Saturday, April 26, 2008

Castro, Money And Food Shortages

You'd think today's growing crisis would present the Castro boy's with a golden opportunity to slam capitalism. Sadly for these collectivist maggots they are guilty of the same crime so they remain mum. It makes no difference in the world today if you call yourself a capitalist, communist, socialist, etc. because all of these greedy scum print up way too much damn money for our own good. They do it in the shadows beyond our view. It destroys the price structure necessary for orderly transactions of goods and services thereby causing hording and shortages.

So the capitalists blame food shortages on the Chinese and Indians for being so darn hungry while Fidel has been on the record blaming grain produced ethanol. They both are full of bull! Shortages and economic disruptions are due to too much funny money and as usual the jokes on YOU even though you don't get it yet...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cuba Travel Warning

Tourists and others traveling through Cuba should remember that countries like Cuba and China traffic in Human organs. Vacationers to Cuba are now worth way more dead than alive to the regime. Mind your organs travelers...

Our Troubled Masters

The reason they are so worried is because herding a few billion slaves all over planet earth, while making most of these serfs think they are still free, or at least lucky, is a very difficult task to accomplish. But the masters, whether they be named Rothschild, Castro, Bush, Clinton, Putin, etc. have had years of practice. However, a very small minority of slaves, which includes Tomas Estrada-Palma, have known for decades that we ARE slaves and that ALL governments are to one degree or another corrupt. For us it has been difficult to stomach these pompous politico asses the world round acting as if they care about the people and were only doing what they were doing to protect us.

Our small group of enlightened thinkers formed little local think tanks. We telephoned, faxed and modemed social and economic policy to one another. I don't know why we did it other than we gained comfort in socializing with like-minded individuals. Even back in the early 80's we knew these days were on the way. We did not know exactly when because that depended on our masters' decisions. It's just that we knew WHAT they were doing, especially with respect to their fiat money scam and where it would all lead. But we were only a tiny speck of enlightened ones in a vast sea of ignorant rabble. What could we do about it?

Then along comes this here Internet machine. Suddenly I can reach millions of people...should they want to take a look. Hungry stomachs, government mass murderers, hyper-inflationary price increases, growing homelessness, etc. make people what to search for the reasons and more importantly - the answers to solving these questions. You fellow bloggers know this because we can see what the search criteria is for those who come to our blogs using a Google search engine for example. Here is one nice aspect of my troubles trying to save you slaves from a life of serfdom and making all my youthful efforts back in the 1980s worthwhile. I don't get many comments on my blog. However, I get a lot of emails and they ALWAYS are thankful to me for my efforts. They urge me to continue these efforts and spread the word to others. Angel is a new friend of mine who falls into this category. They give me strength to carry on.

Sadly, many of you out there who read my blog still do not realize that you are being manipulated by our masters. Fortunately, just about everyone knows something sure the hell is wrong with things today. The rocket science degree is unnecessary. Normally our masters reign chaos down on us slaves whenever we begin questioning the arrangement. Hugh numbers of us are killed off but the slaves who are left are just happy to be alive plus there are more resources to go around for the survivors as well. However, this go around has been different. Guys like me have the masters in the spot light so they squabble amongst themselves unsure of how to proceed. Sure they would like to get into a nuclear war with Iran and control all middle east oil eventually. But slave busters like me keep pointing out all the bad things that WILL happen if our masters proceed. Sure the Israeli government aided by half of the Bush cabinet who are Israeli citizens want American slaves to pay the price for their security against the Muslim population. Sure the banker cartel wants to print oodles and oodles of money. Sure our masters know that this type of social/economic policy is not sustainable. Sure they know that millions of us slaves will have to go as a result of this stupidity. Our masters are just not sure of how to do it this go around.

But you slaves better believe this. Your masters do not CARE about you. They covet your labor output. The masters think of you as a herd. It is time to cull the herd again slaves.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horde Food

It's nice to see some of the main stream media finally acknowledging how bad things have gotten with the economy. Perhaps now you will give me my due. Here is what the Wall Street Journal says.

