Friday, May 07, 2010

The British/American Special Relationship

As I watched some of the folks in Northern England "Ooh" and "Ahh" and cheer the Labor Party victory in various districts I just shook my head. We do have a special relationship. Both of our countries have been taken over by a cabal of traitors who control all of the media, secret police and youth indoctrination centers (public schools). We all live in a suckeraucracy. The poor miserable fools cooing for their Labor candidate really believe this newly elected MP will work for the people's best interest. Then their hopes and dreams get crushed time after time. But in the case of these Labor voters they always have the Conservatives to blame for that. Likewise, the Conservatives can always blame Labor. It's a giant game of good politician/bad politician. What's a bloke to do? Usually go to the pub.

You see chaps, our oligarchy understands human psychology very well. When I say "Our" oligarchy I am pointing out the fact that it is one and the same cabal of individuals who make up this group. Because the oligarchy controls all network broadcasts they can steer our perception of reality. The good can be made evil and visa versa. In both suckeraucracies the oligarchy controls the public schools. All children are indoctrinated and categorized by whom will follow orders and those which think individually for themselves. They are marked for prison labor.

But the most disturbing aspect of our nations is the traitorous things that our secret police does to keep us in line. They perpetrate these false flag attacks to keep the people scared like little children. They always get away with it too because they are the ones who get to investigate their crimes. They always find a patsy to blame for their crimes.

Then the networks swear to it and the schools teach it as history. I wonder if the public school text books still teach the myth of the Gulf of Tomkin incident that never really happened but resulted in over 50,000 young Americans being slaughtered and millions of Indochinese being killed and maimed as well.

If CNN and the BBC had a baby it would be called LIE.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Inside CIA Agent Talks

The Reality Report

The Reality Report is one program I never miss. I'm just watching the see what's really going on. Oh I still watch FOX, CNN, MSNBC and other enemy networks but not to see what's going on. I watch to see what the enemy networks want me to think is going on.

The enemy networks always announce enemy maneuvers beforehand. But they lie about the perpetrators, motivations and methods however.


Hearing Congressmen and Senators debating as to whether certain terrorist suspects deserve to have rights, reminds me of what ignorant cowards the majority of Americans are for electing such scum. These same politicos are always claiming to believe in God. Yet they believe that rights are given and taken away by they, the anointed political class - and not the creator.

They can't have it both ways and Americans are ignorant rabble for not seeing this absolute fact. Either all human beings ARE born with certain inalienable rights given to them by the creator or there is NO GOD! What's it going to be America? You can't have it both ways.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Elitist Rick Sanchez And Uppity Tomas

You know amigos, people like Rick Sanchez are elitists and have no idea what it's like for average Americans. It's the same with politicians. Just look at how amazed Mr. Rick's Lists was to learn that a person could actually buy a car with and some cash. He acted as if this was some new "unregulated" way to acquire a vehicle. Little Ricky apparently has always gone down to the local dealership to get his cars.

Well bully for you Rick! Let me tell you about the real world. In the real world people don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and definitely not millions. Still, they need a car and a home and food and all the things that the elite like Rick Sanchez require. Many if not most actually use the Rick Sanchez model for acquiring the necessities and desired niceties of life. Lets call them the incredible shrinking, struggling, middle-class. They are not wise to the corporate/government alliance which you promote so well, Mr. Sanchez. So the people think this is the only choice. In reality it is THEIR only choice because most people are not very clever. They march right down to the dealership every four years. Then they struggle to pay the loan until those last few payments when the people get to struggle to pay the mechanic's bill as well.

Well not me Rick! You see Little Ricky, back in the old days before or the Gore invented Internet, guys like me used a thing called "the newspaper classified section." You appear a bit young to remember these times so I'll explain. With these "classified's" one could actually buy a car with cash. No regulators or oversight by government or their agents in the corporate world. NADA! Back in the old days people like Rick may have noticed a display ad in the newspapers planted there to lure the well moneyed elite and the duped middle-class into their dealership for their car needs. But again, not me!

Tomas no es stupido. Just as soon as I began making money myself back around 1970 I saw how the game was slanted towards the corporate/government alliance. All the official advertised avenues for human needs are well taxed and profitable for the corporations. Immediately it became clear to me that anytime I could remove this greedy alliance from any transaction my costs dropped dramatically. I was blessed at an early age with this understanding as well as enough brains to do something about it. It's because of how my brain is wired. Some people just don't have the intellectual capacity to master complex tasks of an abstract nature. They struggle to do their daily widget work jobs and try not to burn down the house each day making dinner. They must use the corporate experts and pay the profit and tax. Then you have the people who have mastered some task like being a doctor or lawyer. They have used what intellectual capacity they possess to learn the tools and techniques of their trade - but that's it. So when they need an oil change, something moved or a fence built they always call an expert complimented by the tax demands of the government as well of course.

Again - not me! I'm what they use to call a "jack-of-all-trades." My life has been a series of needs that I have filled by using tools and techniques that I taught myself. I fix my cars and understand mechanics so I only buy cars that I consider good deals. I do my own plumbing, be brief anything needed from the shingles down to the foundation I do myself. I just moved my mom from NC up to live with my sister in VA - with my 54 year old brother and my 55 year old self. It was hard work that most Americans are too lazy and physically incapable to do especially even the young. Because I believe hard work is good for you I am growing lots of my own food instead of rolling a cart down aisles of corporate food. To sum up, I have an unfair advantage over most people because I am self-reliant. Middle-class America is being crushed under the weight of the burden of tax and government granted corporate monopolies and guilds. The poor don't stand a chance. Many are forced into a life of crime just to survive.

At they end of the day what this all means is the majority of Americans will be crushed by the greedy corporate/government alliance while I do relatively well. You in the majority will suffer while I and my family - not so much. Rick Sanchez too will weather this storm quite nicely with that corporate salary he receives for duping the public into thinking this is the way it is. So I'm hoping you will admire my self-reliance and even try to be more so yourself. Finally, I'm hoping that you will see the elite like Rick Sanchez living in relative opulence compared to the people and have only scorn for them.

Government and corporations hold a monopoly over information and they use it like a whip on their slaves. That's revolting. It appears with the Tea Parties the slaves are revolting too. So let them chant at their rallies:

"What do we want? We don't know!"

"When do we want it? We're not certain!"

What you slaves need to do however is shut off the TV or at the very least understand that it is all contrived, especially the news programs. If the corporate/government alliance didn't Rick Sanchez dupe you then you wouldn't be worth a damn as slaves. You'd be uppity like Tomas.