Saturday, October 09, 2010

Keynesian House Of Cards

For almost 100 years now we have let the Federal Reserve build a house of cards. Essentially, this Keynesian nightmare is a form of slavery but it is very sneaky.

Here's how it operates. Instead of having legal gold and silver money which maintains a stable value, filthy traitors in the Congress and President Wilson in the White House in 1913 banned real money. They sold Americans out to a cabal of foreign bankers who till this very day own the Federal Reserve bank.

Ron Paul currently, and perhaps John Kennedy when he gave an executive order to the Treasury to begin issuing silver money until the bankers ordered their employees in the Secret Service, CIA and FBI to assassinate him, are the only politician who cannot be considered traitors since 1913. The others must be called what they are - filthy traitors to the U.S. Constitution and the American people. Here is why.

At some time in the past things cost a certain amount depending on what they are, how many are offered for sale and how many people would buy the product or service. But there is another secret aspect to the price of everything - the amount of funny money the Federal Reserve Board creates. The more they print, the less valuable each new and old bill drops in value.

The drop in value of this illegal money is seen by the increase in the price of things we buy with it. The things we pay the most for like houses are the things that experience the greatest price distortions from this counterfeiting operation.

Here is how the free range slave scheme works. First the Federal Reserve Board created extra money to lend out for cheap to their preferred friends in business and politics. In fact these days the Board actually provides this paper currency crack for free to the Goldman Sachs of the world. The hidden effect of this swindle, still not seen or understood by the vast majority of victims on the planet or they would be revolting, is inflationary price increases.

So the free range slaves bid against each other to pay the highest amount of borrowed fiat dollars for their homes. Then, once the foreign bankers have enough suckers on the hook for mortgages locked in at this inflated selling price, these greedy banksters then severely reduce the supply of money. This deflation causes the price of everything especially our homes to drop like a rock. However the banksters don't care since they have us locked into a mortgage at the inflated price.

The banksters during the deflationary period are still receiving inflated monthly mortgage payments for the inflated home prices but they then get to buy goods and services that cost far less. That's because these very same banksters are issuing less cash making the buying power of dollars increase. It is pure and simple a swindle.

But the traitors have set a trap for themselves because of their incredible greed. They could have kept this money Ponsi scheme going forever but they just got too greedy. Now they have so many Americans in foreclosure they have created an army of angry citizens who want to find out what the hell is going on here!

Hopefully these victims of our filthy traitors will stumble on this simple explanation of how we are being reamed, finally understand how we've all been getting screwed by the banksters in the Federal Reserve Board bank, then tell a friend and so on and so on...

If we are blessed then the people will get this message before the traitors implement their usual solution to stabilizing their monetary scheme - kill enough of us off. They know by murdering enough of us, usually in a war they start, that they can establish what they call equilibrium of the currency.

So spread the word. We are getting shafted by the Federal Reserve Board and soon many more of us especially the young will have to be exterminated to save the fiat banking system.

The solution is to understand the swindle, ban fiat dollars, close the Fed, prosecute the banksters of the Board like Bernanke, re-legalize actual money made of gold and silver and finally dissolve every penny of borrowed debt based on the marginal portion of the loan. That would eliminate 90% of all debt and reduce everybody's mortgages accordingly.

What are you waiting for? Tell someone....

Friday, October 08, 2010

No Chemtrails In DC

I live near Washington, DC. I have not noticed any chem-trails like the ones seen in many other locations in the nation as well as other NATO countries.

So the traitors who are spraying this aluminum from jets are smart enough to not poison the Congress, President and other official Washington apparatchikdom with this toxin.

Maybe the rest of you should start asking questions.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ehrlich or O'Malley

PLEASE!!! Take me now Jesus! Take me now!

All day long these political commercials for both of these losers are filling the airwaves. Each accuses the other of ruining the economy, destroying jobs and being in the hip pocket of the especially privileged.

