Saturday, March 22, 2008

How Many Conspirators?

Who the conspirators are I cannot as yet say. There needs to be an investigation, probably by the New York State, Virginia State and Pennsylvania state legislatures due to the location of the murders. The federal government as far as I can see is no longer a moral or legal authority and must not have any power in this investigation. They have been corrupted beyond hope.

However, any operation has to have workers. How many men did it take to wire the Twin Towers and Tower number seven with the necessary explosives? That depends on if the operation began after or before the Bush presidency began. In the nine months or so that Bush had before the operation was triggered I would guess that it would still require a dozen, perhaps two dozen explosive experts working constantly to do the job. But if the operation goes back into the Clinton presidency then as little as two or three men could do the work over those years. Software reprogramming to divert planes with the flight computers could be done with just one programmer if he knew what he was doing. At lease one pilot pulled the trigger and shot an airliner filled with Americans out of the sky. There had to be air traffic control people in on it as well as groups within the military like NORAD and the generals who were giving the orders that day. The Tower owner or someone with his level of power over the facilities would need to be involved to give the necessary access to the murderers to lay explosives. The New York City Police Department and Fire Departments must have some top echelon officials to suppress the investigation that rank and file cops and fire fighters would like to see to explain their loved ones murder. The same is probably true for Pennsylvania and Virginia's law enforcement. Finally, you need an organization like the CIA working with intelligence agencies internationally to devise and implement the plot.

So my best guess is there were perhaps as many as several hundred conspirators worldwide directly involved with the operation and possessing prior knowledge of the murderous plot. Certainly at least fifty must be involved and that would mean this plot was hatched years ago to have enough time. Naturally, there are many more conspirators after the fact who are a weak point for the whole operation. Media people and the like. Some people out there are feeling like pieces of shit for being involved in murdering thousands of Americans even if it is after the fact. Hopefully some consciences are keeping them awake at night. We need some of these guys to squeal and name the name of the top guys. It's the only way we'll ever see where these tentacles lead.

I'll Never Fly Again

No I will not get high enough that the FAA has any say. When this government is replaced after the rest of you sheep wake up and see the evidence, only then will I fly. Imagine the joy those hijacked passengers felt when they rose up to over power the hijackers. But these witnesses could not be left alive so the plane was shot down over Pennsylvania with a missile. This explains why there was a debris field over several miles. That can only occur if the plane explodes in mid air. The government will show you a little hole they bulldozed and swear it is where the plane hit. But all the tiny pieces were not in the hole. They were scattered all over the place.

I bet you even today if you canvassed the area you would find debris far from the government hole. It is but another hole in the government's stories. But you go ahead and keep on flying amigos and hope your flight is not diverted beyond your control using the on-board computer to a destination you had not reckoned on.

Some 9/11 Hijackers Still Living

Ignorant Americans

When our government hatched the plan to murder thousands of us on 9/11, the one reality they counted on was the level of ignorance of the vast majority of Americans. They knew that as long as the truth never came out on any of the television networks, national newspapers or news services then we all could be duped. Sadly, most of you remain duped. I feel sorry for you all. When I tried to explain what happened on September 11, 2001 to Fantomas he flat out told he did not believe it. His reason was he saw some TV program on the History Channel that supposedly explain how there could have been no conspiracy. Unfortunately, the History Channel is also owned by the conspirators.

How can exiles be so astute knowing the MSM lies totally about Cuba yet be so stupid and believe everything else they spew forth? I see why the rest of America has been hornswaggled but that so many exiles were fooled I find hard to believe. The one thing that the conspirators did not understand was the power of the Internet. They were the ignorant ones who thought all they had to do was blow up the command bunker in Building number seven that horrible day, where they coordinated the explosive detonations that brought down the towers - and they would get away with it. Fortunately for Americans we have undeniable scientific facts on our side and the Internet available to keep the drum beat growing louder and louder until we force the truth to be acknowledged.

