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Aqui Cubanos!

La dia cuando Fidel es muerto

Cubanos en la calle es seguro

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Raul Castro's Thugs At It Again


November 23, 2007

Cuban government repressive forces brutally beat members of families who live in a poor neighborhood in Havana and destroyed the furniture and personal belongings of a human rights defender. The activists arrested are threatened with being prosecuted

On November 22, 2007 at nine in the evening, more than 30 officials of the Cuban political police and Cuban State Security violently invaded the poor neighborhood named CAMBUTE in San Miguel del Padrón in Havana, Cuba ransacking the home of the 30 year- old activist, JUAN BERMÚDEZ TORANZO, where a vigil on behalf of the freedom of all Cuban political prisoners was taking place. Cuban repressive forces brutally beat all families and neighbors present, including women and children. Juan Bermúdez Toranzo was dragged along with his 2 year-old son from his bedroom to the street outside where he was thrown into a patrol car with other activists of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights. Four activists and an evangelical pastor where taken away to the Eleventh Police Unit at San Miguel del Padrón in Havana where they remain “under investigation”. State Security advised Nery, the wife of Bermúdez Toranzo, to begin looking for a lawyer since formal accusations are on the way for those arrested.

The detainees are: Juan Bermúdez Toranzo (national vice-president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights), Osmar Osmani Balmán del Pino (delegate of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in the Municipality of San Miguel del Padrón),

José Luis Rodríguez Chávez (vice-president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in the city of Havana), William Cepero (president of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights in Old Havana District), Yordis Ferrer ( Pentecostal Evangelical Pastor who came to the aid of Juan Bermúdez Toranzo’s wife Nery as repressive forces where beating her up).

Activists as well as family members of those arrested decided to carry out a sit-in in front of the Eleventh Police Unit in Havana all last night (November 22) where we will remain protesting the unjust arrests.

These dedicated human rights defenders are in prison only for their activities on behalf of the rights of poor Cubans who, like them, live in impoverished neighborhoods. Juan Bermúdez Toranza founded an independent labor union of bicitaxis (Cubans who try to make a living on their own by transporting Cuban citizens but who are repressed and prohibited by the government from obtaining a license to work.) On the 12th of November past these activists had carried out an activity in the streets of Cambute on behalf of the children of this poor neighborhood.

Testimony provided from Havana, Cuba by Juan Carlos González Leiva, President of the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights and Executive Secretary of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteur in Cuba. Recorded and translated to English by the Coalition of Cuban-American Women/ LAIDA CARRO. Tel: + 305-740-0934 Fax: + 305-740-7323 Email:



23 de noviembre, 2007

Fuerzas represivas del gobierno cubano golpearon brutalmente a familias deun barrio marginal en La Habana y destruyeron los muebles y pertenencias de un defensor de los derechos humanos. Los activistas arrestados estan amenazados de ser encausados.

El 22 de noviembre a las 9 de la noche más de 30 oficiales de la Policía Nacional y de la Seguridad del Estado cubana irrumpieron violentamente en el barrio marginal llamado CAMBUTE en San Miguel del Padrón en La Habana, en el hogar del activista de derechos humanos, JUAN BERMÚDEZ TORANZO, de 30 años de edad, donde se estaba efectuando un ayuno pidiendo la libertad de todos los presos políticos. Cinco familias cubanas reunidas allí fueron salvajemente golpeadas por las fuerzas represivas incluyendo niños, mujeres y vecinos presentes que intercedieron. Juan Bermúdez Toranzo fué arrastrado junto a su hijo de 2 años desde su cuarto a la calle donde lo lanzaron en un auto patrullero junto a otros activistas de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos, en shorts, casi desnudos. Cuatro defensores de los derechos humanos y un pastor evangélico pentecostal fueron llevados a la Oncena Unidad de San Miguel del Padrón en Ciudad de La Habana donde permanecen “bajo investigación”. La Seguridad del Estado le advirtió a Nery, la esposa de Bermúdez Toranzo, que fuera buscando un abogado pues les estan preparando expedientes acusatorios a los arrestados.

Los detenidos son: Juan Bermúdez Toranzo (vice-presidente nacional de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos), Osmar Osmani Balmán del Pino (delegado de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos del Municipio de San Miguel del Padrón), José Luis Rodríguez Chávez (vice-presidente de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos en Ciudad de La Habana), William Cepero ( presidente de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos en Municipio Habana Vieja), Yordis Ferrer (pastor Evangélico Pentecostal quien se encontraba en la vivienda de Juan Bermúdez Toranzo y salió en defensa de Nery, la esposa de Bermúdez Toranzo, cuando las fuerzas represivas golpeaban a esta mujer.)

