blow it up to the size of the universe 24 hours a day until the next chosen story.

Well Tomas doesn't play their games anymore. You won't find me discussing the topics of the day presented by the enemy networks because I won't be manipulated by them like in the old days. If the TV is on a "news" channel the sound is muted normally. When I permit the sound I'm waiting to hear what I expect to hear to to verify my predictions about the media talking points they will deploy.

Yes for me the tables have been turned. The media no longer predicts and manipulates me. However, the enemy networks become more predictable for me every second. That's real damaging because now I can tell friends and family what the enemy television networks and national newspapers will claim before they can cue up one of their talking heads. It acts like a land mind for the mind when the commentator steps on some jargon that I've already warned would be coming from them.

So if you are like most people and never read a paper or watch the news on television or do any more research that price shopping then you are totally uninformed. However, if you are still watching the TV news and reading national newspapers like the Mockingbird Washington Post or the lying NY Times then you are being misinformed and manipulated. Better get that hook of ignorance out of your nose before you allow yourself to be pulled to a place that you are not going to like.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Controlled Demolition

God Is Smarter Than You Think

God has placed all the tools mankind requires to lead a peaceful, prosperous and enjoyable life. God has arranged the universe including the earth so as to punish evil while rewarding benevolence.

One enormous example is cannabis. This little herb was placed on the earth by God for many reasons but the main one was to expose the evil people of the world while lighting the way to righteousness for the good people. How could this be?

Small evil groups of oligarchs have existed since the beginning and they use the people for their own exploitative advantage. The banking/corporate war machine oligarchy complete with all of their underlings in the enforcement elite have for longer than I've been around milked us for labor while we are young, strong and productive. But we allow them to do so because they promise to care for us in our old age and to protect us from harm. The reality is all the days of our youth while they take the fruits of our labor they are secretly poisoning us with crap like aspartame and swearing it's just fine for us. Hell, they almost just killed my 90 year old mother by giving her a cocktail of twenty some odd drugs that besides killing her were making her nuts. My family intervened, took her to live with my sister Kathy who is a registered nurse and stopped the medication. Mom's condition has improved dramatically as a result and she is her old self again. So if you think these apparatchiks who must give mom several thousand dollars in retirement each month as well as free doctoring while she's still living would not kill her off then may God have mercy on your blissful souls. These snakes don't have the money to pay these obligations now as it is and we baby boomers are only just now starting to retire.

As for marijuana, these evil ones in charge for so long pretending to be compassionate but in reality are the most evil scum imaginable, know damn well that pot is not bad for you. The truth is just the opposite - it's good for you. No, not sitting around non stop puffing it 24/7. No medication or food can be taken to extreme or it will kill you. Well not marijuana per se. No one has ever overdosed - EVER! But still you'll sit around dazed eating doing nothing if you're stoned out of your mind.

But a puff or two here and there is good for the health. Perhaps a few tokes before bed. Maybe when one is feeling stressed. In moderation marijuana is just what the doctor should order. It is finally coming out that pot kills cancer. Pot smokers already knew this. Smoking pot is like a secret underground club with secret language and actions. We all know that none of us get cancer and at the same time watch all of our non smoking straight friends or those that only rarely dabble in the weed drop right and left from cancer. Pot smokers today are like the Christians in Roman times - persecuted. But in our persecution we demonstrate where the evil is.

Yes marijuana has thrown a big monkey wrench into the plans of the evil ones in charge who most Americans still believe in and think are good people. That's because despite all of the poisons and deadly elixirs the evil rulers adulterate our food, water and medicine with, the pot smokers are not getting cancer like the other victims. Now our secret underground aging army is not dying from the cancers the oligarchy had hope to inflict on us. So they will try other means to bump us off before the rest of you non smokers wise up. The truth is the CIA moves most imported marijuana into the country as well as the other narcotics. They make big black ops bucks doing this.

So please stop killing marijuana smokers, jailing and destroying their lives because they want to live a more healthy, happy, longer life. The evil ones destroying America are also the persecutors of marijuana smokers. If America does not see this evil very soon we will all be destroyed. Thank God for marijuana.

Explaining The Unexplainable In Arizona

First it is obvious that the Tucson mass murderer is insane. However, even the insane can see reality and facts. It's just that they do not know how to respond appropriately when reality happens and often act in bizarre ways.

Secondly, I now discover this nut had stumbled onto the truth about what happened on 9/11. That truth surrounds the fact that the official government story is hogwash because it is not congruent with the science of physics and the laws of motion. That's why over 1200 top architects and building engineers are demanding a new investigation. These experts know beyond all doubt that the speed of the collapse of the three towers could only be successfully done using controlled demolition with expertly placed military grade high explosives. These were high security buildings under the control of the federal government that is covering up these facts with the complicit aid of the network media and national newspapers.

When I found out these undeniable scientific facts in 2006 it made me a bit frantic. When one realizes that our government has a band of rogues operating inside who obviously have committed mass murder and have covered it up to say the least one gets a bit edgy. But I'm not crazy. Therefore, I began doing rational things to deal with this grave situation threatening my country and loved ones. I realized the vast majority of people with government jobs were not in on the treason. The vile act was perpetrated by a traitorous group of rogues operating within the secret police and some military intelligence as well as foreigners too. In addition I researched the history blacked out by the complicit television networks and national newspapers. I found these scoundrel have been doing this treason for decades and even murdered the Kennedy's and M.L.K. The Gulf of Tomkin Incident never happened and resulted in over 50,000 G.I. dead along with a million Vietnamese and other South East Asians. So if you think theses sick filth would shed a tear over 3000 murdered Americans think again.

