Saturday, June 02, 2012

Why Royalty Exists

Quite simply, kings, queens and other such nobility exist because enough of the rest of us still recognize them as such. This small number of people have had all the benefits in the world bestowed upon them and from where I sit the money and trinkets have done them little good.

My father use to tell me our family could be traced back to the Duke of Estrada in the twelfth century in Spain. Then before I could get use to the notion of being a descendent of royalty, my aunt Helena set me straight. She said he wasn't the Duke of Estrada. He was Duke Estrada. He was a diplomat involved in negotiations between Spain and England before the Spanish Armada ran into a bit of trouble. So Duke was not only a commoner but also a historically failed negotiator for the losing side.

Be that as it may, in a nutshell, the blue bloods still exist because their great grand daddies put together the biggest goon squad and stole everything they could get their hands on including the people and their land. Supposedly, most of us are free but the land is still in royal hands. Add to that the fact that we are taxed at crippling levels whilst the noble ones are exempt.

These few thousand individuals own most of the planet but as a group they are a rather crazy bunch with crazy ideas. They have secretly treated the rest of us as their lab rats and sex toys. Their solution to the masses discovering these crimes against us is to commit genocide against the masses. What can we do to stop them?

Share the earth. That will remove the wealth from the hands of these few thousand nuts and get it into the hands of millions, perhaps billions of hard working people who will put it to productive use. How do we do this? Simple! Tax all location value of the land that each and every one of us own including and especially the royalty. Now this tax would not be levied on the improvements to the land like houses. So for the vast majority of people their tax bills will go WAY down. There will be no more income, sales or other taxes based on labor output. Because outlying areas have poor location value, farmland would have little or no location tax value. There would be no way of evading this single tax so it would be broad based and easy to collect.

There are a million wonderful things I could tell you about going to this single tax. But here is the important things to remember.

Wealth = Labor + Land

By switching to a system of location value taxes on Land and eliminating Labor taxes on us commoners, because the blue bloods don't do labor, we make just hording Land so costly that the royalty would only be able to hold onto as much land as they could put into productive use creating wealth. The rest would go back to common people to put into productive use creating wealth. The reality we face today is too many people are blocked from having access to the land to be able to create enough wealth to live. Hell, under our current royal feudal set up we can't even improve our homes or add a room without having our taxes go up.

Read Henry George's masterpiece, "Progress and Poverty" then come back with questions on how we could implement this reform to save the people of the earth from being destroyed by the royal pain in the asses.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Jerry Lewis Was Really Fired

In this article, which reads like controlled opposition by paid shills, the writer conveys their outrage at the Muscular Dystrophy Association's firing of Jerry Lewis. I suspect controlled opposition with this site because they never discuss one big question. Why?

Dr. Joel D. Wallach on claims he sent the cause of muscular dystrophy to Mr. Lewis who was promptly fired by the MDA. Which leads to the next question - again why?

The reason is high-paying employment in the muscular dystrophy industry. It would be like a hundred years ago or so with you working at that high paying job in the buggy whip factory. You've got it made! One day this guy Henry walks up to you and says, "Good news my fellow American. I've created a gasoline powered buggy machine that does not need horses. You just pour a bit of gasoline in it and you are on your way." Henry in his excitement doesn't see that you have gone pale as a ghost because if he is correct then you will have no job soon. Perhaps this is the only job you have ever known, maybe for twenty or thirty years or more. Right about then you want to kill him and everybody named Ford.

This is what modern life is all about and why I don't give a damn plug nickle to any of these swindling charities. The last thing they wish to do is cure cancer or any human malady. Big pharma' has the doctors by their nuts in that they control all aspects of medicine from teaching to prescribing to giving patients the bad news about there still being no cure for this disease or that but they have lots of elixirs to ease your suffering a bit. The same situation holds true for the energy industry. Power could be free and abundant if certain technology were let out of the box. But the power industry suppresses this science and keeps it under wraps - meaning if you try to bring it to market they will certainly kill you.

