Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cuban Tourism Is Finished

The Republican Pep Rally

I've just gotten the first reports blacked out by the global corporate bankster media from the McCain Republican pep rally. You probably call it a convention but that is ridiculous. A convention has rules but the choreographed taxpayer financed meeting of the American Republican Fidelistas seem to have only one rule - crush the Ron Paul movement.

I listened last night to a report from one Ron Paul Delegate about his experience at the Fidelista pep rally. He reported that there was a special team of security people who were responsible for monitoring, following and intimidating Ron Paul delegates. In one example this delegate was talking to another delegate and was trying to get a signature on a petition when he notice that the delegate he was speaking with was not paying attention anymore. He looked behind himself only to find one of these security guards talking into his dick tracy wrist radio. Soon another arrived then another then another. It worked. No one would speak to this Ron Paul delegate much less sign the petition from there forward.

Next, all Ron Paul delegates had red dots placed on the cars. Everywhere they went they were followed. These security guards at the pep rally also were charged with beginning the "USA" chant if any protest activity happened on the floor of the pep rally. Even Congressman Ron Paul had two security men tail him at this choreographed pep rally and he was banned by the McCain people from speaking at the Politburo meeting. These snakes were so busy treating the Ron Paul delegates like Al-quada that they did not see the code pink protester on the floor until she had already begun her protest. She was quickly removed physically from the pep rally. They missed the Iraqi war veteran too who displayed his sign about Bush's abuse of U.S. soldiers.

When the state delegations were giving their delegate count to support McCain they refused to allow any mention of Ron Paul's delegate numbers and when a few delegations tried to give Ron Paul's numbers even after having been warned not to by the McCain Fidelists their microphones were cut off. Ron Paul delegates were warned if they tried to make any motions, points of information or order or any other parliamentary procedural moves that are perfectly legal during a real Republican Convention, that they would be removed from the pep rally, have their credentials seized and they would be banned from the proceedings from there forward.

You know Cubanos, I remember when America used to be a free speech zone. Now you are meant to go into a cage in the wilderness somewhere that no one can see or hear you to have your say. But the Ron Paul delegates are dignified intelligent Americans - unlike McCain and his fidelista brown shirt CDR. They were not going to do anything rude or illegal during the coronation of McCain. It's not our style.

Of course I expect the average American to be duped by these Fidelista snakes masquerading as Americans. But I must admit my complete disappointment with my exile amigos. Haven't you all seen this kind of behavior before? Doesn't this conduct bring back memories of how the Castro fiasco began? Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. So amigos, you go ahead and vote for the fidelista McCain because you think he is so superior to Obama.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check It Out!

Cuban Music and Jazz Show With Award Winning Music Director Arturo Gomez of Denver's Kuvo.Org

This Sunday 14 September 6-7 Eastern Call In Number 1-718-664-9864

With us On the Superbly CounterIntuitive Conversa Cuba we will have joining us Cuban musical director and Radio show host Arturo Gomez .

Arturo will delight you with his Insightful look at Cuban and Jazz music personalities and their Intriguing stories from the musician's perspectives, as well as the seminal events In these Idioms' History for Cuban and American Cultures.
We will try to cover as much as we can In an hour and hopefully we can have him on again for lots more. Hope to see you there .

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Cubans Headed North?

If the Cuban government has a million or more hungry, homeless, desperate Cubans that we all know Raul can't help what will they do? What happens if hundreds of thousands head for South Florida? The U.S. cannot handle this many desperate Cubans right now with the economy.

Therefore, the U.S. should return them to Guantanamo or perhaps the Isle of Pines if the number is very large to allow them to build a free Cuba right there. The exiles will provide the resources necessary for their survival. All that is needed is the military protection from the government responsible for this mess - the Castro government. It is principled as it is a human wave attack on our economy and the tables should be turned on Castro this go around.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cubans Expected To Die Politely

Evidently Raul is so keen to be in charge of Cuba that he does not give a damn that thousands perhaps even millions of Cubans are going to die as a result of hurricanes combined with half a century of collectivism. The U.S. collectivist rulers prefer it this way. If Cuba can't be theirs to monopolize then it and the Castro boys will be used as just another boogie man to scare the American sheep.

Alright then...I see what motivates both camps here. But what about the Cuban people? Cuba was dirt poor before Ike hit. The storm surge washed over the tourists facilities destroying everything. Who knows what became of the tourists but there sure seems to be a lot of people, especially British, searching for clues here on this blog. Remember, tourism was one of the last areas where the Castro boys were bringing in hard currency. Now that's destroyed. I have reports of all the houses being devastated and now unusable. Rats are running wild their numbers have exploded so much. Corpses are being raised from their graves with the flooding and of course with the accompanying stench. I'm told everything has mold on it and of course - no working roads, bridges or electricity. In short, you have over 11 million humans crammed together with no vital human needs and no hope of getting any from the Castro boys.

I am finding it hard to believe that ALL the men in the Cuban military are no better than frightened little girls. You all apparently don't have the courage to save your countrymen from being ruled into death by these snakes known as Castro. If you are not sniveling cowards then don't let this happen. I'm not asking you to adopt the bankster American socio/economic free range slave system nor would I be happy if you were to allow those neocon criminal goons into Cuba to run things.

So lets get down to business. You generals know there is no way now to provide anything meaningful like a full stomach to the Cuban people. That will remain so under this 19th Century economic model. The Cuban people will be looking for a scapegoat as their hunger and general deprivation unites them. We all know Raul and his brother have been stealing the Cuban people blind. Arrest the Castro boy gang and we'll put them on trial. The generals who do so should be given immunity from all financial transgressions they might have been involved with so as to speed the changes necessary to save the maximum number of desperate Cubans.

Then let us help you. There is currently hundreds of thousands of exiles with lots of money just waiting for an opportunity to help. If you let us in once the Castro gang is safely behind bars, we will bring aid immediately by the boatload. The U.S. government would not be involved and they'd be powerless to stop the flotilla. The U.S. rulers would look very cruel even trying to stop this aid.

There is but one function of the Cuban military leadership from that point forward - to protect Cuban people and their property, period. The generals must step away from ruling all the day-to-day decisions of the Cuban people, especially economic decisions. All the Cuban people need after a brief period of emergency aid is a solid economic/monetary system and the personal freedom to produce the maximum amount of wealth possible.

I'm reaching out to you here military men as the great grandson of your first president who fought against Spain so that there would be a free Cuba. I just want to help. I am not a greedy person nor am I in anyway in the hip pocket of the U.S. government. I have studied economic models for 35 years and if you follow my advice you will make Cubans and yourselves wealthy people worthy of your enlightened status. A lot of the exiles here in the states think me a bit kooky for some of the opinions I hold but they know I'm honest - perhaps too honest according to some. However, I have no interest in being any wealthier than the average Cuban. It would be nice if the average Cuban was doing pretty well however.

Again, you know where to find me. I want to help. Arrest Raul today if he and his top gangsters have not already flown to visit Hugo the want-to be Cuban president.