Well they are both right for a change. But if it is change Marylander's seek it won't come from either of these career politicos. Neither will stand up to the federal government to block their corrupt, unconstitutional usurpation of our God given individual rights.

What this means for me is I don't give a damn if I have to accept either Ehrlich or O'Malley. So I will vote for Susan Gaztañaga running on the Libertarian ticket. It appears that one of the two tweedle dummies will win the race and Susan will come in a distant third. So what!

If either of the main party losers wins I certainly don't want them to think I actually support their candidacy. By voting for Susan I am being perfectly clear what I want. The loser of the media grudge match will look at Susan's numbers and see that they could have won if they had her supporters. But Libertarians could never vote for politicians that violate the Constitution as both O'Malley and Ehrlich have done regularly. If Democrat and Republican politicians want my vote they must be way more American.

That's why, even though there is a Libertarian candidate for Congress in my district, I will vote for Charles Lollar a Republican. He is a Campaign for Liberty candidate running against the traitor Steny Hoyer. He has a real chance of beating Prince Georges County's biggest pick-pocket - Steny Hoyer.

Seeing Hoyer lose next month would be the single greatest victory politically speaking of my entire life. America will be a freer more prosperous nation with Steny joining the ranks of the unemployed.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Conspiracy Theories Can Be Funny

You know amigos that I believe the U.S. government is a corrupt cesspool of traitors who have murdered their own people in false flag attacks to further their delusions of grandeur.

However, conspiracy theories can be funny. The speaker in the video below takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the conspiracy theories being pushed by the elite rulers that we actually believed. I feel pretty silly myself for being duped but it's good to be able to laugh at yourself even so.

Congress Must Be Fired

Congress has not done their job. They have for almost 100 years violated their Constitutional responsibility to only coin gold and silver money. They have sold out the American people to foreign bankers. Congress allowed the executive branch 20 years ago to make up a new law called the Continuity Of Government that lets the President suspend the constitution as has been the case since the 2001 false flag attack perpetrated by the executive branch of government.

If you vote for any of these lackeys in Congress who have ever violated their oath of office then you will get what you deserve. People like me will do much better because we know the truth about these traitors and have taken precautions in the event that people are stupid enough to actually vote for these bought out scoundrels again. Those dumb enough to return any of these losers to the Congress are also so stupid that they will not have taken any preparations for the austere future they actually voted for.

A vote for anybody who has a chance to win is better than anyone in Congress now except Ron Paul, Jim DeMint and only perhaps several more. Check with the Campaign for Liberty before voting in your Congressional district. They have compiled a good list with the voting records of each Congressman and Senator.

But some traitors who should receive special attention are Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and all of the Republican top leadership as well. This cabal of traitors is owned lock, stock and barrel by the foreign bankers.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Minimum Wage

When the big fat slob Ed Shultz starts to moralize about the minimum wage it really gets my blood boiling! He doesn't give a damn about poor people.

Eddie never says a cross word to complain about his paymasters at the Federal Reserve Board. They always over produce the number of dollars that they print then they give or lend them out for cheap to their buddies in bankstering and Wall Street. This over production of dollars for the friends of the banksters lowers the value of all dollars.

So fat boy Shultz calls for an increase in the minimum wage to compensate for the loss of purchasing power caused by his rich bankster buddies running the money printing presses in overdrive. That is like demanding more blood transfusions for the weak patient while ignoring the thousands of leeches bleeding him dry.

So chirping up the minimum wage is the tactic Ed and Rachael and Keith plan to use to attack Tea Party candidates. So the Tea Party hopefuls should throw that crap right back in their MSNBC, General Electric, war promoting faces. Attack them for failing to condemn the Federal Reserve Board for constantly devaluing the dollars especially those of the poor.

Any candidate who does not respond to the statist attacks of the collectivists like Ed Shultz by putting the blame for so much poverty squarely where it belongs - on the shoulders of the foreign Federal Reserve Bankers - is guilty of either ignorance or they too are in bed with the Federal Reserve Board banksters.

