Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool Thing About The Internet

I like this Internet thing because it allows me a fair equal chance to forward my ideas on individual liberty. Actually, this in the long run is very unfair to the neocon statists who defend the opposite position favoring corporate collectivist slavery. I hurl information idea bombs directly into their camps these days. This forces them to feel they have to respond and perhaps find some scapegoat for their greedy and ignorant policy decisions like flooding the world with worthless paper money.

Let me ask you this: You go to borrow money from the Federal Reserve banksters. So they print up a mess of it right out of thin air or perhaps even just change some electronic figures on a bank ledger and wa-la! Spendable wealth has been created that you get to use like for purchasing your home. However, you get to work your ass off for the next thirty years doing actual "work" producing goods or providing services for your fellow man's benefit for a paycheck. A goodly portion of that there paycheck ye shall receive will be paid back to those banksters sitting fat in their plush offices for doing no more that ordering some federal printer to print more money faster. Why do you have to work for 30 years to pay back the banksters for what cost them virtually nothing to produce? Don't you feel a bit of a slave now once you think about it?

You see what I mean? People come here and read this or hear me on BreakthematrixTV and before you know it they are asking a lot of question and feeling the free range slaves that they are. Next they start grumbling to friends and family about this scam of being a slave to the banksters and they too begin to feel a bit cheesed off. Before you know it you have an angry mob on your hands demanding answers from neocon bankster pirates who by that time will be making a run for the borders. I'm wondering how long it will be before George Bush heads south to his ranch in Paraguay? What? That's right folks! Sorry if the lame-stream media didn't inform you about that Real Estate transaction. There I go again firing more information directly into the enemy's camp. This information will stay live like a mine ready to explode the perception's of additional numbers of free range slaves for as long as society survives with the Internet intact.

So the evil ones will feel they must respond. George Bush said that our economy is bad because, "Wall Street got drunk." Now I will admit that our current president has said some dumb things but this takes the cake. I don't even know what it means. I've heard his shills like Treasury Secretary Paulson claim the "speculators," are to blame for the economy. Not one of these accomplices of the banksters has uttered a word about the devaluation of the dollar cause by the Federal Reserve printing up so much fiat currency. Secretary Paulson would not even be allowed to be a receptionist in my company store.