Friday, February 29, 2008

More Dollars Available Than Gas

Most people have the simple notion that gas has increased in value. It remains priced per gallon exactly what it has always been with gold. However, since we have to use Federal Reserve fiat paper notes that are constantly being devalued by the same group of private bankers, we must use more and more of them to buy the same amount of gas. I don't see how the rest of you can let these collectivist bankers push you around like this.

I can't do a thing about this swindle until the rest of you wake the hell up! By that I mean present company excluded of course. If you've come here often enough you can't help but know what's happening.

Timing Belt & Axle Bearings

I picked up a Honda Accord for my daughter for her 21st birthday. But I'm changing the timing belt and front axle bearings so I'm a bit tied up for the next day or so. Also, I'm parting out my Ford F-150. It turns out that my truck is worth more to me in pieces than whole.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cuban Tourist Diarrhea Factor

In Cuba it is a police state, now evidently controlled by Raul Castro. As such it is a place where all information is tightly controlled as well. Therefore the collectivist masters of the 11 million enslaved get away with murder trying to keep bad news from leaking out to the rest of the naive world. But try as they might word has ways of leaking out. Here is one new way to decipher the reality in Cuba. Let's call it the Diarrhea factor. Every time one of you surfers does a search on "Cuba/Diarrhea," then come to my blog, it is recorded in such a manner as I can access it at will. Over the past year and a half the number of these hits has increased dramatically.

To cut to the chase, apartheid tourists heading off to Cuba should expect a better than average chance of coming down with Diarrhea during or after their island prison holiday. Bon apetit

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Real Raul Castro

Greenspan Advises Saudis

Fed' Chairman Gets Spanked - Again!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Federal Reserve Abolition Act

Hillary Fan Stabs Obama Guy

It's bad enough to vote for either of these Federal Reserve financed candidates but to stab and be stab for that's stupid. I'd take a shiv to keep from voting for them perhaps...

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Free Market

People get such strange notions of how a free market would look and operate. Some people actually believe America is a free market nation. We are not. Right off the bat, a free market country would be one where it is free to market one's goods and services. So a free market nation would not have collectivist economic schemes like a "progressive income tax" or "sale tax" because this is more than free. If it costs one penny or greater to buy the privilege of functioning in a marketplace then by definition it cannot be free. Therefore places like America are really "punishment markets." The more economic activity you generate the greater the government punishes you with a myriad of taxes and fees. If you do really well then the government might even "windfall tax" you.

The other aspect of a free market is the regulatory mechanism. A free market is regulated by everyone taking responsibility for all of their actions but enforced in the Courts. At the end of the day this is the only way you will be compensated even in today's heavily regulated world. Even if the EPA for example finds that somebody polluted your property and fines them - they get to keep the money, not you. Your only recourse is to sue. In a free market society government could mandate openness and full discloser by commercial entities and of course demand honest non fraudulent behavior. But regulatory agencies have actually gotten in the way of victims seeking compensation from industry. This is natural in a punishment market because most regulatory agencies are populated by the very people who the agencies seek to regulate.

If you have been too scared by your masters blabbing to you over their teledivisions to even consider living in a free market look at it this way. Would you be richer or poorer if you could keep all of your earnings? Would you get wealthier or poorer if you could buy what you liked free of tax? Would your society become wealthier or poorer if everyone around you had this same deal? Would a life of crime make more sense with all this legal opportunity available, or would a life of crime be less attractive? An honest person would have to admit that society would be wealthier and more peaceful. In fact the only reason you could ever think otherwise is because your masters bombard you with nonstop propaganda with their media weapons. Remember, if your government masters actually did a good job they would for example eliminate all the poor people and in doing so the need for their government jobs as well. If the police did eliminate all crime then there would be no need for cops. You see under all collectivist government economic schemes there is a built in disincentive to actually achieving success over their field of responsibility. In a free market the smarter and more hard working you are the wealthier you become. It's self correcting. But punishment markets designed by our collectivist masters factor in failure to achieve their goals - domination and control over the masses and their resources.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

9 PM Tonight!

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Don't believe there is a revolution going on just because your teledivision won't broadcast it?