Activistas de derechos humanos y familiares de los detenidos nos plantamos frente a la Oncena Unidad de Policía en La Habana toda la noche del 22 de noviembre, donde permaneceremos en protesta por los injustos arrestos.

Estos fieles defensores de los derechos humanos estan preso solo por actividades en favor de cubanos pobres como ellos quienes viven en barrios marginales. Juan Bermúdez Toranza fundó un sindicato independiente del gobierno de bicitaxeros (cubanos que son reprimidos y a quienes se les niega una licencia para poderse ganar la vida del transporte que le brindan a sus compatriotas). El dia 12 de noviembre pasado, estos activistas habían llevado a cabo una actividad en las calles de Cambute en favor de los niños de este barrio marginal.

Testimonio dado desde La Habana, Cuba por Juan Carlos González Leiva, Presidente de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos y Secretario General del Consejo de Relatores de Derechos Humanos de Cuba.

Grabado y traducido al inglés por la Coalición de Derechos Humanos/LAIDA CARRO.

Tel: + 305-740-0934 Fax: + 305-740-7323 Email:

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A Che Thanksgiving

Subject: FONTOVA: Happy Thanksgiving! (Che Guevara Style)

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 23:36:48 -0500

Humberto Fontova

On Nov. 17 1962, J Edgar Hoovers' FBI cracked a terrorist plot by Cuban agents that targeted Macy's Gimbel's, Bloomindale' s and Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The holocaust was set to go off the following week,
the day after Thanksgiving. Che Guevara was the head of Cuba's DGI "Foreign Liberation Department" at the time.

Che Guevara Planned Attacks Against the U.S. By: Humberto Fontova November 21, 2007
http://www.newsmax. com/fontova/ che_guevara_ u.s./2007/ 11/21/51310. html

"We will bring the war to the imperialist enemies' very home," raved Che Guevara in his "Message to the Tri-Continental Conference" published in Havana in April 1967, "to his places of work and recreation. We must never give him a minute of peace or tranquility. We'll attack him wherever we find him. "The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he
moves. Thus we'll destroy him! These hyenas, are fit only for extermination. We must keep our hatred alive and fan it to paroxysm!" Thus spoke the hero of the "Peace and Love" set — and during that very "Summer of Love." And who was this imperialist enemy, who were these
"hyenas?" to be 'exterminated? " why, "the great enemy of Humanity: the United States of America!"

Compared to Che Guevara, Ahmadinejad sounds like the Dalai Lama. After his whoopin hollerin reception at the U.N.'s General Assembly in December 1964, New York society's reception for Guevara — with cocktail parties at "Bobo" Rockefeller' s Manhattan suite and softball
interview on Meet the Press — shamed the sorry treatment accorded Ahmadinejad recently. If only Ahmadinejad had planned to incinerate his hosts (then boasted about it) he might have gotten a much warmer reception in New York.

According to In Touch magazine, Benicio Del Toro, who will play Che Guevara in two movies this coming year directed by Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh, has become positively smitten with his character and role. "Che was just one of those guys who walked the walk and talked the
talk," Del Toro chirped to In Touch magazine. "There's just something cool about people like that. The more I get to know Che, the more I respect him. "

Thanks to J. Edgar Hoover's FBI the "walking of the walk" that Castro and Che had planned for those "hyenas" was uncovered in November of 1962. On Nov. 17 1962, J Edgar Hoovers' FBI cracked a terrorist plot (though the term "terrorist" was not used at the time) by Cuban agents
that targeted Macy's Gimbel's, Bloomindales and Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The holocaust was set to go off the following week, the day after Thanksgiving. Che Guevara was the head of Cuba's "Foreign Liberation
Department" at the time.

A little perspective: for their March 2004 Madrid subway blasts, all 10 of them, that killed and maimed almost 2000 people, al-Qaida used a grand total of 100 kilos of TNT. Castro and Che's agents planned to set off five times that explosive power in the three biggest department stores on earth, all packed to suffocation and pulsing with holiday cheer on the year's biggest shopping day.

Thousands of New Yorkers, including women and children, actually, given the date and targets, probably mostly women and children, were to be incinerated and entombed.

