Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Escape Plan

Tune into Cuba Exposed Sunday night at 8:30 PM. I know Castro and his goons will be there. I have an idea about how the Cuban people can free themselves. There are risks with the plan but I believe this is a better alternative to starvation and disease. So please tune in Cubans. Spread word of the plan over radio bemba. The Castro boys will hear about the plan at the same time but they will be powerless to stop it if you choose to go forward with the idea. It is your choice Cubanos.

Don Royce Roy is going to be there and he will translation the plan consecutively into Spanish while I explain it in English.

Bush And The Bankster Snakes

You have been and are continuing to be swindled by Bush and his bankster employers. Sure many people think they chose Bush for president and they'd be technically correct. These Americans never realized that beforehand Bush and Kerry were chosen by the banksters to be their two picks - whether they liked it or not.

Now I know many of you think the economic problems have been solved by releasing another $900 billion into the floundering financial network. Yet these same people would never consider a drunken alcoholic cured by another stiff drink. Americans "hope" this will fix the broken economy but they do not have a clue as to how except to parrot the talking points of the bankster owned big media. They get mad at people like me who dare to question the TV experts even though they themselves don't have any real understanding of the problem. They are content to stick their heads back into the sand until the next economic shoe drops. Sadly we know what's hanging out while their heads are in the dirt.

Now some self appointed exile economic experts have condemned Ron Paul and even dared to call him a hypocrite. One even quoted Chris Matthews questioning Ron Paul about earmarks as proof he is a hypocrite - though never actually saying how. They condemn these big banker media scoundrels when they lie about Cuba but they quote them about everything else if it suits their agenda. However, I never use liars for evidence. These same exiles have saddled their wagon to the American Castro, George Bush. These exiles refused to believe the Congressmen who signed the $900 billion banker bribe were threatened with Marshall law if they refused to sign.

You don't recognize another tyrant even though one ruined Cuba. You have repeated your mistake. You and ALL Americans will realize this is absolutely correct soon enough. I don't know if we will be able to do anything about it and where will be flee to - maybe France?


I fear most still don't get it. You know something is wrong but what? Let me try this approach.

It is a fake money problem that permits the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve Board (not a federal agency) to whip up a batch of fake money at their discretion to lend out. This is one of the methods known as the "injection of liquidity" or giving the marketplace a good squirt of fake money to buy some goods or services. Easy enough so far right?

The problem arises when too much money is injected into the marketplace causing what are known as "price bubbles." Some examples of price bubbles are the medical price bubble, housing price bubble, Dot Com price bubble, stock market price bubble, etc. Essentially what happens is all this lent out dough, combined with government subsidy competes in the marketplace for the same stuff we all want like - medical care, housing, investments, etc. It's supply and demand baby and if the same amount of stuff is available to buy but you triple the supply of money to buy it with the price has to go up. It's economics 101 but because the average Joe can't see the growth of the money supply he is duped into thinking everything is fine until the bubbles start to pop. They pop because these same sneaky bankers secretly cut the supply of money by either raising the interest rate or tightening the credit requirement.

As this money supply grows we have shorter term bubbles form like the gasoline price bubble. The addition of all this extra funny money reduced the value of the dollar so more of them became necessary to buy gas. Then as the housing bubble popped it set in motion the brakes on the economic activity. Now workers and the engines of America sit idle so who needs gas? So watch as the price of oil plummets. There goes another price bubble and millions of fed space bucks vanish right out of the speculator's portfolio.

Unfortunately for our economy, so many bubbles are popping that no one is sure what is safe. So banks and financial credit lenders are scared to lend until they are sure how everything is going to shake out. Once prices stabilize at their new lower realistic value, people will begin to spend and borrow again. The economy will start to chug along once more.

