Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loose Change

This excellent little documentary will give you some historical perspective on the rogue sector of our government that willfully committed mass murder on September the 11th 2001. George Bush was essentially given an ultimatum by this rogue oligarchy.

I am trying to give you the tools to understand the truth of our horrendous national nightmare perpetrated by these traitorous scoundrels. I ask you all again to simply view these overwhelming pieces of evidence and decide for yourselves. I'd really like to get back to fighting for a free Cuba so I'm waiting on you all to get up to speed here so I can do so. But I'd be a damn fool trying to put out a fire in Cuba with my house burning.

Amigos, please stop being hosed by these rogues!

Meet Alex Jones

Here is a true American patriot who had the courage to stand up to the destroyers of America and say, "HELL NO!" He kept hammering away at the truth when I and the majority of Americans ignored him or thought him foolish. But this man is made of the stuff that true Americans are made of. He knew he was risking his life defending liberty. He also knew that there are not many more worthy things to die for than defending liberty.

Thank you Alex Jones.

Dicks Ava Braun

Once her husband has been tried and convicted of mass murder and treason this little Nazi wife will be a widow. Hey Ava...the military knows about your husbands attempted coup. They don't like him because he is a cowardly dog. A military tribunal will soon put your little lap dog down. George...better come clean now. It is the only way to escape the gallows. You will not be able to hide from the American people in Paraguay.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Conspiracy Nuts? MY ASS!!!

I have told you that a rogue element of the U.S. government murdered 3000 innocent Americans on 911. But don't get me wrong. There are plenty of decent people in government and they are even more outraged about this cover up than I. Here is a website that contains the statements of military officers and civilian politicians expressing their anger at the cover up.

The nuts are the people who don't see this conspiracy because they don't take the bloody time to look! TAKE A LOOK IDIOTS!!!!

Not Even President - Already a Crook

Why do you guys keep electing collectivist criminal scumbags like McCain?

Know Your Enemy

In the masterpiece "The Art of War" it says that if you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear a thousand battles. I have only recently become aware of who our real enemy is. Alas, most of you still do not have a clue. We have been the victims of the greatest, most evil conspiracy ever perpetrated because so far it is still successful. Our enemy felt righteous in the cold blooded murder of 3000 innocent victims whose only crime was to go to work on 911. So far these God fearing pretenders believe they have gotten away with the mass murder because most of you remained duped. Let me tell you why that may soon cost you your life or at the very least your way of life as you know it.

The rogue element within our government that I am so desperately trying to warn you about is still in control today but that control is slipping. People in the world basically fall into two categories. The majority of people find the idea that a rogue element of the United States government could murder 3000 of its own people so preposterous that they will not even take up fifteen minutes of their time to go onto the Internet and investigate for themselves. The cool thing about the Internet is it contains all sides of the argument and YOU get to decide. With respect to the American government genocide of Americans, the evidence is overwhelming in support of a rogue part of our government committing genocide against us. But the majority of Americans are fat and lazy. They must be spoon fed their news from the TV. So they agree with Bill O'Reilly that there can't be a conspiracy because they'd put it on TV or write about it in the papers. These foolish ones never consider that all of the media is owned by only a handful of people today and they might actually be players in the conspiracy. So you duped Americans can be depended on to remain on your fat asses and not devote your attention deficit challenged time for viewing this approximately one and a half hour video presented by the head of Engineers for 911 Truth. In it the well respected engineer logically explains why the government's explanation of 911 is not scientifically possible. Therefore the other group of people on the planet are a growing minority who have taken a look on the Internet on their own or been the benefactors of news stories in print or TV as is the case with the British who have seen the truth on BBC broadcasts which we have been censored from witnessing. Once you see the truth you can never go back to believing what the government says about 911. So my group grows by thousand each day while the doubters' numbers fall. Soon the number of doubters will be equal to those still believing the earth is flat.

And therein lies the danger. The rogue element in our government who felt righteous in murdering 3000 of us remain free and in control. They have at their disposal the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet. They possess small pox in quantities to wipe out people not immunized. They still have plenty of anthrax with which to attack us again. They control our drinking water. They own the river and sea ports. They control all air travel which includes the ability to remotely control any commercial airliner they choose. They have built concentration camps large enough to contain millions of us for labor exploitation and extermination. They oversee our food production and distribution. They are in control of our money supply.

