Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ebola Economy

My mind ponders, from time to time, what the traitors to America might do next to satisfy their urges to dominate and control. They are apt to do anything.

These puppets of the international bankers have a big problem to deal with. This problem arises from time to time for them. The banksters and industrialists using government create ways to legally steal from the masses. These counter civilization systems they create run against nature and therefore cannot stand forever. Think of these schemes as damn holding back more and more water. These elites actually are trying to block what would occur naturally for profit and to sooth their hollow need to dominate and control everything.

The taproot system these viper class of Satan worshipers implemented hundreds of years ago is the fiat money scam that converts labor into pieces of paper. Then these pieces of converted labor can be gambled with to make more pieces of paper. To add to the fun the bankster class, the Rothschild and such, print up more pieces of papers secretly with which to gamble.

However, the nature of economics is forcing more and more paper money into circulation drops the buying power of all money causing prices to increase. That's why the price of everything is going up now. Now because of some frost in Brazil or other excuse. Eventually, the money would become worthless and in many cases has done just that. But the rogues running this family operation have been at it for hundreds of years and know how to deal with the realities of inflation.

In a nutshell, they instigate some enormous calamity which they use to blame for the sudden collapse of the economy. It could be WWI, WWII, 9/11, whatever. These vile paper money snakes are capable of anything to reset the economic Ponzi scheme and start the cycle all over again. When they start the collapse businesses and people go under forcing them to sell all the wealth they've created with their labor and guess who is sitting on a pile of money ready to buy it? The banking elites who buy what they fancy at fire sale prices.

The trouble they face naturally, which is to say them going against nature, is getting away with this scheme once again. For in nature if the people at large working and foraging around innocently as they do oblivious to this evil, were to wake up and see they were being robbed and murdered by central bankers they'd rightly kill the bankers first. Their henchmen would be dead meat too.  Mind you I'm not speaking of your corner local banker. I'm talking of the money creators who are the shadow government. So these vipers have to have a believable calamity with which to blame the impending economic calamity on to cover their own asses. It looks like for the time being their usual preferred method of sowing chaos, war, is a no-go. People everywhere are against it and start protesting whenever it's advocated like with Syria.

What is the bankster class to do? Enter Ebola - perhaps via the southern border. If bankster injected Ebola is used in the west everything economic gets shut down. To stop an outbreak everybody has to stay put until the outbreak dies out. This virus' must have a living host as it cannot live for long in nature otherwise. Basically you and every American would be under house arrest and be that way for several weeks until the infections died out. The stock market would crash and land at maybe 20% of its value before the outbreak. Lots of people would die as well but the banksters may be willing to take that chance with civilization to preserve their money scam. Of course they are control freaks and believe they can steer this outbreak to mostly effect blacks, Hispanics and in general people in society whom these elite snobs feel inferior to themselves. So of course they would start the epidemic in Africa. Duh!

Anyways, that's what I'd put my wager on - Ebola. You'll have to have two or three weeks of food because normal transportation will be banned. Then government might insist that you take some inoculations but avoid that like the plague as they are controlled by the banksters and would be as likely to kill you with those shots.

I warn you of these possibilities in hopes that should the establishment puppets implement this plan it will backfire and they and their bosses in the world of banking and industry will be strung up for good.



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