Hitler, eat your heart out, Castro must have beamed. Germany's maximum leader had dreamed of pummeling New York as he pummeled London, but never came close. Despite the Luftwaffe's designers and engineers best efforts, the "Amerika Bomber" remained a mere gleam in Hitler's eye. His Yankee enemy's homeland remained infuriatingly out of reach.

Till his last day in the bunker, Hitler could only pound his fist and make faces at his American enemies (and perhaps curse they day he flippantly declared war on a nation who's public split 78/32 against going to war against him in a poll a mere month before that declaration. By the way: a U.S. poll from 1963 had almost the identical breakdown in favor of war with Castro!) Castro and Che planned their Manhattan holocaust short weeks after Nikita Khrushchev foiled their plans for an even bigger one. "Say hello to my little friends!" they dreamt of yelling at the Yankee hyenas in October of 1962, right before the mushroom clouds. But for the prudence of the Butcher of Budapest (Nikita Khrushchev) they might have pulled it off. "If the missiles had remained," Che Guevara confided to The London Daily Worker in November 1962 regarding the
Cuban Missile Crisis, "We would have used them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York City."

Some think Fidel and Che's genocidal fantasy was a bigger factor in Khrushchev's decision to yank the missiles than Kennedy's so-called blockade.

This Cuban bomb plot was far from "irrational. " Castro and Che weren't suicide bombers by any means. In blasting Manhattan and incinerating thousands of New Yorkers they sought to heat things up again, to rekindle all those thrills he'd experienced the previous weeks during
the Missile Crisis.

Given the temper of the times, he knew his Soviet sugar daddies would be implicated too. Then the U.S. might retaliate. Then Castro and Che would have exactly what he'd dreamed about and tried to provoke a few weeks earlier: an intercontinental nuclear exchange.

Millions dead in the U.S. Millions dead in The Soviet Union. And almost certainly, millions dead in his own Cuba. But Castro and Che themselves would be nowhere near harms way.

Soviet ambassador to Cuba during the Missile Crisis, Alexander Allusive, reports a fascinating — if unsurprising — datum about those days. While Castro was begging, threatening, even trying to trick Khrushchev into launching a nuclear strike against the U.S., while he was ranting and yelling and waving his arms about grabbing his Czech machine gun and "fighting the Yankee invaders to the last man!" while frantically involved in all this, a "fearful" (Allusive's term) Castro and Che were also making reservations with Allusive for a first-class seats in the Soviet embassy's bomb shelter.

Thus they'd emerge into the smoldering rubble and millions of incinerated bodies and realize their lifelong dream: their names stamped in history as the gallant Davids against the yankee Goliath.

Cuba's agents for this Manhattan Thanksgiving bomb plot were members of the Cuban mission to the United Nations working in concert with members of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee, an outfit that became much better known a year later when member Lee Harvey Oswald really
racked up some headlines.

Incidentally, at the time of the Manhattan terror plot, the Fair Play For Cuba Committee also included among its members, CBS correspondent Robert Taber, (an early version of Dan Rather who conducted Castro's first network television soft-soaping on Aug. 30, 1957) along with The
Nation magazine co-owner Alan Sagner. In 1996 President Clinton appointed the obviously unbiased Alan Sagner head of the head of the scrupulously even-handed Corporation for Public Broadcasting, at a time the FBI had long outed The Fair Play for Cuba Committee as a Castro-funded front group.

The FBI estimated that from 25 to 50 others may have been involved in the plot. As they questioned and dug up further documents, the target list expanded to include Manhattans's main bus terminal, several refineries on the New Jersey Shore and the Statue of Liberty.

Had those detonators gone off the day after Thanksgiving in 1962, 9/11 might be remembered as the second deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Humberto Fontova is the author of "Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him." Visit www.hfontova. com hfontova@earthlink. net

© 2007 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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No Hay Otra Oportunidad

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cuban House of Cards

The entire Castro rule has been a house of cards built upon a foundation of lies. Now that the lies are being exposed the house will soon crumble. Take for example, the spy story found below. People like this on the inside know the truth about Castro and his cronies talking out of one side of their ass about this "revolution" then all the while skimming the people's wealth while the people do without. So these upper level people are starting to roll over to our side. Thus far for the majority of humans the truth has not ever been important. Humans have been content to get by on their own perceptions from their ostrich hole. Castro has been able to skillfully manage perceptions for almost 50 years. That ended with the creation of the Internet and this high level spy defection is further proof. Now it makes no difference that the mainstream media still colludes with the Castro gang. We can put the pictures and videos as well as the written and oral testimony up on the Internet. Whenever we get one person to take just one look at a picture or read one account of things like torture and death in Castro's dungeons we change their perception of Castro forever. They cannot go back to thinking positively of this criminal regime ever again. They see it for what it is - genocide.