I still cannot tell you who for sure were part of the conspiracy but I know what did happen that day. Agents from our government took down 3 World Trade Center Towers that grim day using timed explosives killing thousands of Americans. But we should all be careful not to rush to judgment and start calling for the lynching of George Bush or Dick Chaney. Admittedly, they must be top suspects. But this conspiracy crosses many borders and has perhaps a few thousand culpable guilty parties all told. That the facts are coming out so fast now, we face a grave danger and must employ the greatest of caution. If it does turn out that it was our top policemen, the president and vice president, who were involved in the conspiracy, what do we do? This situation has the potential to rip this nation into pieces. The government would lose all its credibility and moral authority to govern. There is the grave potential for chaos to ensue as we prosecute these criminals.

Therefore, here is what I suggest. Once it finally becomes apparent to the rest of you that our government murdered thousands of fellow Americans, calm and deliberative thought must take hold. All federal government powers should be liquidated and governors of the fifty states would see that order is maintained within each state. The state legislatures around the nation would call for a Constitutional Convention, the purpose of which would be to prosecute the guilty and amend the Constitution to restore individual rights and clarify restrictions on federal power. Mind you, there is a distinct possibility that some of the state governors are conspirators as well so we should initiate the Constitutional Convention at the soonest possible date.

But Americans, while ignorant, are not a people to be trifled with. Once this information is widely understood more likely what will happen is civil war or at the least rioting in the streets. Americans will want to lash out violently but this is the complete wrong thing to do. This in fact may be the real plot to destroy America. You see, it could be that Bush and other top leaders were duped into agreeing to participate in the plot not realizing they would eventually be double crossed by the international bankers and sold out. The international banker cartel would very much like an America broken into several countries and mired in civil war. Don't let that happen. Remain calm amigos and we can get through this disgraceful national nightmare.

Friday, March 21, 2008

BBC Exposes 9/11 Murders By American Government

Look at this video amigos. The BBC is right on the money about the plot. Or you could just keep your heads in the sand and don't look. But guess what you will leave hanging out?

The Pancake Explanation

One big lie emitted by our collectivist masters is the World Trade Center buildings collapsed because the upper floors gave way, then as they fell they impacted the floors below dislodging them causing the structure to sort of unzip. Even if we ignore the fact that the collectivists in charge of this slave operation completely blew up the upper floors vaporizing them right before our eyes and scattering this pulverized debris all over Manhattan, they can't hide from the physics.

Since before the time I was in grade school I was taught that free falling objects descend at a rate of 32 feet per second per second until reaching peak velocity. So the problem for our genocidal collectivist masters is, all three buildings that day fell at a rate of 32 feet per second per second. In other words, the murderers expect you to believe that physics changed that day. They claim that a building smashing its way downward through hardened, reinforced steel and concrete fell at the same rate as a free falling object. This of course in patently ridiculous! The only possible explanation - and I mean only - is the steel reinforcing beams were severed with shape charge thermite explosives in a timed demolition sequence as the debris was falling just above. Don't believe me though. Ask virtually any physicist not getting a government paycheck or paid off by the media maggots who cover this genocide up from you sheep, "Is it possible for debris falling through steel beams to fall at the same rate as a free falling object?" IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!

So who IS responsible for murdering thousands of Americans on September 11? I can't say exactly but we can round up the likely suspects for prosecution and execution if they are found guilty. Yes execution! I'm not even a person who normally favors execution but in this case it is so dastardly what these maggots have done that is it only fitting that we give them the same treatment that we gave Saddam - hanging! First I would suspect George "Paraguay" Bush. Why has he secretly bought an almost 100,000 ranch in Paraguay? Then there's the Vice President and all the cabinet members as well as top Congressional leaders. Naturally, editors of the national newspapers must be suspects as well as the top electronics media honchos. Certainly, the generals, admirals and other high military personnel must be considered suspects. CIA personnel will fall into two categories - those not complicit and simply fired as we close down this den of murderers, and those guilty to be hung by the neck until dead. The bankers too must be investigated as should the mega capitalists like this Silverstein character who owns the World Trade Center complex and who can't seem to get his story right about what actually happened on September 11. For him though, his lips flap so much that our collectivist masters will probably eliminate him before we can try and execute him.