Sadly though the government/Federal Reserve axis are doing their darn level best to prop up these bubbles and they have you snookered into believing this solves the problem. That's good news and bad news. It's bad news because the economy will remain frozen credit wise until prices drop. The good news is hopefully you will now understand the problem, realize you are governed by criminals who should lose all credibility along with their jobs and when the price bubbles surely pop and drop that is a good thing.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Getting To The Root Cause

The video below gives an excellent description of the real problem our economy faces and the simple solution to correcting it. It's legal and easy to accomplish except for one thing. The bankster class will use all of their main stream big media to propagandize against the solution and make you confused and fearful. They will kill to stop this from being enacted - literally. But it will be done or there will soon be no more America. Look at what you don't know:

The Impending Wave of Credit Card Defaults

The housing crisis undercut our home values, the credit crisis left major lenders in a dilapidated state, and the financial crisis has destroyed many banks and investment firms in the U.S. The last thing this economy needs is a wave of defaults on credit cards which have become an essential part of American life.

The average card holder has about $2,200 in credit card debt, and the United States as a whole owes roughly $970 billion on its credit cards. Most card holders pay off their debt – or at least make payments on their debt – at the end of each billing cycle, so it is unclear how much of that debt is actually outstanding. Regardless, credit cards represent a major portion of the U.S. economy and a wave of failures could have brutal effects on an already beleaguered system.

Some industry analysts claim that the sheer amount of debt on credit cards is of no consequence compared with the size of debt in other areas – Americans owe less than $1 trillion on their credit cards, but they carry $12 trillion in mortgages and home loans. It is possible that a wave of credit defaults will have no effect other than putting several major card companies out of business. However, most analysts thought that the current crisis was nothing more than a pipe dream just one year ago when the Dow Jones and other indexes were at record heights.

The DOW Went Up Because Of What?

Last week when the "bailout bill" was up in the air I noticed the screaming headlines:



Then as the Congress was making their final debate before voting the market was up several hundred. However, as soon as they okayed the turkey the DOW began to drop. Despite Paulson the Plunger desperately buying up stocks with funny fiat money in his secret manipulative fashion the sellers were cashing out. He could not stop the bottom from falling out. His bailout to the banksters might even speed the collapse.

And tomorrow's headline?:


Pimps Pumping Money

One thing I've always had a knack for is being able to understand complex systems that I can explain to the average guy in the street in a manner he can understand.

For example, normally our illegal Federal Reserve pumps most money into the economy using the lending institutions. The Federal Reserve literally creates money out of thin air then lends it out into the economy thereby inserting money into the economy. When economic gurus of government say the economy grew what they mean is the amount of dollars grew in the economy. As long as there is healthy economic activity borrowing fiat fed money keeps the supply of cash flowing.

However, when the Federal Reserve private banksters hyper inflate the dollar, then shut off credit availability it stops the growth of dollars in the economy. They do this periodically to deflate prices a bit and squeeze the bad investments out of the economy. But now they are stuck. The dollar pump is not functioning because people can't or won't borrow. The only thing that will get dollars pumping again under this free range slave money scheme is for prices to drop and drop drastically. Only then will the shoppers return and the employers hire followed by the savers saving.

But wouldn't it be better, now that the Federal Reserve private banksters have seized up our economy again with their unconstitutional fiat money, to shut them down and return to real money based on silver and gold? Only then will Americans own their money rather than renting it from private international bankers? The best thing about this "bill" they're shoving down our throat is, it's not going to have any effect whatsoever on the decline in prices which must occur. The government is trying to prevent this price correction that would reflect the new lower cost ratios for everything. But the economic law reality is if the supply of money shrinks, then the remaining money increases in value. The government wants you to spend it like a drunken sailor paying the higher inflated prices like when there were oodles of dollars in the country a few years ago. Most of them now are overseas hyper inflating prices there especially in the middle east.

People, as a rule, are not too savvy about complex economic economic questions. But on basic questions like, "Should I buy this or that now when prices are declining?" Or if I can wait a year or two, pay much less for everything even food as people home farm again? That's the dilemma the government faces. They can keep just printing up more and more funny money in a desperate failing attempt to keep the economy from crashing. But the more they whip up pile of money by the trillions and spend it to prime the money pump, the greater the crash.

Grow food.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


My co-worker said last night, "The Congress has to pass the bill to save the economy." I asked her why. She uttered the TV talking point, "We have to free up the credit markets." So I probed her thinking further. How I asked would that happen. Here is as far as her knowledge of economics would go. She became a bit red in the face annoyed that I would dare challenge the wisdom of "experts" babbling on the tube. Then she sat down and tried to ignore me.

