Saturday, July 10, 2010

Schultz's Heros

Friday, July 09, 2010

There Is No Al Qaeda

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's The Federal Reserve Stupid

I am so tired of the television shills discussing reigning in Wall Street as the cure for our diseased economy. That is nonsense and there is no form of regulation or taxation of so called Wall Street that will aid the health of the economy in any way whatsoever. In fact, it would be better to just close up faux regulatory agencies like the S.E.C., warn investors that as it is now in reality they are on their own - so buyer beware and any and all losses or gains of their capital will be theirs. The government should only become involved when fraud, coercion or violence is involved and be addressed through our Court system.

But even this sensible step of shuttering old soviet styled regulatory behemoths won't fix the fundamental problem with the economy. The reason for the wild price fluctuations over the past several years has been the silent severe increase then decrease of the paper and electronic money supply by the Federal Reserve Board and other central bankers as well around the world. This has caused the economy and trade to freeze up because many economic players either don't have to play the game right now or are afraid to do so under uncertain conditions that keep changing.

The answer is quite simple to really fix the economy right now. Please take these steps to do so:

1. Separate from the Federal Reserve Board and return to U.S. treasury issued currency. All debts owed to the Federal Reserve Board would become null and void. Therefore, on the one hand any debt a person owes to the Federal Reserve Board would be eliminated like a home or business mortgage. Debts owed to the Federal Reserve Board by state and local governments would also be eliminated. On the other hand all of our paper money would be worth little or as much of the Federal Reserve's asset seized by the Treasury would be worth. The foreign bankers who own the Federal Reserve Board have already moved their valuables out of the country.

2. Return to a precious and semi precious metal based currency. Gold, silver, platinum, etc. can be minted by the Treasury and deposited in local American banks. These banks will set their own lending rates and only lend out a percentage of what they have on deposit under state guidelines. Paper money can only be issued that is 100% redeemable in precious metal bullion coins at the banks.

3. Eliminate all regressive forms of taxation like those on income, capital gains, housing, sales, imports and exports, etc. The main tax would be the tax on the value of land location. The better the location the more value translating into higher land tax. The land value is assessed and the tax collected by the local governments, then a portion is given to the state and federal governments to carry out their more limited responsibilities under the Constitution.

4. From this point Americans will be able to rebuild their personal wealth as well as the nation. With the foreign bankers of the Federal Reserve Board no longer bleeding us dry through inflation followed by the dagger in the heart of deflation, prices will drop relative to the new hard currency and stabilize. Under these conditions job growth will explode. After a brief period of austerity our economy will once again be the envy of the world.

5. The final step is to bring our troops home. We have all been lied to by the media about why we have to have our military killing other people around the world. Like Rome, we have our legions spread across the empire but we are crumbling from within. Bringing all these troops home will have very positive effects on America. The trillions of bucks now spent overseas will be spent right here in America. Strangely, many Americans really don't like many other cultures or their people yet insist on having our military boots in their country spreading bucks around like a drunken sailor. Just like after WWII when the boys came marching home they are going to need a place to live. We have too many places to live in the form of a housing glut. This is a win win situation.

Of course this will never happen under the watch of our current batch of foreign banker controlled congressional usurpers. If we get a chance to replace them come November I hope Americans do so. Replacing them with a new batch of collectivist idiots will not fix the problem of our economy and direction of the nation. Quickly implementing the above five steps will do so. If you read a book by Henry George called "Progress and Poverty" he discusses all of the things happening today and why they happen. However, he is giving his warning over one hundred years ago. He sizes up the main trouble with the world (not enough wealth spread too unevenly) and shows how we can make lots more wealth to solve this shortage. He shows how being forced into sharing one's wealth is unnecessary when we live under conditions that will permit a more than adequate amount of wealth to be created in the first place.

Very soon a solid majority of Americans will come to realize that the way things are being done now is flat out wrong. From there we must go somewhere in our thinking to the next most logical place that will fix this mess. The answer is right in front of you now.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Business Cycle

The Wall Street Bankster Gang would have us all believe that the business cycle is something that just happens like the weather. In reality it is a phenomena that results from the supply of money being increased or decreased in the economy.

Since most people in the world haven't realized this fact, the above gang continues to operate their boom/bust business cycle. They always have a scapegoat to blame for the times when the economy goes bad. Their ace in the hole is the war card because during times of war everybody pulls together willing to make sacrifices. That's because we mistakenly believe our sacrifices are for the nation. The truth be told during times of chaos initiated by the banksters the money is deflated so prices don't spiral out of control as in Zimbabwe.

To sum up, the central bank increases the supply of money driving prices up. Once they have driven prices up high enough locking in borrowers for mortgages, car loans, business loans, etc. they shrink the money supply by stopping easy credit. Prices fall allowing the central bankers to buy what they want cheap to stock up for the next boom. The average joe is on the hook for the full mortgage price however.

On the one hand this of course is a swindle. Our monetary pigeon-drop continues unabated as proof of this. On the other hand things are not going as planned this cycle. Enough people are onto this scam. We are just waiting to see how the banksters are going to play the war card this time. I suspect Iran is the ace of spades. We may have some problem with the electric grid today as well due to the tremendous heat wave. A black out or even a brown out would be a fine opportunity to launch their bully little war and murder a few thousand, perhaps more while we are in the dark - so to speak.

The banksters slither away into their bunkers every time while they stoke the fires of war. The people march lock step into this meat grinder time after time to perpetuate this nonsense. Why do these things occur? Follow the stupid economy's money.

Monday, July 05, 2010

A sound bite's substance consumed without thought.