Friday, March 28, 2014

That Turkish False Flag Attempt

I'm really disgusted with these false flag attacks. There have been so many false flag attacks going back to the sinking of the Maine and before that as well, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with them all. I heard about Turkey taking down Twitter and YouTube as part of the mainstream media background white noise campaign to hide crimes in broad daylight. Hell it worked too for about a day until the Internet caught up with the media-lies-by-omission.

Apparently Turkish military bigwigs were caught on tape planning an attack to kill their own troops then blame Syria. To cover up this treason the Turkish Prime Minister thought he'd take down social media sites. The Prime Minister never heard about the Streisand Effect.

Let's help the Prime Minister feel Bab's pain. Tell everyone you know that the Turks have been caught planning a false flag attack against Syria that would include Turkish troops being murdered. But don't feel smug wherever  you are. All the big government scum do these false flag attacks then get away with it using total control over mainstream media. When the media universally blacks out all coverage of false flag attacks they don't exist in the minds of the general public. Even when an attack is admitted like the Gulf of Tonkin to be a fake attack that never happened it is memory holed by the fluoridated public. The 50,000 dead G.I.s and million or so Vietnamese as well have been long forgotten like the lie.

Russia does it. So does America. Hell the Romans did it and the British perfected it. The false flag attack has been the most effective tool of tyrants to sucker peaceful people into war. Here they are defined:

Third Degree False Flag Attack - This is an attack that never actually occurs and can be summed up by the movie "Wag The Dog." In the modern world, Gulf of Tonkin type attacks are staged completely over the media and never actually occur.

Second Degree False Flag Attack - Stand down and allow an enemy attack to go forward as was the case with Pearl Harbor and Benghazi.

First Degree False Flag Attack - This is an attack by a government on their own people or troops that is blamed on an enemy. The 9/11/01 attack is a classic example of a First Degree False Flag Attack and thus far the most successful. Even today there are still enough duped people that the 9/11 traitors roam freely among us.

The point of these definitions is to focus on the basic fact that some of our protectors are the real killers. As long as they continue to get away with it they will continue to do false flag attacks. Hang the ring leaders and these treason's will be much less likely to occur in the future.

Won't hang...a false flag

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Follows Karl, Not Groucho Marx

Sunday, March 23, 2014

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