Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tomas Estrada-Palma

Friday, December 12, 2008

Felipe Perez Roque

Paper My Che Tiger

Here I am still standing even under threat of Castro goon boogie men. Not the musical kind either. But the fact is every assertion Raul's Che-men have spewed this week has been wrong - except for the things which I have written about myself in the past. These super spooks just cut and pasted my info Raul and fed it to you then tried to scare me with it.

So Raul are you going to take this kind of incompetence? I'm not saying give these lame spies the "wall" or anything. Why not dock their wages? Send them to me 'cause I'm the source your spies told you about. The accurate stuff is from Tomas. So send me the wages since you know where I live and work (I already told your spies the address). I figure I've got $2.50 coming to me for each spy if you dock them for an entire week that is.

Remember must maintain discipline in the ranks.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Castro Klan

Still Full Of Sheet!

Lame Spy

Honestly, this Castro spy is the lamest commie I've ever encountered. The Che-man has several different personas including his scary white supremacist character that rants racist insults. But the idiot, no matter who he pretends to be, uses the same writing style. Of course this fool does not realize he has been compromised by his own ignorance of the English language.

We are still waiting for that apology Che-man. You ARE a racists no matter whom you pretend to be. You've tripped on you own tongue. Maybe you should quit wagging it and go back under your hood.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secretary Of State Clinton

Vulgarity Alert

I'm just here doing my best to explain things the way they are and telling you how it ought to be. I'm trying to show you, whether you are in Cuba, America or wherever, that you are being manipulated and have been manipulated since the dawn of time. It is only now through the Internet that I have a fighting chance to break through with the truth. As you can see I'll even draw you a picture to get you to become enlightened to this age old swindle.

Having said that, please be aware that my enemies, who by the way are also your enemies whether you realize it or not, are regularly commenting here and in a most vulgar and racist manner. The vast majority of people on this planet do not feel this way and are to say the least shocked by the outrageous profanity employed by my enemies. In this case I'm relatively sure that the most recent commenters are one or more Castro boy spies. But they could be the shills of a number of agencies. So...if you are easily offended and shocked by horribly rude, vulgar language please do not click on the comments section if any comments have been left previously. Chances are you will be reading some very crude terms used my some very big imbeciles.

I leave these comments intact so that those who do not believe Castro is a racist, homophobic, ignorant tyrant can see for themselves. I am sorry if these ugly word shock you. As for Tomas, don't worry about me. As previously stated my hide is as tough as leather due to my Irish mother. Remember, I told you. According to mom I've never done even one thing up to my potential and I should be ashamed for the lame effort I've put forth so far. Today, I understand clearly why my Irish mother brought me up this way. She knew the world was a tough place and fools like these rude commenters would be plentiful as pond scum.

Thanks mom!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Governor Rod Blagojevich

Monday, December 08, 2008


I really dislike when TV talking heads ramble on and on about the failures of the free market. Clearly, everybody knows that the market is not free when you can't even get paid in gold or silver without doing jail time. Prison is not freedom hence the market cannot truly be considered free right? Then what kind of market do we have?

We look at places such as Cuba that have slogans like "Socialism or Death" and we conclude that this must be what a socialist marketplace is because there, they would rather die than give up socialism in the marketplace. They mean business too because as I write these words hundreds are dying everyday from the results of socialism in Cuba. In fact, Cuba looks more like a Jim Jones cult everyday with mass suicide through starvation, disease and neglect from their socialist parents - the Castro boys. We Americans sure aren't dumb enough to want that and it does not appear we as yet have it. We go to the private markets to buy food and supplies. We can travel here and there mostly without too much government interference. No...people here are getting their early graves through self inflicted dietary excess. Americans die from too much food and hope that medical intervention can save them from the knife, fork and spoon. So what are we?

We are casholists. Casholism is a blend of a capitalist marketplace with socialist cronyism. At the root of a casholist economy is the central bank and fiat currency like Federal Reserve Notes created out of thin air. These credits on our labor output are then used by the banking cartel to manipulate the value of our labor. The masses of free range slave to this system are unaware of the entire scheme and are harmed by these manipulations of the currency in circulation. Casholism gives subsidy and other tax breaks in higher amounts to the bigger casholists while draining the greatest percentage of resources and labor output from the very weakest in society. In a nutshell, Mussolini with computers.

The casholist banksters hope to scare you free rangers slaving away singing to the notes of the Federal Reserve. In a free market, bankers would be required to operate honestly and not employ scams designed to drain the justly earned labor of the people. This sort of counterfeiting would be banned and is in fact already illegal under the U.S. Constitution. Technically, we don't owe the stinking Federal Reserve anything. We don't need no stinking Federal Reserve! We were born with the rights to our own labor and no stinking cabal of international bankers in 1913 can change that fact before you or I were even born.

I've just been waiting for the rest of you free range slaves to realize these facts. Sure you'll be mad but don't get violent about it. Just get united about it. The root of the problem is the life's blood of our economy - the money. As long as we have a central bank and fiat money we will be a casholist economy with the dog eat dog scratch to the top society we have that gets scarier everyday. Do as President Andrew Jackson did - rout out the vipers. Lets go back to honest money based on gold and silver. During the Great Depression the banksters blamed the gold standard and using gold and silver for paying debts as the reason for the Great Depression.

What's their excuse now that metals for currency are banned for payment of debt?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 8:00 Tonight!

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