Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Fiat Money Ponsi Scheme

Most days I hear poor people, among other victims, being blamed for the bad economy. "Those poor people chose a house too expensive for their budgets and now they are not paying their mortgages." The most hypocritical of these accusers are the politicians. They rail against these irresponsible poor people but not one of these sleazy politicos has offer to give the property tax money back for the homes that somehow are now too expensive to own.

But the reality is who can know what anything should cost when we are forced to transact using an inflatable/deflatable currency like the dollar? Well, that would be the private central bankers at the Federal Reserve Board. Everybody else? No...we have to guess how much things should cost today and more importantly how much they will cost tomorrow. We have no idea how many dollars the sneaky bankers are creating right out of thin air and shoving into the economy at any given time. So they swell up the number of dollars in the economy and prices go up, up, up because that makes each of the new dollars and the old dollars alike worth less. Then they shrink down the supply of dollars and prices fall like a boulder off a cliff since the few dollars left in the economy gain in value. That's now.

This secret elastic currency forbidden by the U.S. Constitution is the root cause of what troubles our economy. The problem it causes is no one can figure out what the price of anything should be especially in a hyper inflationary or hyper deflationary time period. The bankers want the federal pirates to create lots of new artificial money to stop the natural drop in prices that are the result of our current drop in the money supply. Obama has obliged their wishes and called for the money priests of the Federal Reserve temple to artificially create new dollars. But all this will do is cause everyone to sit on the sidelines hoping prices will increase before selling. So the economy will continue to do what it has been doing - twirling down into a death spiral.

In closing today, please take note of one of my commentators who attacks me regularly. He pretends to be many things with varying motives. However, he is a paid shill sent by a faction within our own government to keep tabs on me as well as to confuse you. He talks stupid things about tin hats to throw you off the trail of the truth of which I speak. The shill is incredibly bad at his job and he gives me so much more than he can ever imagine. But ask yourself this amigos. Why would our government pay to send this fool here to say the things he says? If it because I am right then you should see why they do this. They are scared that you will finally see the light too. That you will break free of your televised invisible fence and see the truth. The fact is I'm right about lots of things that the tin hat fool sent by my own government pokes fun of. He chastises me for the things I explain to you about the economy that become more apparent to all every day. So read very carefully what this shill writes and ask yourself why he would do this? You will clearly see a primitive mind at work doing his darnedest to fool you. If you allow him to fool you then what would that make you amigos?

Lets focus solely about what I have said about the economy. You can start reading and go back years and I've been right while Mr. tin hat has been no where to be found. Now he shows up out of the blue attacking me for being correct and apparently hoping you my amigos won't notice. So please notice...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mattress Investor

That has been Tomas for as long as I can remember. I figured out that we live in a corrupt nation decades ago and knew how to respond to this threat. At the very center of this corrupting of America, I came to realize, was the money itself. Once I understood that the money was fake and that the Federal Reserve Board private bankers were secretly increasing the supply of fiat money I figured why invest my labor output in that treadmill that could go pop at any time. No...better to use the limited number of labor credit that I earned to buy something right then as I made it to aide my family or make my costs to live go down. While many of you were dumping money into 401k's and stocks - I was buying this or that tool to fix my second hand car. Then we arrive at NOW. Your investments from decades of hard work have been stolen from you by this bankster Ponsi scheme while among other things I have a nice shop of tools that save me money all year. I invested thousands in my wife's nursing school education including never letting one of her papers get to the professor before Tomas gave it a good proofreading. Yes, my British wife is a bit slow in the English department. But she graduated one or two from the top of her class and that now translates into over 80 grand a year.

So here we arrive at today. Many of you have been wiped out but how did this happen. Again, it's the money. We are in a collapse in the supply of money known as "deflation." Understanding that the financial industry is corrupt I would be foolish to put our new found wealth with these pirates who are regulated by fellow buccaneers over the federal bounding main. So I continue to invest in my family building gardens for food production and energy efficient windows, etc. We are building up a bit of cash in our bank checking account and will soon have to decide what to do with it - probably gold and silver kept close to home. It does not even have to be in my home for it to be secure. I have trusted friends who would gladly store my gold.

Surely though it may get stolen. By taking responsibility for securing my wealth I take the risk of losing some or all of it. But handing it over to pirates is the sure way to lose your money. Don't believe a word you hear over the free range slave invisible fence. This television barrier is meant to prevent you cows and sheep from stampeding.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pagination Greg

Greg here who I work with was foolish enough to go on vacation and leave a photo of himself laying around for me to find. So I drew him using that photo as my model.

Step Right Up Suckers

I keep searching for ways to explain why the free range slave fractional reserve banking system is such a swindle. Basically, the owners of our corporate feudal system own us and our labor in the form of fiat federal reserve notes. They permit us to keep some of these dollars to care for our personal needs and for those of us more well off than most, the fortunate can earn extra fiat credits which they invest in legal Ponsi schemes like the stock market. Now stock markets, per se, are good things that allow our extra saved up labor in the form of capital, to be employed usefully to make even greater amounts of wealth for less cost. However, a stock market forced to use fiat money is just another Ponsi scheme. How? First the central bankers flood the market with greater and greater quantities of fiat money. This drives up stock prices - I might add that it drives up Real Estate prices as well. Only the secret international bankers at the Federal Reserve know the actual amount of this fake money at any given time. So they control prices any way you look at it and they learned hundreds of years ago how to profit from this swindle. It is why our founders were adamant about gold and silver money.