Naturally the reason the writer penned this is because the banker cartel has to have their shills in the MSM diverting attention away from the greedy fiat money scam they are running. So Brett writes that the reason food is getting scarce is because of those darn hungry Chinese and Indians are eating up all the food. Of course Brett is either a moron or more likely a willing shill for our masters in the banking business. I emailed him to let him know that this free range slave was not going for it. Condemn me but I like rattling the chains of liars and fools. I let Brett pick which category he falls into.

Of course most will easily accept this shills scapegoating. That's because Americans, including most exiles, lost their ability to reason for themselves the day the television was invented. So permit me to aid you especially with respect to Cuba because this is important. When you realize how expensive and scarce food is becoming you must realize that it is ten times worse for Cuba. Everyone will soon go into a hording mode which further reduces the available food supply for purchase while also driving up the prices for what is still available. That means in Cuba there is less food to buy for import and at steeply escalating prices. Complicating this is their centralized, planned economy which worsens the problem for most Cubans as the top of the commie supply chain depletes the supply of available food for themselves and their family.

Cutting to the chase, what this all means is Cubans are going to go from a life of deprivation to one of famine. We are certainly at the point where most of the extended families of even the top commies are getting a bit peckish. A few more weeks and the cops won't have food for their wife and kids nor what remains of the army. However, everyone on the island knows the privileged ones who do still have amply supplies of food to eat. A mob of people with crying hungry children is a living organism that is impossible to control once unleashed. Do you think the Cuban people will just sit down and die with their children from hunger? I don't think so.

So as you are grumbling about paying more for everything because your masters in the banking cartel got too greedy with our dollars again remember that history is filled with examples of tyrants like these who set in motion events which they never could have foreseen. Exiles who switch off their TV's for a few hours might realize the urgency of the situation and already be planning to take advantage of a limited window of opportunity.

What is that opportunity? It is to get into Cuba the moment things come unglued with open wallets, arms, hearts and minds. We must be clear that we wish to exploit no one but rather we wish to free Cubans so that they themselves may exploit their own potential. We have to be the enlightened army that strikes the very second we are given the opportunity. We must fan out all across Cuba connected by our computers and other devices to bring our message. We will be the apostles of possibilities. Using these tools we will hold teach-ins that give direction and hope to the beleaguered Cuban people.

So far there is only one Tomas' Raider up and ready for action - me. You can only join Tomas' Raiders if you can answer any question about free market economics, the evils of a fiat money systems and the history of the evils of collectivism in Cuba, America and elsewhere as well as be very computer literate. You must be an individual possessing a kind giving personality. I have written extensively on the economics of the land question as it relates to wealth creation. As I have received no complaints about these proposals, except from some Castro shills who have contrived some pretty far fetched notions about these proposals, I assume that Cubans think them wise. If so please familiarize yourselves with these proposals if you want to be a Raider. Our job will be to conduct our lightening raids of information to fill the vacuum left by the failure of Castro communism. We must beat the bankers into Cuba and warn the people. Then this little banker cartel driven depression of theirs will backfire on them. Maybe their fiat money inflation pops the door open for us in Cuba, driving out the tyrants and giving us the opportunity to install a social/economic system that eventually crushes the banker cartel. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slave Revolt Organizer

That's me...the old slave revolt organizer. I've been trying my damnest to start up a good old fashion insurrection. I'm not particularly partial if it's here or in Cuba. Currently, I feel my chances are better in Cuba because the slaves there mostly realize they are Castro's slaves. Here in America most are under the delusion that they are free.

So how about it Cubanos? Want to join up with the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!!? It's risky and there's no pay involved. But if we are successful then you get to own yourself again and everything you create from that time forward.

Anyhow, if any of you still think of yourself as free with all these restrictions on you life and demands on your labor output then the yoke's still on you.

Good Morning Slaves

Have you been obedient slaves today? If not your masters will be looking to make an example of you for the other slaves so they won't get too uppity. Remember to only ingest what your masters prescribe for your diet. Only consume master approved intoxicants. Be sure to watch at least five hours of television per day so you will know the correct way to think. If your masters send the police to probe you do not resist. Just assume the position and let them have their way with you. This of course includes sex. If your masters or their brute squad members wish to have sex with you just consider yourself lucky for being so attractive and try to enjoy yourself or at least make it appear that way.