But I predict when all the guilty are routed out, prosecuted and executed they will add up to even more people than the number of Americans they murdered that day. This conspiracy is vast and includes virtually everyone at the top. It was a very poorly thought out conspiracy that is coming unraveled so quickly that the truth cannot be silenced much longer. When the rest of you slaves realize what they have done there will be no way to stop the justice that must be done. There will be hell to pay for this crime. We cannot allow thousands of fellow Americans to be murdered by their own government then let the perpetrators get away with their crime. If we do the next American murdered by our government could be YOU!

Incredibly Damning Evidence

Look at this little youtube of Building Seven being brought down. It is compelling. Notice the series of smoke puffs that shoot upwards in sequence before the collapse of the building. These are the shape charges that the conspirators used to cut the steel supporting beams so the building would collapse onto its own footprint. The speed of those puffs have been measured and are so fast they could only be created by explosions from something like thermite explosive cord. This was a secure government facility housing CIA offices and SEC offices and interestingly all the records on the Enron investigation and others. Incidentally, the government says it does not have a clue why Building Seven fell. Actually, they can't say...

Please! Somebody tell me a rational explanation for these series of explosions. The owner of the building said in an interview that the fire department blew the building up. The fire department isn't commenting. I hate seeing you guys being suckered like this. So I will keep showing you the mountain of evidence until you realize what I have concluded. The governments and media moguls, military big wigs and the banker cartel are mass murderers of American citizens and must be routed out then crushed! I hate to keep brining you bad news but it is for your own good. Wake up amigos. This was not even a very good conspiracy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

World Trade Center Was A Controlled Explosion

The post that follows this one is by the head of a growing group of engineers that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the three World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled explosives after Bin Ladin's hijacked planes hit two of the buildings. There is ample enough proof that thermite cutting explosives were used to sever the steel beams to collapse the towers.

I know why the building owner wanted to do this. He had begged for permission to bring down the towers using explosives so he could build a better building. But his requests were always denied because the towers were loaded with too much toxic stuff from days gone by like asbestos. So in the owner's contract it released him of his obligation to pay for the towers he had just bought if hit by terrorism but at the same time allowed him to collect billions in insurance.

Since building seven was occupied by the CIA and other federal agencies like the SEC it would not be possible to place the shape charges necessary to sever steel beams and cause pools of molten steel to flow for weeks from the bomb site without high government officials to be involved. You can ask any New York fireman or policeman (off the record of course) if the buildings were brought down by bombs. They are unified in their belief that this is the actual fact. They are banned from higher ups to discuss this fact. The towers they ran into but were killed in the blast. Building seven they fled from right before the explosion because fire department heads were screaming to get away from the building because they were going to have to blow it.

Killing 3000 Americans got us so riled up, me included, that I wanted to go get the bastards who did this. We got the wrong guys. The bastards lie like snakes in the grass among us. You are about to vote for them to be your leaders again. You do as you see fit. I however, WILL NOT VOTE FOR A PACK OF GODDAMN MURDERERS!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watch This!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still Listening To Jim Cramer?

Your best bet is to listen to Jim Cramer and do the opposite of what he advises.

Amnesty International

Act Now!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 9 PM Tonight!

Let's talk about Cuban communists' last days. Death to communists! Death to all the other collectivists! Death to the Federal Reserve. Long live the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!!

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Just Get Out Of The Way

This is all that the Cuban government has to do. Just get out of the way and let Cuba become a frontier of freedom. I have written extensively how once the government does this we can implement land reform which immediately gives Cubans ownership of their homes. We would return ownership of farms and businesses to the former owners if they still wanted them. Funding the extremely limited government necessary in Cuba would be through land location tax, tourism and taxes on vice. This plan would make it wise for exiles and people from around the world to bring their wealth to invest in Cuba. Investment means jobs for Cubans along with basic consumer goods necessary for a decent modern life.

The irony is, while Cuba struggles to keep from going under, in America we are slowly sinking to the same place. My hope is once you in Cuba recognize what a farce the revolution has been you will adopt individualism. Then people like me will want to live there in Cuba to have a freer life as well as protect our wealth from the greedy Federal Reserve bankers here. But first you must become a frontier of freedom. Then millions of us will want to come to Cuba with our wealth. So many in fact, that soon you will wondering about restricting immigration. Please save just a small bit of room for my wife and I. That would be nice.

Here are the original thieves who stole our dollar.