Saturday, October 08, 2011

Herman Cain - Federal Reserve Stooge

My goodness people! Herman Cain was the former head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Board regional bank. He is a stooge for the foreign banking cartel that hijacked our republic.

Why do you think Herman has received such extensive media coverage? He's a back up plan to the Romney, Perry globalist preferred tag team of sell out traitors. But their campaigns could go south at any time so the banksters think Americans are so stupid they will actually vote for one of their stooges for president instead. They will push the idea that voting for Cain proves Republicans are not racists and many older Americans will take the bait.

The question shouldn't be whether or not Republicans should vote for a black candidate for president. The question should be will Americans notice that the establishment is running a Federal Reserve top insider for president in the first place?

Friday, October 07, 2011

End The Fed Or America's Dead

If the Occupy Wall Street protesters want to see what really bothers the establishment then they should all carry "End The Fed" paraphernalia while protesting. Immediately, the mainstream media coverage will go into blackout mode. In addition, the Soros operatives telling everybody to end capitalism would be crying like stuck pigs whenever they saw an End The Fed T'shirt on somebody.

This would be a great social experiment. Everybody going to the protests who knows what is really going on should have something with them that says, "End The Fed." Then spread out to make camera shots of the crowd impossible without the anti Fed slogan present. Start chanting "End The Fed. Or America's Dead..."

"End The Fed. Or America's Dead..."


We're Number One!

Americans have the highest rates of cancer, heart disease, etc. in the entire world by a long shot. Why? Well there may be many reasons but why take chances? As it stands now we have the highest vaccination rate in the world. Big pharma' already pumps gobs of crazy chemicals into our veins along with the smattering of DNA and other proteins meant to trigger that immune response.

We've fallen many places in areas like education, economics, etc. against the rest of the world. Don't risk our number one status as the most unhealthy nation in the world. Just keep quiet and take your kids down to the local big pharma-doctor for a heaping helping of injections. The diseases they cause are mostly not going to materialize for decades so dry your eyes. Let them take one for team America.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Run Bank Of America Run?

Bank of America is so frightened of a run on deposits they are using the SWAT team to block depositors from withdrawing their money from the bank.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Media Spin

Basically, the two opposing views being foisted upon the still naive public is either you believe capitalism has to go or you are a staunch defender of the banks and other financial institutions who just recently and long before have reamed us good although they meant well.

FOX bimbos launch the right talking points about how crazy it would be to corral the banks and Wall Street shenanigans in any way because it will upset the economic apple cart and ruin the "recovery." MSNBC defends the left side by trashing corporate greed and those making better than average wages while their parent company, General Electric, pays no taxes.

After a bully good fight the left side will win this one and taxes will go up on the "rich." So those making over $200K per year will be labeled rich and see a tax increase. Then the Federal Reserve Board, which never gets mentioned in these left/right debates about the economy, will pump gobs of additional dollars into the economy. Before long everybody on average will be making over $200k just to be able to afford their daily bread. We will all be technically rich after this dollar devaluation seen as price increases followed by wage increases. It is known as the "Business Cycle" because the central bankers are really giving us the business.

Every time the Fed gives us the business we as a nation of individuals have become a bit poorer. Now protesters on Wall Street are pissed off about it even if most don't understand why they are poor. A good number of these protesters are infiltrator stooges and shills funded by the banking elites like Soros the Nazi collaborator. How can you tell who are these banker funded individuals? They are the protesters who demand an end to capitalism while never mentioning the Federal Reserve Bank. People like Michael Moore who are filthy rich that demonize anyone making better than average wages but either never mention the Fed or they even defend it because they nurse from its teet.

So I ask that the Wall Street Protesters rage against our true enemies, the Federal Reserve Board, their tentacle banking arms like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, etc. and the government giving this illegal activity legitimacy. But nothing will be done until the vast majority of the Congressmen and Senators are replaced by real Americans not bought and paid for by the enemy financial globalists. President Paul will clean house and lots of financial criminals will do hard prison time under his Justice Department. The reason the current and the previous Justice Departments have been sitting on their asses and doing nothing to prosecute the illegal financial activity is they are being blackmailed by their complicity in the staged 9/11 attack.

If Jamie Diamond and the other financial rapists go down they will take the 9/11 traitors down with them.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Compartmentalized Dupes

One giant hole in the plans of the invading foreign banksters is the compartmentalized dupe which they depend on to prosecute their attack. The banksters never realized that because of the internet they could lose control. Information about the truth cannot be hidden from the compartmentalized dupes working as police and military enforcers.

Why? It is because of millions of people just like me who have discovered the truth and taken action over the internet to spread the word like Paul Revere. "THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING! THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING!"

The response from these financial invaders has been to deploy some of their compartmentalized army of police and military dupes to "investigate" us as a way to intimidate and silence us. The trouble the vipers never foresaw is that many of these dupes might wise up as a result of looking at the truth we keep inconveniently pointing out.

This is happening with greater frequency. We know this because counter activity by police and military has produced positive results for the patriot movement. Basically, these former dupes are leaking secret documents and plans to the alternative media over the internet. They bypass the corporate whore media that is in league with the invaders. This has disrupted the timing and implementation of some important disruptive maneuvers. We were warned about the secret police documents that were meant to demonize us if we liked the U.S. Constitution, were returning veterans, wanted the borders defended, etc. That was a fiasco that blew up in the face of the invaders.

There was a "drill" recently where real live c4 was being used instead of fake stuff and it vanished. Then it appeared by the highway. I wonder if the compartmentalized police being used to get the explosives on the plane figured out this was no drill then just dumped the bombs rather that get blown up with the plane with the other false flag victims.

At the end of the day a growing number of rank and file police and military are no longer dupes. Most do not wish to die in a false flag attack. Their blinders are off and they see the bigger picture now. So what the global financial elites have is a growing counter army of police and military real Americans behind enemy lines right in their camp. Not only can the globalists no longer count on the former dupes to blindly implement their plans, the police and military are actively undermining them as well.

So as the globalists surely will continue to pursue their plans to dominate and control the world, they will fail thanks to the resistance by police and military. So keep looking over your shoulder and wondering who is still reliable.