Friday, May 28, 2010

The Rand Slam

Have you now...or in the past, ever agreed with anything that Rand Paul said?

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Most people are easily duped. For example, the economy is in a shambles. But you wouldn't know it according to the big network media and government statistics. Oh sure, they'll admit that things aren't great but all of the signs point to things getting better. Right?

Well first of all things always get better- eventually. Before that happens the oligarchy must convince us that a recovery is well on the way. So they tout how job losses have stopped according to the Labor Department statistics. Yeah? Take a look at this and see one of the ways they rig the numbers. Apparently, the Census is hiring then firing then rehiring workers everyday or two. Each time they hire they count that as a new job created even if they only hire you for a couple hours of work then fire you.

It's easy to see the plan of these deceivers. Rig the job numbers to pad the totals with Census jobs and hope the economy is rebounding once the Census is over. Unfortunately, all other signs point to a sinking economy except the stock market. The stock market of course is another system that the oligarchy has rigged. How?

Well first you have to smear the gold standard like the oligarchy accomplished during the Great Depression. They actually blamed gold money for the crimes committed by almost 17 years of the Federal Reserve printing up fiat paper money. Now in the Great Depression II we have no gold standard so we can't blame precious metals this time. But the simple proof that gold money is good while paper money is bad is demonstrated conclusively by the actions of the elites. For hundreds of years now the Rothschild family has been accumulating gold but foisting paper money on the regular people. Same for the Rockefeller family, Mellon's, Oppenheimer's, etc. So all the top Keynesian economists swear gold money is bad but paper money is good. This is nonsense! If it were so then the elites would be hording paper money instead of gold.

Now back to the stock market. One thing elites can do with paper money and even better electronic money, is create as much as they need right out of thin air in order to buy stocks to manipulate the price. The reason is to keep the market from crashing to where it should really land considering the state of the economy. Of course they can't do this forever. The market, despite the oligarchy's manipulation, will always return to it's actual value in the long run. The trick is for the oligarchy to blame the eventual drop on some scapegoat so the people never notice how the economy is jiggered by the oligarchs and their paper currency.

So forget about these oligarchy tea leaves to judge the health of the economy and concentrate on the outcomes. The two positive numbers that the networks push for the oligarchy are the jobs numbers and the stock market. Once the Census ends it will be more difficult rig the numbers for jobs and even with all the paper and electronic money in their accounts the oligarchs can only manipulate the stock market but so much before the other players see what's going on like the recent flash crash.

To sum up, it is getting harder these days for the oligarchy to pull off the deception. They can't blame gold money again. They have used paper money so they could get more and more gold and other valuables for themselves. Now their greed and thirst for power and dominion over the rest of us has put a crimp in their operation. So they are doing their darn tooting best to come up with excuses, new scapegoats and statistics to massage the poor people into believing that we are "moving forward" towards prosperity. All the while the top get more and more gold and other tangible prizes while the masses are left to fight amongst themselves for piles of paper money. The truth is right in front of your eyes but they must shine the light of truth into an open mind. Let the elites fight over paper money.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Interesting Circumstance

I am a seeker of the truth. Lies do not interest me. However, it is curious to watch liars especially official liars involved in criminality. In the past, for the most part, the mob had no clue about official criminality or the lies told to cover them up. Take for example the Gulf of Tomkin incident. It never happened. Everybody admits this today. Yet it was used as the excuse to go to war against Vietnam where over 50,000 Americans died and God knows how many Vietnamese. Nobody had a clue it was all based on a lie.

The same holds true for the war in Iraq. The main reason we went to war there, among many excuses, was to stop weapons of mass destruction. Almost everybody believed that lie - at least at first. Then the reality of the truth came out much sooner than the facts of the Gulf of Tomkin incident.

What's interesting these days is so many Americans know the truth about our official liars. If you have a logical mind and a thirst for the truth the Internet can come in real handy. Of course most people only use it to surf for porn, email and shop and that's the truth. Still we have a growing group of enlightened Americans living in the same land as the little lying emperors. Add to this all the video cameras that are everywhere and you have the "confrontation" between the liars and the lied to. I've seen lots of these videos like the one below where Vice President Joe Biden is handed scientific proof that treason was committed on 9/11. The confrontation is between regular Americans only armed with the truth and the second most powerful man - at least "officially." But the confronters are nobodies. He is the Vice President. Yet it is Joe Biden who cowards and tries to slither away while these individuals armed only with the truth have the power.