So I began to question myself out loud. "How is giving Wall Street banksters $900 billion dollars going to free up credit markets? Will this money cause the bankers to now lend to people who want to borrow but have bad credit scores and who are unlikely to pay the money back? Does this bill take someone like me who qualifies to borrow money but unfortunately for the credit markets, has absolutely not an inkling of a urge to do so - especially while prices are going down?"

What we really have here is many American people who have not taken around two weeks out of their entire life to study the basics of economics. In lieu of learning they default their own personal responsibility to know this vital aspect of human existence, for mass media direction and talking points. The sad part is these Americans are baby spoon fed complete lies in official looking packages while the truth is easy to find and understand. In fact, I can teach even the dumbest individual the basics of economics in no time at all. All anyone needs is a motivation for the truth.

Here is the truth: The Federal Reserve international banks have been over printing reserve notes and that has artificially ballooned up prices especially in housing and in the stock market. Then these bankers stop the flow of dollars and the supply of the fake currency declines. Now the bankers don't normally get upset with the ensuing drop in prices that result because they have you locked into loans at the inflated price. Plus the adjustable loans kick in and the banksters really begin raking it in. Finally, they grab up the foreclosed property of the weakest in the deflating economy and hold these properties until they have begun to increase their faux currency once more - and the business cycle starts all over again.

The Federal Reserve Board got it very wrong this time however. These banksters' policy of printing as much money as they can get away with has caught up with them. Historically, when empires debase their currency in this manner it has signaled the end. This fact is easily verifiable. Look at the Germans during the 1920s. The same was true for the Ottoman and Roman empires. When empires devalue the money in this manner what it does is disrupt the pricing structure of the economy. Basically, everybody is charging higher and higher prices as the supply of dollars is ratcheting every higher. Then out of the blue the Federal Reserve cuts the flow of money by restricting credit availability and prices begin to fall but unevenly. Now with prices of the things we need difficult to determine, businesses have to reduce expenses as buying habits change with the prices. This means they cut employees mostly because humans are costly and unnecessary in an economy with shrinking activity and idleness. So more and more people first are jobless then homeless and cannot get credit. Others like me understand deflationary depressions and really begin to conserve and horde goods and dollars. We spend the dollars only for the absolute vital human needs. This further complicates economic activity because millions of us are not going to restaurants, flying on vacations, purchasing that new car, etc. That means even more job losses. By this time in a deflationary depression (about where we are now in the process) Anyone involved in Real Estate or Construction/Renovation must fear for their jobs and they add to the number of unemployed. Businesses everywhere large and small close their doors forever and still more workers are left jobless.

So how does extorting $900 billion more Federal Reserve space bucks from the increasingly unemployed public and forking it over to the Wall Street bankers help get the credit markets flowing again? Those who could won't and them that would c'aint. In reality prices have to fall to a point where we can afford to buy again. Artificially manipulating the market to prop up prices is the exact wrong thing to do and is what aggravated the Great Depression. However, this will allow these unprofitable behemoths banksters to make payroll for their employees for a few months. Surely after the election they will go under.

And this is what really worries me. I know we are following the Roman/Ottoman examples to the letter. So does Bush and his bankers. They know full well what they do by printing money for their friends' Wall Street Welfare. It will cause a complete economic collapse. But they act as if it doesn't concern them and they know something we don't know which will make the whole question of the economy secondary.

Therefore, stay close to home and conserve. Please use good hygiene and whenever you are in public wash your hands often. Keep them away from your face. Avoid unnecessary travel to the cities. Avoid public transportation and be very wary when you must use it. Keep a decent supply of cash at all times and use gold and silver to keep excess amounts should the currency becomes worthless. Finally, for God's sake quit looking at that idiot box for the stupid to hear what's going on.

They are lying about more than Castro.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Has Your Senator Voted For No Banker Left Behind?

My Letter To My Senators

Naturally, I do not support ANY form of bailout. But here is a voter who is giving you advice that could salvage your political career.

I fear you may not understand the economics of this situation and are actually taking advice from the very people who profited and complicated the real problem - fake Federal Reserve currency over-issued through the credit system.

