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Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve

Radical Tomas?

Not at all. Sure I call for the death of some individuals but deservingly so. People who shoot peaceful school children, people who send non violent protesters to die in disgusting dungeons, to a slow death of deprivation - deserve to die. The Bible says if a man comes to kill you then you should rise up and kill him first. There is no law in places like Venezuela and Cuba. So I ask everyone to come over to our side - the side of freedom and prosperity. Do so now because those who resist could be targeted for death.

Cuba's Nelson Mandela

Look here and see how the Castro boys treat black men who say they don't like the government of Cuba. Dr. Biscet never did anything violent (which Mandela did) yet if you kept a dog in these prison conditions you would be put away in jail for a long time in a civilized country.


Hugo's Police Shot

This is very good news. Since the police have decided to shoot unarmed student there is no law in Venezuela except for the law of the jungle. So shooting the police is appropriate. Also, I call on the freedom fighter who machine gunned the Che monument to find that creep who was on TV after shooting kids at school and execute him. You know who he is but he does not know your identity. These tyrants must be made to pay for their barbaric behavior and fear for their own safety.

Free Venezuela!!! Free Cuba!!!

Bad Times Ahead

Look here and your future are very important to me. Cubans have suffered more than their share. So you don't need more pain or bad news. However, bad news is on the way but it may have a silver lining. The fact is the decades of economic mismanagement by the old-school Democrats and the neo-Republicans has critically undermined our nation. You should be moving into cash and reducing debt. Simply put, our government and the collection of private banks known as the Federal Reserve Board has been drastically increasing the supply of money. Since dollars are our worker credits, this means when the government print too many it reduces the value of all our worker credits. The vast majority of Americans don't realize this. However, all the nations around the world certainly do understand this and are now dumping the dollar.

It will never be too late for us if enough of us understand the problem and act accordingly. There is one presidential candidate who IS talking about this problem - Ron Paul. I've read where some of you have referred to this very honest gentleman as a "nut." Is Ron Paul crazy or do many simply fail to understand his warning and choose to denigrate the unknown? Don't feel badly if you have done this because it is human nature to fear the unknown. But as you see the value of your homes steeply decline, watch your investments evaporate right before your eyes and find that you must fork over more and more of these hyper-inflated dollars to buy the same amount of food and gas with your old paycheck - I've got a feeling you all are going to become very curious about these things.

Friday, November 09, 2007

CDR In Decline

Despite the best efforts of CDR block maggots like Over DeLeon, who we will deal with shortly for his evil support of the Castro regime, the fervor and zeal of the majority of members has died off to nothing. No one believes Cuba will improve under socialism - even CDR members. Read this.

Invade Cuba Now!!!

Ninety miles away is an evil government bent on the destruction of America that has used chemical weapons in the past. Read this:

Recent outbreaks of West Nile virus that have killed more than 30 Americans and infected another 675 have been traced to birds that may have been infected at Cuban bioweapons labs. Cuba’s record in the filed of Chemical Warfare is also not very encouraging. Cuba had reportedly used weaponised poison gas against South African troops and forces from the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). Also Cuban-supported rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia had used poison gas in an attack on the Colombian town of San Adolfo recently. Defected Cuban scientists and Ken Alibek, former deputy director of the Soviet Biopreparat, provided major evidence about Cuba’s bio-weapons programme during 1980s and 1990s

Chavez Regime Caught Lying

Excellent reporting by our man George of Georges shows evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that pro-Chavez armed goons attacked peaceful students returning to school. He has the pictures. Take that Sean Penn and Danny Glover. Here's what you Hollywood boys should do. Go the hell to Venezuela and Cuba now because you will be banned from EVER setting foot in a free Cuba and I'm sure the Venezuelans feel likewise! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!! Your support for the pro-murder Chavez is disgusting!

Amnesty Internation's Damning Report on Cuba

How do you liberals get to sleep at night after supporting the scumbag Castro boys? Here's what one of your favorite organizations says about Cuba:

"The government continued to deny the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Cuba access to the country. AI and other independent human rights organizations were also not allowed to visit."

Poll-cats At It Again

Everyone must wonder how Ron Paul can raise enormous amounts of money yet does not show up in the polls. The reason is they don't include his name in the polls. Then they say since he did not poll at least 5% he has to be excluded from the Republican debates. This sort of unfair behavior by political hacks, polecats, the MSM and all those hoping to feather their nests with your labor, should be particularly alarming to Cubans. We have seen these deceptions before.... Wake up!!!