Either way American can do without them. We don't need any more corrupt politicians in the hip pocket of the Fed banksters, ignorant politicians who don't have a clue about money nor fools and shills spewing nonsense over the propaganda fill network airwaves.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A Comical Conspiracy

It is becoming so obvious now and it is blatant that all of the network media are in on the coup. Let me tell you about a little story not aired by the networks as usual. If this doesn't make them look guilty I can't say what would? It is the case of the third beam of light in the New York skyline.

What happened was the over 1000 architects and engineers, who say CIA Building Seven could not have collapsed at free fall speed exactly onto its own footprint in six seconds due to fires, lit a third search light beam of light to call for an end of the media blackout on CIA Building Number Seven's collapse. All the networks were sent press releases explaining the meaning of the third beam of light. When telephoned by activists all these media outlets acknowledged that they knew about the third bean and its relation to Building Seven.

Yet all of their news reports only mentioned the two beams of light for the twin towers. Nothing was shown or mentioned about the third beam of light. Then the ruling elite really starting getting spooked and came up with a cock and bull story about the "two" beams causing migratory birds to become disoriented. So they had to of course shut the "two" beams off. This left just the activist's one beam lighting up the NY night sky. So after awhile they shut it off and returned the light to the rental place.

Once this was safely done the coup plotters naturally turned the other two lights back on. Apparently, the birds had found their way and no mention was made to explain the third light - ever. Of course the people of New York smell something rotten in Manhattan with this strange media blackout and no mention of the third beam. But the rest of middle America remains blissfully ignorant of the entire event because these media traitors do what they do best - lie through omission.

They don't want to even mention CIA Building Number Seven. It makes the emperor appear so naked to the people.

Here is the story in more detail with pictures of the 3 beams:

The Government Worker

You could envy the average government worker. They usually earn about 30% more than the private sector worker and are a real bugger to fire once they obtain their tax funded position. Well let me set you straight my amigos. Having a government job sucks!

How could that be? They have such a nice compensation package of salary and benefits and don't get me started on their retirement plans! SWEET! These things are true of the government worker. I can attest to that. I've lived in and around DC for over 50 years. I've known thousands of local, state and federal employees personally. Most are dead now of course and the still living bureaucrats are rapidly heading there themselves. As a group, this beltway bunch of people are as sickly as they come. More than half of them have diabetes, heart disease and cancers are the rage in the halls of bureaucratic power.

Why is this so? It is the policies of these politburos and the pressures of working daily in a political environment where all decisions must align with politically correct thought. In a bureaucracy an individual can easily hide and do nothing and be nothing. That angers others in the bureaucracy like my mom who felt she should give an honest day's work for her pay. So she would be overloaded with others work as well as her own and the hostility of feeling exploited by her lazy coworkers. So she drank away her anger every night until she made her retirement. She doesn't drink anymore. She doesn't have to.

Drinking and tobacco are big in the bureaucracy. So is risky personal behavior often times in the bedroom around the beltway. But whatever they catch or do to themselves is covered by their health benefit's package. So lots of them take advantage of this right by pushing the envelope and putting their health at risk. Under government policy workers are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke when off duty. They are urine tested now to verify that they are complying and only consuming government approved, taxed drugs as well as prescription medication. Having those doctors pills paid for by the government has many a government worker doing bad things to their mind and body then popping prescription medication to fix it. Often these fixes are no better than medicine show snake elixirs and actually make the bureaucrat even sicker.

The rest of you can hate if you want to. But these bureaucrats are my friends. They were sold a lie too and have followed it into the various bureaucracies around the beltway. All the health benefits have done for them is given many a road to illness. The political pressures of working in bureaucracies leads to abuse of the mind and body through consumption of too much alcohol, too much food, cigarettes as well as a sedentary lifestyle.