Finally, let me say these rogues are frantic to keep this covered up. The latest TV network smear is if you even examine the evidence of treason and high crimes over the 9/11 fraud then you must be crazy like Loughner. It will backfire and be what finishes the rogues off. Why? It's the same reason people slow down to have a look at the traffic accident. So when the media says Loughner watched the film "Loose Change" these traitorous idiot don't realize it will cause million of Americans to do likewise. That's bad news for the rogues who may have just booked themselves a date at the end of the traitor's noose. Loose Change, if it doesn't outright convince the viewer that treason occurred on 9/11 it damn sure will prod them to investigate further. The more you investigate the more incriminating it is for the traitors. The only thing left to do is know all of their names - every one of them and not just the suspects. A real investigation not under the control of the actual traitors would easily uncover all the guilty parties.

But let me warn everyone. Don't let learning the truth about 9/11 make you crazy. Let it make you rational, courageous and determined to seek justice for the victims. The alternative is to do nothing and wait till the rogues do it again perhaps to you or one of your loved ones next time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New McCarthyism

Gun Control Nonsense

The fact remains there are not enough police to patrol every nook and cranny of society to prevent us from being killed or maimed by criminals including criminals who actually work for the government. Remember, corrupt politicians and police are a fact of "Delay" life as Tom can surely attest from behind bars. When criminals damage us the government is not held liable for failing to protect us.

So if any individual wants to remain unarmed and at the mercy of these criminals then that's fine and your martyrdom is greatly appreciated by the rest of us. However, it is a bit much to expect others to make this same sacrifice on the altar of passivism. Any adult sane law abiding individual should have the right to pack a hidden or holstered weapon.

Once this is the American way again then picture in your mind even the most insane individual thinking about committing mass murder with a gun that he will acquire no matter what the law says. He looks around for victims but sees most people packing a holstered pistol, perhaps a few rifles plus he has to know many in the crowd have concealed weapons too. Most likely he will think twice about committing the crime and even if he goes ahead he's a dead man against an armed population. The same holds true for government tyrants.

The Brady Bunch

Monday, January 10, 2011

Liberal Smear Machine Backfires After Gunman Found To Be Occultist PotSmoking Winger


The use of violence or the threat of violence for political purposes is terrorism. The Arizona shooter seems like a nut with no coherent political agenda except for his theories on grammar usage. So he is merely an insane criminal but not a terrorist. The U.S. government has troops in many countries killing and maiming innocent people for political purposes. As such the U.S. government is a terrorist organization.

In addition, the U.S. secret police regularly assassinate foreigners and Americans as well in order to forward a political agenda. This fact is not debatable and is official policy. Obama has claimed the power to have anyone that he alone has deemed as an enemy of America to be murdered without being charged with a crime, tried, convicted or sentenced. Apparently, this is the same notion held by the Arizona shooter that he could murder anyone that he himself deemed an enemy. Now apparently the media, the government and those on the left with respect to the Loughner murders and on the right with respect to the Obama murders, blame others for these murders rather than the killers themselves.

In the case of the Arizona murders, this Loughner cat everyone agrees is a nut. But rather than blame the guy who pulled the trigger, the usual suspects blamed Sarah Palin, the gold standard, Constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. The reality of the Arizona tragedy is we are all being hunted everyday for various reasons. We are hunted by criminals who want to rob us. We are hunted by psychopaths who wish to harm or kill us for countless insane reasons. We are hunted by a corrupt government that farms us like cows and sheep while pretending to protect us. So the real tragedy is Americans actually allow themselves to be hunted while for the most part remaining functionally unarmed. In effect, they bring persuasion to gun fights against government rogues and private criminals alike. They are tragically ignorant.

The Obama murders are blamed on Islamic radicals who force Obama to have to kill countless admitted innocents who have done nothing wrong but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These murder victims include many women and children blown to bit and vaporized by our taxpayer funded drones. Any taxpayers supporting these murders is in fact a co-conspirator in these killings and as such a terrorist.

Of course I see clearly that both Loughner and Obama are cold blooded murderers although Loughners is nowhere near as prolific a killer as Obama. There is rarely a day that goes by without drones flying over Pakistan firing missiles that murder people not charged with a crime - on Obama's orders. Sadly the enemy television networks air video reports around the clock emphasizing the Arizona murders yet barely mention the Obama murders. Naturally, all Obama murders are completely sanitizes from their enemy networks.

Among the scapegoats given for the Arizona nut pulling the trigger were people like me who state clearly and truthfully who my enemies are as well as what should be done to defeat them. As stated those enemy include private individuals and groups as well as a controlling ruling shadow government within the secret police who wish to kill and otherwise control us for their profit.

So I can see why they want to blame me. I'm trying to defeat these murderers. They are beatable too but only if the rest of you farmed animals and game animals wise up.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Gold Standard Caused Tucson Shooting?

This is among the ridiculous reasons that Mark Potak, a professional smear monger for the traitors in the U.S. Government, has given to deflect blame for murders committed by a lone nut. Apparently, all ideas that don't agree with the ruling oligarchy must be censored so we don't set off the nuts of the world.

The traitors to America are desperate to silence everyone who is onto their treason. The filthy dogs murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11 using controlled demolition and we have them caught red handed. But the courts, congress and all top officials are either complicit in the high crimes and treason or they are dumb as rocks and in the wrong profession for their mental capacity.

I favor the gold standard because I'm against theft by foreign bankers who own the dollars they rent out to us. This is not proof I favor murder but Potak asserting such nonsense is ample evidence he gets his marching orders from the central bankers like the rest of the political elite.