It may become necessary for your masters to kill you. They have their reasons so don't ask questions. Just submit yourself for elimination with a smile on your face. Your masters have been farming folks just like you for the longest time. They know what they are doing. Why make waves? You know what they are doing is best for the group. So be a good sport and do what you are told. Remember, an obedient slave is a happy slave. And a slave who thinks of themselves as free while following orders from his masters is the best slave of all. It makes no difference if your master is Raul Castro, George Bush or even their masters - the banker cartel. When they say jump you ask how high.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Do you hate loving it? Or do you love to hate it? For that matter what the hell is it? Quite simply, it is the stuff that man invented eons ago to represent our labor output so we did not have to only rely on barter to exchange goods and services amongst ourselves. Money permits exchange of goods and services in complex quantities limited only by a lack of demand. If their is a demand for any good or service only distance from the provider will block a transaction if it requires more labor generated money than the buyer wishes to part with to acquire.

Today, people are concerned that many things require a lot more money to buy. For example, gasoline. Ten or twelve years ago I was getting a gallon of gas for 75 cents. Now I'm paying $3.25 per gallon and I'm one of the lucky ones. Many are paying more than that. Your masters, using their shills in the main stream media, have floated the notion that it is because those darn Chinese and Indians are using so much gas. They assert that this has driven the price higher. Baloney!

Before we proceed further permit me to remind you who our masters are. They are the international banker cartel who own all the various monetary systems around the world like the dollar, pound, and euro. In America we call this cabal of international bankers "The Federal Reserve Board." The reason they are our masters is because the cartel can print up paper money to spend anytime the choose. Money should be an exact reflection of the value of all the labor in society. Remember, that is why we invented the stuff eons ago - so a roofer would not have to search all day for a toilet paper manufacturer who needed his factory or house shingled.

So our masters print up money to pay media shills to present the politicos du jour for us to choose on election day. Then our masters get these beholding politicians to pass laws to extract more and more of our labor directly using taxation of our labor output as measured in banker cartel dollars. However, because these greedy bankers print up extra money for their needs and those of their co conspirators, governments, the value of all our money declines. That's because the value of all of our slave labor has not increased - the quantity of money circulating has. The natural occurrence when this happens is price always increases.

Think of it this way. The stuff we use to convey the value of our labor is constantly being watered down by our masters the banker cartel. Because operating a fiat monetary system is not an exact science, sometimes like right now, our masters get too greedy and print up way too much money. This causes the pricing structure for all of our goods and services to be knocked out of whack. That of course always causes an economic collapse. When this happens our masters, exploiting the fact that the vast majority of you slaves don't have a clue that you even ARE slaves to this fiat money scam, use this ignorance to scapegoat the weak for the bad economy. The victims are the immigrants here illegally, drug addicts, street people, etc. These are easy targets for our masters to be sure but now the banker cartel has a better fire way to keep us enslaved.

Our masters can use terrorism, real or media shill generated, to keep us in a perpetual state of war. The media tail can wag us dogs into believing any nation on earth is harboring terrorists or that it is menacing us in some fashion. This is very important because one way to hide the effects of fiat money inflation is to control the output of all the commodities. A big reason fuel is costing so much is our masters do not yet control all of the oil wells and our masters have not yet eliminated enough slaves to dampen demand.

So the plan our masters have in store for earth is quite basic. Use the threat of terrorism to demonize then invade the nations possessing the resources they want to control, like oil in the middle east. Then using war, famine, plague, etc. kill off the least productive slaves so as to force the rest of us slaves to work hard to keep from meeting that same fate. This will result in the highest profit margin for our masters.

I don't like this situation but what can I do? You slaves are the ones who keep watching the TV getting programmed how to think so you'll keep being good little slaves. I don't write these words with the hope that enough of you slaves might read them and revolt freeing yourselves. I do so because in the future sometime an enlightened society might stumble upon them and give me my due for being right about money and our masters. See you around the salt mine fellow slave suckers...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cuba Exposed

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

American Refugee Needs A Refuge