We are reaching the critical mass, amigos. Approaching on the horizon is the tipping point when enough people around the world know what we know. That is when the Castro house of cards crumbles.

Death In Castro's Dungeons


Personal testimony

November 16, 2007 / APLO Press /

Kilo 8 Prison

Camagüey, Cuba

“I’m letting it be known that my state of health is failing at an extremely dangerous pace. My physical well-being remains under the Sword of Damocles, and I could die. My days are slowly coming to an end because of the various dangerous illnesses from which I suffer: high blood pressure, a right bundle branch block in my heart, hypertensive retinopathy, a heart murmur, a pyloric-duodenal prolapse, chronic dermatitis, asthma, cervical arthritis, lumbo-sacral arthralgia, vitiligo, kidney and liver disorders, and an obvious immunological deficiency. I’m extremely underweight, which is quite worrisome.

Faced with this dangerous picture, prison authorities have demonstrated a policy of disinterest and indifference until last October 23rd when I sewed my mouth shut as a fair complaint against the violation of my rights and the awful living conditions under which I am kept as if I were a wild animal while the prison officials’ dogs live under exceptional conditions.

I held firm for 8 days without eating and taking in very little water, which made the state and prison police take note. On November 2nd, I was moved to the Department of Medical Services of MININT during the night. This step was in vain because the favorable conditions did not exist to do tests on me. They were postponed until the next day around noon when I was submitted to an endoscopy and a biopsy in the area of the esophagus, stomach, and intestine. The exams showed a large inflammation around there, giardiasis and a hiatal hernia, as well as bacteria that, from what became clear and from the silence shown, are a malignant kind. (H. Pylori)

The situation turned out to be much more threatening to my life that expected. I don’t harbor a single hope of getting out of this monstrous place alive. Clearly my days are numbered, and, as usual, the Cuban regime will not let me meet with those whom I love before I die—it’s a policy of vengeance and settling of scores. Since I don’t reject the possibility of a clinically induced death, neither do I reject the possibility of being the next Miguel Valdés Tamayo. Yet, in spite of this dangerous outlook, I’m letting my brothers know that I’ll continue giving as much as I can. I will continue my firm stance in defense of human rights with my campaign of accusations towards murders and cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatments.

Life is of little importance when firm and true ideas exist to defend. Eleven million Cubans suffer the vengeful shots of a tyranny in order to defend the right to a free, inclusive, pluralistic, and respectful country for everyone, one like the most highly regarded of all Cubans, José Martí, dreamed of. Until the last moment of my life, I will continue to stick to my patriotic ideals. When I die, one more political assassination will fall upon the back of this tyranny.

I will not ask for pity from those who torture me physically and psychologically. I proclaim my critical situation to the international community, and may it, along with my fellow Cubans in exile, accuse the regime in Havana. I will not be the first or the last to lose my life in Castro’s dungeons. There have been others throughout these fifty years of harsh dictatorship who have tried to restore a civil society. Cubans have the right to freedom, to a plurality of criteria, to free and transparent elections. Cuba deserves to occupy the empty seat that is waiting for her among the elite number of democratic nations.

Let all Cubans in exile and those that determinedly and peacefully struggle in the streets know that I will not give up. As a dignified follower of the ideas of Varela, Martí, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, I will not bow down, nor will my knees give way. I will continue from this dark place in support of this noble and just cause.

I cannot deny that it’s been a hard blow for me to know that I’m dying. I would love to contribute more so that a bright and promising future could add luster to our currently tarnished country from a entelechy, a breed of gangsters and mafia. I’m not afraid to face death. I’m not afraid for them to kill me. Whatever happens will happen; all will unfold as it’s supposed to be. I ask my brothers in the struggle not to become discouraged, to continue forward. From Castro’s gulag, I extend my message of hope.

