Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Obama Videos

Most likely the videos Andrew Breitbart was going to release had to do with the Weather Underground planning for the Marxist dictatorship being installed currently by one of the participants in those meeting - Barrack Obama. Listen to what this man in the video, who was there, says they were planning to do to us. The FEMA camps are reeducation camps and they estimated 25 million of us would need to be murdered because we were not good reeducating material. Naturally these Weather Underground maggots were secretly being funded by Rothschild, Rockefeller and other crime family syndicate members. This is the type of nonsense they engage in to destroy and conquer nations. If you are still alive you still have a change to eliminate the enemy before they eliminate you - like Andrew Breitbart. Listen to the thinking of the people behind Obama's philosophical background.

DC Tom

My biggest fans who never miss reading my blog are with various U.S. Secret police agencies know to the public under their alphabet names such as CIA, FBI, Etc. By the way Etc. means Etcetera and not some new secret police department though one could be forgiven for making this assumption.

I like to write things like Tokyo Rose might say to the enemy were she in my shoes. I enjoy reminding these particular readers of my blog that they are sniveling traitors if they go along with the take-down of America. I advise that if the attackers are unsuccessful and the American counter attack happens to be victorious then those who aided the enemy will not have a happy outcome. Finally, I always show the path to redemption. One can be forgiven when duped into aiding the enemy. This is a given. What about those who learned the truth yet continued aiding the enemy?

I figure these individuals should be processed legally into two main categories. The first category contains the absolute traitors, Eric Holder for example, who have known for a long time about the treason against the republic and willing aided the enemy even right up till this very day. The other main category contains the individuals in official positions of power who may be going along with the treason at first because they were duped like most but now continue to participate out of fear. We must throw the book at the first group and seek the maximum punishment legally available. For the second group punishment should depend on how these individuals respond from here forward. Why? The reason is America needs you insiders right now. We need you to undermine the plans of the foreign attackers. Leak documents, spill the beans about impending false flag attacks especially when they are planning to murder more cops in cold blood and do anything that will help the patriots win the battle to retake America.

Secretly document everything you do to aid the patriot movement and hide it away to use as a legal defense. Everything you do to aid your country should be weighed against the bad which you may or may not have grasped at the time. The more rank and file insiders who defect to the American side the more paralyzed the enemy attackers will find themselves. I believe most of you still have time to switch sides but I would not dither around much longer. Do something today to strike a blow for individual liberty and America. As soon as tomorrow it may be too late.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Let's Thrive!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gordon Duff If You Want To Wise Up