Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson America

Ferguson is the fuse the traitors hope to use to ignite a race war but it hasn't gone as planned. People of all races and beliefs know the behavior of police is nothing less than provocative to increase the likelihood of violence. The attack on journalists and even arresting them puzzles me. What did they hope to accomplish?

My thinking is the ruling establishment is keen on spreading the protest to the rest of the cities to have a nationwide conflict, call it civil war if you like. So intimidating journalists and removing them from covering the story would make sense if they hope to close the deal on the elimination of the Constitution with Marshall Law in substitution. But the cops better realize they are outnumbered unless they stay on the people's side of the Constitution. If not they will be chased back to their precincts then to their own homes just to protect what they still have.

As for the people I plead with everyone to remain calm and do not submit to the provocations of the federal plain clothes instigators. Remember, most of the cops are manipulated by unprincipled scum leadership, so don't start right out by screaming obscenities at them. Educate them first. Whatever they do to the people will surely be done to their people as well one day and you have to point that out to them. As long as people remain civil they are legally allowed to protest their grievances and that goes for the police as well who surely will have some grievances of their own in the future if not right now.

The fact is the traitor controlled government is fast losing the information battle for the narrative high ground. Time is not on their side and the race war notion they hoped to start isn't panning out. The people have finally as a mass begun to focus on their real enemies starting with the central bankers and leadership within the government. That's why Ferguson citizens shouted Al "the Snitch" Sharpton the hell out of town. If the people want to burn something don't burn the town. Burn the concept of the Federal Reserve Note free range debt slavery. That's the root cause of our bondage and poverty. As soon as a critical mass of the people is achieved it's over for the Fed banksters and their minions of enforcers. Thereafter, we could still use money but it would be tied to something crooked bankers couldn't inflate or deflate whenever they secretly wanted to make some bucks off the slave populations' labor. Labor would be tax free and only the land would be taxed. Lets see the global multinational corporations and elites hide their land from taxes.



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