Look at this AP poll:

Ipsos Public Affairs Project #81-5861-66 Page 2 November 5-7, 2007 AP/Ipsos Poll [ONLY ASKED OF THOSE WHO ANSWERED “REPUBLICAN” TO PARTY AFFILIATION OR “LEAN REPUBLICAN” TO FOLLOW-UP] {Base size is 361 respondents} 1b. If the 2008 Republican presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, and the candidates were...for whom would you vote? 1b1.

First choice ONLY 11/5-7/07

Rudy Giuliani 29 %

Fred Thompson 19 %

John McCain 13 %

Mitt Romney 12 %

Mike Huckabee 10 %

Other 2 * %

None 7 %

Sam Brownback* - 1 %

Newt Gingrich* - 7 %

The reason the above maggots appear in the AP poll and not Ron Paul is this is your selection of choices that the elite offers. All of the previous AP polls excluded Ron Paul's name as well! And even if you vote for Ron Paul these Stalinists are the ones counting the votes. Even so I get damn angry whenever I'm being manipulated! You should too! Haven't we been used long enough by these criminal governments? Come on people!!!


Danny Glover & Sean Penn's Buddy Chevez

Here is an example of how your buddy Chavez treats unarmed students who are protesting to have the same rights as you Hollywood assholes. What Hugo does is send in masked gunmen to shoot down kids at school. Hugo's big hero is Che who was a famous racists who once said, "The Negro is indolent and lazy..." Danny do you consider yourself indolent and lazy? Maybe not but I can assure you that you and your Hollywood gang are all ignorant as rocks. Maybe I'm wrong? Why don't some of you elitists Hollywood maggots explain to me why these kids needed to be shot by Chavez goons? Dime

Sean Penn you are a disgusting oaf. When you lay down with dogs you get fleas! I will personally hound you till the day I die over your support for the baboon Chavez. When you support evil you become evil. You have done a bad thing. Life takes from the takers and gives to the givers. Your day of reckoning is near. In the mean time I will fantasize about burying my foot deep in your dumb asses everyday. Stay out of MY way boys! Your ass is mine now!!!

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Ron Paul Kicking Bernanke's Ass

Check This Site Out

E.W.B. in Cuba

That's Existing While Black, E.W.B. Read on from Joseito:

Desde Cuba - Sociedad

"..Activistas de derechos humanos han denunciado que más del 84% de las víctimas de los operativos de la policía contra "elementos antisociales" en los últimos años, son negros y mulatos con edades entre los 17 y los 30 años..."

Por Luis Cino

Cubanet/Noticuba Internacional

La Habana, 8 de noviembre del 2007

Ser negro y joven en La Habana es un oficio duro y riesgoso, me comentó hace un par de años un amigo rasta de Mantilla. Sus trenzas lo hacían víctima de la suspicacia policial. Lo acusaban a menudo, como a muchos de sus amigos, de importunar a los turistas. Se casó con una sueca y hoy vive en Helsingborg.

Es frecuente que las rondas policiales exijan los documentos de identidad a los jóvenes negros de ambos sexos por las calles de La Habana. Al parecer, la policía considera que son particularmente proclives al delito y al "jineteo".

Las áreas más ruinosas de La Habana, paralelas a la ciudad virtual para turistas que muestra Eusebio Leal, albergan mayor proporción de negros y mulatos que de blancos.

Los municipios Habana Vieja y Centro Habana ejemplifican bien la persistencia de estos patrones residenciales.

Los negros y mulatos representan alrededor del 36% de la población de la ciudad, pero su proporción en dichos municipios es de 44 y 47 % respectivamente.

Según los últimos censos de población, alrededor del 13% de los habaneros vive en solares y cuarterías. En Habana Vieja y Centro Habana se triplica la proporción de los que habitan en casas de vecindad.

El 14% de los habaneros vive en esos municipios, pero en ellos está casi la mitad de las casas de la capital con serios daños estructurales.

La proporción de casas con baños colectivos era 3 a 4 veces más alta en Habana Vieja (36%) y Centro Habana (24%) que en el resto de la ciudad.

Estos barrios, caracterizados por altas densidades de población no blanca y por un entorno deteriorado, son percibidos por las autoridades como centros de actividad delictiva.

Parece ser que, según los criterios de la PNR, la geografía de la criminalidad está vinculada a la raza y la pobreza.

