Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cuba Hits

Cuba Hits

It is incredible how many hits from Cuba that I get and the number seems to be increasing. I wondered why and who they were? Certainly many hits are from the Cuban government monitoring our activities against them. However Cuba is coming in second or third place now in the number of hits to my blog and that is just too many to be explained by Cuban spooks.

Castro realized that he could not keep up with the world without having computers to run his operation. So he goes and trains then equips thousands of Cubans to use computers and the Internet. Finally, the greedy moron pays them fifty cents a day with phony health care while at the same time allowing the tourism economy to make bar hops and hookers dwarf these office worker's salaries. Castro has been so kind as to provide us this lovely communication network and we should use it to our best advantage. In fact we have already put it to good use. We explained that the tourists were exploiting the Cuban population and shaking them down good would be good for their Cuban families and good for Cuba. We discussed ways to literally make tourists sick o' Cuba. The Cuban office workers took these concepts to radio bemba and the Cuban people have responded marvelously. So my fellow bloggers should craft their message more and more directly to the Cuban people. They know Cuba is a lie so they do as humans have always done - seek the truth. They are looking for a way out now that does not call for them to die in great numbers. The next phase of returning Cuba to its people should be to drive the police back to their stations at night. This can be accomplished by an ancient weapon - the rock. It is time to rock Castro's policemen's world. From out of the darkness, brought to you by the neglected Cuban office workers with computers and radio bemba! Spread the word. Rock the police.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Dengue Damage Control

Dengue Damage Control

The Cuban government, through one of its propaganda mouthpieces La Prensa, is busily issuing regular articles nowadays, which are pick up by other duped members of the media, of the supposedly marvelous new treatments for dengue fever. They lie and the recent history proves it. Ask yourself very simple questions and the truth comes into clear focus. If the Cuban government had ANY sort of effective approach to stopping dengue fever, why would they have lied last year saying the huge dengue fever outbreak in Havana and elsewhere in the country was "fever syndrome?" Why would there even be a need to cover it up if they could cure it? Maybe they hadn't invented their miracle cure but now they have? No just months ago dengue fever outbreaks were raging in Latin American countries despite Cuba's "help." They were bragging about helping these nations until I reminded the world that they had a cure according to them and the outbreaks were worsening.

The Cuban government told sick Cubans to go home and take aspirin. But it thins the blood complicating the disease symptoms especially the hemorrhagic form which causes bleeding and often death. Why would a government that says it has a cure do such a thing? The simple answer is they hope to sucker some more simple tourists into believing they would not get dengue fever in Fidel's tourist's swamp while on vacation. So Canadians, Europeans and others go ahead and go to Cuba. I've been following the weather there. It's been rainy. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Normal cities like Washington, DC are water deserts where you will find no mosquitoes even though it use to be a swamp. But Cuba is not normal. It is a debris strewn, trash filled water holding paradise for mosquitoes to breed. The police can stop tourists from traveling into these areas but not the mosquitoes coming to the hotels. Dengue is a disease of filth and poverty and will only be stopped by cleanliness brought about by prosperity. And if you tourists do get dengue fever and it doesn't kill you - you will wish it would until you finally recover. Bon voyage!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

This Tourist Really Pissed



Ziva's the Bomb!

All Cubans Double-crossed

All Cubans Double-Crossed

I want Cubans on both sides of the Straits of Florida to know why they have been double-crossed by the Castro and US governments many many times. Societies based on some degree of violence and coercion to force its citizens to behave against their own will, result in the weak being subjugated by the powerful. When Castro originally stole Cuba he created 11 million losers but he also established a few thousand very lucky winners. For forty-eight years Castro wielded absolute power to reward and punish Cubans to suit his needs to remain in power. That he has created those few powerful winners and the millions of losers is obvious to all but the most intellectually challenged. What is not so obvious is why does the US government seem to always initiate policy that seems to perpetuate this ridiculous situation?

The answer is quite obvious - these governments are in collusion with one another...each for their own selfish reasons. Everyone already knows Castro's reasons for doing anything - to cling to power and vast quantities of stolen wealth. The reasons for the US policy that perpetuates the Cuban nightmare are not so obvious. When Castro's now discredited policies took Cuban agriculture out of production it made winners of entities like Archer Daniel Midland. If you think about any corporation that now makes lots of money because Cubans are not allowed to then you can quantify the millions of dollars of reasons why American policy perpetuates the status quo. In addition the power elite in this nation and others know who the Cuban exile population is and what we are all about. They know we are independent minded, free market thinkers. Cuba is a vacuum bankrupt of ideas. The powerful here realize if the exiles bring their ideas to the hungry people in Cuba they will soak them up like a sponge. Plus we will bring in the new age devices to make Cuba an efficient dynamo of economic power. When the day comes that the Cuban people meet up with the Cuban exiles there will be 12 million new winners and lots of losers, especially in the US. ADM will be one of the big losers as will all the former exploiter of the freed Cuban slaves. So all we have to do amigos is start working together on both sides of the Straits to forward the best interests of ALL the Cuban people. That will be met with fierce resistance from the governments in Washington and Havana. It's time ALL Cubans realized that.