I could go on but you get they point...I'm praying. At any rate there is really not much time to suffer fools who won't even bother to investigate. In fact, if I would have just kept my mouth shut I would be much safer. As it is now I am a marked man. When the evil rogues initiate the next wave of terror I personally will be in danger. I want you folks who survive to remember that it was your amigo Tomas who tried to warn you. The rogue scoundrels will surely go nuclear next time around. That means several million of you will have to be murdered to forward their "noble lie." However, if enough of you start asking questions we might be able to freeze them with indecision. We may be able to get THEM running for the exits.

So for God's sake please investigate. But you can't stop there once you discover that I am telling YOU the truth. You then also must become a messenger of the truth if you love your country or you can kiss America as you have known it good bye. You must come to know your enemy or we are all doomed. I surely can't beat them alone.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

WTC Collapse Story Bogus

The Race

The plans of the neocons for world domination have not gone swimmingly. The neocons have the judicial branch of government in their hip pocket and they own the executive branch too at this point. Their plans to crash an airliner on Capital Hill, which had already been wired with incendiary explosives, would have decapitated and eliminated the legislative branch of government. Therefore they could not get away with declaring marshal law and rounding up trouble-makers like me for elimination.

Today millions of people, mostly outside of the U.S. due to MSM complicity in this treasonous plot, know about our government's outrageous actions murdering 3000 innocent Americans. Thousands more realize this absolute truth everyday. How serious am I that this evil plot happened? I swear to you on my great grandfather's grave that a rogue element within our government murdered 3000 Americans. I cannot deal with Cuba right now because we are all in grave danger right here in America. Here is why.

The neocon traitors, like Hitler, Castro, Mao, Stalin, Napoleon, Caesar, etc., all had delusions of ruling the known world. They convinced themselves that only they know what is best for earth and its people. They will do anything while they lie and kill their way towards their ridiculous delusion. The trouble they face is the same one all the tyrants face. People don't like being ruled by tyrants and resist. That is what I'm doing here but I'm running low on time.

The neocons basic plan is to first conquer then control the middle eastern oil. In their thinking then they can use it to fuel their world empire and print as many dollars as they like. The last holdout is the Iranians. They are in grave danger. Here is why. The neocons' ass is hanging out right now. Though we are not yet a majority, a growing number of Americans are waking up to the reality that their own government committed premeditated murder of 3000 citizens. That's because as Lincoln said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." If the neocons don't do something soon, a critical mass of Americans will come to the conclusion that they have been duped by their own government. Modern Americans, while mostly gullible and naive, are good hard working honest people. They don't play this shit!!!

The day of the critical mass is fast approaching and the neocons know it. It sure looks like McCain is going down in flames which will put a Democrat into the White House. Even though they are certainly complicit as well they easily could double-cross their co-conspirators in office now, to save their own ass. There will be at least a couple hundred million really angry Americans in the streets demanding justice. Mingled in the mob will be plenty of police, firemen, military, etc. all equally outraged at the wanton criminal behavior of our government. If the conspiracy does go all the way to the White House then everyone right down to the White House chef will be subjected to the revenge of the mob. Even if Bush for example did manage to escape to Paraguay to his recently purchased ranch, do you think Americans would just do nothing? We'd give Paraguay 24 hours to turn over George and any other conspirator attempting to hide there. If they did not comply our military would devastate Paraguay and get him anyway. The regular people of Paraguay don't like him as it is and their military rulers surely would take a cash bribe to turn him over. So if you are involved does not look good for you.

So therein lies the neocons' dilemma. They have their thing half way in and they can't pull it out now or they'd be caught. They can't leave it there and they know it. So they will have to proceed with their plans. That will require I believe nuking an American city or two and/or hitting us with small pox. Each has advantages for the neocons but either way it has to be blamed on the Iranians. The neocons have to make Americans so angry that Iran will be nuked into submission. What that means is the U.S. will strike Iran with a nuke at a region where the neocons can make their point but not hurt the oil facilities. They still need the gas and oil to march onward to controlling the remaining world. They know if they can pull this off and dominate Persian oil then they will have surpassed even the achievements of Alexander the Great. That means something to these kooks.

