Friday, March 14, 2008

Environmentalist Kennedy Dumps Oil Into Nantucket Sound

Real I.D.

Have you gotten your Real Slave I.D. yet? Maryland is a state that believes deeply in collectivism and therefore is at the forefront of the slave I.D. operation. So I already have mine. Being a homebody who just goes to work then returns home everyday this really does not effect me. I am not going on a plane and probably never will again since I do not like the program the TSA put people through. So the only thing I have to hide is my shame for what America has become.

I sure hate to see the rest of you slaves heading off to the auction block - especially since most of you do not even realize it yet.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aaron Russo's Warning From His Grave

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cuban Collectivist Vacation Packages

Collectivist Leadership Paranoia

The thing that keeps collectivist leaders up at night and paranoia all their waking hours is maintaining support from enough groups to keep power. Like pharaohs they can bestow tribute on favored groups in grand public ceremonies but make the punished groups who will pay for it do so out of view. It's a balancing act built upon public ignorance. As long as the collectivist leader can convince you that you are getting something for nothing or at least less than market value then you will tolerate his leadership.

The collectivist leadership deflects responsibility as well. For example, American collectivist leaders and media pundits assert daily that oil prices are going through the roof because those darn Chinese in China and Hindus in India are using so much of it now. Poppycock!!! The amount of gas you can buy for an ounce of gold has remained constant for a very long time. However, when you have to use those Federal Reserve notes that are being printed up and floated as fast as the ink can dry then naturally it is going to cost you more and more of them to fill up. The pattern always is the same when the collectivist leadership is printing up way too much money in order to run their collectivist programs on us. First the gasoline, heating oil, electric and natural gas costs rise as the economy is flooded with dollars. It is these cartel commodities that are owned by the few that can be raised across the board to compensate the cartel for declining currency value. This is followed by a hodge podge of price increases that spiral throughout the economy until the Federal Reserve slows money supply growth to stabilize prices again but at a higher plateau than before the spurt of funny money. Sadly, incomes always lag behind for most people who are just happy to keep their jobs during these banker cartel induced economic downturns.

The most important thing to remember is these collectivist leaders always make things worse but blame this on others, circumstances or just plain bad luck. The prescription is always the same for the disease of collectivism - more collectivism. That means you get less personal freedom, privacy and use of the fruits of your own labor. The collectivist leader on the other hand always has more power over these areas. Fidel went directly for totalitarianism and convinced the Cuban people that he alone could tell them what to do and make them rich. Now it is obvious that the more collectivism that is inflicted on a people the poorer they will become. But my question to you is why do you accept any collectivism whatsoever? Even if we in America are freer than Cubans it does not impress me for I know how much better we would all be if not for our collectivist American ways. I hope one day to own my time, body and money. I want the same for you all as well. A society of wealthy individuals free to control their own lives and the fruits of their own labor are always busy and peaceful. A society that steals from one group to reward other groups is always a paranoid, dangerous place of decline and decadence.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Silver, Gold, Paper

Most people don't understand how modern money came into being or the economics of this vital method for human conveyance of wealth. Ages ago most people used gold or silver to save wealth not expended for survival. The trouble with this was you were susceptible to have your precious metals stolen and the more you had the worse this situation became. Plus gold and silver are heavy and difficult to lug around.

To solve this problem new urban areas developed banks to fill this need for security of one's gold and silver. The deal was pretty simple. You keep your gold and silver in the bank vaults, the banks give you paper receipts for your holdings and as long as you keep the metal in the bank you get paid interest. The reason is the banks lend out the precious metals to other people at a higher rates of return so as to make a profit after paying you interest.

This system worked very well at first. People would be paid in these paper receipts known as bank notes, some they would spend buying life's needs and some they would save in the banks. The trouble with this monetary system was once the banks had people used to using their bank notes these fat cat realized that they could lend out more paper receipts than they actually had gold and silver on deposit in their vaults. So everybody continued competing with one another to buy and sell things for profit but now they could use these borrowed paper notes, make the transactions, earn a profit and pay off the banks. Unfortunately, with this fake money widely available to almost anybody these borrowers kept competing against one another driving up prices for almost everything. Soon everything was costing more and more of this paper money. But most people did not realize why this was so. Even today most do not have a clue why prices continue to go up.

It's like with the housing price bubble. The Federal Reserve made lots of that same fake money available to many perspective home buyers. They in turn competed against one another for a limited supply of houses for purchase. Naturally the sellers held out for the highest bids. The central bankers were happy to lend out the inflated money to ice the deals. Then the bank pulls the plug on the money supply by tightening credit requirements or raising the lending rate causing the value of millions of parcels of Real Estate to plummet in value. Unfortunately for millions of suckered mortgage holders they are still obligated to pay the full inflated price for that property and many also are extra shafted with adjustable rates heading skyward as well.

Now that the banks have done millions of us over again and we are nearing a bottom in Real Estate value, wouldn't it make sense to replace the Federal Reserve fiat money system with a stable hard currency system that would stabilize prices and the value of your labor?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cuban Intelligence In Mexico, Link With The FARC

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Mexican authorities are looking into a suspected Cuban intelligence agent's role in links between Mexicans and Colombia's FARC rebels.

The Cuban, identified as Mario Dagoberto Díaz Orgaz, allegedly led several Mexican students to a FARC camp in Ecuador. A Colombian attack on the camp March 1 killed the top FARC guerrilla known as Raúl Reyes and several others, including at least four Mexicans. Another Mexican survived.

The Wall Street Journal reported it has seen a Mexican intelligence dossier noting that Díaz Orgaz arrived in Mexico from Cuba in 2000 and was nationalized a Mexican citizen in 2003. He has no known occupation but has kept a bank account with an average monthly balance of $80,000 at least since 2006, the documents say.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 9 PM Tonight!

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Here is an example of Castro's slave operation: