Saturday, November 06, 2010


Everything points to the next big staged event happening any time now. The reason for this is we are due to fall off the economic shelf. The bankers need camouflage and chaos to proceed to the next stage of their plan.

What will this be? Are you going to argue with me that Americans are finally waking up to how our government is squandering our future? Americans are demanding answers. What lies at the end of the line with these questions is outright treason by high American officials that sold out their own nation years ago. There is NO WAY Americans are going to go for any further shenanigans. This means America has to be crushed because we are in the way of the banker's plans for a world electronic currency and an official governing elite.

These psychopaths have many choices in their toolbox of terror. Of course the big one is their nuclear option. The oligarchy controls the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and they are not afraid to use it to forward their delusions. Remember, they have the best bomb shelters should things get out of hand.

The question is where would this nuke be deployed and who would our domestic traitors blame for this next false flag attack? Phoenix looks like it might be in the cross-hairs of the attack. The residents have already been demonized as anti Hispanic racists for attempting to mitigate the problems caused by illegal immigration. The enemy television networks have gone to great lengths to air stories about tunnels running under the border with Mexico. So a contrived path for this nuke has already been planted in the minds of Americans. As for who the traitors might blame for their attack there are an ample supply. It could be blamed on the generic "Al Qaeda" boogieman perhaps working in collusion with some other scapegoats that interestingly don't play with the bankers. Take your pick. Iran is high on the list and there is always nutty North Korea. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro come to mind. Perhaps the traitors will come up with a scenario whereby all of these non players in international banksterism will be said to have hatched this evil plan together. Why not throw in the drug cartels in Mexico as conspirators as well?

Here is the truth of the matter if such a devious sneak attack was launched. Sure it would devastate America and perhaps even lead to our disintegration as one nation. However, the rest of the world would see what actually occurred and be reviled. Except for most Americans, the world has pretty much come to the conclusion that rogues within our own government attacked us on 9/11. These same rogues believe they have gotten away with their treason just because they have a majority of Americans fooled till this day. But murdering millions of us with a false flag nuclear attack would shock the rest of the world in its depravity. I believe the rest of the people in the world would not stand for it for a second.

Obama has left our targeted nation with an ample supply of military protection. The reason is his guards' top commanders are loyal to the traitors and will protect this usurper. If he were in the U.S. during the attack he could be arrested along with the other coup plotters by members of the military loyal to their country, countrymen and the U.S. Constitution. So the rat has jumped ship and scurried away to Asia. There are lots of these warning going around on the net so we may spook these psycho's into inaction and infighting. Lets hope...

Friday, November 05, 2010

Nuclear False Flag Tomorrow?

The Simpsons seem to have inside info. Lots of strange things happening like Obama heading out of Dodge with lots of military. If we are nuked please remember, it will be filthy traitors within our own government pulling the inside job off. My only question is who will they blame?

No Government Hand Out!

No...not that kind of hand out. I'm talking about the one where the government is waiting there with it's greedy hand out waiting for their cut of our labor output for doing nothing. Government stupidly continues to hold their empty hand out waiting for revenue that is not going to materialize as fewer and fewer Americans will be working. Why?

It's because the very taxing system based on envy induced social engineering is the root cause of so much job destruction as well as blocking work from ever being legally created in the first place. These meddling dogooder social engineers have used fairness as the weapon of ignorance to ruin the American economy. At its root you, I nor anyone has any claim over anybody's salary because this is slavery when we are forced to share our labor with others involuntarily.

What must be shared, which none can say with a straight face is the current reality, is the earth itself. The fact is no person invented the earth but a few lucky special people get to monopolize the planets resources and people's labor output too. Poppycock with that!

Lets turn that around. Everybody keep their damn hands off other people's labor output and that goes especially for you greedy rich, powerful international banking moguls and the like. Instead, you greedy moguls are going to have to start sharing the planet. The best way to share the planet and fund society is using the land location value tax. Yet so called liberals and so called conservatives each clamor for some version of the slavery based income tax while totally ignoring the shaft being perpetrated by the land robber barons.

WAKE UP IDIOTS! Now that the current system has failed there is no question another system must replace it and until this is done we will sink lower and lower. We have a new Congress that will be looking for ideas. How about lets start by abolishing the slavery income tax and replace it with a tax that cannot be evaded - the land location value tax. Lets see how the international conglomerates offshore that.


Remember, the CIA doesn't work for the US government...they work on the US government.

Top Eight Do Not Watch List

Some network mouthpieces are so bad, so bias, so rude and generally ignorant that they should NEVER be viewed. Here are the top ignoramuses on television:

1. Chris Matthews
2. Bill O'Reilly
3. Keith Olbermann
4. Rachael Maddow
5. Ed Shultz
6. Shawn Hannity
7. Sheppard Smith
8. Adrianna Huffington

Chris Matthews has the number one spot solidly locked down. The only thing that I can say positive about this fat windbag is for sure his gluttony will lead him to an early stroke or heart attack. Certainly, as long as Matthews remains employed at his network, MSNBC will stand for Massive Shill Network of the Banking Cabal.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

FBI Agent Exposes JFK Coup

The Banksters Outcome

It appears the oligarchy had control of enough voting machines to keep the Senate in Democrat hands for the time being. Apparently while the bankers are finishing off our economy they want a divided government that is paralyzed to stop them.

So the new Congress must turn on the bankers starting with the Federal Reserve Board. Audit them now and you will find the rot at the core of American corruption. Prosecuting them will be your ticket through the approaching hard times.

Do nothing or worse, actually aid the bankers and you will go down with the economy and the bankers.

What's Obama Do Now?

Nothing really changes. Obama will do what the C.I.A. tells him to do depending on the demands of the foreign bankers. The bankers are not stupid...just greedy and a touch psychopathic. So they are sure to alter the timetable of their goal for a unified electronic currency system and a world governing body - the both of which these snakes will control naturally.

It's more likely the bankers will depose Obama to bring about a crescendo of chaos. They likely will at least try to use our own police and military against us to restore order. But they will use the opportunity to restore their control which ain't good for people like me pointing it out. They could always FEMA camp trouble makers like me who notice too many things for our own good.

Having said this, time is not on the enemy's side. All it will take is an audit of the Federal Reserve Board for the entire den of snakes to be exposed to the American people for the traitors they are. The new Congressional leaders had better get busy demanding answers before they are eliminated by our enemy or corrupted or cooped by them.

Start sending out subpoenas demanding answers on the very first day you take office. If any Congressman or Senator would like to know who or what or where your subpoenas should go I'd be happy to give you enough suggestions to fill a successful political career. Do nothing and you will be crushed. Attack our real enemies now while the iron is hot and we cannot lose.

The Future of America is in the balance.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Still Support Government Schools?

This is a Riot! These people at the Comedy Central rally get confused between the word Kenyan and Keynesian - meaning one who supports John Maynard Keynes' notions about how wonderful centrally planned fiat money is. Watch as these idiots defend Obama's birth question when asked about his economic beliefs.

If the Democrats are hoping these dummies will keep them in office they might as well start packing. These people think a poll is an end of the earth far far away.

Monday, November 01, 2010

TSA Can Kiss My Ass

The rest of you chumps can go to the airport to get felt up but I prefer to have a choice in who I am romantically involved with. Besides, the secret police will allow bombers onto the planes without screening whenever they want to scare the American sheep and remind us to submit by allowing the plane to be blown out of the sky. So this screening is pure nonsense.

But the main reason I will not fly is the terrorists are still in charge of aviation in America. Until the neocon traitors and their co-conspirators have been arrested, prosecuted and justly punished I'm not taking any chances. They can still use the on-board flight computers to remotely fly any commercial jet any where they choose and smash it into whatever they choose then blame their murderous act on whomever they choose.

But everybody else can do as they choose. Go ahead and believe the ones sexually assaulting you are concerned for your safety. But the traitors say don't worry because the one feeling me up will also be a male. You TSA idiots are not sweetening the deal from my perspective. Could I request Paris Hilton instead? She appears to know how to handle herself in these situation and others as well.

I Am Getting Through

All the talking and writing I've done appears to be getting through. Let me explain why I see this but most, not even the enemy television shills nor the traitors aiding in the overthrow of my country, appear to realize it yet. That's good because I can continue uninterrupted fighting these scoundrel with the only weapon that I have - the truth.