El 31 % de las áreas oficialmente clasificadas por la PNR como focos delictivos en La Habana durante la pasada década, estaban localizadas en los tres municipios con las proporciones más altas de negros y mulatos en la ciudad: Habana Vieja, Centro Habana y Marianao. Sin embargo, los 3 municipios sólo comprendían menos del 20% de la
población total de la capital.

Un estudio encargado por el Fiscal General de la República en 1987 reveló que en más del 70% de los casos, la designación de un área como "foco delictivo" no reflejaba necesariamente índices delictivos más altos que en el resto de la ciudad. Eran las percepciones policíacas las que convertían estas áreas, con alta densidad de población negra y de bajos ingresos, en focos delictivos.

Los índices de criminalidad eran superiores en barrios considerados como menos peligrosos por la policía, tales como Arroyo Naranjo, Cerro y San Miguel del Padrón.

Según los resultados del estudio, de un total de de 643 casos de "peligrosidad predelictiva" sometidos a los tribunales en Ciudad de La Habana entre mayo y diciembre de 1986, 345 acusados eran negros y 120 mulatos. Los no blancos eran el 78 % de todos los individuos considerados como socialmente peligrosos.

Un blanco de cada 5 mil 430 enfrentaba cargos de peligrosidad social, comparados con un negro de cada 713. Los negros fueron declarados "socialmente peligrosos" 7,6 veces más que los blancos y 3,4 veces más que los mulatos.

Raicel Pérez Oliva, un joven negro de 17 años, residente en el Reparto Eléctrico, Arroyo Naranjo, fue arrestado durante la Operación Contención, a inicios de 2005. Por no estudiar ni trabajar lo acusaron de "peligrosidad predelictiva". Lo condenaron a 4 años de prisión en el Combinado del Este.

La peligrosidad social, un préstamo tomado de la panoplia jurídica fascista de Benito Mussolini, ha sido utilizada durante más de dos décadas para caracterizar conductas de determinados jóvenes negros que no difieren sustancialmente de las de los habaneros de piel más clara.

Las desigualdades provocadas por el Período Especial agravaron la situación. Activistas de derechos humanos han denunciado que más del 84% de las víctimas de los operativos de la policía contra "elementos antisociales" en los últimos años, son negros y mulatos con edades entre los 17 y los 30 años.

Noticuba Internacional un medio informativo al servicio de quienes entregan lo mejor de si por un futuro democrático y libre de totalitarismo para todo el continente Latinoamericano.

Opiniones y comentarios:





Oficina del Congresista Mario Diaz-Balart , 12851 SW 42nd.
Street, Suite 131. Miami, FL 33175

Noticuba Internacional

Martes, 6 de noviembre del 2007

Los Congresistas Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen y Lincoln Diaz-Balart invitan a la comunidad a participar en un evento para celebrar la entrega de la Medalla Presidencial de la Libertad al preso político cubano, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet por parte del Presidente George W. Bush.

"El Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet merece este reconocimiento por ser un hombre íntegro, un defensor de los derechos humanos y un luchador incansable por la libertad de Cuba. El es un verdadero héroe al igual que otros patriotas que han luchado por la democracia. Los hombres como el Dr. Biscet aman la libertad y son ejemplos a seguir que mantienen viva la lucha y la esperanza del pueblo cubano," dijo el Congresista Mario Diaz-Balart.

"Al igual que Polonia tuvo a Lech Walesa, Birmania a Ang San Suu Kyi y los checos a Vaclav Havel, Cuba tiene al Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet," declaró Ros-Lehtinen, añadiendo "A la fortaleza pacífica del Dr. Biscet frente a los actos violentos del régimen castrista ofrece el espíritu de poder y solidaridad para ayudar al pueblo cubano quitarse las cadenas de la opresión."

"Le estoy profundamente agradecido al Presidente George W. Bush por haberle otorgado la Medalla Presidencial de la Libertad, la mas alta condecoración que un Presidente de Estados Unidos puede otorgarle a un civil, al Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet. Al honrar al Dr. Biscet, el Presidente nos recordó la verdad de las palabras del Dr. Martin Luther King: "Una injusticia en cualquier parte es una afrenta a la justicia en todas partes". Al reconocer a un hombre cuyo ejemplo y sufrimiento personifican el heroísmo de miles de hombres y mujeres que han luchado por la libertad de Cuba desde 1959 hasta hoy, el Presidente Bush ha honrado a Estados Unidos, a su pueblo, y a la presidencia," comentó el Congresista Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

QUIEN: Congresistas Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen y Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

QUE: Evento en Miami para celebrar la entrega de la Medalla Presidencial de la Libertad al preso político cubano, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.