The nearest excuse I've heard as to why we need this bailout is to give lenders confidence again so they will once again lend - but to whom? You see Senator the price structure has been distorted relative to what Americans can afford to buy. This very same thing happened at the end of the Ottoman empire. There is no way to stop this pricing correction but if you try you can delay it's negative effects as well as greatly increasing the damage - right about the time for your reelection.

Too bad you Senators couldn't table this until after the election and get a feel for what is going to happen to many of your soon to be former colleagues in the House of Representatives.

Instead of futilely attempting to prop up a failed, unconstitutional fiat money scheme that has only benefited the international bankers and not your constituents - you should take this opportunity to enact real reform. Abolish the Federal Reserve Board now before the rest of America becomes wise to these money priest's swindle. It is incredible how fast the truth about the Federal Reserve Board's scan is getting out. You might not even have a year.

Federal Reserve notes are counterfeit and the flaw with this currency is once everyone understands this they become worthless. The last thing you want to do Senator is be seen as supporting this system when it collapses from the very thing you did two days ago - whipping up a fresh, fake $600 billion for injection. Everybody already suspects you are doing the bidding of the bankers and they are right on target.

When they find out the why concerning the Federal Reserve Board they are really going to be angry.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Castro's Racist Anti Gay Goons

I have one of Castro's goon, who is a fan of my blogtalk show, is leaving some less than intelligent comments. For those black Americans, if there are any remaining, who think Castro is swell, listen how he trains his spies to talk about black people. His comments are left in a couple of post ago. Here is what the Castro troll said:

"Good luck trying to track my IP, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, maybe Enrique "Obama's Nigga" would help you, OH wait, that faggot won't answer yor emails and rejects your comments on his blog. Ain't that a shame CWBG?"

So besides blacks looks like Castro and his goons hate gays. Gays and blacks sure would be unwise to go to a place like Cuba with a racists, anti gay ruler like Castro and his gang.

Cuban Military Listening

Let me clarify what you await you when you remove the current rulers in Cuba. First of all your jobs in the military is to protect the condition for liberty to take hold in Cuba...period. You are not responsible for any decisions made and reserved for individual Cubans about their time, body and money. The reality is you will only get in the way of wealth creation and even if you steal everything that Cubans create it will not even amount to 1/10 of one percent of what Cubans can produce if left free to make their own decisions. So rather than steal everything that will amount to almost nothing, let Cubans freely produce wealth and be paid a small percentage of that for your services of protecting Cuban people and property. Most of this can be generated by the land location value fee that I have written extensively about so you should be familiar with the proposal. The good news is most of this fee will be paid by those greedy corporations you'll be inviting back into Cuba because this tax proposal will legally get them to pay for the social services necessary for the nation and not most regular Cuban people.

Remember, what Castro steals every year from the Cuban people would be considered an insult for the salary of an NFL star. But you do not have much time. Bush needs a distraction badly and you can't feed or house the Cuban people. When they begin to take to the sea to seek food Bush will take you military men out fast - especially the higher up the ranks. They know everything about you 24/7. If you let this happen you, me and the Cuban people we all lose.

You time draws near gentlemen. Please consider my clarified proposal. A yes will be Raul goes away.

Ron Paul: "Federal Reserve Ignored Voters"

Even though your emails and calls to Congress has stop the bailout bill the Federal Reserve went ahead yesterday, whipped up a fresh $600 billion worth of credit and injected it into the market. When they can't convince us to let them swindle us right up front, they go ahead and do it in our rear.

Lying MSM in Full Spin

The lame stream media is trying so hard to spin their stories to massage Americans into giving up $700,000,000,000.00 of the taxpayer's money. The best these lame con artists can come up with is if we don't pony up this huge bribe to Wall Street for a confidence booster then they are going to take their credit ball and go home.

But if we pay the bribe maybe...just maybe they'll begin to play ball again. PLEEESE! Here is the reality amigos. There are two types of people in the MSM, the Congress and in the Wall Street community. The vast majority are dupes who have extensive investments that they fear they are going to lose. Their fears are well founded. They will lose most or all of their holding either now or later. The later the greater by the way. That's because the real cause of our ruined economy is the illegal Federal Reserve Board and their fake notes. Even Bill Clinton admitted it last night on Comedy Central's Daily Show when he said the cause of the downturn was too much money driving up the selling price of houses.

