Saturday, August 03, 2013

The John McCain Cubans

Remember how wonderful some of you Cubans thought John McCain was? There I was back before the 2008 race supporting Ron Earnest Paul while so many of you easily manipulated Cubans were touting McCain while chastising me. Who among you still support jihad John? I still support Ron Paul and his boy Rand too not to mention their political relative by another mother Ted Cruz. Oh yeah, Ted Cruz is a Cuban American but unlike NDAA Rubio he has unwavering principles based on traditional American liberty.

Here's the bottom line. You have been manipulated by NSA shadow government traitors. I've tried to warn you all now for years but have mostly been unsuccessful. Perhaps now that the fruits of this NSA take over for the bankers and the oily industrialists is obvious to all but the most fluoride brain damaged individuals, some of you may be willing to listen to me now. Many among you think you know what's going on because you don't watch TV having realized the networks are useless. Sadly you've failed to realize your university and most other institutions have been infiltrated by the just mentioned unamerican scum. However, by now most of you know something fishy is going on here.

If you want to know the truth you have to do the research with an honest, open mind not biased by cowardly clinging to the false reality you've been manipulated into accepting as reality. If it's on TV it's not what's really happening. It's what the shadow rulers want you to think is happening. For example, countless numbers of black people are being systematically murdered by mercenaries our shadow government is paying like in Libya but the manipulators have millions of Americans fretting over one black youth shot by a Jewish, Hispanic man re-raced as white by media to stoke a race war.

If you are too lazy or too busy to do the research yourself there is no reason in settling for the false reality of the shadow rulers. Have I lied to you? Isn't the worst things I've done is occasionally been wrong? Trust me and I will be your guide through these troubling times. I will show you your real enemies. In a nutshell I will be honest with you like my great grandfather would have if he were here now. Surely I'll be wrong from time to time but these will be honest mistakes that I will own up to.

Maybe you still don't want to mind what I say. But the NSA and CIA never miss a word I say.  Perhaps I'll have more success converting some of them over to the side of the patriots. I just wish more of you Cubans were as interested in what I have to say and less interested in the words from some other Cuban American blogs who have sold out to the scum that are bent on taking our republic down. Some of these blog are penned by well meaning dupes. Others receive cash in one form or another. Both types of these Cuban American blogs are worthless.