So you stock suckers have a wad of your dough in the market. You had no idea the money supply was about to get reduced drastically. You didn't realize that the price of just about everything was going to go down. But the bankers did. Have you noticed how the big guys have taken care of themselves very nicely? So you watch your 401s bleed and hope it will return to a level where you can cash out - especially you older investors thinking you were going to retire soon. But the vipers of your labor credits manipulate the market just enough, along with their media shills, to keep you holding on. Get out NOW! As with any Ponsi scheme, the last out loses.

Now even many state governments are bankrupt with more to come. They cannot return the tax money over paid to the owners of that money right when they need it most. I can't believe these poor free range slaves will vote for the same state leaders that got them into this mess but they probably will. That's because the invisible free range slave fence, the TV, will tell them who they should vote for and they always follow orders from the TV.

But look on the bright side free range slave suckers. At least you are not ball and chain slaves like those several thousand kids that those two sleazy judges sent to prison for cash kick-back from the corporate feudal prison slave labor system. The owners now have holdings of about 2 million prison slaves in American today and most of them are black. Hey that's about how many slaves the old south plantation holders held once.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Smile! You're On Candid Camera

I can't figure out any legitimate reason for Magnovox to hide small cameras and microphones inside those converter boxes that let analog TV viewers receive digital signals. Does anyone reading this have an explanation? Take a look and those of you who have the technical expertise might want to open up some of our electronic big media life support systems (that's network TV equipment like cable boxes and such for those of you a bit slow) and have a poke around. However, if you do find a camera in your bedroom TV or cable box looking at you then you'd have to be a free range slave, right? Free men and women normally can have private relations while farm animals must be monitored especially while breeding...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rudy Giuliani

What To Do About Tomas?

It's beginning to be a real pain for your owners. On the one hand I am exactly right about everything I have asserted and this becomes more apparent everyday. Still, there is not a great deal of traffic to my blog compared to many mainstream approved sites. But my traffic grows and the same people come here everyday like clockwork including Performance Systems International - the C.I.A. company that spies on Americans using the web. They come by right around 10 am every morning and usually bounce my blog entry over to some other spook offices.

They shake their heads wondering how I know so much about their operations. But they do not wish to call attention to it for fear this blog will go viral and millions might read the easily understandable truth written here. So they sit, squirm and do nothing more than send an occasional shill over to annoy and distract me. But that backfires too. My exchanges with the spies gets the traffic really moving to my blog.

So come on back shills and make it easier for me to explain your operations and allow you the chance to showcase your lame 20th century tactics. Don't you realize that the game is already over and soon you will be without a paycheck? Your naked emperors are broke.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


You hear these terms but what do they mean? Basically, they are two opposite forms of money operations. The Keynesian believes in an expandable and contactable fiat money system not based on anything but the whims of the central bankers. They increase the supply of money then they shrink it down again and this causes prices to fluctuate as a result. The larger the fluctuation in the supply of money the larger the fluctuation in the prices. That's the currency we have now. The Austrian believes all money should be based on gold and silver so it cannot be expanded and contracted at the whims of the central bankers. That's the kind of money America used to have before 1913 when J.P Morgan, Rockefeller and the other international bankers bought the Congress and blackmailed President Wilson into changing to the Keynesian model. We became the greatest country up till 1913. But today...not so much.

My Cross To Bear

In a nutshell, at the end of the day, my task is to convince Americans, especially the majority of Cuban exiles, that they are collectivists. I been told by these collectivists that I am mistaken and that we would have to be in a totalitarian dictatorship like in Cuba to be collectivists. But this is not so. If you tolerate even one collective right not provided to you by God in the form of an individual right then you ARE a collectivist. It would be the same way with race would it not? Wouldn't you still be a racist if you didn't like those black guys over there but you were friendly with some other black guys over here?

However, on the collectivist question the evidence is far more condemning. Not so long ago you were all condemning Chavez for nationalizing private companies. Today the banks, car manufacturers and soon our Real Estate will be nationalized yet this is supported by Democrat and Republican alike. Before you right wing collectivists go off half cocked about your congressional collectivist Republicans voting against the stimulus - get real! They just wanted to spend the money and fiddle with the tax code in a different collective way. But you are so collectivist you cannot even see this. Am I right or are a few of you collectivist Republicans beginning to squirm in your chairs a bit?

So how can you tell if you are a collectivist? First off and of highest importance, if you tolerate fake, fiat Federal Reserve notes rather than legal money based on gold and silver, you probably are a collectivist. If you expect one of the central legs of the socialist party platform that was adopted by our two main parties, Social Security, to force young people struggling to pay to raise the next generation to give you older socialists a huge chunk of their labor output, you are probably a collectivist. If you think it's paying your fair share to be taxed on your house, your car, your food and drink, your bank savings and investments then you are probably a collectivist. If you support a public school system designed by collectivists, to train the future collectivists of the world which forcibly extracts wealth from parents and the childless alike to pay for it - lets face ARE A COLLECTIVIST!

I could go on for hours listing all of the collectivist notions that you collectivists believe because you saw it on television - but why bother? You either get it now or you live in denial. I know you didn't realize it and many will still not see the writing on the wall and refuse to believe they are collectivists. That would also make them dishonest with themselves and that type of person we call a fool. That is what is wrong with the economy. You collectivists have been fooled. If you don't understand what the problem is with the monetary system foisted upon us by the collectivist rulers of America then how are you going to know if this collectivist stimulus package is going to fix it? The best part for our collectivist rulers is when the economy really gets bad they will say "imagine how bad it might have been if we hadn't artificially created trillions of space bucks to fix the economy?" And most of you collectivists will think that's reasonable even though you cannot give even one sensible reason why that notion would be true.