I have begun a new battle, this time for my life. A young Canadian named Terry Fox, knowing that cancer was eating up his whole body and with an amputated leg, ran thousands of kilometers before dying, and he never lost heart in his efforts. For me, it would be a very high honor to be added to the list of Castro’s victims. They will not succeed in extracting a cry of pity. I believe I can give even more and provide much more for our children and this country so that all can live in complete freedom.

I am very physically weak, but I’m strong spiritually. I know nothing is in vain, and I reiterate that my situation has become much more critical. I face this harsh reality. Nothing will dishearten me. Since November 3rd when I found out just how critical my health was, I have received a show of solidarity on the part of many prisoners that strengthens me.

To my brothers of the honorable political prisoners group, Pedro Luis Boitel, and especially to that tireless fighter, Jorge Luis García Pérez, “Antúnez,” I want you to know that Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta will stand up and face the terror until his last day. My weakened and critical state of health is one more example of the cruel and inhumane Cuban prison system. The world should not support the pain that those behind bars suffer for defending the right to life, to total liberty. This is the price one pays under the auspices of Castro and to which I aspire with stoicism and as a worthy son of this country.

*Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, 41, was sentenced to 20 years in jail in March, 2003. He is a prisoner of conscience of the Group of 75. He is an independent journalist, a member of the Cuban Council of Rapporteurs of Human Rights and the national coordinator of the Youth for Democracy Movement. His address is Calle 3 Oeste #1105 e/ Pintó y Varonal, Guantánamo, Cuba.

This testimony was given from Kilo 8 Prison on November 7, 2007.

All rights reserved:

Translation: The Coalition of Cuban-American Women ( /

Tanya S. Wilder / Email:

Original article in Spanish:


Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta lucha por su vida

Testimonio / 15 de noviembre de 2007 / APLO Press

Prision Kilo 8, Camagüey, Cuba – – “Pongo en conocimiento que mi estado de salud se ha quebrantado a un ritmo vertiginoso y en extremo peligroso, que pone mi integridad física bajo una espada de Damocles y puedo perder la vida. Lentamente mis días se están apagando debido al padecimiento de varias enfermedades peligrosas como son: hipertensión arterial, bloqueo de rama derecha, retinopatía hipertensiva, soplo en el corazón, prolapso pilórico duodenal, dermatitis crónica, asma, artrosis cervical, sacrolumbargia, vitiligo, trastornos renales, hepáticos y una clara deficiencia inmunológica.

Desde hace varios meses se ha visto un claro deterioro de mi salud, me encuentro muy bajo de peso, caso este preocupante. Frente a todo este cuadro peligroso, las autoridades carcelarias mostraron una política de desinterés e indiferencia hasta que el pasado 23 de octubre decidí coserme la boca en justo reclamo de todos mis derechos violados y por las pésimas condiciones de vida en que soy mantenido cual si fuera un animal salvaje, mientras los perros de la gendarmería poseen condiciones excepcionales.

Mi postura se mantuvo durante 8 días sin ingerir alimentos y muy poca agua, que hizo llamar la atención de la policía política y de prisiones. El pasado 2 de noviembre fui trasladado hacia el Departamento de Servicios Médicos del MININT en horas de la noche, toda gestión en vano, por no existir las condiciones propicias para practicarme unas pruebas, siendo pospuestas para el día siguiente en horas del mediodía, donde me sometieron a un examen de endoscopía y una biopsia en la zona del esófago, estómago y duodeno. La misma fue practicada y arrojó gran inflamación en el esófago, estómago y el duodeno, giardiasis, una hernia hiatal, además de bacterias que por lo que se vislumbra y el silencio mostrado son del tipo maligna (H.Pilori).

La situación resultó ser más peligrosa para mi vida de lo previsto. No albergo esperanza alguna de salir con vida de este monstruoso lugar, claramente mis días ya se van apagando y el régimen cubano, junto a su policía política no me permitirán reunirme con mis seres queridos antes de morir como método, política de venganza y ajuste de cuenta. Como no descarto una muerte clínicamente inducida, tampoco descarto la posibilidad de ser el próximo Miguel Valdés Tamayo, pero a pesar de todo este cuadro peligroso hago saber a mis hermanos que continuaré dando cuanto pueda, lo seguiré con mi postura firme de defensa a los derechos humanos, con mi campaña de denuncia frente a los asesinatos y tratos crueles e inhumanos y degradantes.

