Friday, January 16, 2009

Anderson Cooper - News Pooper Scooper

How About That Protest

What? You didn't see it on the news? Of course you didn't. Whether you agree or not about what is happening in the middle east you should be concerned that the big media blacks out protests like these. The big media only airs protests with themes of which they approve like diversity and calls for more government control.

Pictures by Crystal Gisriel

Still Flying?

Not me! Why the outgoing president, through his 9/11 commission, concluded that jet fuel can melt steel or at the very least soften it causing it to sag. Then I learned that jet engines are made out of none other than...STEEL!!! I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not flying in any planes with saggy jet engines...

As We Go Forward

In my continuing war to show that you are being manipulated everyday by a cabal of international bankers, I'd like to point out the talking phrase of the times. Currently, all of the big media mouthpieces and political muckity mucks have adopted it to massage your fears. "As we go forward" has been anointed by our very private rulers as the mantra of the times. It gives the public dolts the illusion that we are making progress. However, as we go forward, absolutely everything these experts have asserted has been wrong. More and more they appear on the duping device (the TV) as naughty boys and girls caught red handed with paws in the cookie jar. As they give new explanations everyday to explain these new conditions they seem to be making it up on the fly.

Let me explain in plain language what the shills try to hide within many opaque words. As we go forward the big media claims the credit markets are thawing and that is a sign the economy has turned around. Yes and no. Yes lending institutes would be crazy not to take interest free federal reserve notes to lend out to folks like me for an interest return. No this does not mean the economy has turned around but rather that is is going into the tank. What happens after the refi's run their course after a couple years helping people like me who are doing okay? We are still operating under illegal unconstitutional fiat money that is losing credibility more as we go forward everyday. Millions of Americans, especially baby boomers, will have to find other jobs. Many are not re-trainable and have been led to believe the government will come in and give them a good cuddle. They will plead for stimulus money and infrastructure jobs instead of getting to work in this collectivist marketplace mascerading as a free market. Please!!!

These sort of facts are the reason I could never vote for any candidates of the two main Ponsi parties who are force fed to you over the idiotizer (that's the TV too). So as we go forward you should wise up amigos and quit allowing yourself to be manipulated.

Don Tomas Estrada-Palma

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Outgoing Treasury Secretary Paulson

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tomas Andres Estrada-Palma

This is my grandfather. We called him Hoppy because we mispronounced what my older cousins were calling him "Poppy." Soon everybody in the family was calling him Hoppy. I never knew him to appear this way. This drawing is of my grandfather when he was much younger before I was born. But you friends and family in Cuba will remember him looking like this. He was the best grandfather ever! In fact, the only good that ever came from Castro was he stole Hoppy's pension so he was forced to live with us to survive until he died in 1970. But having Hoppy living with us was the luckiest break a kid ever had. When he died my friends and the kids in the neighborhood cried.

Exit Stage Leftist

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Told You So

Primo Emiliano Words Of Wisdom