Friday, October 22, 2010

You're An Extremist!

Don't you hear this every day now? This candidate or that is called an extremists holding extreme ideas by grand political muckity-mucks such as Bill Clinton.

However, these mudslingers never provide logical examples. Instead they assert that, by merely looking at a crowd of protesters against big government, they can know for certain that this crowd secretly is motivated by racism.


This tactic is employed everyday on Judge Judy. "He harassed me." Claims a courtroom participant or perhaps they say, "She threatened me." But Judge Judy will have none of that nonsense! She wants to know exactly how someone was harassed or threatened. In other words Judy wants to know exactly what was said and done. Normally the harassment turns out to be the plaintiff asking about their own money. Then the Judge explains that doing this is not harassment.

This is basically what is happening in the political arena today. Americans are asking what happened to their own money. Instead of providing a logical answer these slimy politicians like Bill Lewinsky Clinton tar the questioner as an extremist.

I feel that a grown man that is fully matured and been blessed with the duty of being elected to be president of the United States of America should always act like an adult and use every waking moment of the day attending to this huge responsibility. Therefore, a president that acts like a horny teenager slithering around the White House hitting up the interns for oral sex is extremely immature. I didn't just say Clinton was immature. I gave an example of how he is immature and unfit to have ever been president. If this was not immature why did Billy do his darn tooting best to hush it up?

As far as I can see the Tea Party supporters have one faction that only believes in one extremely stupid notion. That notion is we can cut the size of government and reduce taxes while funding a trillion dollar military empire that enforces the dictates of the international bankers and this somehow makes Americans safer. Of course this IS nonsense. Older Americans and the poor will be the first to feel the sting of this swindle. Their benefits are being cut just as the Federal Reserve is flooding the world with dollars causing the cost of living to rise.

The government spends our taxes for drones to execute Pakistanis without trial but cuts the funds for the daily bread of the poor and elderly. I say we should NEVER dump the grandparents and kids into the street to eat cat food so we can pay for bombs to blow up Pakistanis and Afghans.

I suppose that makes me an extremist...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Economy Can Be Fixed

Yes it can but not by our current cabal of congressional crazies, creeps and conspirators. Their collectivist baggage makes it impossible for them to do even to slightest positive policy change in any aspect of our current failed model. All they promise is another five year plan to prosperity.

This has gone on for too long because the ruling oligarchy that installed this Congress has complete control of all network media as well as much of our entertainment media, movies and such. These six corporations are owned by the foreign banking cabal that is bleeding America dry. Yet Americans continue to listen to the nonsense these sell outs air and we permit the traitors to define our terms of debate. Just listen to all the scapegoats they come up with everyday for the bad economy - the latest being China. They rarely if ever focus on the main culprit, the Federal Reserve Board leeches. You can't really call them a bank - at least not one Americans should bank on.

What's required to save our asses is to quit screwing around listening to the very leeches that got us into this mess in the first place. Instead what's required is revolutionary, dramatic change that will remove the flaws that will kill America soon if not corrected. Mind you this is the intent of the foreign bankers who are at this very moment doing just that.

When I call for revolutionary change it has nothing to do with violence but rather direction. We need to change direction right now! There is no more time to dilly dally. We must change our currency back to real gold and silver money as well as close the illegal foreign owned Federal Reserve. They are not federal and there are no reserves that Americans can spend for America.

Next, our current batch of Senators and Congressmen must be removed from the reins of power as soon as possible. There is only Ron Paul and several others worth saving.

Once an American Congress takes control from the current foreign banker owned Congress they can set about legislating the revolutionary change necessary to save the republic. Here is what they should do:

1. With the Federal Reserve closed and real money legal once again, Congress should wipe clean all debts owed by Americans to the closed Federal Reserve Bank.

2. Abolish all direct taxes on labor, sales and personal property ownership. In their place implement a land tax based on the location value. Buildings would be tax free and only the value of the location taxed. A simple rule must be adopted. If we need more of it then taxes on it should be banned. So stuff we need like income, food, housing, medical care etc. must be made tax free. Things we need less of or at least not too many of in society would be fair game. So land hording would not be economical for worthless land speculators who produce nothing. Land would have to be put into productive use for living and generating wealth. That's the beauty of the location value tax as the main revenue source for local, state and federal governments. Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, gambling, etc. would be fair game for taxation. Likewise, resource depletion could be taxed. But leave what people need the hell alone and tax free.

3. De-fund the American military empire currently acting as mercenaries for our ruling banking oligarchy so they can steal resources and dominate people in foreign lands who hate us for it. Bring all troops home and spending the trillion dollars now spent overseas right here in the good old USA. It is obvious who controls our government when seniors are being de-funded while the military empire grows.