I must assume Jerry Lewis is under threat of execution if he talks so I'm talking for him. Naturally, they probably threatened his family members too. That's the way greedy industrialists operate. So sad that many of you have been duped and actually gave money to organization like MDA. Hell I even held a carnival when I was a kid.

The suppressed technologies that could transform our species into a peaceful and abundantly prosperous one that cares for everybody just by being open and honest with each other, remains hidden. The not so secret oligarchs are greedy inbred damaged hunks of DNA who cling to power over the planet through deception. A large part of this deception has to do with our health. They are killing us softly then lying about it while offering a treatment that will not cure the disease and often make things much worse. Most human disease is elbow related. Just about every time the elbow bends most folks are putting the wrong things into their mouth. Americans have the highest rate of diseases like cancer and heart disease/stroke as well as diabetes. The big pharma lie is that it's your genetics - especially you dark skinned people. Isn't it funny how every earthly problem is attributed to those who possess genes that include dark skinned characteristics? I suppose not for those who HAVE dark skin.

Whatever your skin color, stop putting poisons into your face and replace the toxins with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that you are not getting now from big pharma's kissing cousin - big agra. Once you feel better you can join the growing resistance to the building globalist tyranny. Most of you right now are in no condition to fight in the struggle to close your trousers.

Monday, May 28, 2012

More Proof I'm Obsessive/Compulsive

I have the downspouts flowing into the big koi pond. The wooden fence was the across-the-street neighbor's porch railing. I build things better using free stuff. I look at a pile of old wood or brick and see what it will be. Usually I have to cut very little wood. I can find the piece that fits.
Here are my two peach trees. I've already made 2 qt. of peach salsa, 7 qts. of peach jam, 2 peach pies, started about a gallon of peach wine and as you can see I still need to harvest the peaches on the tree on the right. I had so many peaches they snapped one peach laden branch. I taped it back together and it'll probably be alright.

This is one of my pear trees, now three years old. If you look closely you can see our first two peaches.

There are some peppers in the foreground.

Here is my army surplus air cooled, diesel 10 K generator that I just got to fire up after doing some mending on it. Runs great! I'm looking to get a big tank which will allow me to get diesel delivered right to my house for half the cost since there is no road tax for the fuel meant for a generator. I plan to install a transfer switch and wire it into my house. That's a strawberry patch and potatoes nearby. I've had Soooooo many strawberries. I've put up 7 qts. of strawberry jam, made two enormous strawberry pies and they keep growing and growing. The generator and the trailer it came on cost me about $700 at auction at Government Liquidators.

Those are my thorn-less blackberries. There are lots of them.

That's a nectarine.

More Garden Pictures

This is my apricot tree.

The leaning tree is an almond with some grapes in the background.

Here are some of the raised bed gardens I built which now have the rain water from my rain barrel overflowing into the garden. That's the white pipe with the hose.

Those are two apple trees in the background. The tall veggies are carrots with some small tomato plants mixed in.

I started growing leeks in this triangle garden about three years ago and I've never had to plant more. I have potatoes and carrots that keep coming up though I planted lots of seed potatoes as well. Dill grows wild every year.

Those are zucchinis surrounded by potatoes.

My Garden And Stuff

Here is one of my rain barrels on a tower. My grapes look great!

This is the greenhouse I built using my old windows that I replaced with nice insulated windows. My grapes grow inside the green house providing shade in the hot summer. The cylinder is my rocket jet burner that I can heat the greenhouse on cold days with extending my growing season.

That's one of my two cherry trees to the left. The trellis with the red and purple flowers is visited everyday by humming birds.
Here is the patio I built with free bricks that use to be a wall in N.E. Washington, DC. The square thing is the small koi pond my wife built. I dug the bigger one around the side of the house. The stuff from the filters from the ponds I put directly on my plants and veggies and trees. Apparently they love it. I put all of my ashes from the fireplace into my soil as well.