The other small minority of people, many of them foreigners, actually understand and even run this criminal money scheme. They are the ones printing the money and selling credit. Every time they create credit in the form of loans, that is how money is injected into the economy for the most part if we exclude the trillions the government whips up for their bribery needs. The Federal Reserve first chokes the market with easy credit too low to say no to. Now these sneaky banksters have stopped the flow of credit. They say unless you pay this $700 billion ransom they will hold our economy hostage. As with many ransoms this will only be the first payment.

I will recommend that we do not pay the ransom to the Federal Reserve Board. Rather, wouldn't it be better to arrest the bankster snakes bent on destroying America, prosecute them, send them for long jail terms and close down the Federal Reserve criminal syndicate?

Don't believe the majority of media cry babies. They don't have a clue what is going on. All they know is they have been told by experts (the very bankster snake manipulating the system for themselves) that we must do something. They are right that we must do something. I know what those essential things are but for these media dupes the first thing they have to do is WISE UP!

As for the American people, you're making me prouder everyday. You all seem to get this swindle despite the full court press by the government and media partnership. Do not change a thing you are doing and in November lets all send the 205 bankster enablers into retirement. I'll do my part to get Steny Hoyer fired.

These Federal Reserve swindlers could turn on the credit anytime they wanted to but it's good that they have not. Prices will either have to return to actual value or we spin out of control with hyper inflation if we let the banksters start printing more dough. But as long as we're down we should kick the Federal Reserve out before they can start their next boom/bust business cycle.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wining On Wall Street

The babies on CNBC are weeping into their microphones. The taxpayers aren't gonna give them another $700 billion to gamble with. Awww... Now, even though the market and housing are falling to there actual value, the financial weepers are crying because their portfolios are worth less. So you wiz kids obviously made unwise investments and now you demand billions more from those who work for a living?

Well, Americans are forming a list of the gang of 205 to target for defeat on election day. The main stream media is operation in high gear spinning the notion that anything negative about the economy is because they didn't get their bailout. Well that's economic crap! You are ignorant dupes or manipulating shills on the Hill. You traitors decide. I won't be able to sleep easy until I can get to the polls and vote against that low down snake Steny Hoyer.

As for the Representative who defended Americans I thank you and commend your decision.

Steny's A Liar

He really is and you 5th District voters who choose this bankster enable are going to get Hoyer gas prices, Hoyer costs of housing, Hoyer unemployment and Hoyer and Hoyer surges of counterfeit Federal Reserve notes like this latest golden parachute for his bankster buddies.

He says your most recently swiped loot is to "get the credit markets flowing." Really! How is that supposed to work, Steny? The way I see it, the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve already printed up oodles of their faux currency and invested it unwisely - probably believing that they were either going to turn a handsome profit or they would be covered by the taxpayer. The latter is what the Soviets on the Hill apparently will okay any day. Then, once they get the $700 billion (the minimum for a multi-trillion dollar final bailout) what's supposed to happen to fix the credit market? Are banks going to lend to the non-creditworthy people who want to borrow? Or are they going to try to get people who are creditworthy to borrow money during a deflationary depression.

Oh I'm sorry amigos... Obama and McCain didn't mention that depression thingy during their little debaty chit chat the other night. Pure political coffee talk. "Get ready duped Americans. Here is your talking points from the right. And here is your talking points from the left. Now tawwk amunst yoour selves. I'll give you a topic cause I'm a little ficlempt: Which scapegoat do you like best for the economy that's been ruined by the Federal Reserve."

The two areas of most concern to everyone guilty or innocent of this economic act of war against the people of the United States of America, has been totally caused by the money bubble that was created and is now being popped by the Federal Reserve international bankers. Those concerns are the price of housing and the price of the stock market. What the majority of Americans don't realize, since they still don't understand this counterfeiting scheme by the Federal Reserve banksters, is these prices WILL drop to their actual value.