4. Abolish all federal laws against private consensual behavior by adults. The drug war for example is a multi billion dollar per year boondoggle that has not reduced drug usage whatsoever, ruthlessly punished sick and dying Americans for finding relief using cannabis, funded the CIA's black operations through their illegal drug transactions such as heroin currently in Afghanistan, totally corrupted police and made them our overlords who can spy on us whenever they like as well as steal our things in the name of fighting drugs, distorted economic choices that favor the petrochemical industry and punishes the farmers and eliminates millions of jobs - and much more. The drug war is a domestic fight where our own government attacks us violently, steals our things all in the futile hope to one day force everyone through their acts of aggression to comply with their regulatory demands for our bio-chemical make-up. The state and local governments should decide the policy on drug use in public certainly and be involved in any nuisance aspect surrounding it's legal usage which affects the rights of others directly.

Just these four revolutionary steps would create millions of jobs instantly, save trillions immediately, install a legal working monetary system that would allow Americans to store their wealth safely from the greedy hands of the foreign bankers and return America once again to the proud example of a peaceful, prosperous land of free people who mind their own business well but leave other countries the hell alone to run their own affairs.

Or you can keep listening to the fools and crooks who have gotten us into this mess.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sun Spots Cause High Prices!

Naw... Not really. But you are likely to here lots of nonsense in the coming months and years to explain the reason for the exploding cost of this and that.

However, prices are due to three basic things: the supply of the thing, the demand for that particular thing and also the supply of money with which to complete a possible transaction to buy and sell that thing.

The enemy network media will have you concentrating on the first two aspects of price while rarely if ever discussing the main cause of price distortion - the supply of money. That's because the supply of things can vary due to a great many factors in nature. The demand for things you can blame on us because we are the ones who want it, some of us more than others. So when prices soar the enemy networks blame us for wanting it even at the high cost. Or they give reasons why the supply has been cut. Some cotton picking crop somewhere has suffered a drought and now the price for cotton has soared everywhere.

I am not one to deny droughts and floods do happen and can distort the price of things. But what has a greater effect - a flood in the mid west or a trillion dollar flood of dollars everywhere? Even if you understand devaluing our money by printing way too much of it for special individuals and groups to spend, it is not something easily demonstrated on television. Inflation is an abstract concept but its effect real and destructive nonetheless.

But inflation is something that happens a trillion times a day, often electronically, and is an unseen act of counterfeiting. A flood is a real dramatic act of nature that no one can deny really exists. So as the cow floats down the swollen river the enemy networks mention that the price of dairy will be going up. The the price of milk goes up and you think that it's good that you watched the news because they warned you about it with the cow story.

But like planes flown remotely into buildings laden with timed explosives, the drought stories are a slight of hand meant to divert the eye so it will lie to the brain. Magicians don't make objects actually disappear. They trick your eye by making it concentrate on the wrong thing. It's the same with economists over the enemy networks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harry Reid Is A 9/11 Conspirator

Yes he certainly is! I couldn't say if he was in on this inside job before the fact. I can report for a fact that he is a conspirator after the fact. The fact is many of his brethren in the Senate are as well. This cabal of traitorous snakes conveniently was in recess on 9/11 while the Congress were sitting ducks in session. Every one of them was personally handed evidence by trained building engineers and explosives experts that proves beyond ANY doubt whatsoever that the Twin Towers and CIA Building Number Seven were actually brought down by controlled timed explosives shortly after those planes struck the buildings. Harry Reid and the other senators who have not yet demanded a new actual investigation into the ramifications of these facts has at the very least committed misprision of treason.


We all agree two planes hit the towers!


The official conspiracy theory claims 19 Arabs after 2 week of piper cup training flew 2 jumbo jets pushing the extreme limits of the planes' aeronautical capabilities steering them into the towers.

I say it is more likely the on-board flight computers was hacked by experts and the planes were flown remotely into their targets as a magician's slight of hand diversion to hide the actual cause of the dramatic straight down collapse of 3 towers exactly onto their own footprints at free fall speed because their steel beam supporting structures were exploded away.

These are questions that have not been asked by good-time Harry, the official government investigators, the complicit network media or for that matter a majority of the American people who have been lied to about the vile treason. If you think I'm angry and disgusted about it more than nine years since the crime and that I'm not going to every stop until the guilty are prosecuted - you'd be correct.


Tea Baggers No More?

Remember a couple years ago when the Tea Party revolt began? Big mouth media and politicos were falling all over themselves yucking it up calling angry protesting Americans "tea baggers." My kids had to explain the sexual connotation of the term. Apparently one male individual places his scrotum sack over the face of another individual and bingo! You have a couple of tea baggers.

Yes I can still hear those smarmy media elites saying tea baggers this and tea baggers that. Then a real funny thing started to happen as the crowds got bigger and bigger. Incumbents left and right for the first time in my life were getting defeated in the primaries. Suddenly these media smart asses and elite politicians dropped the term like the plague.

Who's laughing now?

Why aren't you calling angry Americans tea baggers now?

Finally, what are the soon-to-be defeated politicians and the media going to say when a new Congress is filled with tea baggers who remember the slurs?

One really good thing about new representatives is they have not been corrupted yet. So they can really make a name for themselves by sending out subpoenas to actually investigating official corruption instead of the usual Washington whitewash. I'd really like to see the actual guilty traitors prosecuted for 9/11 and all the bankster war crimes and the official thievery so far pulled off successfully by the bankster/congress gang.

That would be glorious!