Thursday, November 10, 2011

Congressman Yells At Scum Constituents

How dare these Americans question the behavior of the big banks or God forbid the Federal Reserve Board. Fortunately, Congressman Joe Walsh was there to defend the banksters from questions about their behavior. You Go Joe! Tell us what scum we are and we are sure to vote for you next year because we are not worthy of you or your lordship over our personal lives.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Move To The Mid Atlantic

If it's radiation that scares you then head to the mid Atlantic states. Look at this site to see how lots of kids and grand kids will not be with us for long.

The Federal Government Stages The Terror

Think about this for a second amigos. If there really were mad bombers running around everywhere all the time trying to terrorize us wouldn't they be blowing themselves up in one of those TSA groping lines? That way the terrorists would kill a bunch of Americans including security officials. After just a couple of TSA line bombings what TSA worker in their right mind would stand at the front of the groping line to be the next victim of the terrorists?

But somehow the terrorist just aren't smart enough to figure this out. Instead, they seem intent on sneaking something aboard that they can blow up that is sown into their intimate apparel and now even inserted into their rectums and vagina's. Naturally this will require Americans to go through the most unnatural of examinations by the TSA so we all can fly and be free of ass bombs. But people have been letting off ass bombs on planes for years but that another form of terrorism altogether.

The premise for all of the ridiculous unconstitutional treatment by this criminal government is beyond imagination. How can Americans be so stupid to believe any of it? None of it makes any logical sense but so many swallow it nonetheless. I suppose the aspartame must be doing it's job turning Americans into compliant slaves too dumb to question anything.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Breaking our current situation down to its simplest form, we are under occupation. Most Americans confuse our occupation with incompetence. It's like with 9/11, the Christmas Day Bomber, the Shoe Bomber, Oklahoma City, etc. Government claimed it failed to connect the dots so Americans were murdered as a result. An incompetent government that had no hand in stopping any of these heinous acts would be bad enough to deal with. But since most people themselves don't have a clue as to how to stop terrorists they tolerate the perceived malfeasance by our leaders.

The reality is far worse. We are in effect under occupation by foreign powers working with filthy traitors and duped enablers. The bulk of this foreign occupation army of American mercenaries are made up of duped compartmentalized enablers. At the very top are the traitors. People like Eric Holder and quite a few Congressmen and Senators are in on the invasion. Obama knows what's going on as he's been working for the main military arm used to control our republic since he was young - the CIA. The CIA, using targeted assassinations, bribes, blackmail, etc., especially of politicians and other leaders, can do and get anything they want. The truth is they were instrumental players in murdering Kennedy in broad daylight as well as staging 9/11. Of course saying this really burns up a lot of good people who work for the government including at the CIA. Remember, most enablers working for the attackers of our republic don't realize who they are really working for. They are just doing a job believing they are helping to keep America safe. I have family working for the CIA so I know what I'm talking about. This family member is religious and has no hateful intentions towards anyone. The family member refuses to do any investigation about the currently successful invasion that I warn about and simply chooses to believe I am a bit crazy.

The small number of foreign and domestic global elites who are responsible for this attack using our own people against us are at a crossroads. Now they have to do all the nasty things to us that I have warn everyone about or they will slowly loose control. As they implement these atrocities they must rely on those duped American police and other officials with guns to do the dirty work. Once any of you compartmentalized government dupes cross that line then you can no longer deny that you had no idea what was going on and were just following orders. You will be just like the guards at the German concentrations camps who plead innocence because they were just following orders. Today most government dupes simply need a job. What would they do if that 100 K from CIA stop being deposited in their checking account? That is much scarier for them personally than the possibility that people like me are right about their bosses being traitors. But their bosses are going to order the government dupes to do things to take America down.

This could even lead to civil war. Certainly these banksters from across the pond have tried that one on us before and they'll try it again. They already have much of the planet suckered for their propaganda and control grid future but America has always been a thorn in their side from the beginning. Perhaps they will be successful this time and if so it will because many formerly duped, compartmentalized, enablers crossed the line and became traitors themselves mostly because they needed the job. Do you know how that will sound to the other few hundred million Americans being dominated by these foreign and domestic globalists when they wise up? If Americans win the struggle against the occupiers and retake control of the republic then one would have to figure many of the traitors could be shot and the rest left to rot in jail. Americans have always been touchy about treason mostly because we are a nation of nice, trusting, helpful people. We don't appreciate being lied to, cheated or worse by people we believed in.

The moral of this story is don't cross the line and become a traitor. Instead, what government workers should be doing is racking up occasions where you do something to undermine the occupier's plans. Leaking documents is one fantastic way to expose the globalist hand in our domination. The old mainstream media is also composed of compartmentalized dupes who enable the occupiers to control information to dominate us. Leaking documents takes these dupes out of the box and allows them to see what is really going on with the republic. The more Americans we can convert from being duped, compartmentalized enablers attacking us for the globalists, into patriotic in-the-know Americans secretly working on the inside to restore the republic, the better chance we will have to survive this final assault that is about to be unleashed on us. The hour approaches where Americans must choose if they want to be patriots or traitors to the republic. If those of you who choose treason think should you and the globalists win you will be living the good life - think again. Once the globalists have what they need they will treat you like used toilet paper and flush you. Remember, you will be traitors. Nobody trusts traitors - not even globalists.