Which brings us to the Afghanistan war. We were told it was to catch the terrorist Bin Laden who it was said totally shut down our military for the entire time the attack occurred, got bumbling Arab Piper Cub trainees to fly jumbo jet liners as well as the on-board computers can fly them remotely, caused steel in buildings to melt at one thousand degrees cooler than ever before possible as well as cause at least one of the buildings to fall as fast as a rock in a vacuum. This conspiracy theory is soooooo tin hat kooky that the F.B.I. can't even bring themselves to indict Bin Laden. No evidence to his involvement except hearsay spread by official liars.

The answer for the liars in high places is to ban free speech. Capturing video of official liars lying has become de facto illegal. Try to do so and you can be beaten, jailed, have your video equipment seized and even destroyed, have the video erased or at the very least made to go to a free speech zone where the official liars are not likely to be found nor confronted with the truth. But there are still many brave Americans who manage to confront the liars and get it on video.

One piece of legislation I suggest the new Congress take up once they sweep the rascals out of office in November (if we are actually allowed to vote) is to legalize video and audio recording in public. That should include stiff penalties for any official who infringes on this right in any way. If you want royalty then I suggest YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA!!! Go to England or one of the other countries with a king or queen.

Please don't expect me or the other real Americans to bow before these usurpers acting like royalty, lying through their teeth while they commit high crimes and treason. It's interesting how the truth can cause powerful liars to slither away like cowardly snakes. Look at Joe below:

Monday, May 24, 2010

American Liberty Dream Team

Time And Perception

A fundamental strategy of government is to put as much time between the cause of a problem and the problem itself. That way the people for the most part never see what is really happening. But this is in effect telling little lies to smooth over the people's concerns over their interests.

So around the beginning of the 1900's America, with it's Courts and Congress, began to philosophically disobey the U.S. Constitution but only in unnoticeable ways. One major example was the change in our money system in 1913. To the average American nothing changed from 1913 onward. The dollar bills looked the same as before and spent just like them. But the monetary system had indeed changed overnight to permit powerful international bankers to control the printing of our money.

While this is nothing more than a racket, these bankers are not stupid. Okay perhaps in the beginning they were a bit more stupid than many central bankers that follow them in office. Those first Federal Reserve Chairmen ran the printing presses night and day for almost seventeen years. Then, like the cloud of locust, they saw what was coming. Prices were escalating too rapidly. Wages were not keeping up with inflation and the people were getting restless. Once again the bankers knew they were going to print the money into worthlessness. So they stop the printing by raising borrowing rates and this caused the economy to seize up in the Great Depression. But the people never realized what was going on because of the seventeen years of prosperity they had just experienced due to the inflationary boom.

So here we are in the twenty-first century and folks are still debating the cause of the Great Depression. In reality this usually means they blather on about the symptoms caused by printing too much fiat money. The good news is, this time around the time between the boom and busts has been shrinking fast. My life has seen a number of sour economic times starting out with the entire decade of the 1970's. It sucked and we didn't have a clue why. All we knew was the 1950's and 60's were great times for any able bodied individual willing to work. Then there was the 1980's S & L crisis. The tech boom/ bust followed this and the Enron swindle, etc. Then 9/11 coincided with another drop in the economy. But the housing boom soon took American's minds off of all this recent history. But that is changing.

The house of cards is dropping fast now and it is more obvious everyday. Our economic woes stem from filthy free range slave script. The international bankers had planned to do this one final crash of our economy then in our time of desperation switch our money once again. But this time around instead of going from a perfectly sound gold and silver based money to fiat paper, their plan was to switch from the fiat dollar to some international paper currency. Lets call the new international currency the "loony" because that's what Americans would have to be to except such a thing.

