Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Joke's On Us

Yes it is and every day the laughter increases. Let's begin with people all around the world. We have been paying trillions to keep our soldiers in their countries either bossing their leaders around or the people themselves right on the streets like we're some kind police force. Yet Americans never give a thought how these several BILLION other people feel about our meddling. Now that our days of reckoning are upon us these people are having a good laugh at our expense.

But their is more centers of chucking and snickering. You see ours is not the only oligarchy in the world. Ours has just been one of the biggest and baddest but that's in the past now. There's still the Chinese Communist Party oligarchy, the Castro boys and Chavez, the Iranians, The Catholic church, the Russians and countless emerging power centers. Now that we are soon to be no longer calling the shots they all are yucking it up any time they get together.

Castro: "How many Americans does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Chavez: "I don't know."

Castro: "None. It's a rhetorical question. Americans can't afford electric, light bulbs...or home for them to get screwed in."

Ja ja ja! Oh boy they'll be pissing themselves having a joke on us.

Finally, the cabal of international bankers at the heart of the economic melt down are laughing but only on the inside. They wouldn't want to look undignified to each word. Still, getting away with what they have pulled off here in America in just under a century without a majority of Americans even knowing about it till this day is funny to these elite few in the top oligarchy. The international banker oligarchy owns the various currencies around the world which they rent to the people. It was in 1913 that they got their prize nugget the Federal Reserve Board. They have been manipulating the money and credit supply ever since causing recessions and depressions while they have funded programs that make people dependent sheep. Naturally, to get this far and now be on the verge of finally dumping the dollar and the pesky Americans, as well as get their brand new international electronic money, it makes them feel Omnipotent.

I believe when it is all said and done this banker oligarchy will not like the outcome of their plans. The joke may ultimately be on them. Their meddling has a good chance of breaking down social order and economic supply lines. When this happens things turn more local and away from the international. Control from federal forces or their masters in the banker oligarchy become impossible. This is happening now. The federal authorities depend on state and local enforcement to achieve the goals of the international bankers. However, with police being laid off locally the people are left to arm and fend for themselves. The neighborhoods will develop into decentralized gangs that will be impossible to control from the center. So at the end of the day I don't think anybody is going to get what they had hoped for including the bankers.

So the joke eventually, and I'm talking only a few years, will be on everybody including the bankers, coppers, usurpers and thieves.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Congressman Anthony Weiner

Congressman Bob Etheridge

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suspected Sex Offender Al Gore

Soros Through The Looking Glass

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ethically Challenged Charlie Rangel

The BP Bait And Switch

The Gulf Oil Spill is but another example of how the oligarchy acts like a magician waving his presto hand over here to distract you while making something disappear over there.

Take for example the corpo-media how it has been fawning all over the oily ducks and tattered turtles. Don't get me wrong. I have sympathy for critters but they are the presto hand distracting you. In the following video it shows what is actually happening which naturally is not being aired over corporate network media. GOD BLESS THE INTERNET!

The video shows a coating of oil covering the leading edge of a plane that flew out over the Gulf. It also contains reports of Gulf Coast residents who were caught in the rain feeling their skin burn and afterward becoming ill. The pH of the rain was very acidic. Apparently, lots of people are getting sick the closer you get to the Gulf as well as reports of crop damage. Have a look. It's about six minutes long. What do you think amigos?

The Enlightenment Grows

You know amigos, the time of critical mass is almost upon us. Everything about the old secretive group of oligarchs is crumbling around them and they struggle constantly to keep their filthy game afloat. However, they can no longer lie through omission. Now their lies have to be geared to address the threat to our liberties that they pose with their fake war on terror. But lies at this stage of the game become more obvious to everyone and only prompt more question for the usurpers.

Basically, in the spring of 2006 I became aware of the treason. Realizing who my real enemies were I began doing the investigating that I had mistakenly thought our corrupt network media had been doing. It didn't take me very long to begin to see the big picture and how seemingly unrelated historical events were all interconnected. An almost fifty year fog began to clear. What has been chronicled in the following fine piece of writing is pretty much what has been going on for the last hundred years or so. If you read it then you can finally see the big picture as well.

It's a scary journey though. Sheep will be much more comfortable remaining in denial and following the path they are being led down - until the end of the road that is.

Oath Breakers and the Age of Treason

"Patriotism," said George Orwell, "has nothing to do with conservatism." Love for one's country is not right or left; it is not the sole province of the poor, or the rich; and it can be expressed in different ways. Benjamin Franklin gave voice to the spirit of patriotism when he said; "We must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately." Today, patriotism is in need of greater allegiance than ever before. Almost all countries in the world, but especially America because it is the largest military power, are under the threat of a global dictatorial "new world order" that is being deceptively established as the coming together of nations in the interests of saving the planet, but in reality serves the interests of a private international banking cartel, and the global corporate elite. It is a war between two classes more than it is a war between two philosophies. Both sides, the nationalist patriots, and the globalist oligarchs, have much to gain, and lose....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sell Stocks NOW!!!

The oligarchy has whipped up a fiat fortune to prop up the stock market but artificial manipulation of the market cannot go on forever. The banksters know the market must come crashing down even if the majority of Americans are duped about it. The banksters know the important thing is to have a scapegoat to blame the crash on when it happens.

I suspect that scapegoat will be the North Koreans. The U.S. and the South Koreans are holding joint naval exercises and I suspect one of our ships will be blown up by our government but the attack will be blamed on the North Koreans. The banksters running our federal government and military are hoping for a nuclear exchange because that will give them the scapegoat to let the air out of the stock market before it crashes on its own.

So if you'd like to help avert nuclear war and save as much of your wealth as possible then sell, sell, sell! If the market crashes before the next false flag attack then there will be less reason for the oligarchy to go forward with the attack.

However, should the nuclear war get started then don't think this will be conducted solely in the Asian theater. North Korea has missiles that could reach our West coast and even if they have trouble finding California with their weapons - the traitors in the U.S. government won't. California being nuked in a false flag attack will solve a number of problems for our desperate oligarchy. It will be far easier to incinerate the jobless than to find them work for the foreseeable future in California. Gasoline will shoot up to $5 or $10 a gallon allowing the banksters to vacuum up all the recently created funny money.

In general, this will cause enough chaos to give the ruling oligarchy cover to do most anything they choose. Americans will be pissed off at Kim and the North Koreans and blame them. The nation will be Gulf of Tomkin duped once again.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bernanke Begs For His Job