La vida es poco cuando existen ideas firmes y verdaderas que defender. Once millones de cubanos sufren la metralla vengativa de una tiranía por defender el derecho a una patria libre, incluyente, plural y respetuosa como soñara el más excelso de todos los cubanos, José Martí, con todos y para el bien de todos,… nuevamente fui llevado a prisión… es poco… que hasta el último momento de mi vida continuaré apegado a mis ideales patrios, con mi muerte recaerá sobre esta tiranía otro asesinato político más.

No clamaré piedad a los que hoy me torturan física y psicológicamente. Pongo en conocimiento de la comunidad internacional mi crítica situación y que sea ella, junto a mis hermanos del exilio, quienes usen y acusen al régimen de La Habana. No seré el primero ni el último que pierda la vida dentro de las ergástulas castristas, otros han quedado a lo largo de estos casi 50 años de férrea dictadura y que han intentado restaurar la sociedad civil cautiva. Los cubanos tenemos derecho a la libertad, a la pluralidad de criterios, elecciones libres y transparentes. Cuba merece ocupar la silla vacía que le espera dentro de la elite de naciones democráticas.

Hoy debo enfrentar con valor esta triste realidad, que sepan todos los cubanos, los que se encuentran en la diáspora y los que denodadamente luchan en las calles pacíficamente que no claudicaré, no bajaré la cerviz, ni mis rodillas se doblarán como digno seguidor de las ideas de Varela, Martí, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Continuaré desde este oscuro lugar dando mi aporte a esta noble y justa causa.

No puedo negar que para mi ha sido un duro golpe conocer que mis días están contados y quisiera aportar más para que un futuro luminoso y promisorio ilumine nuestra hoy mancillada patria en poder de una entelequia, una casta de pandilleros y mafiosos. No temo enfrentar la muerte, no temo que me asesinen, suceda lo que suceda, sea el desenlace que sea, solicito a mis hermanos de lucha que no se amilanen, que continúen adelante, desde los gulag castristas extiendo mi mensaje esperanzador.

He comenzado una nueva batalla, esta vez por la vida. Un joven canadiense llamado Ferry Fox, sabiendo que un cáncer carcomía todo su cuerpo y con una pierna amputada supo recorrer kilómetros, contados por miles hasta morir y nunca desmayó en su empeño, para mi sería un altísimo honor engrosar la lista de las víctimas del castrismo. No lograrán arrancar un clamor de piedad, creo que aún puedo dar más, aportar mucho más para nuestros hijos y este pueblo pueda disfrutar de la plena libertad. Aun bajo este crítico estado de salud el régimen cubano me mantiene bajo un inhumano encierro en condiciones deplorables, incompatibles con mis enfermedades.

Me encuentro débil físicamente, pero muy bien fortalecido espiritualmente, sabiendo que nada es en vano, reitero que la situación se ha tornado mucho más crítica de rutilante y enfrento esta dura realidad. Nada me amilanará, por el contrario, desde que el pasado 3 de noviembre conocí del agravamiento de mi estado de salud he recibido por parte de muchos reclusos muestras de solidaridad que me fortalecen.

A mis hermanos del honroso presidio político Pedro Luis Boitel, en especial a ese incansable luchador Jorge Luís García Pérez “Antúnez”, les hago saber que Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta se mantendrá hasta el último de sus días de pie frente al terror. Mi depauperado y crítico estado de salud da una muestra más de lo cruel e inhumano del sistema carcelario cubano. El mundo no debe darle la espalda al dolor de los que sufren tras la reja por defender el derecho a la vida, es decir a la libertad plena. Este es el precio a pagar bajo la égida castrista y al cual aspiré con estoicismo y como digno hijo de esta tierra.

* Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, de 41 años de edad, fue condenado a 20 años de cárcel en marzo del 2003, es prisionero de conciencia del Grupo de los 75, periodista independiente, miembro del consejo de Relatores de Derechos Humanos de Cuba y coordinador nacional del Movimiento Jóvenes por la Democracia. Reside en la calle 3 Oeste #1105 e/ Pintó y Varona, Guantánamo, Cuba.

Desde la prisión de K-8, dado a los 7 días del mes de noviembre de 2007

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Download Attachment JUAN CARLOS HERRERA ACOSTA - Testimonio - Lucha por su vida - NOV.15, 2007.doc

Download Attachment JUAN CARLOS HERRERA ACOSTA - Testimony English - NOV.15, 2007.doc

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New Exile Association

Cuba Revolting

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Cuban Spy Talks