Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gay Marriage And The Income Tax

Who cares if the government recognizes gay marriage or not? Well that would be the slaves who are gay because the income tax social engineers will not give back the slave gay married couple the same amount of their own money as they do for traditional married couples. That's it in a nut shell.

You see amigos all marriages are a three way. There are two partners and the government. The two partners are the earners and the government decides how the money will be spent. If you are a traditional married couple the government will take less and return more of your own labor output. When it comes time to die the government will let the surviving partner keep more of their joint assets if the marriage is traditional. If one partner becomes incapacitated the other partner can intervene on their behalf.

All of this decision making by slaves with their own money is eliminated for gay married couples. Why? It is because the government gets to make the final decision about our money. But it doesn't have to be that way and it was never meant to be so. Imagine an America with no income tax. Would gay people care if some government apparatchiks disapproved of their lifestyles. HELL NO! Gay and married couples would all keep 100% of their income. When it came time to die the surviving partner would get 100% of the marital assets regardless of the lifestyle because income tax and its cousin the death tax would not be part of the equation.

Some traditional married couples might say, "Who gives a damn? That's what happens when you choose a gay lifestyle. Oh really. Heed these words of warning hetrosexuals. The social engineers are in the middle of a switch. They are traitors undermining America from inside the halls of government. They wish to tear America down, gay or straight. They plan to destroy the family, the economy and in the end have our republic absorbed into their world government scheme. Dark skinned people from somewhere else use to be the official government enemy of the people. Now the government has switched and all the bad people are white and they are the American citizens who must be defeated. Likewise the family producing kids was the old preferred lifestyle in America. Now that the globalists have commandeered America the switch is in. From here forward gays will be the preferred lifestyle and dividing us is still the plan.

Wouldn't it be better to just abolish slavery regardless of one's sexual persuasion? If the income tax and all slave labor taxation were ended then replaced with the site value tax then the government would lose the biggest social engineering tool in their bag of tricks. Society would be funded by the location value of the land that each of us owns (not the improvements like houses) regardless of the lifestyle of the owners. We were never meant to be forced to part with our labor because that is slavery. However we've been fighting over the planet for longer than anyone can know. The earth IS the thing we must share not other people's labor.

Sadly, rather than invest a bit of time studying Henry George's masterpiece "Progress and Poverty" to learn how we can eliminate our income tax slave based system, most of you prefer to continue fighting to have the government steal other people's money for you while trying to keep your money from the tax man. DOLTS!!!