That's because the cost equals the demand divided by the supply in relation to the value of the money. Every grade school kids learns about supply and demand effecting the price of everything. But none of you duped school kids were educated about the equally vital aspect of the value of the Federal Reserve script that we are forced to use. The number of bills in circulation can be increased and decreased at the whim of the Federal Reserve. The more pieces of script in circulation the less value they possess and therefore the more of them you need to buy what you need. Prices increases. Decrease the supply of money and those who still have dollars during a Federal Reserve reduction of notes in the economy, will benefit with dollars that are MORE valuable.

Wielding this economic weapon the banksters for 95 years have manipulated the price structure up and down to have fun and profit. It's a rigged game in which you suckers didn't even know you were players.

You are being played...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cubans Dislike Babalu?

This is what has just been reported to me from my amigo Don Royce Roy Dominguez who has recently returned from South Florida. Don interviewed a few dozen Cubans who had just landed there after escaping Cuba. The Cubans knew who he was and asked why I had not been broadcasting for the past few months on Blogtalk. Don was very gracious to them and explained that I moved during this time and I had been very busy. I appreciate that from Don. He is a true friend but what he said was not exactly truthful.

From Don's perspective what he said was true and I have been real busy getting into our new house. It's great by the way. I must be living righteously because Lord knows my life is wonderful. I am blessed even if I died today. But the real reason I have not been broadcasting or blogging much is I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself and disappointed in some of my exile friends - though some of these Cubans no longer consider me their friend and one or two I bet even consider me an enemy.

You see, all I thought I ever had to do was tell you the truth and that would be good enough. I have my faults like everybody else. I'm human and I admit it. However, lying is NOT one of my faults.

I'll give this much credit to most of the exiles who have a problem with my thinking. Being that they ARE Cubans they are sweet, gracious and dignified people like Angel Garzon. He simply believes I have been mistaken or have drawn an incorrect conclusion. Most others think perhaps poor old Tomas has gone a bit crazy. Well I don't think either is true. And apparently neither do Cubans back home.

And that brings us back to Babalu. They said they don't like you - which I believe means they dislike what you write about. Now I know that will give some other exiles a thrill of glee upon hearing this...but I gather no joy out of that because I know how hard you work for Cuba. And before those who gather enjoyment about Cuban tastes on the island get too happy at Babalu's misery - they named others they had a problem with as well.

But they said they liked me however. They liked me! They like to hear me and read what I say. They liked Tomas Estrada-Palma! They said they felt I was speaking the truth. They trusted me. They trusted me...

Here I'd been feeling sorry for myself because the feedback I'd been getting had been so negative from so many exiles - at least from a sector that was the most vocal among a very vocal culture. And I know you know what I mean if you are a Cuban anywhere - you have opinions. So I had forgotten who my message was really for and what this was all about - the Cuban people in Cuba. Because I could not get feedback from them until now my perception of things were warped - just like many exiles.

So I'll say this in defense of the exiles that Cubans on the island have a problem with like Babalu. Number one that's my cousin Val who is involved with this blog and I can assure you that his motives are pure. Like people in Cuba understand, I too believe he and some of the other writers there and elsewhere are misguided. But I never get angry with them because they are not our enemy. My amigos in Cuba know who the enemies are and we realize they do not only lurk in Cuba. Many exiles however believe our enemies are for the most part only in Cuba and that the American government is our friend. Please forgive them amigos because you cannot imagine how effective the big bankster (gangster + banker = bankster) media is here in America at fooling the people. People here believe so many lies because they are told such and such and this and that on several thousand TV stations on cable and satellite. Exiles hear the same lies over and over again. The lies are told by a small cabal of people who own virtually all those stations which exiles think are somehow independent from the government. So please forgive them and hold not one drop of anger towards these exiles. They have been bombarded 24 hours a day for years upon years with "infor-ganda" and I know Cubans on the Island know about that.

So we'll discuss this situation tonight on Cuba Exposed! You can call in at

(646) 915-9664

starting at 8:30 PM

if you have an opinion or want to say hello. It would be great if someone would call from Cuba...especially someone in the military. There is an important reason you should and it concerns your rear end.

Oh and by the way...I really like you guys in Cuba too! I'm sorry I haven't been around. Please forgive my bit of selfishness.