Though many bureaucrats haven't realized it yet, their retirement package is being ripped from beneath them. That will be done through inflation. Pensioners are always hardest hit when prices escalate while their pensions remain flat. Add to this impending inflation nightmare the government health care everybody old will receive from Uncle Sam. Those unhealthy will be dying in waiting lines eating prescription pain killers to stop them from shrieking so much. The same company that delivered the Tuskegee experiments and gave VD to Guatemalans will have a huge incentive to simply bump off the bureaucrats rather than come up with the dough to pay for the promised care.

Trust these compassionate VD infection spreaders at your own peril. The bureaucrats and the old only have this risky choice for care or they can follow my medical plan. Plan on staying healthy because you don't want to risk getting sick now...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Princes And Princesses

Back in the old days and right now for some people the government operated through royal franchises. The king or queen ruled over the nation through various dukes, duchesses, princes and princesses. These lower members of the ruling order were in charge of smaller land areas and the people living there. They made sure taxes were collected, that the people were doing what the crowned demanded and almost anything else these local rulers desired.

It's old news that this system of government had problems that caused our forefathers to revolt against it. They formed a government that was simple yet effective. It was organized and powerful enough to defend the nation but small and without power to rule over personal aspects of the individual like how much they earned. But this government was flawed in that these individual rights were not at first extended to women, Indians, blacks, Asians, etc. This was accomplished through sophistry. Basically, they said blacks and Indians were not completely developed genetically like the way smarter white guys who owned property. Women were treated more like big children. All these groups were exploited as a result.

These groups revolted though. So we committed genocide on the Indians for daring to do so. Blacks were regularly murdered and abused a hundred years after the civil war. Women used the only weapon they had to get what they wanted. Ladies you know what I mean even if most men remain clueless.

Sadly though, as these previously exploited groups were granted "equal rights" the vast majority of us including blacks, the few remaining Indians, Asians, women and even most white guys have had our rights collectively removed. This is being done by granting dominion over specific areas of our human existence to little princes and princesses. There is one for every bodily human function now. There's a prince for toilets. A princess of building permits. Bow before the dukes in the Department of Motor Vehicles. You do not want to annoy one of the duchesses down at the IRS.

Soon we will have to deal with a slew of new royalty over our health care decisions. But instead of all the people in an area being exploited by one royal representative in charge of everything, we have countless little people who reign over one particular aspect of our lives. They have the right to make us do things against our wishes in the realms of their bureaucratic rule. But since these exploitations have been voted on democratically, implemented through government begun by the founders and foisted on the people at large no matter what the color, sex or whatever the individual is then it's all perfectly fine. Right?

We the people are getting slammed by the same exploitations as the serfs of old and black slaves and women and even getting the Indian "death therapy." Why? It's because we naively hope that by giving up a personal responsibility to the government that we all will be better off somehow. Then we all get the motor vehicle department treatment. So grab a number, get in line and be ready to accept the health decisions of your care czars like it or lump it - many of you asked for it. Nothing is free. If what you consume is paid for by others then you shall pay for it with your time standing in a big line. At the end of the line will be the Obama-care commissar ready to tell you how we are going to live now to be healthy - even if it makes you sick individually.

Oh by the way. This medical treatment will be brought to you by the same folks who delivered the Tuskegee experiments to black people and now we learn about them actually giving VD to South Americans. Why does this happen with either royal or bureaucratic rule over the individual? It's because anytime one person is placed in charge of any personal aspect of another person that alone is an exploitation or why else would this be done at all? You add to that the quirks and ignorance and bigotry held in the thinking of so many people and when you put them in charge of others then you'd expect subjugation.

Put simply, simply people have been led to believe that having others make our personal decisions about our time, body or money will make the earth a better place to live. This nonsense has become a new religion despite the totality of historical evidence to the contrary. But history is not a thing for the ignorant to concern themselves with. The left feels it is the right thing to do so it would be a waste of time in their mind to take a peek at history. The same holds true for folks on the right with the war in Afghanistan. Whether it's the war or Obama-care we're doomed because we are following doomed historical models. These things have been done before and always failed. Just because the supporters of these things haven't heard about the historical failures of these sort of boondoggles will not stop disaster from happening again.

It's only a matter of time...