CUBA en fotos

CUBA en fotos.



Castro always has for his tourists but not the Cuban people. How could you treat your own people like this Fidel?

Sent by Michael Gonzalez

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The New Enlightenment

The New Enlightenment

Although it is not yet recognized, I believe we are on the cusp of a New Enlightenment. The most exciting aspect of this era is it is being spearheaded by the Cuban exile population. This understanding of how things are and how they should be have been brought about by the pain of 48 years of absolute power yielded by the Castro regime. It has forced Cubans everywhere to stop and ask what is right and what is wrong. The New Enlightenment is all about the nature of governments and what they should and should not be allowed to do. The Cuban exile has now had 48 years to contemplate with reasoned thought about what has happened to Cuba and why.

The Cuban exile knows exactly what has happened to Cuba and what will happen to the rest of the world one day if we continue to permit unchecked statism to grow like a weed in a field of ignorance. While I talk to a great many people about social and economic policy, the vast majority quickly glaze over in lieu of their deeply felt concern over whether Paris Hilton will wear underwear tonight or not. This isn't the case with Cuban exiles. They know exactly what is important and what is not worth wasting time with. The Cubans on the island may not yet know what is right but they certainly know what is wrong - Fidel Castro and communism. The enlightened Cuban understands communism is just another form of monarchy that replaces a man called king with a man call comandante. But both demand complete control over life and death of their subjects. Fortunately these great modern thinkers known as "Cuban exiles" understand totally what is needed to fix Cuba and they have a passionate desire to do just that. They have stood alone for decades telling the truth in the face of the Castro lies. Only now is the rest of the planet becoming aware of this fact.

The New Enlightenment will be recognized historically one day. Let me just say it is an honor to be a part of it and I thank you all for the privilege of being in your elite company. I think you are the greatest people on the earth!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007



There is no excuse for not installing the Skype free services. One free service is the SEARCH function along with the chat function. There is a growing number of Cuban Skype users in Cuba. It makes no difference that they are government workers and in fact, they are some of the lowest paid hardest working disgruntled Cubans on the island. Like the rest of the Cubans they are kept in the dark about everything to build fear of the unknown.

So after you've installed the basic Skype service for free you should click your mouse pointer on the SEARCH function which looks like a daisy. In the first box that loads click the country choice then select Cuba. Hit OK or just enter and presto! You now have a list of all the Skype users in Cuba. Left click your mouse pointer on each then right click. Select the "Start Chat" function and type them a little message or send them a link to a website. Please do not under estimate the value of these sort of contacts to the island. Why do you think the Castro government goes to such trouble to block communications? However be aware that you may be talking with a hard line regime supporter who is among the tiny percentage of Cubans actually doing extremely well financially. Most will beg for money but do not send them a dime. Simply explain to them that happiness and prosperity await all those who cast off the tyrant and adopt the blessings of liberty. Only then will we bring millions of dollars in cash and boat loads of building supplies and food and medicine to help rebuild Cuba. But bringing wealth to Cuba now when it is owned by a den of thieves would be foolhardy and a waste of money. Explain that this notion of exiles coming to Cuba to kick their brothers out of their homes is a dirty lie spread by the master con man Fidel Castro to scare them. Give them hope and courage to do what they must do.

Monday, August 06, 2007

PayPal To Cuba

PayPal To Cuba

I'm trying to get the Treasury Department to open an investigation into Che hat PayPal purchases by Americans whose profits go to the Cuban government. Also, I've realized that most American violators of the tourist travel ban to Cuba are not smart enough to travel to say Canada then pay cash for their accommodations to the slave island. No...these idiots most likely bought their trip tic's right online using PayPay or major credit cards but debited to Canadian front companies. So all the US treasury department has to do is subpoena PayPay's customer records for transactions for websites like and start fining thousands of violators. The US government has millions in fines just waiting there for the taking. These exploiters of fifty cents a day Cuban slave labor are not going to see any of their tax refunds for a very long long time.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cuba's Cheap Educated Hookers