With the Tea Party movement and Americans like Rand Paul being nominated for the Senate the international banksters are in full blown panic mode. They are desperate and divided amongst themselves now. Americans are still not sure what they want but they darn sure know what they don't want - the current batch of politicians bailing out the banksters. Fortunately, there is a crop of leaders waiting in the wings who have been groomed in fundamental American ideas like trust in individual liberty, hard work, honesty and a patriotic devotion to their country and countrymen. If the banksters allow elections to go forward in November unrigged then these new leaders will be elected sweeping the corrupt politicians out of office.

Then the REAL investigations start! The reason nobody is jailed on either side of the aisle now is both sides are corrupt. With fresh blood in the Congress and Senate for the first time since the civil war the corrupt will be routed out. Americans will finally find out about the shenanigans that the Federal Reserve has been involved in that undermine the wealth and sovereignty of the United States of America. There are many great people in government who know what has been going on but they are powerless under the current corrupt regime. If real leaders are elected in November then you just watch how many come forward with sworn testimony and evidence against the traitors to America.

We can do this people! But we must hang together in unity and peace or surely Benjamin Franklin has already explained what will happen to us individually.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Economic Big Picture

It's happening again just like back in the 1930's. Sure we have the same paper money central banking system just like the old Soviet Union. I agree that our bankers are having a longer run than their communist counterparts. However, the reign of free range slave script is coming to an end. Here's why.

The powerful bankers and corporate movers and shakers use the money supply to control what has come to be known as the "business cycle." The business cycle is the boom bust periods that we have experienced nationally and now globally for a hundred years or so. The central bankers claim that their fiat money can moderate the business cycle. In actual fact it is the supply of fiat money itself that causes the business cycle. If you know what the supply of money is going to be then you also know what direction prices will be going - as only the central bankers and their friends know. So they buy when prices are depressed during times when they cut the money supply. But they sell when they drive up prices as they increase the money supply.

But running a national and now international monetary scheme is no easy task. I would not even try it if Rothschild himself called me up this morning and offered me the position with a huge salary. So now, as in the 1930s, the central bankers have really screwed up the economy. But to them this means that they are owning too many assets that have plummeted in value due to the collapse in the money supply. Normally they just lower rates and get more suckers to borrow the money in order to create more money. However, the central bankers have already obligated so many people and corporations the world around with debt that will never be paid back that they'd be damn fools to lend out more dough to the dead beats.

So to the bankers the problem with the economy is the price of the things they own is too low. But to regular people the price of most things remain too high as well as the economy seizing up because nobody is sure what the price of things will be tomorrow. Add to this doubt the loss of jobs a price frozen economy causes and nobody feels like spending any money. Unfortunately, the bankers are only trying to fix their problem while smugly hoping it solves our problem too. In about ten year or more it will once prices bottom out. All these TARP programs and bailouts are in actuality attempts to drive prices back up so the bankers can unload their stuff. They are creating free money then lending it out for a song often to themselves or through their intermediaries. Many are actually paying themselves off with public tax money with the excuse that the institutions they own would take the economy down if they failed.

Our problem however is the price structure of virtually everything is uncertain due to the violent jolts in the money supply of all the various currencies in the world. In a nut shell we have a price frozen economy. But the bankers and their employees in Congress only try to fix their problem. I defy anyone to show me one piece of legislation passes recently that does not prove my case. We are TARPed into the poor house while the central bankers dine in gilded palaces. Have you ever seen the inside of the Federal Reserve building? POSH accommodations to be sure. But if you are among the millions of Americans living in tents with the kids while these banksters board up their properties for a decade until the prices are high enough to sell, then the problem is money. You don't have enough of it and those who do can't be sure what it's worth.

The solution is gold and silver money that we the people own rather than the free range slave script that the international bankers own. The reality is once individuals have real gold and silver money to spend, prices will stabilize and we will no longer be free range slaves at all. The income tax would be gone as well since only fiat paper money can make this tyranny possible just like the mine script in those West Virginia company stores. Free men and women with their own gold and silver money would be damn fools if they gave the government a cut every time they spent or received some of it.

Damn fools is what we are as long as this free range slave script currency remains legal tender. Gold, silver and other actual commodities possessing value are the only choices for the currency of free individuals. As you digest this food for thought, save the paper to wipe away the results but never for money.