Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fiat Currency Cycle

The dirty little secret about the currency crack that Americans have been forced to use for 99 years now is that it is the main cause of the business cycle. With fiat money the private central bank changes the value of the money but in secret. How?

The central bank increases and decreases the supply of money in the economy. When the supply of money decreases the value of it increases. When the supply of money increases the value of it decreases. The private Federal Reserve keeps those numbers secret from the general public so we have no idea which way the thing is going.

Imagine the economy as a child's swing. The faster the child swings the more money that gets pumped into the economy. When the swing slows so does the money supply along with the economy. This cycle goes back and forth waning and waxing but building to a once in 50 or 100 year climax. The swing either goes too fast flinging the kid off the swing or the swing comes to a stop.

The reason the foreign bankers manipulate the money supply which results in a collapse every 100 years or so is because society is mostly ignorant about monetary economics. Every time the bankers crush the economy people wise up but too late. However, from there forward they are not easily banker bamboozled again.

Therefore the bankers will issue new currency and begin the process of slowly increasing the supply of that new money used in the world economy. That was the British pound. Then the dollar took over that role once the bankers did to the English and their pound what they are fixing to do to us Americans today.

Remember, the money is the life's blood of an economy. The world went from the pound, to the dollar to very soon the new electronic one world currency. The only thing that has remained the same is the banking families behind all of these currency swindles. What occurs at the end of a currency's existence is the value of it becomes so distorted that the pricing structure of everything breaks down. The banksters know about this phenomena but are powerless to stop it themselves. But they scapegoat the cause of the economic collapse their swindle has caused and usually hide behind a war they instigate. Then we get so busy killing each other we never see who the real culprits are.

Having said that, the end of this currency crack cycle coincides with the existence of the Internet. Should this and other easily comprehensible explanations of how the central bankers rob us blind then lead us off a cliff become widely understood, then they could be the one screwed this go around. I'm hoping the people of the planet, especially Americans, will see who the real thieves are and realize that they still have our loot. So all is not lost if everybody understands this, arrests the vipers and takes back our loot.