When I got on my soapbox in the beginning, what I was saying about individual liberty must have sounded like some kind of galactic communism to the public schooled American. Believe me they shouted me down on many occasions. But I kept probing enemy defenses with my word weapons and I didn't even realize they were a filthy band of traitors then. I thought they were just wrong.

One of my early successes was when I got G. Gordon Liddy to refer to Hilliary Clinton's book on raising kids as, "It Takes A Village Idiot," over his radio show. I realized then whenever I could think up a really "good one" to zing one or more of these hubris filled windbags, that people would be glad to steal the expression and use it themselves.

These quips of reality are like a virus attack on my targets. Please make no mistake about this either. My enemy is targeted now with urgency because I came to know my real enemy, what they wanted and how they operated. My awakening melded conveniently with the widespread adoption of the Internet. The Internet is my information mosquito. I use it to infect the planet with the truth.

Naturally, the truth is a startling thing compared to the collectivist fairyland portrayed over the enemy networks. It is far more comforting to believe that just a gaggle of Arab terrorists are trying to kill us rather than the truth of the matter - a cabal of traitors within our own federal government conducted a sneak attack in a made for enemy network television reality dramatization but with real bombs and murdered victims.

Sure the enemy counter attacked in the beginning but that only made my words more damaging so they went away. Now it is too late. Too many Americans know treason has been committed and they are damn mad about it too. They will not be intimidated now by a cabal of sneaky cowards. We're American dammit!

Sarah Palin appears to be one of my reality info-virus infections. When I first heard Sarah during her vice-president run she sounded every bit the neocon scripted dupe. But even then I felt she was still a nice lady with her heart in the right place. I just watched Sarah on FOX. It could have been me up there saying those words basically about liberty. But even more important Sarah is onto who the real enemy is now to our country. She talked about how the networks worked the smear tactic on Rand Paul by only showing part of their scripted incident. Sarah is walking into my camp ready to hear the whole truth about the traitors - if she has not already come to know the truth.

Sarah, what you need is what America needs - a sustainable social and economic system. You and America must realize the foreign bankers control our secret police. Our secret police control our national politicians the way traitors always have using blackmail, intimidation and when all else fails assassination. Sarah you should know that by continuing to move into the camp of the patriots for individual liberty that all of these tactics are likely to be used against you so heads up. Sarah it is more than just corrupt enemy television networks taking America down. It is the core systems controlled by the traitors for the benefit of the foreign economic invaders.

Therefore, please realize that the trillion dollar military empire promoted over the enemy television networks is for the benefit of the invading foreign bankers. Our monstrous, murderous foreign adventures do nothing but make Americans hated around the world while making the bankster filthy rich. Also there is a better way to fund our much smaller government that cannot include a military empire even if we thought we could use one. Continuing this hare brain policy will lead to our downfall through economic collapse. Does it matter if America loses militarily or economically? Either way we lose! When American parents can't feed their children and many live in the streets we lose. To them it does not make a damn bit if difference if foreign armies or the local sheriff evicted them.

We can fix this fast but not with the current batch of crooks. Bring the troops home along with the trillions of military dollars and spend them here in America for American infrastructure rather that bombs for bankers. Only tax the negatives in society and leave the things we humans need to live the hell alone! So don't ever tax food and water, income, sales, imports and exports, houses and businesses, health care, etc. But please tax the things we need less of starting with the severe reduction in speculative urban land hording. If you want to really get the local economy fired up stop giving slum lords and real estate speculators tax breaks to keep the rest of us off their land so they can profit by selling it in the future after we've built the infrastructure up around it with our money. Tax location value of land and not the buildings. Then just watch as an explosion of construction and improvement jobs are created because under this wise tax policy we would no longer tax Americans for fixing up their homes and businesses. In addition we would no longer tax shelter the speculators forcing them to bring their urban land holdings into productive use creating even more jobs.

By placing the tax burden on the land portion of wealth creation and not on the labor portion America can very quickly recover economically. This is a sustainable policy as well that will bring about a broad, wealthy middle class of American who will grow more independent as a result. That's the last thing the current gang of traitors want. But that's what Americans want. We want to be so busy minding our own damn business and creating wealth that we have no time for crime nor nonsense from politicians thinking only they are wise enough to mind our affairs for us.

So anyone with questions or concerns about moving to this sane social/economic reform please feel free to ask.