CUANDO: Sábado, 10 de Noviembre de 2007 a las 11:00 am.

DONDE: Oficina del Congresista Mario Diaz-Balart , 12851 SW 42nd. Street, Suite 131. Miami, FL 33175


Abajo Fidel!

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I noticed that my hits from Cuba dropped off to zero. Then I realized that the Feedjit counter displayed on my blog might scare Cuba hits away because the evil criminal Cuban government could see where the surfer came from. So come back Cubano amigos! I won't do anything to compromise you. Sorry for not thinking.

Where's The Blockade?

You still think there is an embargo on Cuba. Why then can you rent pleasure boats in Cuba?

Look here...

I hope the US Treasury Department will do so as well to see if any boats have been booked out of the US. We told you to look at Travelosity and sure enough jack pot! Please check this website out too and start issuing subpoenas.

Cuba Travelers Warning

New Noel Numbers

Lady In White Arrested

Arrestan a Dama de Blanco por usar brazalete de cambio . La Habana , 6 de noviembre.- Las Damas de Blanco ,madres , esposas y otros familiares de los 75 opositores pacíficos y periodistas independientes enviados a prisión por el gobierno de Fidel Castro en la primavera del año 2003 en Cuba , denunciaron en la Habana el arresto de la integrante del colectivo de mujeres , Berta Soler Fernández , por llevar una brazalete de goma blanco con la palabra CAMBIO , el pasado 4 de noviembre .

Soler Fernández , esposa del preso político y de conciencia , Ángel Moya Acosta , tras salir de la vivienda dela también Dama de Blanco , Laura Pollán Toledo , fue interceptada por 2 agentes de la Policía Nacional Revolucionarais (PNR) en las calles Neptuno y Aramburu , en la barriada de Cayo Hueso , municipio Centro Habana ,los que tras solicitarle su identificación le comunicaron que sería conducida a un punto policial .

“Cuando me percato de la detención de Berta , en bata de casa me persone en Neptuno y Aramburu y proteste por el arresto , les dije a los policías que porque no arrestaban a los ladrones , drogaditos, delincuentes . Berta fue conducida en el carro patrullero No. 935 . “ , dijo Laura Pollán Toledo en declaraciones exclusivas ofrecidas a este periodista . Berta Soler Fernández , fue conducida a un centro de detención de la PNR situado en las calles San Lázaro y Hospital .

“Encontrándome en el punto hacia donde fui llevada , el oficial de la PNR identificado por Joel me pregunta que es lo que dice mi brazalete , le dije , lea usted lo que dice . Cuando Joel lee dice en voz alta CAMBIO ,uno de los policías presentes me preguntó¿Tu sabes que cosa es CAMBIO? ,y me explica CAMBIO es contrarrevolución , es estar en contra del gobierno ,y que me someterían a investigación . Le manifesté que no me iba a quitar el brazalete ,queme consideraba una mujer libre , que era la esposa del preso político y de conciencia Ángel Moya , condenado a 20 años de prisión por el gobierno de Fidel Castro , que sí me iban a investigar que iniciaran el proceso , y les facilite 5 números telefónicos de la Sección 21 del Departamento de Seguridad del Estado . Pude confirmar que Joel conversó con Aramis , un agente perteneciente a la citada Sección 21 . Tras culminar la conversación telefónica , Joel me devolvió mi identificación ofreciendo una satisfacción , no refiriéndose al tema del brazalete, retirándome del lugar .” dijo Soler .

Se confirmó por este periodista que el arresto de la Dama de Blanco por usar un brazalete con la palabra CAMBIO no es un caso aislado .Recientemente 60 jóvenes fueron arrestados en la Habana por usar el brazalete con la palabra CAMBIO .

Reporto desde la Habana el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira , de la Agencia de Prensa Sindical Press y corresponsal en la isla de Misceláneas de Cuba . Nota : Se adjunta para acompañar la información una fotografía en la que aparece la Dama de Blanco , Berta Soler Fernández , en su mano derecha porta el brazalete de goma de color blanco con la palabra CAMBIO ,motivo del arresto de la Policía en la Habana , a su lado el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira .

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Cuban Cops: Prove you were robbed...

More Outraged Tourists

Tourist: We will not ever go back!