Of course what these blind power hungry murderers don't see is the chaotic reaction this will cause. There are too many variables to manage. For example, what will happen to the value of city Real Estate once everyone in the nation abandons them fearing another attack? This might save us from being nuked because the neocons would lose their vast Real Estate wealth in the cities. These neocon nuts never give that sort of stuff a thought, though...unfortunately. We will overnight become an agrarian nation if they don't realize this. City land will be worth zero and lay abandoned. Without the engine of American society working away making tax labor dollars for the neocons to buys weapons their hopes for world domination will collapse like a house of cards. The people in Europe and Asia and elsewhere won't abandon their cities because they already know who did 9/11. So their economies will chug right along.

So in the long run the neocons are doomed to run out of luck. But desperate little minds will do anything. As for me I'm not taking chances with my kids. We are already living on a farm. My last task is off the grid water. My neocon stimulus package ought to do nicely in forwarding that need. I have several backup farms where I can retreat to as well. I suggest all of you do likewise. Look at me kind of like Noah building an arc. Are you going to be the people who laugh and ridicule me even though the storm clouds are clearly visible if only you would look? Please don't take this grave chance with your children and family. I have warned you. I surely cannot feed you all and neither will anyone else. When the next attack happens, and I believe the closer to election day the greater the possibility, you must be prepared mentally and with a survival plan. I have done my duty and warned you. One more warning. I would not go to either of the nominating conventions later this August and September. The neocons still need to get lots of politicians out of the way to consolidate power.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Telling The Truth

Fantomas tells me some good news regarding Canadians waking up to the evil of the Castro regime. Of course many of you exiles have been saying what they are just now realizing, for years and years. But they never listened. Do you know why? It is because you must be honest and truthful ALL the time in order to be believed. If you condemn Castro but turn a blind eye towards our leaders' evil ways, then can you blame Canadians for doubting your word?

But Canadians come to my blog only second to US hits. They always are searching something about what is happening in Cuba and I virtually never get negative comments by these northerners. Sure I tell them about the raw deal in Cuba for Cubans and for tourists too. However, since I also condemn the US empire built militarily in 130 countries around the world that is bankrupting us and making our once proud nation look scarier everyday, these Canadians and Europeans believe me. Tourism to the slave island has been shoved into reverse. People across the globe are now more than ever attacking the regime. I like to think I have done my part to achieve that success while many of you have spun your wheels for years with no luck.

So ask yourself this. Are you so afraid that if the leaders you have supported did something wrong you would not admit it? Would just the embarrassment that you might have voted for a mass murderer, TWICE, cause you to deny justice to the victims and their survivors? Would continuing to do this denial even unknowingly, cause you to undermine your credibility further and with it your ability to fight the Castro regime?

I love you guys and I feel a duty to protect you from danger. I'm going to keep hammering away until you understand. Skyscrapers cannot fall out of the sky in less than ten seconds flat unless all the support beams have been blow away allowing the debris to free fall. That means timed controlled explosives were used. Building Seven was hit by nothing, it was occupied by the CIA and other fed spooks which means it was a government secured building. Even the owner, Larry Silverstein, says the building was exploded but the government says it has no idea why the building came down.

But here is something else for you to chew on. There is written accusations charging George Bush and Dick Cheney with okaying this mass murder conspiracy. The same is true for Larry Silverstein. I can't say what you all would do if placed in that position but I know damn well what I'd do! I'd sue the pants off any stone thrower who accused me of mass murder. Just go look on the net and you will find loads of flat out accusations in writing of these people yet not one of them has sued for defamation. Why not? Some of the accusers are deep pocketed like Rosie O'Donnell and a former head in Bob Dole's office. Sure most of Rosie's thinking I'm against because she is a collectivists. But I also hear she believes in the round earth theory but even so I'm not going to become a flat earther as a result. Why hasn't she been hauled into Court? Seems like a no brainer...unless you were a mass murderer of course.