Here on the right is the big pond. Again, the bricks were free.

This back patio I built using 10 cents per brick delivered and stacked. I barbeque out back here near my kitchen and all of the plants you see are my herb garden except the lemon tree in the pot in the center,

More pictures coming soon.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

See Something Say Something

As I waited for my wife at Union Station I was bombarded by television screens in every direction telling me how safe I was because the government was on the job fighting the terrorists. However, I knew I would not be bombed at the station that morning. How?

I knew everything would be fine when I saw the bomb sniffing dogs patrolling the station. Bomb sniffing dogs will get 100% of the explosives every time. That's why the government doesn't use them 100% of the time. The government doesn't want to stop all of the terrorism especially the attacks that the government itself orchestrates to scare up tax revenue and boogeyman the American public.

Therefore, police officers should learn to recognize the "stand down order." It could save your life. The filthy traitors who have commandeered our republic always issue a stand down order before false flag attacking us. The jets that should have been patrolling the skies on 9/11 were conveniently ordered to fly south away from the attack area so they would not be available to protect the airspace over New York and Washington, DC. Just before JFK was murdered by the CIA, his security detail that was supposed to run along side and stand on the back bumpers of his limo protecting his flank were ordered away from Kennedy's vehicle.

Many if not most of the police are just like the American people - duped. In fact it seems like the type of people that are hired now as cops are rather low IQ people who are good at following simple orders but not thinking for themselves. They are chumps who actually believe they are doing something to keep us safe. But they are actors playing a role even if they do not realized they are staged security window dressing.

My point to the modern intellectually challenged law enforcement officers is to recognize a stand down order when you hear one. If your job is to patrol a public place with your bomb sniffing dog then suddenly you are ordered elsewhere, that should be a red flag. Also police should be very aware of all training exercises. Training exercises are often used by the traitors as cover when they plan to attack us. Lots of police and firemen died on 9/11 when they rushed into the burning towers not realizing this was a trap meant to scare the rest of America into acting like Nazis. No steel framed skyscrapers had ever before fallen due to fire, nor since. So these first responders ran into the building never realizing they would be blown to bits by bombs ordered planted in the towers by traitorous scum before they ever arrived on the scene.

My final word here is to the rest of you fools who still fly. When my wife said she would be going to Florida for her nursing conference I insisted that she take the train. Oh sure I was mindful of the groping she might have to go through at the airport. I've been married to Deni for almost 26 years and I am very restricted by her on the question of whether or not to grope her myself. I only do so when it suits her fancy. I also don't like the idea of sending her into the naked scanning micro wave easy bake ovens used in airports these days. In Boston airport some of the TSA workers have developed cancer and they were among the first to deploy these people cookers in the theatrical airport productions. However, my main concern is commercial airliners all still have the on-board flight computers that allow aviation "officials" to fly the airplane remotely from the ground. So these traitors can still gas everybody on the plane, knocking them out or killing them, then fly the poor souls into a building.

When I became aware of the 9/11 treason I began sounding the alarm. My wife, like many duped Americans believed I was acting crazy. However, I kept hammering away with the facts. When I said I wanted her to take the train she did not object. She now knows I've been absolutely correct about filthy scum who attacked us on 9/11. September 11th should be renamed "Treason Recognition Day" where Americans take time to remember those sacrificed by filthy traitorous scum in false flag attacks. Ain't it funny how the traitors now want to move on real quickly away from the 9/11 attack? Have you noticed they say the war on terrorism is over now except with those terrorist American white Al Qaeda? You people are damn fools if you have not seen the truth yet. Some more of you are sure to be murdered later this year and there is nothing at this point that can be done to stop it. I'm hoping these will be the last deaths from false flag attacks and that the American public, and the rest of the world for that matter, wises up.