The Cuba Rebellion

Iran & Cuba

FOX News & Cambio

Things are happening people! FOX just did an excellent piece on the "cambio" movement in Cuba and the government's decision to arrest children for wearing the change bracelets. We need to keep pushing Cubanos! If the MSM gets the idea that the cambio movement is a "sexy story" they will begin falling over one another airing it like is was a Britney Spears' no underware story.

By hat is off to FOX for exposing the Cuban government's paranoia and Raul Castro's cruelty. According to FOX most of the Cuban kids have been released. They have a lot of guts those young people. Their elders should be proud of these kids and a bit embarrassed by their own diminished courage. Perhaps the elders could learn a lesson from their offspring?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Government Gets In The Way

If you want to know why the world economy is in such disarray it is mostly because government gets in the way. The most stark examples of this are found in places like Cuba. But the government does its fair share of damage right here in the good old USA. Of course they tax a huge portion of the wealth that WE and not they create. But that's not what I'm talking about here. It's the paperwork requirements and regulations that cost us more and more of our limited time on earth. Here is an example of how these time robbers steal a growing portion of all of our lives.

I bought a car. I wrote about it. It's a 1991 Toyota. It runs great but the guy's girlfriend was going to sell it to him but instead he sold it to me. She already put his name on the title. Maryland MVA says that means he has to transfer the title (it's titled in Virginia too) into his name first, then he can sign it over to me. In other words the snotty hussy at the MVA said I will have to find alternative transportation for the next month until Virginia gets the seller a title in his name that he can sign over to me.

Every day millions of mindless regulations stop or hinder economic activity in this manner. In my case we will have to burn twice as much gasoline because my son will have to drive me to work, come back home then return to pick me up at 12:30am. Naturally this means I'll have to pay the government twice as much gas tax to do this little regulatory work-around until I achieve compliance. Isn't that CONVENIENT?

Interesting New Noel Numbers

According to the Associated Press the Cuban government now says:

"Earlier Thursday, muddy rain-swollen waters overflowed a dam in Cuba, washing into hundreds of homes, over highways and knocking out electricity and telephone service. Dozens of small communities were cut off.

Cuban soldiers went door-to-door in low-lying areas and evacuated about 24,000 people, according to state radio and television reports. At least 2,000 homes were damaged by flood waters, but there was no official word of deaths.

In Ciego de Avila province in central Cuba, flooding wiped out nearly 2,000 tons of corn, potato, banana, cucumber and tomato harvests, said Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, a vice president."

However, if you read below you will see that just a few days ago the Cuban government was greatly downplaying the destruction. This was printed verbatim by the MSM. The reason is the Cuban government would not say anything whatsoever but they must pacify millions of Cubans and their fears. So they give the smallest believable numbers to calm the masses as well as announce all the supposed help the government is providing during this disruption. In addition Raul Castro and his top gang members depend on foreign investment and tourism. If potential investors think the place is wrecked beyond Raul's capacity to repair then they will not risk money in Cuba - a dubious "investment" in the first place. When you read below, the government emphasizes that tourist facilities and interestingly, mines, were not damaged. Of course this must mean they were really smashed up and flooded good. We know why Raul lies about his hotels. He wants to get some more Canadian cash from suckered tourists. As for the mines I suspect Raul has some big deal in the works and he is afraid the foreign money bags will pull out if they knew all the details about the conditions of the mines and Cuban infrastructure after the storm. If I was them I would demand to see the routes Raul had in mind to get the mined material to market. These foreigners will discover that the roads and bridges are washed out.

The Cuban people surely knew those first storm damage numbers were a pile of cow paddies because they are sitting in shelters or going to the funerals. Radio bemba is spreading the word. Too bad Sherritt International doesn't get radio bemba. They are about to lose their entire holdings in Cuba. Eleven million Cubans are at the very least being neglected without adequate food, water, electric, toilet paper, health care, etc. Now their children have been stolen by Raul and locked in his gulags for wearing a little bracelet that says "cambio" which means change. The kids sound like they are the ones with the correct idea - Cuba does need change and in a big way. That does not include the arrogant UN members telling me that I must buy and sell things to Raul Castro. To hell with them!!!

I will decide who I do business with and that will NEVER include Raul Castro who jails kids for wearing bracelets. However, Raul probably will get a bit more of the tourists money and maybe some from big investors. Once they see what their money bought the alarm will finally go out to the world. Raul Castro's Cuba is a giant swindle. He must go and no one should spend even a dime in his company store.

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BlogTalkRadio Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

What will you do when things change in Cuba? 9pm tonight...