Most of you don't know why yet but I do. You are letting your pride and fear of embarrassment blind you. But the things I have learned about regarding the government mass murder would not go over well in Court. There would be plenty of splanin to do Lucy. More than half of the New Yorkers now believe 9/11 was done by the US government. That's because 50% decided to take a look. Sixty percent of the Canadians blame the US government for the attack. In Europe the numbers reach as high as 80%. But of course they have been shown things on their television that you Americans have been censored from witnessing. Hitler did the same sort of feat but with radio, movies and musical tunes. All you have to do is control the whole show and people will believe anything. They can even believe Castro has been a swell guy.

To sum up, until we rout out these snakes in our rogue government, prosecute then execute them just like Saddam - we are all in danger. These murderers have in their possession the most horrible bio-weapons like small pox. It appears they will not be afraid to use it either. They possess a more than adequate nuclear arsenal to liquidate troublesome political regions like the Pacific Northwest. In both scenarios during the chaos the rogue U.S. government element will liquidate people like me and herd people like you. I'm hoping you will recognize the next false flag attack when they try to pull it off. It took me seven years to see through 9/11. I already see through the next attack and they haven't even tried it yet. But I fear it will be soon...perhaps this year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meet Larry Silverstein

Here the owner of the World Trade Center Complex admits, contradicting the US government, saying Building Seven had to be demolished. Too bad nobody told Silverstein that controlled implosions take weeks to prepare - at the very least.

I can't say yet if for sure George Bush and Dick Chaney are mass murderers. It does not look good for these two however. But I will make this accusation without fear of being sued for defamation of character. Larry Silverstein is a mass murderer and a treasonous dog who must be prosecuted, convicted, have everything he owns seized and given to the survivors of his victims, then he should be hung by the neck until dead. These execution must be shown on television for all the world to see.

So there you go Larry you son of a bitch! I have written that you helped murder 3000 Americans. Here is all the evidence you need to haul my ass into court and sue me. I'm sure you have plenty of lawyers. What are you waiting for you son of a bitch?

I'd like to see your cowardly ass swinging from a noose but if you ratted out your co-conspirators you could get mercy and just get life in prison. Maybe it's time you cut a deal. If we don't execute you then there is an excellent chance your rogue government will. You see this video is ample proof - you talk too much.

Does The Order Still Stand?

What did Dick Cheney know? This one slipped out. Congress needs to investigate.

No Law Suit?

Lots of people like me are now saying the Twin Towers and Building Number Seven were blown up. Although I have not named any conspirators many people have. If somebody said I did such a dastardly act I'd sue them in Court for every penny they had. I wonder why no one has sued for defamation of character yet? Could it be that the evidence could not support a building falling through itself at the same speed it freely falls to earth?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Most Dangerous Enemy

Tomas...why no talk about Cuba? Amigos, it is because you now face an enemy far more dangerous than Fidel or Raul in front of you. The enemy behind your back has you fooled. They are now the most grave threat to your liberty and life. Unless I can make you see that - we are all doomed. The evil ones can stab you in the back again anytime because you still are not looking behind you.

I'm taking a risk trying to get you to understand the truth. What protects me is there are thousands just like me trying to do the same thing. The worst case scenario was the evil ones were going to decapitate the Congress with that last plane but the passengers foiled the plot. Now there is no need to search for traces of explosives in the Capital and office buildings on the Hill as they have been wiped clean as a result of the anthrax attack.

But if I were a rank and file Congressman or Senator (not in the leadership) I'd keep my head up for another coup that would result in your collective deaths. But tell me something Congressmen and Senators, did the federal government evacuate the Hill by at least 10:30 AM on the morning of 9/11? I don't recall but you all were there. If the federal government didn't have you evacuated by then it means they were planning on killing you representatives with that last plane hitting on the Hill where those buildings too would be laced by explosives and "catch fire" followed by unexplainable collapses and dead Congressmen.

Then the neocons would be in total control.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Orwell Was Wrong

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

George Orwell, in his book "1984," postulated that in this future society terrorized people would be controlled by being watched through their televisions. He got it backwards. Today, terrorized people are easily controlled simply by watching their television.

Better give me a call tonight at 9 PM. We need to talk about why absolutely none of our government's explanations about September 11 make sense, scientifically speaking. On September 11th, either the effects of gravity changed radically that day or the government and their MSM shills lied through their TVs. Amigos, this story is unraveling fast. I would hate for you to be the last to learn the truth.